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Tools. BundlerBugRUBY-27784org.jetbrains.plugins.ruby.gem.GemManager.updateGemset in EDT
Core. IDE SettingsCosmeticsIDEA-227451Settings > Editor > Code Style > Java > Arrangement items disappear or move on mouse hover
Core. IndexingBugIDEA-263200Shared index trying to attach non-existing chunk
BugIDEA-262428Do not show public CDN URLs
Core. InstallationUsabilityIDEA-252209Avoid broken installation on Linux when distributive is unpacked into the same folder
Core. Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-253978"File type conflict found" on every IDEA start - 3rd party plugins
Core. Project SettingsUsabilityIDEA-116209Allow to directly specify a jar's META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file
Core. Run. ConfigurationsExceptionIDEA-245958Throwable: Directory index may not be queried for default project
Core. Run. TargetsBugIDEA-262784Run targets: SSH stops working after installing rsync on Windows
PerformanceIDEA-262457Choose run configuration popup is slow on IntelliJ IDEA project
CosmeticsIDEA-258266Run Targets. Cosmetic UI bugs
ExceptionIDEA-259929java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException in Docker plugin on pulling the image by creation a run target
Editor. Code Completion. MLBugIDEA-261990"Machine Learning Code Completion" plugin visits .class files
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-119451Extend line selection via keyboard shortcut
Tools. DockerBugIDEA-263462Docker. Remove docker.log file
BugIDEA-263159Docker. After an invalid connection all run configs fail until I re-connect to the Docker
BugIDEA-263457Docker. Run hangs after adding "Run built image" section and re-run
BugIDEA-263419Docker. Dockerfile/Image Run configuration.`Bind mounts` field is not removed at removing the option.
BugIDEA-263418Docker. Dockerfile/Image run configuration. Publish all option doesn't work as CLI option
BugIDEA-263514Rider does not work with docker rootless
BugIDEA-263164Docker-compose. Impossible to run docker-compose on docker-machine
BugIDEA-235007No quotes autocompletion
Tools. HTTP ClientBugIDEA-239228REST does not work with manually configured ssh tunnel SOCKS5 proxy
BugIDEA-260741HttpClient: Completion for SSLconfiguration on windows comes with wrong "/"
User InterfaceBugIDEA-262234Native crash due to uncaught exception NSInvalidArgumentException on several modal dialogs on BigSur
BugIDEA-261723Welcome Screen size grows after each restart so that its frame doesn't fit the display
BugIDEA-261715Modal progress dialog is hidden on ESC, but Task is not cancelled
BugIDEA-87703Recent files doesn't close when floating Navigation bar appears
BugIDEA-263574Choose Boot Runtime: "Failed to set boot JDK runtime" error on attempt to select JDK in Download JDK dialog
UsabilityIDEA-72536Switcher shortcuts changing is confusing
User Interface. AccessibilityBugIDEA-257258camplition popup is not voiced on macOS
User Interface. Action SystemTaskIDEA-263205Action Popups: Disable separate "next step" button
User Interface. ControlsBugIDEA-250004Big Sur: Context menu highlighting breaks if submenu invoked
User Interface. FocusBugIDEA-263483focus lost after Reformat code
User Interface. Keyboard InputUsabilityIDEA-177432Switcher shortcut to navigate backwards does not work with combinations other than Shift
User Interface. NavigationBugIDEA-207163Recently Edited Files popup doesn't have shortcut for switching between RecentFiles and RecentlyEditedFiles
BugIDEA-102409Switcher with custom shortcut (e.g. Cmd-I) doesn't disappear when modifier released
BugIDEA-216720"Ctrl+E" shortcut is displayed in "Recent Files" popup if it was removed from the keymap
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-263695Can't commit staged changes on the first Commit toolwindow opening
BugIDEA-262223Git Commit Template: respect relative paths
No subsystemBugWEB-49900MDN docs are not available for constructor calls
BugWEB-49598('string = is not valid Windows path') when debug Node.js app via interpreter from container
BugWEB-49225Quick documentation for some deprecated HTML tags should show warning and tag description
CSSBugWEB-49387Show values for CSS properties in the quick documentation popup
JavaScriptBugWEB-49764No suggestion to auto-import commonJS module if the module is required in other files
BugWEB-49869Highlighting issue in JSDoc @see tag
BugWEB-49850'rulezzz' in suggested completion names
PerformanceWEB-49859High CPU usage on file change
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-49838Infinite indexing with Vue plugin (EAP 2021.1)
PerformanceWEB-49596Every press on the mouse right button cause a freezes for a few seconds (approximately: 5s) and is annoying
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-45292Can‘t Refactor in TypeScript File
LintersBugWEB-49512EslintConfigWrapper.RULES leaks references to extensions from unloaded plugins
UsabilityWEB-49705"Please specify Node.js interpreter" popups should navigate to Node settings
TypeScriptBugWEB-46680Union literal completion broken for type created from typeof when using type only import
TaskWEB-49833Update bundled TypeScript to 4.2
Unit TestsBugWEB-48569Error debugging Mocha tests run with Vue CLI due to "Unknown argument: jobs"
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