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No subsystemBugRUBY-11618RubyMine 4.5 not opening various file types (*.haml, *.rhtml, *.rxml) in editor
BugRUBY-27884IDE stops responding when 'check regexp' with Repetition(less times) regular expression
CoreCosmeticsRUBY-18360RailsApps Sample wizard needs redesign
Core. ConsolesBugRUBY-278152020.3.2 broke all my run configurations
Core. LocalizationBugRUBY-27362Not all items in the Settings are extracted
Core. SSHBugRUBY-26823SSH session: Rsync link is a dead one
EditorBugRUBY-27498Rails associations are shown as ''
BugRUBY-27501Name of class variable is shown with @
UsabilityRUBY-27497Tests are shown as list of 'Ruby:Do block call' in the navigation bar
Lang. RBSFeatureRUBY-27396Add basic symbol support in RBS that provides declarations
FeatureRUBY-27627Add references in RBS
FeatureRUBY-27383Add lexer/parser for RBS language
FeatureRUBY-27733Remove reference from `bool` in RBS
FeatureRUBY-27625Add support for rename in RBS
FeatureRUBY-27670Add support for the "Comment line" action in RBS
FeatureRUBY-27701Allow resolving RBS references to RBS files in the ruby SDK/stdlib
FeatureRUBY-27626Add support for find usages in RBS
FeatureRUBY-27674Add support for "module self types" in resolve in RBS
BugRUBY-27673Add recursion management in RBS resolve
BugRUBY-27762Add support for highlighting declarations of the element under the caret in the editor for RBS
BugRUBY-27689RBS references inside installed gem doesn't work
BugRUBY-27830RBS reference doesn't work for singleton constants
ExceptionRUBY-27718NullPointerException when defining method inside .rbs
ExceptionRUBY-27719java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException when defining method inside .rbs
TaskRUBY-27557RBS: Partially move parser logic to the lexer
RailsUsabilityRUBY-27534Unneeded warning 'This version is not fully supported' for Rails 6.1.0
Ruby. FormatterBugRUBY-25786New line in a multiline method call is deintented on typing a colon
BugRUBY-26933Incorrect Auto-Indentation for 'if then' and 'else' statements followed by a comment.
BugRUBY-27411Inconsistent indentation for brace blocks over multiple lines
BugRUBY-27553Comments before methods break indentation logic when a private accessor modifier is used
BugRUBY-27633Wrong caret position after visibility modifiers
BugRUBY-26757Incorrect indentation for methods with arguments and inline comment
Ruby. InspectionsFeatureRUBY-27428Allow additional comments after noinspection warning suppression comments
BugRUBY-27568False Pattern matching with the 'in' operator requires Ruby 2.7 with Ruby 3.0
Ruby. TestsFeatureRUBY-27660
Add inspection for unresolved references
 Add new file template for RBS
BugRUBY-26931Minitest fails to start with DRb::DRbConnError
BugRUBY-27797'No tests were found' if rerun failed tests for multiple tests
BugRUBY-27907Test Run Configurations are not created properly
BugRUBY-27818A test file must be provided (Exception) when trying to run minitest configuration from RM 203 in 211
RSpec run configuration is also suggested when multiple Minitest or Cucumber tests are selected
Multiple selection in the folder with tests have no file type validation
BugRUBY-27589Minitest fails with uninitialized constant Minitest::RubyMineMinitestParallelTestCaseManager::Set
Ruby. Tests. RSpecBugRUBY-27438Rspec example names field in Run Configuration editor actually doesn't support multiple examples
BugRUBY-27710No tests were found when trying to rerun rspec tests
EditorBugRUBY-27547"CACHED_SMART_POINTER" elements in navigation bar popup
Ruby. PluginBugRUBY-21465Ruby Facet is missing
Remote Interpreters. DockerBugRUBY-27650Cannot add new Docker, Docker-Compose or WSL SDK
Tools. BundlerBugRUBY-27784org.jetbrains.plugins.ruby.gem.GemManager.updateGemset in EDT
No subsystemFeatureIDEA-263914Support YK profiler for M1
BugIDEA-263699[new run config UI] Tooltips for command line fields blinking bug
BugIDEA-263337FileSystemException : Incorrect function in wsl
BugIDEA-251691NPE in com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.EditorMarkupModelImpl$5.beforeActionPerformed when trying to implement coverage-by-test in custom plugin
BugIDEA-262891Webforms project doesn’t load, UI freezes
BugIDEA-265522WSL2: Cannot assign requested address: bind when /etc/resolv.conf changed
BugIDEA-263502Spock tests fail to start with java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: junit.framework.ComparisonFailure
BugIDEA-262934Cannot read clipboard data
TaskIDEA-263881Update choose runtime UI
Security ProblemIDEA-261832Possible DoS
ExceptionIDEA-262614com.github.dockerjava.api.exception.BadRequestException at running a Dockerfile with ARGs before FROM
ExceptionIDEA-262420Search everywhere throws exception: com.intellij.diagnostic.PluginException: Created extension classloader is not equal to plugin's one.
AndroidBugIDEA-264473Android SDK is not being added automatically to the project structure
BugIDEA-262429Java library module class is unresolved in Android module
BugIDEA-263893Android plugin's database inspector does not work
BugIDEA-246348When open AVD Manager for Android Emulator an error
BugIDEA-262057Android designer. ClassNotFoundException: androidx.appcompat.R$styleable (Apple Silicon)
BugIDEA-237650Can't connect to database in emulator
BugIDEA-264378Android Layout Editor does not show issues in the issues panel
BugIDEA-264009Migrate bintray URLs to cacheredirector in Android Plugin
BugIDEA-256189Error on project opening: Duplicate content roots detected
BugIDEA-261495During the android app test, idea cannot open some files in the simulator
BugIDEA-261070Android Plugin should not show "Gradle files have changed..." in projects with no Android modules
BugIDEA-264333AssetStudio: no default ic_launcher icon
BugIDEA-261858IDEA 2021 EAP unable to debug on physical device via "Attach Debugger" action
UsabilityIDEA-231313IDEA can't launch Android Emulator on Windows when IDEA itself is started from idea64.exe (OK when started from idea.bat)
BuildFeatureIDEA-263998Show warning if gradle script uses gradle-bintray-plugin
BugIDEA-264085BindException: Cannot assign requested address error When trying to build any project on WSL 1
Build. Built-in (JPS)BugIDEA-260359WSL: All files are up-to-date when compiling modified project
Build. GradleBugIDEA-264439Gradle project on WSL: error message in the case of using the JDK located on Windows
BugIDEA-264051The specified Gradle installation directory '\\wsl$\Ubuntu-20.04\wsl$\Ubuntu-20.04\wsl$\Ubuntu-20.04\wsl$\Ubuntu-20.04\wsl$\Ubuntu-20.04\wsl$ ...
BugIDEA-262879Gradle project sync never completes
BugIDEA-264107Gradle groovy scripts debugging doesn't work for projects on WSL
BugIDEA-254884Tests not compatible with gradle configuration cache
UsabilityIDEA-263144Double confirmation when opening a new Gradle project and not trusting it
UsabilityIDEA-260728Gradle init script is not configuration cache compatible
Build. MavenBugIDEA-263481java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jetbrains.idea.maven.server.RemoteMavenServer36 when trying to open maven project located in WSL
BugIDEA-261414Maven distribution installed via package manager does not supported on WSL
BugIDEA-262404Can't import Maven Project in 212.17, Project is untrusted
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-192702Clicking Edit Settings in Insepction Results does nothing
BugIDEA-130333Inspection settings: scopes order is not saved
TaskIDEA-260048Show Inspections results in Problems tool window
CoreBugIDEA-258519IDE fails to open a project from the command line if another project is already opened (perhaps Windows-only)
UsabilityIDEA-229543Command-line launcher should not ask which window it's supposed to open the project in
Core. DebuggerBugIDEA-262878Click on toolbar button "Evaluate expression" no longer uses editor selected text
BugIDEA-263014XLightBreakpointPropertiesPanel#myCustomPropertiesPanelWrapper uses wrong layout
Core. DiagramsBugIDEA-211984UML Diagrams: any action performed from diagram can't be Undone though Undo is shown enabled with correct last action name
BugIDEA-265037UML diagrams: Kotlin: constructor is shown for object
BugIDEA-264693Java Enterprise toolwindow: CDI Dependencies diagram is opened without layout
BugIDEA-264029UML diagrams fonts are too big in 2021.1 Beta when comparing with 2020.3.2
BugIDEA-263119JPA: ER Diagram opened not centered
BugIDEA-263112JPA: ER Diagram is not refreshed after adding the attribute
BugIDEA-264684JSF Navigation diagram: on unchecking the ShowSelectedNodesWithDependencies the resulted diagram layout is incorrect
BugIDEA-263877Spring Application Context Dependencies Diagram: on Show Library Models action the layout is not applied
BugIDEA-265035UML diagrams: Kotlin: tooltip over package item shows wrong statistics
BugIDEA-264679JSF Navigation diagram: no layout on diagram opening
BugIDEA-264697CDI Dependencies diagram is always empty
BugIDEA-264695CDI Dependencies diagram action appears outside the Diagrams menu group and causes exception only
BugIDEA-264690Spring Beans toolwindow: the beans graphs appear without layout
BugIDEA-263868Spring Diagrams: with `Show neighbours of the selected nodes` option the results of selection change is ugly (no layout)
UsabilityIDEA-264691Add the ApplyCurrentLayout action to the context menu for the toolbar-less diagrams
ExceptionIDEA-264067NPE at$MyDependencyCollectingVisitor.isCollect ion
ExceptionIDEA-263561ISE at com.intellij.spring.perspectives.diagrams.SpringDiagramNode.getIdentifyingElement
ExceptionIDEA-262492CCE at com.intellij.uml.presentation.DiagramPresentationModelImpl.getNodeTooltip
ExceptionIDEA-263489IAE at com.intellij.diagram.presentation.DiagramState.restoreTo
ExceptionIDEA-262187Throwable at com.intellij.psi.impl.file.impl.FileManagerImpl.checkHasNoOtherPsi
ExceptionIDEA-263255NPE at
ExceptionIDEA-263414Throwable at com.intellij.psi.impl.file.impl.FileManagerImpl.checkHasNoOtherPsi
ExceptionIDEA-263875ICSE at com.intellij.uml.UmlFileEditorImpl.getData
ExceptionIDEA-222077UML diagram: attempt to add note to diagram popup causes IOOBE
ExceptionIDEA-264064NPE at com.intellij.openapi.graph.impl.view.FastNodeCellRendererPainter.paintNode
ExceptionIDEA-264685Throwable: Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread or inside read-action only
Core. IDE SettingsBugIDEA-264893[Choose Runtime dialog] there is no ability to add JBR if it isn't located in ~/Library/Java/JetBrainsRuntime/ folder
BugIDEA-261869Choose Runtime - polishing
UsabilityIDEA-259872After IDEA update: Propose to use bundled runtime if configured runtime is older
CosmeticsIDEA-227451Settings > Editor > Code Style > Java > Arrangement items disappear or move on mouse hover
Core. IndexingBugIDEA-264500VFS cache can't recover automatically after content storage corruption
BugIDEA-265212IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1 beta 4 cannot resolves JDK classes
BugIDEA-263504Invalidate Caches dialog: reconsider the defaults
BugIDEA-262899Can't find a file using Search Everywhere/Goto File
BugIDEA-263200Shared index trying to attach non-existing chunk
BugIDEA-262428Do not show public CDN URLs
Core. doesn't allow symlinks
BugIDEA-263043Idea fails to start from path contains spaces on linux
UsabilityIDEA-263364App started from IDEA cannot access Bluetooth on macOS Big Sur
UsabilityIDEA-2640602021.1 update journey is broken as it requires multiple "check for updates" to produce a fully working installation
UsabilityIDEA-252209Avoid broken installation on Linux when distributive is unpacked into the same folder
Core. LicensingFeatureIDEA-263678License Panel: hide Evaluate radiobutton for CWM plugin
BugIDEA-265183Broken license dialog UI when user has several licenses
TaskIDEA-263484Docker Desktop causes wrong host name to be sent while obtaining floating license
Core. Platform APIBugIDEA-264897A race condition that leaves daemon hanging
Core. Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-253978"File type conflict found" on every IDEA start - 3rd party plugins
ExceptionIDEA-262837Plugin installation failure - StackOverflowError in findPluginExtensionPointRecursive
Core. ProfilerBugIDEA-264221"Profiler error: Invalid file format" after second profiling session in WSL
BugIDEA-264587Profiler executors unavailable in run toolbar after list of profiler configurations is changed
Core. Project SettingsBugIDEA-257476Modules get lost on changing the 'store generated files externally' option for multimodule maven project
BugIDEA-99596Manifest file located under 'main/java' root in Maven module is shown in artifact editor even if it won't be really copied to artifact
BugIDEA-257175IJ resets content root to the incorrect directory
BugIDEA-264113Cannot change library scope second time after clicking "apply" in project structure dialog
BugIDEA-260372Maven projects can't be built after disabling the (not used) dependency
BugIDEA-262946New EAP prints many errors to the log about duplicating LibraryIds
BugIDEA-222640Library configured via Project Structure For New Project dialog appears incorrectly in the new projects preventing new project libraries configuring
UsabilityIDEA-116209Allow to directly specify a jar's META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file
ExceptionIDEA-262073java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to get registered settings of #VueCodeStyleSettings when enabling Vue.js plugin with opened .vue file
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBugIDEA-264143The root node is configurable in the Run/Debug Configurations dialog
BugIDEA-264202[new run config UI] invoking "command line" fields mnemonics don't move focus during indexing
UsabilityIDEA-263886[new run config UI] Change 'modify option' hotkey on macOS to be Option-M
UsabilityIDEA-246087[new run config UI] Improved keyboard navigation to fields
ExceptionIDEA-245958Throwable: Directory index may not be queried for default project
ExceptionIDEA-262425PluginException: Cyclic service initialization: RunManager
Core. Run. TargetsBugIDEA-262162Run Targets: first introspection for WSL target fill JDK path incorrectly
BugIDEA-261979SSH target startup is very slow because of files syncing
BugIDEA-262784Run targets: SSH stops working after installing rsync on Windows
BugIDEA-262446Run Targets: SSH: contents of coverageNargs file is not uploaded
BugIDEA-262289Run Targets: SSH: attempt to run with coverage fails
BugIDEA-264934Eternal throbber in target creation wizard
BugIDEA-264026Run Targets: IDEA coverage/profiler stopped working on Docker target
BugIDEA-264928RunTargets. Quarkus. It fails to run on docker target
PerformanceIDEA-262457Choose run configuration popup is slow on IntelliJ IDEA project
UsabilityIDEA-262430Run Targets: SSH allow to select the Gradle home using the path chooser
UsabilityIDEA-265188Show popup `Please add /Applications/ to Resources -> File Sharing` when GoLand runs from /Applications/ path on macOS
CosmeticsIDEA-258266Run Targets. Cosmetic UI bugs
TaskIDEA-262277Remote targets for Go Build: Introspection completed with error. Getting environment failed with exit value 1
TaskIDEA-258455Run Targets: download files from target
ExceptionIDEA-259929java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException in Docker plugin on pulling the image by creation a run target
Core. Task ManagementUsabilityIDEA-254355Provide an ability to assing shortcuts for "Start Timer" and "Stop Timer" actions
EditorBugIDEA-264440Wrong bold font is used in editor
BugIDEA-260496Font Settings: dropdown uses wrong font when Monospaced selected
BugIDEA-262699Wrong variant of Iosevka is used for italics
BugIDEA-263938Character moves a little when typing, looks like bounce effect
BugIDEA-258454Reader Mode options are not applied for opened library file until reopening
CosmeticsIDEA-262330Font Settings: adjust top of dialogue box (remove extra margins)
TaskIDEA-260492Font Settings: modify "Typography Settings" to a group that collapsed by default
TaskIDEA-262329Font Settings: improve search within font dropdown
Editor. Code CompletionBugIDEA-260190Lookup popup window is incorrectly sized when there is only one item
Editor. Code Completion. MLBugIDEA-261990"Machine Learning Code Completion" plugin visits .class files
Editor. Diff and MergeBugIDEA-262442Diff detects changes incorrectly when add empty lines
BugIDEA-257651Diff view detects big diff but change was only small
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-119451Extend line selection via keyboard shortcut
BugIDEA-264147Chosen font variation is ignored in some dialogs
BugIDEA-262434Italic font is broken for Courier in 2021.1 EAP
UsabilityIDEA-260463EditorTextFieldActionPromoter hides IdeaVim actions
Editor. FormatterBugIDEA-205999"else" and "{}" indentation
BugIDEA-157294Exporting Code Style profile fails when name is not filesystem-friendly (e.g. it contains a slash in *NIX systems)
BugIDEA-189817Code format breaks long URLs in code comments
Editor. Intention ActionsBugIDEA-263507Line join silently changes semantics for nested ifs
FrameworksBugIDEA-265383IntelliJ cannot download thymeleaf library via Framework Support
BugIDEA-262890New project Wizards for JVM Frameworks: selected features can't be deleted if they are filtered out by search
BugIDEA-262894New Project Wizards for the JVM Frameworks: don't allow to select unavailable dependencies
BugIDEA-265146Frameworks: StackOverflowError in New Project wizards of Spring and Java EE
UsabilityIDEA-262888Unified New Project Wizards for the JVM Frameworks: speed search should not be invoked on typing
UsabilityIDEA-263580JavaEE Wizard. Save SDK selection for the next project creation
Frameworks. LombokBugIDEA-262693lombok @Builder is broken
PerformanceIDEA-264579Autocomplete is slow with the latest updates with Lombok plug-in querying indices
Frameworks. MicronautFeatureIDEA-260140Micronaut: load supported Java versions for new project wizard from server-side
FeatureIDEA-246320Micronaut: show version of Micronaut for new projects
FeatureIDEA-233827Micronaut: Fold internal stack frames for HTTP server
BugIDEA-235429Micronaut: setter methods of @ConfigurationProperties beans are reported as unused
UsabilityIDEA-257948Micronaut project generating: check the selected java version to match the set project jdk
Frameworks. OSGiFeatureIDEA-138550Support bnd-maven-plugin
Frameworks. QuarkusFeatureIDEA-262757Quarkus: add Kotlin language and Gradle Kotlin options to new project wizard
FeatureIDEA-233828Quarkus: Fold internal stack frames for HTTP server
BugIDEA-265675Quarkus: application port is not shown in Services in debug mode
BugIDEA-261500Quarkus: false-positive CDI bean inspection for @Localized interfaces
BugIDEA-265509Docker container is not removed after stopping Quarkus run configuration on Docker target
BugIDEA-255635Quarkus: new quarkus project freezed on downloading funqy extensions
BugIDEA-263335Quarkus: Can't create new quarkus project with google cloud extensions
Frameworks. SeleniumUsabilityIDEA-264273Selenium: provide Export and Copy actions for Page Object editor
UsabilityIDEA-263297Selenium: support multiselect for Add Element to Page Object action
Frameworks. SpringFeatureIDEA-242594Spring Initializr: Open automatically when a new project is created with the wizard
FeatureIDEA-169655Spring MVC model variables don't work with Kotlin
FeatureIDEA-262592"Navigate to the Spring bean declaration(s)" gutter icon not show for the library bean
FeatureIDEA-199674Spring MVC with Kotlin: kotlin configuration classes are not recognized
BugIDEA-263751Spring Cloud: cannot inject CircuitBreakerFactory bean
BugIDEA-263615Select in Spring Beans doesn't work for Sprint Boot auto configuration classes
BugIDEA-186130Spring MVC: parse ViewResolverRegistry explicit prefix()/suffix() calls
BugIDEA-263811Spring Initializr: Application Class Name is not changed for new project
BugIDEA-192941Spring Data: False positive warning on @Cacheable annotation in repository interface
BugIDEA-222139SpringMVC+Thymeleaf. Intellij idea cannot recognize view declaration
BugIDEA-261959Language injection for SQL queries does not work for the new extension methods in Spring Framework
BugIDEA-262331Configuring Thymeleaf ViewResolver via Kotlin is not recognized by the IDEA
UsabilityIDEA-263923Spring Initializr. Cannot reset too long server URL
GroovyBugIDEA-26403Maia 92.65 and 92.81 overwrite and destroy existing Grails run configurations on startup.
Infrastructure. Build ScriptsBugIDEA-262910Duplicate entries in IDEA source archive
Java. Code CompletionFeatureIDEA-262315Complete current statement doesn't work for switch expression
BugIDEA-262124No primitive type suggestions after annotation
BugIDEA-263178Cannot accept boolean completion using exclamation mark in JSPs
PerformanceIDEA-261235code completion in lamda is slow
Java. Code CoverageBugIDEA-263087Coverage throws VerifyError on inline function with default args
Java. Code FormattingBugIDEA-227688Unsetting keep line breaks option doesn't join the lines in method call on reformat
Java. DebuggerBugIDEA-263498Argument for @NotNull parameter 'shortcutSet' of com/intellij/openapi/actionSystem/AnAction.setShortcutSet must not be null
Java. Extract MethodBugIDEA-263865in-place extract method: send started/done events to `RefactoringEventListener`
BugIDEA-262792Extract method doesn't keep the new method name
BugIDEA-262513In-place extract method: rename method template is not created if Android plugin is enabled.
Java. InspectionsBugIDEA-262701Dataflow analysis fails to detect overflow in expression
BugIDEA-239837Suspicious test for oddness not triggers when parentheses added
BugIDEA-264394equals and hashCode are not paired: do not report on Java records
BugIDEA-262774Text on tabs in 'Declaration has JavaDoc problems' inspection options is invisible
BugIDEA-263589Unused declaration entry point configuration dialog window hides some options
Java. Profiler. CPUBugIDEA-262219Async-profiler does not start in wsl
UsabilityIDEA-253842Inform that not all jfr events are shown
Java. RefactoringsBugIDEA-231997Convert anonymous to inner should replace diamond operator with actual type
PerformanceIDEA-227870IDEA freezes when moving files
Java. Tests. JUnitBugIDEA-263902Run Configuration validation doesn't work when started from gutter icon
JavaX. AppServers. Google App EngineBugIDEA-264010Unable to create new projects when Google App Engine plugin is enabled
BugIDEA-261854Cannot setup Google App Engine. Settings are not being saved after restart
JavaX. AppServers. JBossCosmeticsIDEA-128947JBoss is now officially named WildFly
JavaX. AppServers. WebSphere/LibertyFeatureIDEA-254745Add Liberty to the WebSphere application server option
ExceptionIDEA-255496NPE at com.intellij.j2ee.webSphere.deployment.WebSphereDeploymentProvider.getSupportedArtifactTypes
JavaX. CDIBugIDEA-227178Wrong warning in inspection 'CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection) | Injection Points Ambiguous Dependencies'
BugIDEA-245806CDI: treat the @Named qualifier without value and the @Named qualifier with explicit default value as the same ones on bean injecting
BugIDEA-260809CDI inspection error: Serializable is not a decorated type
JavaX. JPABugIDEA-248315Static string appended to column name in @Table @UniqueConstraint annotations not respected
BugIDEA-260980JPA. Ctrl+click on the table name should navigate to the table in the Database view. Now it opens ddl instead of it.
BugIDEA-167500Confusing representation of abstract generic classes on ER diagram
JavaX. JavaEEUsabilityIDEA-263622JavaEE Wizard. Save App Server selection for the next project creation
JavaX. Web ServicesBugIDEA-264583Microservices: URL Path rename does not work
Lang. Flash and FlexBugIDEA-262697Unable to start Flex/AIR app debugging in 2021.1 EAP. Error running 'AppName': Unknown error.
Lang. JSONBugIDEA-261811JsonPath support: the slice operator [start:end:step] is error-highlighted
BugIDEA-262273JSONPath: operators are not correctly highlighted on incremental highlighting
UsabilityIDEA-262172JsonPath: provide completion by existing keys inside injected fragments
UsabilityIDEA-262180Evaluate JSONPath: the font used for the jsonpath expression field should be the same as the editor one
Lang. MarkdownBugIDEA-260339Formatting removes cpp code sections from Markdown files
Lang. RegExpBugIDEA-262576Wrong warning about redundant non-capturing group
Lang. Shell ScriptBugIDEA-261565Every invocation of a shell script create a new terminal tab
Plugin Development (DevKit)BugIDEA-262082Custom Themes: Cannot change any icon
SpaceFeatureIDEA-263767Add Show in Git Log action to the list of commits in Space reviews
BugIDEA-259762Space Code Reviews: Back to List doesn't refresh the list
BugIDEA-246088Space plugin: handle Share project on Space action being logged out
UsabilityIDEA-260515Space: add an action to navigate to Space Code Reviews Toolwindow
UsabilityIDEA-263342Shorter titles for code review tabs
UsabilityIDEA-262455Always show Space icon on main toolbar
UsabilityIDEA-262242Detect that repository belongs to Space using remote urls
UsabilityIDEA-263632Better tooltip for Space toolbar button
Tools. DockerFeatureIDEA-262611Support --platform command line option
FeatureIDEA-262658Docker. Provide completion of stages names in case of multiple FROM statements in a Dockerfile
FeatureIDEA-261892Fold stages in multi-stage Dockerfile
FeatureIDEA-171374Docker: Provide completion for image names in the Dockerfile, DockerCompose files
FeatureIDEA-179935Docker: provide completion for the environment variables in the Dockerfile
BugIDEA-263159Docker. After an invalid connection all run configs fail until I re-connect to the Docker
BugIDEA-262633Dockerfile, Editor, images completion: remove `library/` at tags completion
BugIDEA-262584Docker. Dockerfile run configuration, Build options field: completion doesn't work after build options without arguments
BugIDEA-262419show running cli command in docker-compose deploy log
BugIDEA-256721Docker. Impossible to delete connections from the Services view.
BugIDEA-263457Docker. Run hangs after adding "Run built image" section and re-run
BugIDEA-262881Docker. Build image creates a run configuration with the "run" section
BugIDEA-263462Docker. Remove docker.log file
BugIDEA-263058Docker. BuildKit. Context folder always looks at the project folder
BugIDEA-262568Docker.Container Deploy log tab: Ctrl+C via keyboard doesn't work
BugIDEA-263044Docker. Exclude the current build stage name from the names completion list after `--from`
BugIDEA-262324Docker: when buildkit is enabled the image is always built on the Docker desktop, even if other connection is selected
BugIDEA-262349Docker-compose run configuration: add an explaining tooltip over each option
BugIDEA-264653Docker. Before launch. Compose in compose parent task doesn't run
BugIDEA-263269Docker. Support completion for ARGs in Dockerfiles
BugIDEA-262619Docker. Deploy Dockerfile with the pointed target never ends
BugIDEA-263086Options in Run section aren't persistent between Run configuration reopen
BugIDEA-263039Docker. WinOS. BuildKit: it fails to run a container
BugIDEA-263419Docker. Dockerfile/Image Run configuration.`Bind mounts` field is not removed at removing the option.
BugIDEA-263418Docker. Dockerfile/Image run configuration. Publish all option doesn't work as CLI option
BugIDEA-263514Rider does not work with docker rootless
BugIDEA-262654Dockerfile, Editor, image tags completion: the result list contains many items which are out of scope
BugIDEA-234252DockerCompose: image tags completion doesn't work
BugIDEA-186080Typed YAML: when keys are references, completion for them should not suggest existing sibling keys
BugIDEA-263164Docker-compose. Impossible to run docker-compose on docker-machine
BugIDEA-235007No quotes autocompletion
BugIDEA-262345DockerCompose. Run configuration. Scale:`Select Service to Scale` link doesn't add the service into the table
BugIDEA-262501Docker. Run Dockerfile with the pointed target fails
UsabilityIDEA-262806Docker: recognize Dockerfiles for Quarkus example files
UsabilityIDEA-262657Dockerfile, Editor, images completion: auto-appeared completion list contains not correct items list
UsabilityIDEA-196666Add --rmi flag support for docker-compose integration
CosmeticsIDEA-264539Docker. Connection Settings: the url for Rootless socket on UNIX systems overlaps the option name
ExceptionIDEA-263927Exception when open Docker settings on windows
ExceptionIDEA-262627com.github.dockerjava.api.exception.BadRequestException at running FROM without arguments by disabled BuildKit
Tools. HTTP ClientBugIDEA-239228REST does not work with manually configured ssh tunnel SOCKS5 proxy
BugIDEA-260741HttpClient: Completion for SSLconfiguration on windows comes with wrong "/"
ExceptionIDEA-261390HttpClient: On run request with certificate get java.lang.AssertionError: Wrong line separators: '...y>\n</html>\r\n' at offset 254 exception
Tools. KubernetesBugIDEA-262936Kubernetes. Editor. Understand "null" value in resource files
BugIDEA-263575[kubernetes] java.lang.Throwable: DataContext shall not be created and queried inside another getData() call.
BugIDEA-261966Helm. Non-default values files: provide quick-help for the values dialog
BugIDEA-239812Kubernetes Plugin prevents normal YAML syntax highlighting. does not have editable resources
Tools. TerminalFeatureIDEA-224561API for custom highlighting of a found text in Terminal
BugIDEA-180923Terminal. Scroll bounce
BugIDEA-264105Using 2021.1 beta2, opening a terminal the mouse wheel scroll is not working. This used to work.
BugIDEA-259452Too fast scroll in Terminal
TaskIDEA-228106Provide API for getting Terminal cursor coordinates
User InterfaceBugIDEA-263928Notification balloons do not appear when the corresponding status bar widget isn't displayed
BugIDEA-262234Native crash due to uncaught exception NSInvalidArgumentException on several modal dialogs on BigSur
BugIDEA-263915"Quick switch scheme" popup mnemonics display as "..." with larger appearance font sizes
BugIDEA-264220Initial path under \\wsl$\ is not selected in file tree on opening file chooser dialog
BugIDEA-113995Jump list: can't open recent projects that have spaces in paths
BugIDEA-249791Switcher cannot display all options
BugIDEA-263404EAP user agreement too small to read
BugIDEA-265418'Subpixel' mode is default for the Editor on macOS
BugIDEA-263961Certain combinations of bookmark icon colors are handled incorrectly
BugIDEA-87703Recent files doesn't close when floating Navigation bar appears
BugIDEA-227657"Recent files" popup has UI glitches after removing file
BugIDEA-263574Choose Boot Runtime: "Failed to set boot JDK runtime" error on attempt to select JDK in Download JDK dialog
BugIDEA-261894Editor tabs for modified files that contain errors have wrong text color
BugIDEA-239130The IDE gets stuck after cancelling opening a project
BugIDEA-262148UI inspector shortcut triggers Alt+Click action on the inspected component
BugIDEA-262477Submenu is not shown on mouse hover
BugIDEA-261715Modal progress dialog is hidden on ESC, but Task is not cancelled
BugIDEA-265019StackOverflowError on action update
BugIDEA-261723Welcome Screen size grows after each restart so that its frame doesn't fit the display
UsabilityIDEA-72536Switcher shortcuts changing is confusing
UsabilityIDEA-187018Make F2 "Go to next highlighted error" work in Recent Files/Recently Edited files popups
UsabilityIDEA-264770[Choose Runtime dialog] Minimize button closes the Setting IDE boot runtime pop-up and IDE looks like frozen until downloading will be completed
CosmeticsIDEA-262259Action text is not aligned with mnemonic in popups
CosmeticsIDEA-262729cosmetic file watcher message
CosmeticsIDEA-262243Mnemonics color in popups is not changed when the row is selected
TaskIDEA-261797Popups: mnemonics style
User Interface. AccessibilityBugIDEA-257258camplition popup is not voiced on macOS
User Interface. Action SystemTaskIDEA-263205Action Popups: Disable separate "next step" button
TaskIDEA-261330Action names redefined in IdeUICustomization.projectMessage should be considered in goto action
User Interface. Console ViewBugIDEA-261792Cannot normally input in Run console
User Interface. ControlsFeatureIDEA-212299Implement Select parent node in UI trees
BugIDEA-250004Big Sur: Context menu highlighting breaks if submenu invoked
BugIDEA-261687Arrows separators are shown in Copy Path popup
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)BugIDEA-262267Built-in html preview is not rendered from time to time
BugIDEA-261496Cancelled Navigation in JCEF preview shows error page
BugIDEA-264004JCEF JBCefOsrHandlerBrowser failed to invoke JS when global registry value ide.browser.jcef.jsQueryPoolSize is not set.
TaskIDEA-263753provide ability to configure proxy server for jcef
TaskIDEA-262952allow JBCefBrowser to take focus on show/navigation
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBugIDEA-264313Find in Files: dots in empty text
User Interface. FocusBugIDEA-263483focus lost after Reformat code
BugIDEA-249360Project View scroll jumps down to the previously selected file with "Always select opened file" when switching from another app
BugIDEA-209138Entering/Exiting Full Screen Mode causes the IDE's window to lose focus
User Interface. Keyboard InputBugIDEA-261309Character is typed in the editor when invoking a dialog through shortcut
UsabilityIDEA-177432Switcher shortcut to navigate backwards does not work with combinations other than Shift
User Interface. NavigationBugIDEA-216720"Ctrl+E" shortcut is displayed in "Recent Files" popup if it was removed from the keymap
BugIDEA-261860Navigation to an open file reopens it in active group
BugIDEA-264890Recent Files / Switcher chooses the first item by default
BugIDEA-102409Switcher with custom shortcut (e.g. Cmd-I) doesn't disappear when modifier released
BugIDEA-207163Recently Edited Files popup doesn't have shortcut for switching between RecentFiles and RecentlyEditedFiles
BugIDEA-264409Cannot open a recent file in splitted window
BugIDEA-263874No mnemonics in Switcher opened with one-key shortcut
BugIDEA-265505Backspace doesn't update speed search results in recent files
UsabilityIDEA-263890"Recent Files": unexpected focus, does not only filter on files
ExceptionIDEA-262100CME at com.intellij.ide.navigationToolbar.NavBarPanel.updateItems
User Interface. Project ViewBugIDEA-257211Can't navigate to package in external libraries
User Interface. Search EverywhereUsabilityIDEA-263459Support screen readers in search dialogs
Version ControlBugIDEA-237029Selecting text shortcut conflicts with toolwindow resize in Commit toolwindow
BugIDEA-260241Ctrl + C copies editor line instead of previous changed chunk content
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-262301Git Staging Area: don't group by repository changes in a single-root project
BugIDEA-262518Cherry-pick with conflict works incorrectly when conflicted file is open in the editor
BugIDEA-262223Git Commit Template: respect relative paths
BugIDEA-263695Can't commit staged changes on the first Commit toolwindow opening
BugIDEA-248343Git Remote add unable to cancel.
BugIDEA-264428Git: pressing OK in "Define Remote" dialog does nothing
UsabilityIDEA-262307Git Staging Area: allow commit without checking the checkbox when changes from the only one repo are staged
UsabilityIDEA-262282Staging operations should not be in the document undo stack.
Support RequestIDEA-254998Failed to start Git process: Unknown WSL distribution (Pengwin - Wlinux)
ExceptionIDEA-262818Exception every time then git panel is open
Version Control. GitHubFeatureIDEA-142717GitHub pull request template
FeatureIDEA-263016Allow filtering branches when selecting one to create a PR
FeatureIDEA-263015Ability to start PR creation without opening the toolwindow first
BugIDEA-264219Github Pull Requests: file tree on Commits pane gets stuck in loading state on new pr creation
BugIDEA-263925GitHub Enterprise: can't view pull requests
BugIDEA-262621GitHub Pull Requests: Cannot display item - Icon cannot be found in 'GithubIcons.Branch', class='org.jetbrains.plugins.github.GithubIcons' for events with branch icon in timeline
BugIDEA-263686Pull Requests: changing metadata from no assignees to 1 moves the entire right block to the left
BugIDEA-263510GitHub Pull Requests: wrong line separators error on editing PR description
BugIDEA-262590GitHub Pull Requests: commits with PR links are displayed incorrectly
BugIDEA-263227GitHub Pull Requests: wrong branch is preselected in head branch on PR creation if branch checkout was performed while Pull Requests tool window was opened
PerformanceIDEA-263978IntelliJ consumes 100% of one core while being idle
UsabilityIDEA-233137GitHub Pull Requests: add tooltip to add comment
UsabilityIDEA-262857GitHub Pull Requests: no way to switch between Title and Description inputs from keyboard
UsabilityIDEA-263396GitHub Pull Requests: New Pull Request tab isn't focused when call Create Pull Request action without opening Pull Requests toolwindow
UsabilityIDEA-263182GitHub Pull Requests: add shortcut to Create Pull Request
UsabilityIDEA-262835GitHub Pull Requests: no focused item on "New Pull Request" tab opening
UsabilityIDEA-262613GitHub Pull Requests: preselect head repo improvements on PR creation in project with multiple remotes
UsabilityIDEA-262615GitHub Pull Requests: sort alphabetically head branch list on PR creation
CosmeticsIDEA-264072GitHub Pull Requests: rename "Create Pull Request" action and button tooltip to "Create Pull Request..."
CosmeticsIDEA-264070GitHub Pull Requests: add project name on New Pull Request tab
ExceptionIDEA-262607GitHub Pull Requests: exception on successful PR creating after failed PR creation
No subsystemFeatureWEB-49702Provide docs for CSSImportRule
BugWEB-49620Provide docs for JavaScript global objects
BugWEB-48451Vuex symbol resolution not working with namespaced modules
BugWEB-49598('string = is not valid Windows path') when debug Node.js app via interpreter from container
BugWEB-49225Quick documentation for some deprecated HTML tags should show warning and tag description
BugWEB-49530Quick documentation for pseudo CSS classes is not available in html files
BugWEB-49900MDN docs are not available for constructor calls
CSSBugWEB-35215CSS modules, SCSS/Less: support selectors created using &_suffix
BugWEB-49387Show values for CSS properties in the quick documentation popup
DartBugWEB-50043Dart file move: relative imports become absolute. (Windows only)
DebuggerBugWEB-49996Throwable + IllegalArgumentException + can't press anything in IDE after Force step into
BugWEB-50050BlockingOperationException when debug electron app via npm script
UsabilityWEB-49896Rename 'Console' for Node.js
HTMLBugWEB-49690No documentation for 'onclick' attribute in button tag
BugWEB-49285"loading" attribute of "<img>" tag is reported as not allowed
BugWEB-49654`type` attribute on HTML 'script'/'style' is marked deprecated, but its not
BugWEB-49386Show supported browser versions for HTML tags in the quick documentation popup
JavaScriptBugWEB-37504Flow: Works a lot worse than before
BugWEB-49869Highlighting issue in JSDoc @see tag
BugWEB-49424Documentation invoked from JSDoc tag can't render definition part properly
BugWEB-49499Highlight correct argument in parameter info when using spread in function calls
BugWEB-49727Auto SQL code inject doesn't work with variable in JavaScript string template
BugWEB-49717False-positive no overlap for destructured props
BugWEB-49034Broken formatting in TSX with HTML "Enforce single quote" + removing trailing commas
BugWEB-49764No suggestion to auto-import commonJS module if the module is required in other files
BugWEB-43935'Infer JSDoc parameter types from usages' should paste '*' instead of 'any' to JSDoc
BugWEB-49850'rulezzz' in suggested completion names
BugWEB-49699Type is not correctly inferred when iterating over a collection typed with JSDoc using "for .. of" loop
BugWEB-49905Incorrect refactoring rename property (js + jsdoc + ts)
BugWEB-49462Type of async function called with `await` is not evaluated correctly
PerformanceWEB-49859High CPU usage on file change
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-50053Spaces not removed after parameter property modifiers
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-43480Quick documentation for Angular components
FeatureWEB-49157Provide support for Vuex 4 store
FeatureWEB-34380Vue.js: support recognition of CSS classes inside literals in :class bindings
BugWEB-47477cmd-click on a $refs in vue script should go to the ref in the template instead of where $refs is defined in the vue code
BugWEB-44925No completion for React Native component props with react-native@0.62.2 and higher
BugWEB-49311Vue 3 + Vuex 4 - Mutations, actions & getters: wrongly marked as unused
BugWEB-47706No props completion for function component with propTypes
BugWEB-48778Auto-import doesn't work for components with doc comments
BugWEB-48085Code completion and auto-import don't work for Chakra-UI components
BugWEB-49901Actions inside vuex 4 modules have no indication of being in use.
BugWEB-49838Infinite indexing with Vue plugin (EAP 2021.1)
BugWEB-49920Wrong props types validation in Vue 3
BugWEB-49776Invalid warning of required attributes for components from Chakra-UI
BugWEB-49656'React' is duplicated in completion
BugWEB-49657incorrect import suggestions in react+js for React.createElement()
BugWEB-31701Vue.js: `ref` attribute is not correctly handled
BugWEB-48980Unrecognized regular (not binded) "key" attribute in Vue templates
BugWEB-47054Vue: Support properties from super class of a decorated component
PerformanceWEB-49959Freezes on vuex completion
PerformanceWEB-49122Avoid accessing index if it's not built
PerformanceWEB-49596Every press on the mouse right button cause a freezes for a few seconds (approximately: 5s) and is annoying
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-49443Can be simplified to [...] for (JSDoc + TypeScript)
BugWEB-49796"Void function return value used" inspection shouldn't work on IIFE
UsabilityWEB-46611Add example to Unfiltered loop inspection description
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-50091Do not change const to let when applying the 'Replace for...of' intention
BugWEB-45292Can‘t Refactor in TypeScript File
LintersFeatureWEB-33429Stylelint: provide a way to specify config file location
FeatureWEB-25069Stylelint: implement auto fixes
BugWEB-49512EslintConfigWrapper.RULES leaks references to extensions from unloaded plugins
UsabilityWEB-49705"Please specify Node.js interpreter" popups should navigate to Node settings
Node.jsBugWEB-42169Vue: Support Yarn 2 in PnP mode
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-44914Move refactoring on TS class or interface: default to file with same name
FeatureWEB-49094TypeScript 4.2: abstract Construct Signatures
BugWEB-49888Go to defintion and find usages not works with ts imports started with slash
BugWEB-49621Typescript unsuccessful auto-completion for known type. Syntax highlighting gets stuck.
BugWEB-43140export const [ destructured_1, desctructured_2 ] = my_array not being indexed in *.ts files
BugWEB-50019Syntax error using `import type thing = require('things')`
BugWEB-49595No import suggestions for variables that are assigned values vie destructuring
BugWEB-50001Package Type Inference Broken with Yarn 2
BugWEB-46680Union literal completion broken for type created from typeof when using type only import
BugWEB-49826false 'missing required attribute' error for styled components
BugWEB-49779wrong colour for inferred generics
BugWEB-48295Changes made to imported JSON not immediately recognized by Typescript language service
BugWEB-49802Provide docs for standard JavaScript interfaces in TS
PerformanceWEB-49847Sluggish typing during autocomplete of big firebase angular material projects
TaskWEB-49833Update bundled TypeScript to 4.2
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-46202Jest "update failed snapshot"/"go to snapshot" not available for `toThrowErrorMatchingSnapshot`
BugWEB-49452Failed Jest test never completes when running with `--watch`
BugWEB-32836Coverage reporter is asking for `` file if `coverage` is absent in karma.conf.js reporters
BugWEB-49052Running All Tests in Jest doesn't show the error message when there is a failed test.
BugWEB-49873'Cannot read coverageDirectory option' when re-run Jest tests
BugWEB-48569Error debugging Mocha tests run with Vue CLI due to "Unknown argument: jobs"
No subsystemBugDBE-12806Jump to source not working correctly after updates
Code CompletionBugDBE-12780No completion for system procedures if they are unquaified
Code GenerationBugDBE-12759unable to get the comment information for the database view field. It's OK in version 2019.3.5.
BugDBE-5615Bug when set an existing column as auto increment primary key
Code HighlightingBugDBE-12833Exasol: support FORCE/KERBEROS PRINCIPAL keywords for user creation
BugDBE-12693Exasol QUALIFY clause
BugDBE-12517False-positive "Unreachable code", PL/SQL
BugDBE-12556'RESTART' is not recognized in PostgreSQL
BugDBE-12775Outdated MariaDB dialect
ConnectivityBugDBE-12559Database plugin doesn't handle MySQL expired passwords
BugDBE-12522Incorrect icons for basic support drivers
UsabilityDBE-12813Pressing the "Plus" button in the Data Sources and Drivers does nothing
Data Editor/ViewerFeatureDBE-12714Add titled separators to context menu of column header
BugDBE-12830Grid quick-doc is broken. getDataContext is invoked on non-EDT
BugDBE-12818MongoDB: maximize doesn't show string values in a column that is detected as numeric
Database ExplorerFeatureDBE-12685'got it' tooltip about '0 of 23' control when first creating the data source.
Database MigrationsBugDBE-12730Comment on routine not supported
BugDBE-12678Missing mandatory keywords when saving stored procedure
BugDBE-12589Unable to open "events" and view error when errors occur
BugDBE-8721`Create New Table` generates SQL that is not accepted by MySQL when {Auto inc, Unique} are set
GeneralBugDBE-12629Context templates for select N rows in Oracle generates invalid query
CosmeticsDBE-12628Incorrect size of resolution scope tree selection
IntrospectionFeatureDBE-8295Generating DDL for MariaDB: include table partition information
FeatureDBE-6811Show offline databases
FeatureDBE-10584Table structure in database window does not show partition information for MariaDB/MySQL
BugDBE-12298Cannot display DDL for mysql 8 view
BugDBE-12786Introspection fails with numeric overflow
BugDBE-4797Intospection interupted if one of DB is offline
Navigation & SearchBugDBE-12609Broken behavior for going to object declaration
Query ConsoleBugDBE-8092Database Console Editor Tab Filename Includes Path
SQL GeneralBugDBE-10132IDE does not execute a PIVOT query
SQL ResolveBugDBE-12779Go to declaration doesn't work with system procedures
Tools IntegrationBugDBE-12634"Restore with mysql" fails with added parameter (max_allowed_packet)
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