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No subsystemBugRUBY-28178Cannot turn off "Install Missing Gems" notification
BugRUBY-28380Invisible options in the Generate popup
CoreBugRUBY-23112On Ubuntu 18 - clickable Rails Generator Terminal-Output does not open source file in editor
Core. ConsolesBugRUBY-28516Pry console, Cucumber tests, RSpec tests and RuboCop doesn't work on Windows
Core. LocalizationUsabilityRUBY-26146Localisation of intention category names
Lang. LiquidBugRUBY-28405False positive warning with negative numbers in Liquid
Lang. RBSBugRUBY-28355False Incompatible types warning with interface return
BugRUBY-28232Related symbols for included/extended methods doesn't work
BugRUBY-28354Type info for interface with Type Variables is Unknown
BugRUBY-28353Type info for intersection/union of interface and class shows only class as return value
UsabilityRUBY-28312Restrict Go to Type Signature/Associated Declaration in some projects
BugRUBY-28196Don't resolve a constant in `singleton(...)` to type variables
BugRUBY-28315Incorrect namespaced ancestor name after completion
BugRUBY-28331Type alias ignores nil-ability of aliased type
CosmeticsRUBY-28445Mark containers type variables bold
BugRUBY-28334False Incompatible types warning for NilClass and Nilable RBS type
BugRUBY-28338No Incompatible types warning for singleton methods return value
BugRUBY-28390"Non-zero exit code from RBS: 1" when invoke Type Specification on the Ruby code in template view
TaskRUBY-28397Add custom icon for RBS file
BugRUBY-28396Track type variables passed to interface types
FeatureRUBY-27391Add ability to generate RBS files/code from ruby files/code
TaskRUBY-28280Do not suggest RBS keywords in <class_name>: cases
UsabilityRUBY-28489Infinite RBS completion between `::String` and `String`
FeatureRUBY-28243Use RBS types in "incorrect type" inference inspections
BugRUBY-28227RM treats spaces after namespace in rbs declarations as part of the name
FeatureRUBY-28222Add navigation actions for Ruby <-> RBS
BugRUBY-28221Don't resolve superclass/self-types to type variables in RBS
FeatureRUBY-27400Add run anything support for commands provided by RBS
BugRUBY-28305Go to Associated Declaration action isn't discoverable in Find Action
BugRUBY-28306Navigation via Associated Declaration shows duplicated results for attribute accessors
BugRUBY-28062Don't show duplicate method declarations warnings when the RBS method is marked as an overload
FeatureRUBY-28324Add recognition of Interface and Type Aliases from RBS in Ruby code
BugRUBY-28302Rename "Go to Type Signature" in Keymaps to "Go to Type Signature or Associated Declaration"
BugRUBY-27770Return value for rbs union and intersection types are shuffled
TaskRUBY-28309Make location info for RBS types and constants similar as for other elements
BugRUBY-28415Space before single colon changes the way RBS constant declarations are processed
FeatureRUBY-28281RBS include/extend/prepend arguments completion
BugRUBY-28437Incorrect type when positional argument used as default value for keyword argument
BugRUBY-28283Missing error in RBS on qualified declarations
BugRUBY-28385Rbs and steep commands are not run on Windows
BugRUBY-28386Generate Steepfile is slow and could throw exception: Slow operations are prohibited on EDT
BugRUBY-28387First run 'steep check' could show no errors
UsabilityRUBY-28383Generated Steepfile is text file
RailsBugRUBY-20672Rename rails association broken
Rails. Code InsightBugRUBY-7971Dynamic "_url" helpers handled as unresolved references
Remote Interpreters. DockerBugRUBY-28530RubyMine can't load gems with docker-compose SDK and Docker Compose V2 enabled
BugRUBY-27871The problem with development inside docker environment (not TTY device error)
Remote Interpreters. WSLBugRUBY-28256Error:Rubocop returned exit code: 127 [WSL2, Ubuntu]
RubyUsabilityRUBY-28373Partial Declarations Gutter Icon Usability Issue When There Are Many Constants in a Namespace
Ruby. Code InsightFeatureRUBY-2094Plugin should include folders from load path settings(Module Settings|Load Path) to execution load in run profiles
UsabilityRUBY-18315Allow vendor/engines and vendor/gems to be considered project (not "library") code
Ruby. FormatterBugRUBY-21927Every "Reformat code" adds another white space to multiline statement when using "\"
Ruby. ParsingBugRUBY-15373Backslash beginning Unicode character is red, and I don't know why
Ruby. TestsBugRUBY-28526Minitest file template generates obsolete code
Ruby. Tests. RSpecBugRUBY-18034RubyMine cannot find RSpec's "let" variables
BugRUBY-28389Failing spec causes UI freeze
Tools. BundlerBugRUBY-28499failure to detect bundler and then invalid bundle install "-I" switch passed when install is forced
UsabilityRUBY-11114Disable automatic execution of bundle install
Code Analysis. DependenciesBugIDEA-169897'Analyze Data Flow to Here' shows javadoc instead of enum
Code Analysis. InspectionPerformanceIDEA-270602Optimize precommit code analysis for property files
BugIDEA-255753Descriptions are missed for tools warning on attempt to run inspections build in TeamCity
BugIDEA-272286org.eclipse.jdt.annotation.NonNullByDefault should not add @NonNull to Local variables
Code Analysis. Language InjectionExceptionIDEA-272957Injecting YAML into YAML causes exceptions
Code Analysis. Structural SearchBugIDEA-270390Structural Search/Replace: "Match Case" option in UI is imported/exported in XML as "caseInsensitive" (without value negation)
BugIDEA-254332SSR: Make it possible for custom filters to influence SubstitutionShortInfoHandler
CorePerformanceIDEA-271083Memory leak in com.intellij.openapi.util.Key.allKeys
BugIDEA-270326Stack overflow in BaseComponentAdapter.getImplementationClass when opening 2021.2 EAP
BugIDEA-274358'button.install' is not found in IdeBundle
BugIDEA-271664Intellij Idea fails to start with VPN enabled
Core. DebuggerBugIDEA-272734History navigation is broken in evaluate window
BugIDEA-274540Update Running Application button/menu item is gone
BugIDEA-269295Inline evaluation does not increase size when expanding an array
Core. DiagramsExceptionIDEA-271806AE at com.intellij.openapi.graph.impl.GraphBase.wrap
TaskIDEA-265332UML diagram: missing color parameters for box and edge selection
BugIDEA-271586Diagrams: selected node (or no-bends edge) doesn't look selected
ExceptionIDEA-271802IDE hangs on change schema in diagrams
Core. File SystemPerformanceIDEA-273398Freeze on opening project from WSL2
Core. IDE SettingsCosmeticsIDEA-271786Settings | Tools | Actions On Save | Rearrange Code: duplicated 'XML' entry in the 'configure arrangement rules' drop-down
BugIDEA-272996typo in Advanced settings > Use Windows certificate store option description
CosmeticsIDEA-271651Actions on Save: Show warning under `Upload to default server` when Deployment sever is not configured
BugIDEA-269681UI font changed after update to 2021.2 on Linux
UsabilityIDEA-274419"IntelliJ IDEA has failed to load the environment" doesn't actually appear in logs
TaskIDEA-216133Migrate macOS environment reader from Python
Core. IDE Settings. SharingBugIDEA-272508Got all my toolchains removed
Core. IndexingTaskIDEA-268796Cleanup indexing diagnostics on cache invalidation
TaskIDEA-269170Indexing: add navigation link to project indexing diagnostics from Menu/Tools
Core. InstallationUsabilityIDEA-271458IDE should display notification when there are no leftover directories to cleanup
ExceptionIDEA-272114Unhandled AccessDeniedException if try to clean-up the directory without required permissions
UsabilityIDEA-271457Behavior of "Delete Leftover IDE Directories" action is dangerously under-documented
FeatureIDEA-261458Make Windows installer tune the system for screen readers
BugIDEA-272075Last Used date shows "51 years" on mac for empty directories
CosmeticsIDEA-271094Broken UI in the Idea installer
BugIDEA-2714082021.2-EAP: phpstorm v219 and intellij-idea-ultimate 301 snap missing 'fsnotifier' bin; reports "External file changes sync may be slow: Native file watcher executable not found"
Core. LicensingBugIDEA-272971Login Dialog: try to open browser in fallback scenario
BugIDEA-272359Login Dialog: support fallback scenario
BugIDEA-273061Login dialog: Fallback mechanism: an attempt to validate wrong token does not show error messages
BugIDEA-273442No way to get authorization token in EAP
BugIDEA-271115NullPointerException in PluginManagerCore when trying to show license dialog
BugIDEA-273965The "null" is copied when user click the "copy link" in login dialog
PerformanceIDEA-271827Login dialog freezing when internet is off
BugIDEA-271817Login dialog: Grey frame around dialog content
CosmeticsIDEA-271732Login Dialog: UI review
Core. Navigation and SearchBugIDEA-263089Shortcut for navigation to NEXT method disappeared.
Core. Platform APIBugIDEA-270799AboutPopupDescriptionProvider information no longer displayed on About screen
TaskIDEA-271430Remove deprecated UAnnotated.annotations
BugIDEA-264792Broken ToolWindowManagerImpl#unregisterToolWindow(String id)
Core. Plugin ManagementExceptionIDEA-271370Throwable: jarFiles is not set for PluginDescriptor(name=Spring Security)
BugIDEA-271502PluginClassloader logs errors which would be ignored otherwise
BugIDEA-273752Spring: AOP gutter navigation results in NCDFE: com/intellij/aop/psi/AopPointcutExpressionFile
BugIDEA-2720222021.2 EAP doesn't offer a restart after installing language pack plugin
BugIDEA-272739Exception in IDEA core at startup
BugIDEA-272165`Restart` action in "Plugin list has changed" balloon requires smart mode
ExceptionIDEA-271395Throwable: jarFiles is not set for PluginDescriptor(name=Spring Data)
BugIDEA-271835Class com.intellij.spring.persistence.integration.hibernate.SpringXmlHibernateSessionFactory must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring plugin
BugIDEA-275516plugin manager does not display a plugin icon and org.apache.batik.bridge.BridgeException is thrown
BugIDEA-270342Updating a dynamic plugin to a version explicitly marked as non-dynamic leads to the plugin being deleted
ExceptionIDEA-257441ClassNotFoundException: on Spring IntegrationPatterns plugin enabling
BugIDEA-271398MissingResourceException after dynamic plugin installation
ExceptionIDEA-273256PluginException: Class com.intellij.spring.integration.injection.el.SpringIntegrationELImplicitVariableFactory must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring.integration plugin [Plugin: com.intellij.spring.boot]
BugIDEA-271488PluginException: Cyclic service initialization: interface='com.intellij.openapi.keymap.KeymapManager'
ExceptionIDEA-275074ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.javaee.ejb.facet.EjbFacetType PluginClassLoader(plugin=PluginDescriptor(name=Maven Extension))
BugIDEA-270855NPE in Plugin migration downloader
ExceptionIDEA-271361ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.spring.mvc.jam.SpringRequestBaseUrlElement PluginClassLoader(plugin=PluginDescriptor(name=Spring Boot))
ExceptionIDEA-271367ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.aop.psi.AopPointcutExpressionLanguage PluginClassLoader(plugin=PluginDescriptor(name=Spring)
ExceptionIDEA-271364Throwable: jarFiles is not set for PluginDescriptor(name=Spring Integration Patterns)
ExceptionIDEA-271785Throwable: Class com.intellij.spring.el.SpringELLanguage must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring plugin
BugIDEA-272831On plugins unloading some dependent plugins fail to load without any user-visible hints
ExceptionIDEA-273001PluginException: Class com.intellij.spring.el.SpringBeansAsElVariableUtil must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring plugin [Plugin: com.intellij.spring]
BugIDEA-270430Not Possible to enable bundled plugin: the required implementation-details plugin is disabled
BugIDEA-274759.ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.javaee.web.facet.WebFacetType PluginClassLoader(plugin=PluginDescriptor(name=Maven Extension))
ExceptionIDEA-272436PluginException: Class must be not requested from main classloader of com.intellij.spring.boot plugin [Plugin: com.intellij.spring.boot]
ExceptionIDEA-271256Enabling AngularJS plugin causes exceptions
BugIDEA-272801Plugin recommendations by Maven dependencies are not shown on project opening
Core. Project SettingsBugIDEA-271843Artifacts aren't serialized into cache after importing Maven project from scratch
BugIDEA-272025IDEA fails to open project if it has incorrect value of 'type' attribute in 'orderEntry' tag in one of its iml files
BugIDEA-272863If a module is removed from list of unloaded modules, it may become unloaded again after external changes in project configuration
BugIDEA-273184Freshly Created Project in the Drive Root Throws NPEs on Creation and Opening
ExceptionIDEA-272606Throwable at com.intellij.packaging.impl.artifacts.workspacemodel.ArtifactManagerBridge.initBridges
BugIDEA-271303It's not possible to add multiple sub-facets for a single facet
Core. Quick DocumentationPerformanceIDEA-272548Heavy UI freezes with quick doc panel and font ligatures enabled
BugIDEA-264415Wrong padding in quick documentation for sections with <pre><code> styling only
Core. Run. ConfigurationsUsabilityIDEA-271737Selecting a directory or package and pressing ⌃⇧R runs all the unit tests instead of the tests in the directory/package
TaskIDEA-271630Rename classpath dependencies option in Edit Run Config dialog
BugIDEA-266683Environment variables in Java Run dialog behavior doesn't conform to the hint provided in configuration window.
Core. Run. TargetsCosmeticsIDEA-260898Run Targets. SSH wizard small fix
Core. SSHBugIDEA-274720SSH: Seconds from "server alive interval" are multiplied by 1000, making the keep alive setting futile
BugIDEA-272423Broken ProxyJump emulation through ProxyCommand
Core. StatisticsTaskIDEA-270682Add run icon gutter click to group
FeatureIDEA-271135Report type of proxy configured in settings
EditorCosmeticsIDEA-244880Quick documentation display option: "On hover" vs "on mouse move"
BugIDEA-274924Some actions assigned to double keystroke shortcuts stopped working properly
BugIDEA-271823NullPointerException occurs when trying to open markdown file again
ExceptionIDEA-265875java.lang.Throwable: Slow operations are prohibited in the EDT when trying to browse recent projects
BugIDEA-271820Light Edit: unable to open recent file
BugIDEA-272376Unable to open file in Light Edit mode when Scala plugin is installed
BugIDEA-272390VCS name in annotations is longer than the highlighting with JB Mono 14
FeatureIDEA-271409Create editor API to provide custom representation for specified blocks of text
Editor. Diff and MergeBugIDEA-273361Diff stops working after back action
UsabilityIDEA-271662Too long tab title for compare actions
BugIDEA-273869Compare with Local opens diff window instead of Changes between revision and local changes dialog
BugIDEA-272366Title of diff in a separate window doesn't update on invocation "Compare next file" action on Windows
UsabilityIDEA-268591Add an option to switch Diff into a frame to the Editor settigns
UsabilityIDEA-271914Diff in editor overlaps by dialog
UsabilityIDEA-239744Dangerous behavior with "compare next file" hotkey
BugIDEA-269981Shortcuts for Compare Previous/Next File don't work after first invocation
BugIDEA-273714Diff in a separate window doesn't get focus on show diff invocation when diff has been already opened
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-271601Suppress scratch file intention in VCS dialogs
FeatureIDEA-149044Actions to show popup scratch list and particular scratch
BugIDEA-274381Creating scratch files from selection does not work in Terminal views
BugIDEA-273729"New Scratch File" invoked from Find Results creates empty file in some cases
BugIDEA-273145"Export to Scratch File" creates files with wrong text
BugIDEA-273740Custom file type is ignored when creating scratch
FeatureIDEA-273126Remove opened empty scratch files on closing project
BugIDEA-273127java.lang.IllegalArgumentException occurs when trying to create scratch file
BugIDEA-273731Strange sorting order in Scratch Files popups
BugIDEA-273143No selection-related item in "New Scratch File" in Run console
BugIDEA-138474Scratches do not support custom file types
UsabilityIDEA-145278Scratches settings: always create empty scratch file / buffer
FeatureIDEA-169769Add "Create new scratch file" to Alt+Enter action on selection
FeatureIDEA-136148Copy from Run Log into Scratch Window
Editor. Error HighlightingBugIDEA-273179Editor does not highlight errors if the same file is opened in splitted tabs
BugIDEA-272748Incorrect displaying settings in Color Scheme → Language defaults
Editor. SpellcheckBugIDEA-272375False-positive spell correction "Wrong article": "a" vs. "an" in front of "hours"
Lang. MarkdownBugIDEA-271134Disable floating toolbar on pull requests input fields
UsabilityIDEA-270883Change "Markdown -> Create Link" shortcut from Cmd+K
Tools. DockerBugIDEA-273737close open project leads to the red Docker Compose service state
BugIDEA-272788Docker. Networks. "Containers" tab: + button doesn't work
BugIDEA-271500Docker. No way to do smth useful with the remained Dockerfile/Image item if the container was deleted
BugIDEA-273565Docker via SSH. Inspect on any item leads to java.util.concurrent.CompletionException
BugIDEA-272946Docker over ssh builds docker-compose only locally
CosmeticsIDEA-271836Docker-compose. The icon of a new compose app looks line it is a simple container
BugIDEA-274180Docker. Smart delete dialog. Enter not working
BugIDEA-271913Docker. Rerun via Service view of a Dockerfile/Image doesn't include run config changes
BugIDEA-273566Docker. Two equal "Labels" tabs for a volume
UsabilityIDEA-273567Docker. Add a container for networks: add state icons for containers in the list.
BugIDEA-272067Docker. Don't leave the container in the stopped state after saving changes
BugIDEA-271873Docker. Make it not possible to edit the output of the inspect action
BugIDEA-271870Docker. Networks. Remove "Delete" item from the context menu for the default networks
UsabilityIDEA-262734Docker-compose run configuration. "With exit code" up option: show the validation error just after this option adding
BugIDEA-271139Docker-compose. Disable "Down" for the synchronized not-existing compose app
ExceptionIDEA-274513java.lang.StackOverflowError at attempt to save a run config after turn off/on Run Build Image" option
BugIDEA-271976Docker. Networks/Volumes: display "Containers" tab with the related containers
BugIDEA-273371docker plugin "inspect" vs docker CLI "inspect"
FeatureIDEA-271126Docker. Log console for every compose service node
BugIDEA-271143Docker-compose. Disable or don't show "Delete" action for not existing items
BugIDEA-267527Docker. Debug doesn't work: Unrecognized argument: null
BugIDEA-274169Docker. Rename container not working if ports not specified
BugIDEA-230542IDE gives warning for multiple-line "command" service option Pipe closed, pipe id: `ComposeExternalRuntime.pipe:writeToT` at a compose app container restart
BugIDEA-273441attach network to compose service by "com.docker.compose.project" label
UsabilityIDEA-271112Docker. Smart delete. Idea is blocked until all is deleted, make the action process in the background.
BugIDEA-272112Docker-compose. Impossible to remove project name option
BugIDEA-272228Docker. No easy possibility to remove volumes without dependencies
BugIDEA-273626Docker. Fails to add the second port with com.intellij.remoteServer.util.ServerRuntimeException
UsabilityIDEA-271107Docker-compose. Add the explaining tooltips about "red/yellow" states of the items in the Services view
BugIDEA-272035Docker. Image run configurations: Command Preview is absent
UsabilityIDEA-272979Quick documentation examples in Dockerfiles can be hard to read
BugIDEA-274481Using environment variables in "ports" value causes "Unknown docker-compose YAML values" inspection violation
BugIDEA-273722all documents should be saved before Docker Compose actions
UsabilityIDEA-267225Docker: Inspect output is barely readable
CosmeticsIDEA-271720Docker. Container log tab: Fold log actions layout is inconvenient
BugIDEA-272070Docker: validate the compose project name field
BugIDEA-271120Docker-compose. Services view: if all the services are yellow then make the root compose item also yellow
BugIDEA-272050Docker: for the failed items in the services view: correct the tooltip, Add Redeploy button, add navigation to the Editor.
BugIDEA-274078smart delete work incorrect in some cases
BugIDEA-272619Docker. Port bindings are not present on the tab after Save action
BugIDEA-271920Docker. Delete a volume: Correct the confirm dialog content
BugIDEA-272058Docker. Container with docker-compose labels under incorrect parent
ExceptionIDEA-273372NPE: DockerRuntimeCache
UsabilityIDEA-272439Docker. Volumes. Smart delete dialog. Provide possibility to expandAll/collapseAll/selectAll/deselectAll buttons, add info about selected sub-nodes
BugIDEA-272883Impossible to disable Run Built image option in Docker
BugIDEA-262553Docker. Dockerfile/Image run configurations: Command Preview is absent in the new options UI
BugIDEA-202831Docker, DockerCompose. Ephemeral ports: Port bindings tab is not updated after the container restart
UsabilityIDEA-262348Docker Compose Run Configuration: the focus is not on the chosen option from the Up list
BugIDEA-273226Docker Compose: ports outside the 0-65535 interval pass the validation
BugIDEA-271868Docker compose: "Enable synchronization with Services view" doesn't work
BugIDEA-270969Docker Plugin does not work after a restart of CLion EAP 2021.2
BugIDEA-274178Docker. Rename container after deploy broke node
CosmeticsIDEA-271972Docker-compose. Networks: change icons from "container" to the corresponding to volumes/networks
BugIDEA-271413Docker. No list of docker items after connection: Cannot obtain deployments: Illegal char
UsabilityIDEA-271130Docker. Smart delete dialog: add some tips over/near compose items
BugIDEA-271250Docker: Allow to disable the notification to install/enable the Shell Script plugin
BugIDEA-268997Docker. Fails to re-run the pointed Dockerfile: the node hangs in the Service view
BugIDEA-272064Docker. Don't create a new run configuration by re-run with -p option
BugIDEA-271210from services docker-compose down does not include --env-file
Tools. HTTP ClientBugIDEA-271320Ctrl+z allows to undo all the text in the Http Client tab
FeatureIDEA-271808HTTP Client: provide Generate HTTP Request intention for implicit web references
Tools. TerminalBugIDEA-274574Intellij 2021.2 Option + key symbols not working in terminal
BugIDEA-265118Can't open Local Terminal
FeatureIDEA-142610Allow to switch between different shells in the terminal plugin
BugIDEA-271777Can't enter some key combinations with AltGr in terminal
FeatureIDEA-166948Presets for different shells
FeatureIDEA-151206SSH terminal add a new connection
BugIDEA-271542Regression: Ctrl + arrow key in terminal doesn't work anymore
FeatureIDEA-268890Provide quick way to open WSL in Terminal tool window
Tools. Test Data GeneratorBugIDEA-274847Formal reference notation ${name} could not been used in Test Data plugin
Tools. Test ManagementBugIDEA-270365"New Test from Test Cases" create file to "/target/generated-sources/annotations" root directory
BugIDEA-272693PluginException: com.jetbrains.test.ide.actions.OpenDefaultProjectAction: group with id "WelcomeScreen.QuickStart.IDEA" isn't registered
BugIDEA-270362When choose "Test from Test Case" option within TMS selection window test cases has not ids
User InterfaceBugIDEA-271374Resizing tool windows in "Undock" view mode does not work/work wrong
UsabilityIDEA-272108Splitter sizes are not saved anymore / suitable after new EAP version is released
UsabilityIDEA-271622"Quick definition" popup can't be moved
UsabilityIDEA-270614Windows Jump lists items don't have tooltips
BugIDEA-271833Wrong buttons order on touch bar for dialogs
BugIDEA-253484Open terminal inhibits the line ending control for the active editor
BugIDEA-271735No plugin counter is visible in High Contrast theme
BugIDEA-274625Debug UI scaling breaks the UI
BugIDEA-272337Reversed arrows in trusted dialog
BugIDEA-271191Confirmation dialogs are broken
CosmeticsIDEA-271858Detected sdk first element selection looks weird
CosmeticsIDEA-270694Some components background color looks wrong in macOS Light theme
BugIDEA-272081Items from popups are not shown on touch bar
BugIDEA-271223Back button in Settings may open unexpected page
FeatureIDEA-265000Navigating from the Editor splits: allow users to choose where to activate the file already opened in another split
BugIDEA-267018ComponentPopupBuilder#adText not displayed anymore
BugIDEA-271380Selected item in the completion popup is unreadable with Mac OS Light theme
BugIDEA-261117Built-in HTML preview reloads when unreated files are changed
BugIDEA-271941Multi-modules detection needs reopen projects
BugIDEA-264013WebPreview icon isn't shown if all browsers are disabled
BugIDEA-271944Letter from the last word will be used for abbreviations in icon
TaskIDEA-265429Set minimal width and height of Welcome Screen
CosmeticsIDEA-263411Fix System settings layout
TaskIDEA-270841Main menu cleanup (Refactoring, Analyze, Tools, Help)
BugIDEA-272889Line numbers are cut in Recent Locations
CosmeticsIDEA-241905"Migrating plugins" dialog: broken layout
BugIDEA-271330Settings "Drag-and-drop with Alt pressed only" broken
BugIDEA-271880Alerts: remove mnemonics from title and support line breaks in message
TaskIDEA-272290Don't show What's new page in the IDE on fresh install
User Interface. AccessibilityBugIDEA-270858Items in result list in Search Everywhere are not pronounced by screen reader
User Interface. Action SystemBugIDEA-269110"Configure inspections" does nothing in 212
BugIDEA-269626"Compact View" button doesn't work
BugIDEA-273186"File" menu sometimes not opening after click
User Interface. Console ViewBugIDEA-245675Scripting consoles don't support ANSI escape sequences
User Interface. ControlsBugIDEA-267261"Select File In Project View" in TouchBar toggles project build O_o
BugIDEA-271423'VCS' menu item is renamed to 'Git'
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)BugIDEA-275406add JCEF API version check
BugIDEA-273349Incorrect font rendering on What's New page with off-screen rendering enabled (Linux, IDE-managed HiDPI, fractional scale)
BugIDEA-273898add registry key to switch Code With Me to OSR mode
BugIDEA-275408context menu misplaced in OSR on mac
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBugIDEA-270761Find in Files defaults to a "Directory" scope after serching in File
FeatureIDEA-137166Export Find Results to new Scratch file
BugIDEA-270766"Usages of ..." tool window notification is not closed after search is completed
TaskIDEA-231362Implement Show Usages popup new design
BugIDEA-272143"Show usages" popup is not closed with Esc key if Scope combobox is focused
BugIDEA-272398"Search for base method usages" option is shown for methods without base methods and constructors
BugIDEA-268598"Replace" is not invoked with Cmd+R if focus is in Find field
ExceptionIDEA-272571java.lang.Throwable on searching parameter usage in overriding methods
User Interface. FocusUsabilityIDEA-194818Focus in Open Project dialog should be on "New Window"
BugIDEA-271932Click on gutter does nothing if focus is out of editor
User Interface. Look and FeelBugIDEA-269582Broken High contrast theme in 2021.2
User Interface. NavigationBugIDEA-265789Open in new window keybinding does not work in recent files view
BugIDEA-270835Mnemonics in Switcher window not working with Ctrl+Shift pressed
BugIDEA-272404Option to open file in an inactive split is not considered when opening a file from Recent files with Tab Placement: None
User Interface. Project ViewBugIDEA-270746Remove "Add BOM" option from project tree context menu
User Interface. Search EverywhereBugIDEA-270589navigate to class: show in find toolwindow opens empty results
BugIDEA-274495Search Everywhere: Shift+F4 does not open a file in new window
BugIDEA-271963Actions by abbreviations are not shown at the top of results in "Find Action" if ML sorting is enabled
BugIDEA-273308Search everywhere: redundant options found for multi-word search sometimes
BugIDEA-271699Search everywhere: "Quick definition popup" doesn't take current selected item in results list into account
User Interface. TabsBugIDEA-274043file opens in new window when using ctrl+alt+left and ctrl+alt+right
Version ControlBugIDEA-272134Regression: Local Changes is missing inline diff in 2021.2 EAP 4
BugIDEA-272191Double-clicking a file inside "Local Changes" opens strange Diff
BugIDEA-273994Run tests before commit: fails for gradle due to illegal access
TaskIDEA-272199Add the Show on Double click selector under Gear of GIt toolwindow
UsabilityIDEA-265077Pre-commit checks in background: add re-run icon
BugIDEA-269322Lost conflicting renamed/modified changes during Update project process
UsabilityIDEA-237547Ctrl-Tab in preview diff conflicts with tabs switcher
Version Control. GitCosmeticsIDEA-269554Show Diff button is always active even though the selection is empty
UsabilityIDEA-272871Git GPG Sign: no focused item in Configure GPG Key dialog
BugIDEA-272962GPG Key does not display correctly the owner name
BugIDEA-272205Git GPG Signing: cannot turn off commit signing when no private keys were found
BugIDEA-271726VcsException: Cannot run program "gpg": error=2, No such file or directory
UsabilityIDEA-248237Git commit error baloon should hanve "Show detail in console" link
BugIDEA-253401Git Staging Area: File name completion doesn't work in commit message field when staging is enabled
TaskIDEA-269158Update Compare actions to show diff in the editor
ExceptionIDEA-272443NPE at git4idea.config.GitExecutableDetector.getBashExecutablePath
TaskIDEA-269501Git GPG Signing: provide link to help when gpg-signing fails
Version Control. GitHubBugIDEA-267608Create PR is just doing a git push without actually creating a PR in PyCharm 2021.1
BugIDEA-251845"Malformed URL" error when "Open on GitHub" for files with `[brackets-in-name].js` (common / required Next.js filename pattern)
CosmeticsIDEA-264987Create Pull Request: new text for "no changes" warning
BugIDEA-251331Comments in diffs are not visible when "Hard wrap at" is set to 0
BugIDEA-272485GitHub PullRequest: remote branch isn't detected on new PR creation
UsabilityIDEA-264210GIthub Pull Requests: New Pull Request tab is not focused after login
BugIDEA-270034GitHub tab is not refreshed after authorization
CosmeticsIDEA-264969Create Pull Request: use default font color for the errors, red icon is enough to attract attention
CosmeticsIDEA-263303GitHub Pull Requests: beautify API error messages
BugIDEA-264970Create Pull Request: do not duplicate error about empty pull request on creation
BugIDEA-264973Pull Request: Do not suggest to reset filters when the search query is empty
BugIDEA-264976Pull requests: reset filter should not set state:open
Version Control. Local HistoryUsabilityIDEA-271317Search in Local History: Ctrl+F should set cursor into search field
CosmeticsIDEA-271576Search in Local History: Changes tree blinks if no results found
UsabilityIDEA-271431Search in Local History: no keyboard navigation between items
BugIDEA-269828Search in Local History Freeze
BugIDEA-271318Search in Local History: Do not show diff if no results found
Version Control. LogTaskIDEA-269495Git Log: Add a colum showing GPG signature status
No subsystemFeatureWEB-51613Show tooltip advertising pressing save to reload built-in HTML preview
FeatureWEB-45326Chromium-based browsers Edge and Opera are assigned to non-Chrome family in "Settings → Tools → Web Browsers" window
FeatureWEB-51695Allow switching between reload on save and reload on changes for the built-in server and HTML preview
BugWEB-50998"js.namespace.index" seems to produce keys with quotes sometimes
BugWEB-51406Memory leak editing Vue 2.x Typescript SFC
UsabilityWEB-52028Add the option to add new projects from VCS under the File menu
BugWEB-51498Don't add a path to folder in imports after webpack aliases
FeatureWEB-51419Web-types: show icons in documentation
BugWEB-51576Run/debug with docker-compose doesn't work with new targets api
BugWEB-52118Vue.JS Plugin - Since 2021.2 every vue html tag is yellow / unknown
BugWEB-51628Convert to string template doesn't work in assignment context
FeatureWEB-51150Launching Microsoft Edge
FeatureWEB-51573Show What's New in WebStorm after update
BugWEB-52111In version 2021.2, there are warnings when using dynamic slots and scoped slots in Vue!
BugWEB-51616Prepend relative path prefix to completion items
PerformanceWEB-51030Typing an angular selector into an html file freezes webstorm after you get to the end
BugWEB-51899Windows: Yarn 2 Prettier on Save doesn't work
FeatureWEB-50989Add 'Reload on Save' for the .php files opened on the built-in web server
FeatureWEB-50133Enable "Copy/Paste with imports" feature for "require"-s
Build toolsBugWEB-50500Gulp tool window button on sidebar not available after phpStorm restart
BugWEB-50622Grunt tool window no longer persists between IntelliJ launches
CSSBugWEB-51099Support all steps function keywords for "transition-timing-function"
BugWEB-51405Tailwind class completion doesn't work with version "npm:@tailwindcss/postcss7-compat@2.2.4"
BugWEB-50318CSS class completion doesn't work great with Tailwind 2.1 in "jit" mode.
FeatureWEB-48767Support for Tailwind class names completion in styled-components
BugWEB-49599No completion of Tailwind classes if className value is dynamically evaluated
FeatureWEB-51071text-decoration-thickness is marked as Unknown CSS property
BugWEB-51750Tailwind 2.2+: No code completion in Vue files
BugWEB-50961Add support for missing generic font families
BugWEB-50930Unknown pseudo selector 'file-selector-button'
DebuggerPerformanceWEB-50909Webstorm High Memory Usage Over Time (Suspected Memory Leak)
UsabilityWEB-51730Inline previews: Don't show same value several times on each line
BugWEB-51608Reload Built-in Preview if it's already open
UsabilityWEB-50873Broken default layout of JavaScript debug tool window
CosmeticsWEB-51183Incorrect positioning of tabs in Debug tool window
UsabilityWEB-48157Node.js 15+: Step Into enters "async_hooks" on debugging async/await functions
BugWEB-51729Node 15+ debug: excessive stop on 'step over'
BugWEB-51547Remove 'Restart frame' action from the JavaScript debugger
UsabilityWEB-50777Inline value of an array with an empty string looks unusual in Debugger
HTMLBugWEB-50775JSX: insert paired curly braces within braces
BugWEB-49752PHP/other mix: meta encoding: Unknown encoding
BugWEB-50847In some cases, HTML comments in an interpolated HTML in a TS script in a .vue file messes up the parser
BugWEB-49750Language injection failure with php + js + document.write('html')
JavaScriptExceptionWEB-51366Adding require import causes an exception: java.lang.Throwable: Threading assertion. psiFile
BugWEB-51508'Redundant await expression' doesn't handle function with non-promise result
BugWEB-51289Autosave of file every second (on typing) and crashing/freezing because of FLOW.exe
FeatureWEB-49120creating arrow function could be a bit more simplified
BugWEB-51073properties completion from `.d.ts` files doesn't work when using destructuring `require()`
BugWEB-51273Commonjs imports are inserted before other imports
FeatureWEB-51179[FR] Ctrl+Click on "break" could jump to the enclosing statement
BugWEB-49102PyCharm is not displaying class functions properly
FeatureWEB-50092'require' is not reused when importing another element
BugWEB-50897live templates on keywords completion ignore semicolon termination preferences
BugWEB-50988Function's property is not recognized when function returns result
PerformanceWEB-51853Freezes caused by Structure view
BugWEB-45057Show usages for variable attached on a function is not working
FeatureWEB-31404Add an option to select whether to insert braces after completion or not
BugWEB-52012Missing code completion of base class properties
BugWEB-50849A function call is incorrectly marked as recursive in TS
BugWEB-51894JSDoc: postfix notation for nullable types causes "invalid type syntax"
BugWEB-50949for-await-of doesn't unwrap promise type
BugWEB-51311Ctrl+Click on break inside switch statement jumps to the wrong place
ExceptionWEB-51350auto-import useState causes exception
FeatureWEB-51357Autocomplete/highlighting/navigation broken when importing TypeScript file via a *.js suffix from a JavaScript file
FeatureWEB-51278provide support for regex flags indices `d`
PerformanceWEB-51943High CPU usage on working with Vue project
PerformanceWEB-50990Large Typescript file with object literals causes WebStorm to freeze and become unresponsive repeatedly
BugWEB-50996Copying imports from a type declaration should respect types of import in a file
BugWEB-49131No auto-import suggestions provided for lodash
BugWEB-21852Refactoring (renaming) a JSDoc type name does not rename all occurrences
BugWEB-49054No code completion in dynamic classNames in template strings after interpolation
BugWEB-51901"=> expected" error in valid arrow function code
CosmeticsWEB-51320Update description for the ECMAScript 6 language level
BugWEB-50854syntax error when using Flow $Diff type
BugWEB-50015Incorrect javascript import path using aliases when working on WSL2
BugWEB-50951JS+Flow, arrow function parameter inlined type fails to parse with a trailing comma
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-48703Rename both state value and function that updates it in React's `useState`
BugWEB-50538Props values completion doesn't work when using component created with forwardRef()
BugWEB-42754Vue.js: Intellisense broken when parent element is unknown tag
BugWEB-51975web-types refresh doesn't get cancelled for write action, causing a freeze
BugWEB-50510UnwrapRef not applied to computed properties with Vue 2 and @vue/composition-api
FeatureWEB-26714Add support for the classnames library when using React
FeatureWEB-49000Vue 3: Support new <script setup> without ref sugar
BugWEB-52050When expanding tag in pug template, it inserts it in HTML format (with angle brackets)
BugWEB-50297Default Vue code style attribute arrangement does not conform with Vue style guide
BugWEB-51335Named slots shows 'Unrecognised Slot name'
BugWEB-52125Custom directive and components imports are marked as unused in <script setup>
BugWEB-51338Unknown events (@input, @focus)
BugWEB-51339Pattern info is shown in the Quick doc popup
BugWEB-50162Vue.js v-for variables not resolved
BugWEB-51353'Unknown HTML tag' error for i18n tag
BugWEB-51774SOE and freezing when working with Vue.js
BugWEB-51988Components are not in the completion in Vue templates on Pug
FeatureWEB-51572Support shorthand properties in Angular template
FeatureWEB-51804Add support to safe keyed access in the template
BugWEB-51614Web-type's content isn't visible in .pug files or .vue with template section with pug
BugWEB-51905Memory leak latest version 2021.2
PerformanceWEB-43908Angular: ensure that inspections have language specified
BugWEB-52150Can't resolve Vuetify tags
BugWEB-51463Vue.js: False-Positive "Unrecognized attribute or property name" on <textarea :value />
BugWEB-51329No documentation & resolve for the 'template' tag in .vue
BugWEB-50851Svelte: better imports support
BugWEB-43144No completion for values of style sheet properties in React Native app
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-51403ES6 Simplification misses possible assignment under very specific conditions within do-while loop
BugWEB-51312Add details/examples to "Pointless statement or boolean expression" inspection description
BugWEB-51274"Mismatched query and update of collection" inspection not working correctly
BugWEB-50898"Method expression is not of Function type" when accessing a prototype method using Symbol
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-51370Substring isn't removed from a function name when removing a state name
BugWEB-51401"Extract method" refactoring fails for switch statement ("multiple exit points" error)
BugWEB-51511"Make method static" breaks calls to private methods
LintersFeatureWEB-51288Update bundled JSHint to 2.13
BugWEB-49805ESLint: no error highlighting for GraphQL
Live EditBugWEB-51423Live reload stop working (Throwable: Timeout on waiting for client)
Node.jsBugWEB-51783NPM script run configuration is wrongly marked as invalid if node & npm are taken from WSL2
BugWEB-51389Use https to fetch npm package versions
BugWEB-51514Can't start TypeScript service with remote node interpreter
BugWEB-51515Prettier hangs on the first run when remote node interpreter is configured
BugWEB-51516Stylelint doesn't work with remote node interpreter
BugWEB-51500NPM install fails with StackOverflowError exception
BugWEB-47462WebStorm does not use selected WSL Node for Git operations
BugWEB-52109Support debugging multi-process docker applications (e.g. mocha/npm) via NODE_OPTIONS
ExceptionWEB-51391Exception while creating React template project
ExceptionWEB-51314NPE while updating path to npm package
PerformanceWEB-51565Linked packages under @types are indexed always
BugWEB-51242Add 'serve' and 'lint' to the completion in the 'scripts' section in package.json
SASSFeatureWEB-51021Support Sass/SCSS math.div
TypeScriptBugWEB-48792Incorrect type of refs (Composition API) in Vue 2 templates
TaskWEB-51690Update bundled TypeScript to 4.3
BugWEB-50207Angular EventEmitter import not suggested inside new expression
BugWEB-50190Vue3: inferred prop type is wrong when prop has "required" attr
BugWEB-48764React + typescript, React class component with generic type raise expected syntax error
BugWEB-47248Vue.js: TypeScript engine randomly stops working
BugWEB-51991index access with template literal type is not recognised
BugWEB-51392Update tsconfig.json schema to include ES2021 target.
FeatureWEB-51449Add tsconfig.test.json to the list of associated file names for TypeScript Configuration Files
BugWEB-50975Typescript 4.3: Allow override as parameter property
Code CompletionFeatureDBE-11902On optimistic left join completion, improve priorization
FeatureDBE-10515Give priority to chosen schema in code completion
BugDBE-9025mssql complete not default schema
BugDBE-2212IDE suggest columns from pg_catalog instead of columns from selected search path
BugDBE-12018Auto completion in JOIN statement does not qualify objects
Code FormatterBugDBE-13485Datagrip always wraps "Create or Alter Function" statement regardless of Code Style setting
FeatureDBE-12690Add formatting option for Place ON/USING under JOIN indented
BugDBE-13658SQL generator/source editor adds double quotes to LEFT() function in PostgreSQL
Code GenerationBugDBE-8729DDL Data Source -> Script to Console/Clipboard not working
BugDBE-13034SQL Generator - File output has stopped working
BugDBE-13462COMMENT and LANGUAGE positioned wrong
BugDBE-13770Cassandra DDL Auto generate missing quotes on column names in clustering order by statement in generated CQL
Code HighlightingBugDBE-13557UNMASK not recognized as valid permission (MS SQL Server)
BugDBE-13551Inspector expect NEEST instead of NEST
BugDBE-13458Clickhouse asof and semi join support
BugDBE-12682clickhouse dialect don't support EXCEPT and REPLACE in select query
BugDBE-12343ClickHouse toDecimalN could not take such arguments false positive
BugDBE-13280Queries with CTE do not work against ClickHouse when sql is multiline or not wrapped in brackets and join syntax highliting
BugDBE-12304Clickhouse correct SQL query shows an error in editor
BugDBE-4995SELECT ROW() reports a syntax error
BugDBE-4893Unable to resolve column and table in database
BugDBE-3804Oracle SQL: Existing synonym marked as unresolvable
BugDBE-3759SQL inspection: "column should be in group by clause" inspection doesn't work at PostgreSQL, db2 and Derby
BugDBE-13364Not working inspection
BugDBE-12548Some CTEs are not supported in ClickHouse
BugDBE-12059CREATE\DROP\ALTER INDEX in SQL2016 are not supported
BugDBE-12838The Exasol IGNORE NULLS Option for Analytics Functions is not recognized
BugDBE-10550Aliased table names are highlighted as missing or invalid
BugDBE-13401ERROR: syntax error at end of input when running multiline default privileges statement
BugDBE-11582select auto_id,`rank` from mm0; rank is parsed as function instead of column
BugDBE-3705SQL: Derby: column definition without data type and without generation clause is green
BugDBE-12992Fix dictionary and dictionary field references resolving for ClickHouse dialect
BugDBE-13471Support Full-Text Search capabilities of MS SQL Server 2016/2017/2019 / Azure SQL Database
BugDBE-10782Wrong coalesce inspection detects in ClickHouse Dialect
FeatureDBE-13476ClickHouse: support EXPLAIN/EXPLAIN PIPELINE statement syntax
BugDBE-13477Support Redshift recursive CTE syntax
Coding AssistanceBugDBE-13493'Merge INSERT statements' only takes a few of the selected
BugDBE-13419Support syntax for Lambda UDF function creation
ConnectivityBugDBE-13772Broken LocalDB after updating to 2021.2
BugDBE-13468Athena results in java.lang.NullPointerException
Data Editor/ViewerBugDBE-13450Invalid query to fetch first referenced row(ERROR: operator does not exist: integer = character varying)
BugDBE-13670"Copy Query to Console" doens't work with JOINs
BugDBE-13767Can't insert enum value from non default schema
BugDBE-11744Insert NULL in column of type enumeration results in error
BugDBE-13236Data is truncated when pasting on cell(s) in database view
BugDBE-7109Azure: Incorrect query for Jump to Editor action
FeatureDBE-6383CSV table editor: column names cannot be manipulated
BugDBE-13522columns header glitch in database tool window
BugDBE-13361Image Preview of Blob only showing text in query results
Data Import/ExportBugDBE-13328Too big SQL query causes error when table is exported to Excel
FeatureDBE-13448export table data to the excel would lost precision for bigint field : 导出数据格式为bigint的数据到excel表格,数据精度丢失
BugDBE-13449Default exported file name doesn't use comment above query
Database ExplorerBugDBE-13739Multiple selection in the tree doesn't produce multiple truncate script
BugDBE-13483Missing "Drop - Delete" option when multiple database objects selected
BugDBE-13532Database view Object filter not working
Database MigrationsFeatureDBE-12357Additional option 'purge' in drop confirmation dialog for Oracle
Explain PlanBugDBE-13473Failed to explain execution plan while using ClickHouse
GeneralBugDBE-4538Data sources's advanced settings are not sorted alphabetically by default
BugDBE-13764Slow startup with a database with many tables
BugDBE-13502Impossible to assign a hotkey for Clone Row
IntrospectionBugDBE-13443Presto: "primary keys not supported SQLException" after force refresh
PerformanceDBE-13427Introspection queries needs to be optimized
BugDBE-13425Azure connection loses databases when refreshing a single database
BugDBE-13355There is no length for varchar index in mysql
BugDBE-4620DG badly misunderstands this table
BugDBE-13520ClickHouse supports ddl comments while DataGrip not.
Navigation & SearchBugDBE-13773Navigation to table using navbar is no longer working as before
FeatureDBE-13363CMD + up to explore database schema objects instead of new console opening
Query ConsoleBugDBE-5166Cannot pin tab with SQL query execution plan (not plain)
BugDBE-13634Re-opening MongoDB console triggers NPE in JSItemPresentation.getFileName
BugDBE-9198Rename in database console
FeatureDBE-10341Change quick-fix for 'unresolved' inspection.
FeatureDBE-8885Line numbers in SQL Server execution errors
RefactoringFeatureDBE-13365Intention for adding column to column list or GROUP BY clause
SQL GeneralFeatureDBE-4978Name hints for UNION (ALL)
BugDBE-13479Oracle Formatter doesn't recognise OCI Unicode String Literal (U'String) syntax
BugDBE-11323Missing support for some AzureSQL features
SQL ResolveFeatureDBE-12263Unable to resolve object type 'SimpleAggregateFunction' for Clickhouse DDL
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