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No subsystemCosmeticsRUBY-25494Remove the 'Template' word from the test templates names for consistency with other templates
Core. ConsolesFeatureRUBY-9302Use pry instead of irb when gem is available
RailsBugRUBY-25960.generators and .rakeTasks files are not placed into .idea folder in case there're Rails engines and multiple Gemfiles
ExceptionRUBY-27090IDE Exception after generator invocation
Rails. Code InsightFeatureRUBY-25012ActiveRecord: Unresolved Ruby Reference inspection incompatible with active_record.schema_format = sql
FeatureRUBY-26232FEATURE REQUEST: Support structure.sql in Rails Entity Navigation
Rails. ParamDefsBugRUBY-27086Symbol or String is expected inspection for routes with option 'only' in routes.rb
Ruby. Code CoverageBugRUBY-27046RM unable to run tests with coverage if not empty .simplecov presented
Ruby. FormatterUsabilityRUBY-27088Update default code style settings to match RuboCop
Ruby. TestsBugRUBY-27053Minitest runner with Spring doesn't work with spaces in test file path
BugRUBY-26331"Go to test" now always prompts to choose tests, even if there is only one found.
CosmeticsRUBY-26978MiniTest in the context menu is written with a small letter T
Code Analysis. DependenciesBugIDEA-249578'Related problems' left after problem resolved
Code Analysis. InspectionExceptionIDEA-168236NPE invoking "Edit settings" for delete profile
CoreBugIDEA-242599Pending "run when smart" tasks are not cleared on unload of plugin which registered them, leading to leaks
BugIDEA-242571Not created lazy listeners are not cleared when the plugin is unloaded
Core. DebuggerBugIDEA-251309Wrong soft wrapping and unnecessary scrolling while stepping in the debugger
BugIDEA-251433Inline debugger: value renderer moves to the new line if you press enter at the end of line
Core. IDE SettingsFeatureIDEA-227299IDEA IDEs do not identify file types for files without extensions
BugIDEA-250355Settings are not reset after "Restore Default Settings" action
BugIDEA-251416Ambiguous message when importing settings
BugIDEA-242589Scheme managers are leaked on plugin unload
BugIDEA-236885Config-serialized object reference is not cleared on plugin unloading
BugIDEA-222660Can't delete inspection profile
CosmeticsIDEA-251495Refactoring preferences wording/grammar issue: unnecessary article
ExceptionIDEA-250858"Import IntelliJ IDEA Settings" dialog throws error
Core. LicensingBugIDEA-249812License dialog is too wide and cannot be narrowed
Core. Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-250738Can't disable plugin for current project
BugIDEA-250713Plugin enabled for current project has label "Enabled for all projects" and cannot be actually enabled for all projects
Core. Project SettingsFeatureIDEA-251026Provide a way to update downloaded JDK to a newer version
BugIDEA-250878Apply button is enabled without any modifications
UsabilityIDEA-240999Suggest to automatically download JDK when "Build Project" action is invoked
Core. Run. ConfigurationsFeatureIDEA-65915Allow to store Run Configuration Templates as files to be able to share them through VCS
UsabilityIDEA-250342[new run config UI] Add a way to edit run configuration from the run/debug tool window
Core. Run. TargetsBugIDEA-251276"Generate" button next to "Temporary files root" does nothing
Core. SSHBugIDEA-247283SSH can't juxtapose a public key file with a public key from the agent if there's no private key file
EditorBugIDEA-251566Status bar notification: switching between dark/light scheme doesn't refresh tooltip font color
BugIDEA-247921FileAssociationException when trying to add file types association
BugIDEA-251567Status bar notification: gear icon in Recent Project popup
UsabilityIDEA-248254Add status bar notification about the LightEdit mode
TaskIDEA-236909LightEdit: Add "Reload File from Disk" option
Editor. Code CompletionBugIDEA-249709Parameter Info shortcut does not work when the completion popup is displayed
UsabilityIDEA-167114Parameter info looks obsolete functionality into lookup(at least for Java)
Editor. Diff and MergeBugIDEA-249139Git Diff Viewer - No marks near the scroll
UsabilityIDEA-250957Confusing terminology in diff view: "Highlight symbols"
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-80498Action to transpose characters
UsabilityIDEA-248168Make Parameter Info work during indexing
Lang. Shell ScriptUsabilityIDEA-251075Shell script configurations always make "Terminal" panel take focus, no option to run in the background
Tools. DockerFeatureIDEA-186648Enable custom code folding regions for docker and docker-compose files.
BugIDEA-239070Clicking image links in docker compose files for Official Images opens wrong URL
Tools. TerminalBugIDEA-233949Possibility to change terminal's "Clear Buffer" action keyboard shortcut
BugIDEA-182846Idea sets empty ZDOTDIR env var
BugIDEA-174688Nested zsh in terminal does not load variables and functions from "$HOME/.zshenv"
BugIDEA-182470terminal ignores $ZDOTDIT/.zshrc
BugIDEA-233196IDE fails to activate venv when it has spaces in its path and ZSH is used
BugIDEA-245380Zsh startup files are read in the wrong order and counter to rcs and global_rcs options
BugIDEA-176888IDE drops "/usr/local/bin" from PATH in built-in terminal if zsh is used
User InterfaceBugIDEA-189795Find Action: Doesn't consider dynamic text
BugIDEA-251534Can't close tabs or open new files from the project view with the mouse after closing the first split editor
BugIDEA-251355StackOverFlowError when clicking a link in "Updates" dialog in master
BugIDEA-250976Strange boxes in new menu during inplace rename
BugIDEA-246442Incorrect symbol for drop down list
BugIDEA-241815Duplicated "New" items in Find Action
BugIDEA-249229New welcome screen: the bottom part of `New project` tab isn't changed after changing the theme (WebStorm)
UsabilityIDEA-195188Open folder with project in Explorer from Welcome to IntelliJ IDEA window
UsabilityIDEA-251372Download Library window is too small and could be easily increased
CosmeticsIDEA-251281small (unscaled?) splash screen for 2020.3 running on Windows 7 with 150% desktop scaling
ExceptionIDEA-249795Exception after selecting "Sync with OS" for the first time after start
User Interface. AccessibilityBugIDEA-250871Class import menu items are not spoken
TaskIDEA-251132Add an accessible name to the Idea settings tree
TaskIDEA-251134Add an accessible name to the project structure tree
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)BugIDEA-250937forward jcef log to user home
TaskIDEA-250780inform about missing native libs for JCEF on linux
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBugIDEA-250552"Find" and "Replace" fields should expand when the text doesn't fit in them
User Interface. Look and FeelTaskIDEA-250796Change lightSelectionBackground colors for both themes
User Interface. NavigationFeatureIDEA-251021Search Everywhere should be able to evaluate simple mathematical expressions
FeatureIDEA-145804request: immediate "go to test" hotkey option
User Interface. Project ViewFeatureIDEA-184468Navigate up and down between siblings in trees
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-92793Use the same format of created patch files as Git does - without IDEA special tags
FeatureIDEA-251285Show "no commit message", "no changes to commit" errors inline
BugIDEA-251473No branch name on Commit tab on the first opening commit toolwindow
BugIDEA-251551Commit checks warning doesn't appear on opening project while indexing is in progress
UsabilityIDEA-251400Commit and Push button isn't reachable by Tab key
TaskIDEA-251368Show inline warning to indicate that commit checks are not available in dumb mode
TaskIDEA-251226Update non-modal commit panel layout
ExceptionIDEA-250814IncorrectOperationException: "ChangesViewCommitPanel" will never be disposed
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-249904Add --root option to the rebase dialog
UsabilityIDEA-157902Duplicated git items in "Find Action"
ExceptionIDEA-251349Git Rebase: Exception on performing rebase with --root option
Version Control. GitHubFeatureIDEA-191512Sync protected branches from GitHub
CosmeticsIDEA-237967Mark .yml files in .github/workflows with special icon
No subsystemUsabilityWEB-47473Duplicated mnemonics with Apply/Close in Run/Debug Configurations
CSSBugWEB-47498CSS inspector recommends outdated value for speak property
DebuggerBugWEB-47465'Smart step into' skips some breakpoints
HTMLBugWEB-47613Editing inside script tag in HTML is broken
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-8187Inject JavaScript inside eval
FeatureWEB-17325Please provide a way to give a hint to WebStorm that variable is a reference to something and get auto-completion, validation and documentation via jsdoc
FeatureWEB-47467Suggest words from other string literals
FeatureWEB-47593Suggest words from template literals
BugWEB-46019JSDoc @mixin / @mixes tags don't work in modules
BugWEB-47553JSDoc: can't resolve variable according to the JSDoc if Readonly is used
UsabilityWEB-45968Do no show dynamic usages in Find Usages preview shown on Ctrl+click
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-47394All Angular schematics do not show up. Error while loading schematics info
BugWEB-37193Schematics options aren't respected when creating a new component
CosmeticsWEB-42140Replace all the "functional component" texts to "function component"
Node.jsBugWEB-47433Execute using IDE tools (Ctrl+Enter) in the terminal doesn't keep the CWD
BugWEB-39812yarn isn't set as a default manager when yarn.lock and package.json are inside a subdirectory
TaskWEB-47575Update JSON schema for package.json
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-47397TypeScript 4.1: Syntax support for template literal types and mapped type 'as' clauses
TaskWEB-47111Update bundled TypeScript to 4.0
Unit TestsBugWEB-46734Jest integration: Never ending test, works in jest cli
BugWEB-44058Single Karma test is not running
DB ConnectivityBugDBE-11613Cannot change integrated security setting in database tool
DB ConsoleBugDBE-11663Couchbase PREPARE statement should not show parameters dialog
DB IntrospectionBugDBE-11653Error introspecting Greenplum database
BugDBE-11657Oracle 12: sometimes DataGrip shows arguments of package routines with wrong direction
BugDBE-11272Update 2020.2 has regression in MemSQL
BugDBE-11627MariaDB: Error encountered when performing Introspect schema xxx: Cannot proceed, because event scheduler is disabled
Data Import & ExportFeatureDBE-5470Add enconding information to data extractor scripts
BugDBE-10563cassandra cql generator uuid with qoutes
UsabilityDBE-10957add the option "Never" to "Quote values"
Data ViewsBugDBE-11642`numrange` with fractional numbers is not supported in the editor
BugDBE-11569Implement reformatted mode for Value Editor
UsabilityDBE-5272Shrink selection does not work in tables
Navigation & SearchBugDBE-11445Full Text Search: Invalid input value for enum
SQL GeneralBugDBE-11641`->` operator is not supported by Apache Spark dialect
SQL HighlightingBugDBE-11623SQL parser complains about missing parentheses
BugDBE-11609STORAGE INTEGRATION not recognised in Snowflake SQL dialect
BugDBE-11450ADD CONSTRAINT is incorrectly highlighted
BugDBE-11615Add support for CREATE OR REPLACE MATERIALIZED VIEW in ClickHouse SQL dialect
BugDBE-11618Snowflake create api integration not supported
BugDBE-11661Couchbase accessing schema `system` gives warning "system is a reserved keyword"
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