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CoreUsabilityRUBY-26461"execute in the context of rails" default for scratches should be configurable
Core. ConsolesFeatureRUBY-26210Create IRB and Rails console run configurations from "Run Anything"
Lang. LiquidFeatureRUBY-26415Implement codeblock support handler for liquid language
FeatureRUBY-26417Add folding support for liquid language
FeatureRUBY-26512Support for `ifchanged` Liquid tag
FeatureRUBY-26414Implement brace matcher for liquid language
FeatureRUBY-26416Implement formatter for liquid langage
FeatureRUBY-26412Implement syntax highlighting for liquid language
FeatureRUBY-26418Implement commenter for liquid language
BugRUBY-26516[Liquid] Non-clear if and for blocks after formatting
ExceptionRUBY-26519IDE Exception inside liquid tag
Rails. Code InsightFeatureRUBY-26118Crashes in Ruby on Rails project
Ruby. Code InsightPerformanceRUBY-26400RubyMine 2020.1.1: high CPU usage without any specific actions
PerformanceRUBY-26389RubyMine 2020.1.1: slow on typing and scrolling
Ruby. InspectionsFeatureRUBY-26465Add error annotation for when two blocks passed to a method call
Ruby. Intention ActionsFeatureRUBY-19684Merge the same branches
FeatureRUBY-21120Intention to convert A::B::C to module A; module B; class/module C and vice versa
Try limit "Introduce local variabel" intention to non-nil/void contexts
BugRUBY-26501Missing "Add attribute xyz" intentions in settings screen and incorrect name
Ruby. ParsingFeatureRUBY-26387Ruby 2.7: shorthand syntax for arguments forwarding
Ruby. TestsBugRUBY-25406minitest in RubyMine doesn't support parallel run
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