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Lang. SlimBugRUBY-16111When pasting Slim code, the last line break is ignored
Remote Interpreters. DockerBugRUBY-26589Detect service volumes when service extends another service
Ruby. Quick DocumentationBugRUBY-26710Don't show comments inline in arrays/hashes/method calls/etc as rendered documentation comments
BugRUBY-26773Don't render comments inside blocks as "doc comments"
Ruby. TestsUsabilityRUBY-25689Cucumber framework is not detected when run all features in folder
Core. InstallationBugIDEA-242558Patches for the IDE with 32-bit JDK are not applied
Core. LicensingBugIDEA-243623Dialog about expired 30 minutes session is tiny and shown on wrong space
Core. Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-243058Dynamic plugins installed from Marketplace are not uninstalled
Core. Quick DocumentationUsabilityIDEA-246276view psi structure editor should disable in-editor doc rendering
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)BugIDEA-246306two JBCefBrowser instances can mix JBCefJSQuery
User Interface. NavigationBugIDEA-245547Abbreviations are broken in new Search Everywhere
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-245878Can't type properly in new Rebase dialog
BugIDEA-245907New rebase dialog incorrectly uses "--onto" value twice
Version Control. GitHubBugIDEA-245302Login to GitHub dialog doesn't shown when performing remote operations after revoking access on github site.
BugIDEA-245474Github: incorrect results on attempt to login on performing remote operations after personal token revoking
No subsystemExceptionWEB-46550Removing rendered doc caused an exception
DebuggerBugWEB-46446Can't expand an object in a Debugger Console
JavaScriptBugWEB-46541Rework intention: 'Expand optional chaining and nullish coalescing to explicit checks'
DB RefactoringBugDBE-11156Submit changes alter procedure
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