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This is Beta version for coming RubyMine 3.2 version.


Download the latest available Beta build from RubyMine EAP page.


  • Ability to disable Ruby and Rails line markers
  • Improved code insight for require_relative
  • Ruby formatter fixes
  • Rename for local variables fix
  • Todo highlighting fixed in yard annotations
  • Fixed undo action for some intentions
  • Typing # in string opens ruby interpolation
  • 1.9 switch support for Rubinius 2.0.0pre


  • Improved Rails code insight for assets and nested controllers
  • Improved code insight for Sprocket references
  • Scss and Less parser fixes
  • Smart Assets node in Rails Project View aggregates app/lib/vendor and user defined assets

IDE General

  • Performance regression fixed
  • Improved CoffeeScript syntax highlighting (work in progress. Bug reports are welcome)
  • JavaScript debugger is compatible with Firefox 5

Bug Fixes

  • Other bug fixes
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