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No subsystemFeature RUBY-27957 Drop support for pre 5.0 Minitest
Bug RUBY-27893 Ruby Trust project notification is shown in a non-Ruby project
CoreBug RUBY-27895 RubyMineLearningProject is considered untrusted
Bug RUBY-27879 Trust project tab is not shown on erb files (multi-psi files)
Ruby. Run ConfigurationsBug RUBY-27924 Multiple tests Run Configuration is hidden in RM 2020.3.3
Ruby. TestsBug RUBY-26863 Test classes are not completed until ALL tests are completed
Bug RUBY-27963 Clarify test names for Minitest specs
Bug RUBY-26972 Tests tree view: failed tests list is shifting while tests are running
Bug RUBY-27598 Minitest: test tree status is Terminated while all the tests have passed
Bug RUBY-28083 Current implementation of IntelliJ Minitest support conflicts with MiniTest::Reporters
Performance RUBY-27742 2020.2 regression: memory leak in tunit_or_minitest_in_folder_runner.rb consumes all the vm's memory (12GB) during a run of "all tests in test"
Ruby. Tests. CucumberBug RUBY-26349 Cucumber: Find usages doesn't work from step definitions
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-259705 Module can't be deleted
DartBug WEB-50043 Dart file move: relative imports become absolute. (Windows only)
Task WEB-49464 Support new Dart syntax: Generalized Type Aliases
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