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Download the Beta build from RubyMine Beta page page.

IDE General

  • RubyMine version changed to 3.0
  • MacOS UI improvements
    • Toolbar disabled by default
    • Navigation bar enabled by default and also shows available Run Configurations list
    • Native File Chooser dialogs were enabled
  • Linux UI improvements
    • Bunch of problems related to GTK+ L&F was fixed
  • "Settings | Editor | Allow placement of caret after end of line" disabled by default
  • Default IDE Encoding changed to UTF-8


  • Cucumber 0.9.3 support


  • Show file history for folder

Bug Fixes

  • RSpec tests work with Spork again (see RUBY-6799)
  • Launched Spork server doesn't show "Running Spork..." message in toolbar
  • Broken class members refactorings were fixed
  • Dependency Diagram Print dialog fixed
  • Other bug fixes
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