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Ruby. DebuggerFeatureRUBY-26283[Debugger]Add support for ruby 2.7.1
Ruby. Tests. CucumberBugRUBY-25925Cucumber: steps cannot be resolved or are resolved incorrectly in case of scenario outline parameters
Core. IDE SettingsBugIDEA-237059SSH Configurations: allow saving password until IDE restart
BugIDEA-236989Auto update to 2020.1 made JDK configuration invalid
BugIDEA-236874When IDEA starts after RestoreDefaultSettings invocation, no Customize IDEA wizard is shown, if there were custom vmoptions in original config
Core. InstallationBugIDEA-237332"Cannot load a JDK class: com.sun.jdi.Field" error when a custom JRE 8 is used instead of a bundled one
Core. RefactoringsUsabilityIDEA-227118Show popup with retry on attempt to invoke non dumb aware action during indexing
Core. Run. External ToolsBugIDEA-229467External tool in run configuration before launch stops run configuration from running
BugIDEA-233252Context menu stops working when there're remote and usual external tools with the same name
Core. SSHBugIDEA-237896SSH Configuration: username is lost when user opens deployment configuration
Tools. DockerBugIDEA-237999Remote docker stop working after update
User InterfaceBugIDEA-236949Entering zen mode closes "other" open files
Version Control. SubversionBugIDEA-228828IDEA does not propose to delete dir in svn when deleting a dir
DartBugWEB-44834Dart: Show Parameter Info doesn't work in v2020.1
BugWEB-44984Dart plugin is using the old dart logo as icon
HTMLBugWEB-45089'data-*' attributes not recognized in html inside xslt
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-44976Support for vuex modules created via functions
FeatureWEB-41451Vue.js: support v-slot in PHP, Twigs and other file types
TypeScriptBugWEB-44909No class name completion on default classes
BugWEB-44981Freezes in TypeScript projects because of slow tsservice responses
BugWEB-45003Broken syntax highlighting in some TypeScript type aliases
DB ConsolePerformanceDBE-10408UI freeze when editing SQL string
Data Import & ExportUsabilityDBE-10577Add Column Header and Row Header checkboxes to Export Data dialog
Data ViewsFeatureDBE-9993Pasting dataset exceeding current data view should create new lines
BugDBE-7816Timestamp errors when manually appending, updating Redshift records
BugDBE-10489SAP HANA updates in table editor fails due to lack of quotes
BugDBE-9171Database result for Clikhouse shows null in non-nullable column
UsabilityDBE-8019Database table view scrollable past the last row
UsabilityDBE-10572Selection is not restored when table is transposed
UsabilityDBE-2752Edit as Table: provide predefined Space placeholder for separators
UsabilityDBE-4039data view > clone selected record (lack of icon)
UsabilityDBE-10139Keep title text when renaming tab
SQL Format and StyleFeatureDBE-10604Add support for wrapping/chopping for long DDL statements
BugDBE-10602Inconsistent code reformat using language injection
SQL HighlightingBugDBE-10328Parsing error with SQLite FILTER() without OVER Window
BugDBE-10548Editor does not recognize "accessible by" clause on Package-method level
BugDBE-10561SQL syntax highlight issue - Doesn't recognize `INDEXED BY` keyword
SQL ResolveBugDBE-10483Resolve MongoDB collections that are accessed using bracket notation
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