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No subsystemBug RUBY-26063 Missing space in No Ruby SDKs found notification
CoreBug RUBY-26002 Don't allow querying type of calls that are passed blocks
Bug RUBY-26024 indent guide does not reach the end of the method block
Cosmetics RUBY-25909 Fix the Action name in `bundle` for run anything to all be lowercase
Lang. ERBBug RUBY-24197 .js.erb files cannot handle ES6 syntax
Remote InterpretersFeature RUBY-25943 Unified SSH: When no SSH configs added, SSH Configurations window shows only 'Nothing to show' text
Bug RUBY-25948 Credentials for SSH deployment configuration are gone when going back from RubyMine 2020.1 EAP6 to RubyMine 2019.3.3
Bug RUBY-25942 Unified SSH: drop list SSH configuration doesn't show whole text when no SSH configuration created
Remote Interpreters. DockerBug RUBY-25111 Cannot stop rails application running with docker remote interpreter
Task RUBY-25927 Change text of Ruby Docker Settings
Ruby. Code CompletionBug RUBY-22477 Incorrect path completion in require_relative
Bug RUBY-25841 Don't display constants twice in completion
Ruby. Code InsightBug RUBY-25891 Incorrect detection of overriden method
Ruby. DebuggerBug RUBY-25997 Debugger skips breakpoints in case of enabled coverage (ruby <2.5.0)
Bug RUBY-26009 Debugger doesn't stop on a breakpoint in case of inheritance from BasicObject
Bug RUBY-25996 Attach to process doesn't show any processes in case of remote interpreter
Bug RUBY-25553 fails to step into super
Bug RUBY-26078 RM doesn't show correct methods to step into if method called with parameters
Ruby. InspectionsBug RUBY-25995 Incorrect highlight for "incorrect argument count" when no args passed
Bug RUBY-25360 The replace safe navigation operator with nested nil checks doesn't work with query methods
Bug RUBY-25988 "!" and "?" symbol key suffixes are not ignored by the spell checker
Bug RUBY-25916 Unnecessary "Parameter shadows an outer parameter" inspection for underscore variable
Bug RUBY-25508 False positive 'Incorrect call argument count' inspection
Bug RUBY-25687 False missing argument error is shown for .select method
Bug RUBY-23617 Incorrect fix for unused local variable
Ruby. ParsingFeature RUBY-24952 Update numbered parameters support to the new '_' syntax instead of '@'
Bug RUBY-25968 Syntax errors in tap and do block
Bug RUBY-26006 RubyMine freeze on parsing a file
Ruby. Run ConfigurationsBug RUBY-25869 RubyMine opens an incorrect browser page when the 'Start JavaScript debugger' option is enabled
Ruby. TestsCosmetics RUBY-25880 Rename Test::Unit to Minitest in a Rails view
Ruby. Type InferenceBug RUBY-26008 Missing types in standard library stubs
Bug RUBY-25953 Type checking does not happen for keyword arguments
Ruby. Version ManagersBug RUBY-25186 RVM Not playing nicely with 2018.3.1+ and RVM 1.29.9
Core. File SystemBug IDEA-65174 OS fsnotifier unable to see changes under symlink/subfolders until restart/no notifier works correctly.
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-235697 Settings search via "Find Action" doesn't work
Bug IDEA-235940 SSH Configurations steal focus
Bug IDEA-235325 After Restore Default Settings invocation IDEA treats the plugins incorrectly
Bug IDEA-235413 AbstractTreeUi.myElementToNodeMap leaks reference to configurable of unloaded plugin
Bug IDEA-235713 Don't automatically import configs for debug IDEA instance
Bug IDEA-235857 "Cannot read scheme" - IDE fails to load its own configuration xml file from .idea folder if the file contains byte-order mark
Bug IDEA-233857 Do not check "Visible only for this project" by default when create SSH configuration
Bug IDEA-233499 Rename SSH configuration dynamically
Usability IDEA-233305 Provide ability to start the IDE with an empty config
Usability IDEA-234079 Show Import Config dialog if idea.config.path is explicitly specified in vmoptions.
Task IDEA-233301 Log the automatically imported configs
Exception IDEA-226651 Internal error when create Desktop Entry
Core. IDE Settings. SharingException IDEA-234617 java.lang.Throwable at com.intellij.cloudConfig.CloudConfigManager.connectThisInstanceOperation
Core. IndexingException IDEA-231678 AE at com.intellij.util.indexing.MemoryIndexStorage.setBufferingEnabled
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-233816 Symlinked Rubymine Configuration leads to being unable to open multiple projects via CLI
Bug IDEA-236950 WebStorm upgrade from 2019.3.4 to 2020.1: conflicts in installation area
Bug IDEA-235899 On updating IDEA, a new Python plugin version is downloaded but not actually installed
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-231811 Excessive number of writes to idea.key
Cosmetics IDEA-227658 Date in license dialog is not fully visible
Core. Platform APIFeature IDEA-234013 Add Extension Point to contribute additional details into About popup
Bug IDEA-233783 Deadlock in InterfaceExtensionPoint
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-236699 Welcome Wizard: disabling default plugins doesn't work
Bug IDEA-235025 IDEA freeze on Spring Messaging plugin disabling
Bug IDEA-235397 Unreadable error message
Bug IDEA-234528 Can't execute shell script after enabling shell plugin without restart
Bug IDEA-233742 Bundled dynamic plugin become downloaded and has strictly defined version after disable/enable
Bug IDEA-235945 Plugins, installed during IDE customization, not-installed after IDE launch
Bug IDEA-234729 Restart suggestion not always shown on plugin unload failure
Bug IDEA-234122 Exception and freeze on disabling Markdown plugin when .md file is opened
Bug IDEA-235176 Do not suggest plugins supporting exact filenames for files already supported by exact filename by installed plugins
Usability IDEA-231815 Treat the situation when both bundled and downloaded plugin exist more user-friendly
Exception IDEA-234123 Exception on enabling Commander plugin
Exception IDEA-234030 Exceptions when invoking Search everywhere after disabling HTTP Client plugin
Exception IDEA-230987 Throwable at com.intellij.util.indexing.FileBasedIndexImpl.dropRegisteredIndexes after updating plugins
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-232634 IJ 2020 EAP regression for project hot reload after 'gradle idea'
Bug IDEA-230707 unable to multi select when adding library dependency
Bug IDEA-229737 Empty error message box on stopping JDK downloading
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-235078 JavaDoc: Empty space before parameters in rendered documentation fragment
Bug IDEA-229804 Quick doc on hover is shown after mouse moving away from editor area
Cosmetics IDEA-208369 Don't show module in quickdoc for local declarations
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-235725 WSL2: unable to run application
Bug IDEA-235710 Rider: incorrect run configuration share location being shown in the run configuration editor
Core. Run. TargetsBug IDEA-236232 [] Pull docker target always pulls "latest" tag, even for "openjdk:8"
Core. SSHFeature IDEA-234840 Custom name and rename for SSH config
Bug IDEA-236520 SSH configuration changes disappear from Settings dialog on Apply pressing
Usability IDEA-236191 Add button to rename ssh config to toolbar
Core. StatisticsBug IDEA-233990 Data sharing dialog is shown twice
Editor. Editing TextBug IDEA-233340 Hitting <Tab> at the end of the buffer leaves the editor and goes to the sidebar panel
Bug IDEA-232792 Double click on a parameter does not highlight usages in function
Bug IDEA-235703 In-editor Javadoc leaves large gap between comment and code
Usability IDEA-235716 Broken GoTo (ctrl+click) in rendered javadocs
Editor. FormatterBug IDEA-231481 Detected file indent does not seem to be invalidated after the code is fully re-formatted
Bug IDEA-230976 IDEA is modifying .idea\codeStyles\Project.xml
Bug IDEA-233647 Log contains too many ' INFO - rojectCodeStyleSettingsManager - Saving Project code style '
Editor. Intention ActionsBug IDEA-233784 Intention preview: Infinite loading and exception(Should be invoked only when having a document)
Editor. Large FilesBug IDEA-234404 [Large File Editor] AssertionError: File text mismatch
Bug IDEA-234864 [Large File Editor] AssertionError: file/doc text length different
Editor. TextMate BundlesBug IDEA-232235 '<' in HTML DOCTYPE is highlighted as bad character when using textmate bundles
Lang. Shell ScriptBug IDEA-229741 New Shell Script Run Configuration breaks Debugging of Java applications when using shell script in before launch setup
Tools. DockerFeature IDEA-219125 Docker. Support --gpus command line option
Bug IDEA-234261 DockerCompose: completion should work for images in quotes
Bug IDEA-235678 Docker: error about parsing this key for some forms of --gpus
Bug IDEA-234250 Docker. Image Console: the old Pull dialog is called from context menus and via buttons
Bug IDEA-234210 Docker: support `--sysctl` in docker run configuration CLI options
Bug IDEA-233884 Docker: inspect container doesn't work
Bug IDEA-216531 Docker: support custom credential stores / helpers
Bug IDEA-234229 Docker. Pull images. No result by completion with one symbol
Bug IDEA-234231 IOException: Pipe broken, pipe id: `ImagePullPanel.pipe:plug` at attempt to pull an image
Bug IDEA-234265 DockerCompose: provide inspection errors for invalid images format
Bug IDEA-234944 DockerCompose: Add navigation from images in quotes to the docker hub
Bug IDEA-234233 Docker: Don't pull all the images by "tomcat: "
Performance IDEA-235826 Rider freezes after Clean and Build inside DockerFileDetector
Usability IDEA-234994 Recognize Dockerfile.jvm and Dockerfile.native as docker files
Usability IDEA-234982 Docker: Set focus at console command line by Exec->bash on a container
Cosmetics IDEA-232754 Docker Plugin - bad English in error message when plugin can't reach file system root
Task IDEA-234571 Internationalize Docker plugin. Round 2
Exception IDEA-234266 java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException at completion for invalid tags
Exception IDEA-233998 IDE exception when trying to run Dockerfile configuration with `Run build image` option disabled
Exception IDEA-233298 Docker: com.github.dockerjava.api.exception.InternalServerErrorException at calling Exec command
Tools. HTTP ClientBug IDEA-234435 Generate HTTP Request: correctly treat read-only files
Bug IDEA-234891 Can't rename host in http client
Bug IDEA-234539 HTTP Client: Server base path marked as red without error
Bug IDEA-235298 HTTP Client: Can't generate all requests from MultipleBasePaths yaml specification
Bug IDEA-234388 Provide more fast way to create HTTP Request via gutter.
Bug IDEA-234656 Completion hint is disappearing after "clear read-only flag" dialog
Usability IDEA-234659 Add text and selection in template
Usability IDEA-234739 Http Client: more comfortable "move refactoring"
Task IDEA-235567 Add FUS to generation in HTTP Editor
Tools. TerminalBug IDEA-234406 Split sessions are lost when moving terminal tab to the editor – disable the action for split sessions
Bug IDEA-234503 Provide keyboard navigation between split terminals
Exception IDEA-234523 Throwable when move terminal tab to editor
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-234385 Screen reader does not read "Search Everywhere" dialog name when it is invoked
User Interface. Action SystemException IDEA-234033 NPE at com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.impl.ActionManagerImpl.unregisterAction
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-235551 Esc does not return focus to Editor from Find panel if a toggle is focused
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-206402 Mac proxy icon missing in the title bar
Bug IDEA-235462 Extra space in "New file" dialog
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-223785 Project Tree view during Drag/Drop horizontal scroll is jarring and gets in the way
Usability IDEA-231440 can i control `details in tree view` format?
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-234159 Changes of submodule objects do not appear in Local Changes
Bug IDEA-234426 AssertionError when opening changed project file in light mode on Windows
Bug IDEA-234795 Can no longer select differences in new commit tab
Bug IDEA-234374 Strange sorting when "Group by directory" is enabled
Usability IDEA-174600 Git Interactive Rebase dialog: allow to remove commit via Backspace or Delete
Usability IDEA-216780 Amend button is undiscoverable
Usability IDEA-233381 After restart selected tab is switched from "Local Changes" to "Log"
Version Control. MercurialBug IDEA-233629 Mercurial auth script is not compatible with older python versions.
Exception IDEA-233283 update failed for AnAction with ID=hg4idea.CompareWithBranch
Version Control. SubversionBug IDEA-234491 Cannot checkout Subversion project from Welcome screen
No subsystemFeature WEB-44187 Run Prettier on save - add jsx and tsx files by default
Bug WEB-43941 VueJS plugin with vuex-smart-module not working in IntelliJ IDEA v 2019.3 with destructuring assignment
Bug WEB-42930 Duplicate script tag message for multiple <script> tags in Laravel Blade file
Bug WEB-44221 Completion for object literal properties with "this." behaves incorrectly for TypeScript explicit this specifications
Bug WEB-44149 Run prettier on save triggers in other project "Non-Project Files Protection
Bug WEB-44183 Remove inspection 'Unresolved JavaScript variable' from injections
Bug WEB-44076 IndexOutOfBoundsException when Introduce field
Bug WEB-44222 Completion for object literal properties with 'this.' doesn't properly handle non-identifier property names
Performance WEB-43007 Import optimization in TypeScript is too slow to be used as a trigger on save
Usability WEB-44108 Improve presentation of long paths
Task WEB-44295 Do not show browser icons in XML files
Task WEB-44337 Bundle the Grazie plugin with WebStorm
CoffeeScriptBug WEB-35585 support dynamic imports in coffeescript
DartTask WEB-44167 Create 'Dart Web' run configuration type by default to run/debug Dart web applications
DebuggerBug WEB-44064 Electron Main Debug Not Working
Bug WEB-44400 When re-run failed Karma tests in debug mode, debugger doesn't stop on breakpoint
Bug WEB-44313 JS Debugger: problems with source resolution when content is symlinked
Bug WEB-43747 When attaching to a running Mocha test, debugger doesn't consider breakpoints in the first launch
Bug WEB-44306 Reference Error in the list of threads when debugging an npm script with nodemon
Bug WEB-44425 Apply 'do not step into' to library roots other than 'node_modules'
Bug WEB-44245 Debugger works improperly
Usability WEB-43215 Remove line separator between input and corresponding output in JavaScript debug console
Usability WEB-43277 Replace Drop Frame with Restart Frame action
HTMLFeature WEB-40474 Support Vue in HTML files containing a Vue CDN or local file link
Performance WEB-43760 UI freezing because of calling XmlTag#getDescriptor on EDT
JavaScriptFeature WEB-44208 Inject TypeScript JSX and JSX when `jsx` and `tsx` language tags are used
Bug WEB-43955 Show empty custom JSDoc tags in quick documentation
Bug WEB-44168 Can't go to declaration for modules imported from sub namespaces.
Bug WEB-42929 Type hint of "this" keyword malfunctioning in WebStorm.
Bug WEB-44256 TypeScript constrained @template in jsdoc
Bug WEB-38447 Properties defined with ES6 getters/setters are shown as functions in quick documentation
Bug WEB-43689 Resolve for symbols from JavaScript libraries doesn't work in test files in IntelliJ IDEA
Bug WEB-44308 Inline function should parenthesize object literals if inlining inside shorthand arrow
Bug WEB-41997 an unresolved identifier "type" is highlighted as a used local var
Bug WEB-44255 JSX: parse several consecutive tags
Bug WEB-32548 Remove redundant escape quickfix breaks the regexp
Bug WEB-42099 incorrect classification of a for on loop variable as global
Bug WEB-31303 Quick Doc: Markdown: recognize table syntax
Bug WEB-44177 Inspection 'Unused global symbol' doesn't work for methods whose name consists of one / two letters
Bug WEB-38449 Show inferred type in completion when using ES6 getters/setters
Bug WEB-36237 Structure view: different view of Setter & Getter in js & ts
Bug WEB-43923 JavaScript: Vue 2.6.11 not properly analyzed
Bug WEB-44175 No autocomplete on material-ui createStyles in pure JS
Bug WEB-44370 Exception showing JSDoc comment containing "pre" tag
Bug WEB-44008 Incorrect import from Node.js core modules
Bug WEB-44162 Quick documentation is empty
Bug WEB-37405 Javascript RegExp error: Unclosed character class
Bug WEB-36755 No autocompletion if npm package's package.json doesn't contain types property
Performance WEB-44069 Quick Documentation: Fetching documentation takes a lot of time (~5 sec)
Usability WEB-44119 does not prompt import
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-44180 Angular: Support new Ivy metadata format and enable Ivy by default
Feature WEB-41565 Vue: Support for Composition API
Feature WEB-44371 Vue: improve type evaluation with composition API and support Vue 3
Bug WEB-40709 Angular: Component or directive properties inherited from an abstract library class are not recognized
Bug WEB-43160 Completion for compound React components from semantic-ui-react
Bug WEB-44487 Vue.js: SOE when `include` tag present in HTML file
Bug WEB-44140 Incorrect Angular "Missing or invalid component declaration in module" inspection
Bug WEB-39018 Autocompletion not working for "react-testing-library" and "dom-testing-library" modules
Bug WEB-42364 Angular modules aren't recognized if installed with pnpm
Bug WEB-40778 Angular directives with the transloco library
Bug WEB-41402 `innerHTML` is not recognized as valid attribute if the brackets are omitted
Bug WEB-44388 Wrong Copy and Paste in TSX files
Usability WEB-43720 Customizable VueJs language injection
Task WEB-42901 Use "npx" as the default option for all generators (that support the npx command)
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-44314 JavaScript inspection "Duplicate case label" assumes incorrect comparison operator
Bug WEB-30679 JS: invalid "redefining of eval is not allowed" error
Bug WEB-42918 "const variable without initializer" from assigning PHP to inline JS, not short tags
Bug WEB-44053 False positive 'Expression statement is not assigned or call' inside js expression statement fragment fully injected in a literal
Bug WEB-44343 unary operator with exponential operator error
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-44283 Inline function only inlines the first line of the function if used in shorthanded arrow function
Usability WEB-43163 Perform inline rename for global top-level symbols used only in the current file or is unused
Live EditBug WEB-43334 Live Edit in HTML does not work with vue installed via npm
Bug WEB-43476 Live edit does not work with XHTML file
Bug WEB-37042 LiveEdit HTML element highlight feature not working
Node.jsBug WEB-44322 Show brew installations of pnpm in "Package manager" drop-down list
Bug WEB-41288 Destructuring makes the variable resolution fails
Bug WEB-44392 Show "pnpm install" instead of "npm install" if pnpm configured
Usability WEB-25409 node_modules and linked subproject does not refresh automaticaly
Pug (ex-Jade)Bug WEB-43803 Syntax error for arrow functions inside objects in Pug
TypeScriptBug WEB-39540 Not support tsx in SFC of vue.js
Bug WEB-44052 Paired ' or " is not inserted in generics lists before '>'
Bug WEB-35365 No autocomplete on material-ui createStyles
Bug WEB-44214 Quick documentation shows link only to one related declaration when they are merged
Bug WEB-44236 No properties are suggested for conditional type which involves generics
Bug WEB-44000 JSDoc: do not show mdn urls for non-standard types from lib.d.ts
Bug WEB-42460 Autocompletion suggests properties that are not allowed by TypeScript (generics + property map)
Bug WEB-44060 Literal vaules are not suggested in template strings
Bug WEB-44137 Optimize incompatible literals and literal vs primitive combinations to 'never'
Bug WEB-31257 No 'number'/'string' items in completion for enum members in static context
Bug WEB-44046 Type guards are not applied in TSX markup
Bug WEB-44037 TypeScript: quick navigate/ quick doc should escape element name from the typescript service
Bug WEB-44011 JSDoc: do not expand simple typescript aliases
Bug WEB-44335 Show information about an object when calling the quick doc on 'this'
Bug WEB-44003 Shouldn't expand conditional types for raw generics
Bug WEB-44321 TS: problem with generics in Vue composition API with reactive wrapper.
Bug WEB-43997 Incorrect inferring from a type with multiple call signatures
Bug WEB-44258 Invalid 'static method is not accessible' for static member access via 'this'
Bug WEB-44166 Quick documentation hangs when react HOC is defined
Bug WEB-44009 JSDoc: incorrect type presentation for properties
Bug WEB-44237 Generic constraints are not always taken into account and are buggy with conditionals when expanding generic type to object type
Bug WEB-44394 Resolve is broken when import is shorthand
Bug WEB-44160 Incorrect editor highlighting when using generic function as a generic parameter
Bug WEB-44312 TS: problems with inference of generic default values of generics
Bug WEB-34561 Code completion/types when using the React.createContext-API is inaccurate (with TypeScript)
Bug WEB-44273 Number literals are not considered when evaluating possible branches for switch statements (i.e for "create missing switch branch" inspection)
Bug WEB-38460 TypeScript: jest.spyOn no longer auto-completes parameter values (2019.1.1)
Bug WEB-44262 Typescript readonly parsing with indexed types
Bug WEB-28642 TypeScript. Go To Declaration opens base class instead of needed. Idea [2017.2.3].
Performance WEB-43982 High cpu usage when editing typescript
Task WEB-44105 TypeScript: use quick doc from service for unresolved references
Task WEB-44027 Update bundled TypeScript to 3.8
Task WEB-44294 Support TS 3.9 awaited type (at least minimally)
Unit TestsBug WEB-44377 Failed mocha tests cannot be rerun in debug mode
Bug WEB-43995 'Highlight problem line in test' inspection doesn't work for jest when using WSL node interpreter
No subsystemBug DBE-10189 "Preview update" does not work when table is not introspected
DB ConnectivityBug DBE-10087 SSL Handshake Error Connecting to newly built MySQL 5.7.29 Server
Bug DBE-10067 Cannot connect to MySQL via SSH with $ in database name
DB ConsoleFeature DBE-8332 Navigation to Execute options from query-chooser dropdown
DB IntrospectionFeature DBE-8674 Display indexes for view
Feature DBE-6417 MS SQL: support rules introspection
Feature DBE-6868 Support sparse columns
Bug DBE-4769 MS SQL/Azure: Support sequences
Bug DBE-10298 Stored procedures support in Redshift introspection
DB RefactoringBug DBE-10185 "Preview update" does not work when using alias
Data Import & ExportFeature DBE-5858 Better error message when importing data
Feature DBE-10338 New action: export to database... in the context menu of CSV file
Bug DBE-9654 CSV/TXT Import to MSSQL Database without importing an id value
Bug DBE-10172 CSV Formats settings are reset on restart
Usability DBE-10333 Make CSV extractor default
Data ViewsFeature DBE-4123 Support native excel format export
Usability DBE-10307 Text search hides all the other buttons
Usability DBE-6414 Databrowser Escape from Search Ctrl-F
Usability DBE-8733 Enable "Hide column" actions inside data view
SQL CompletionBug DBE-9882 SQL editor needlessly quotes identifiers (tables, columns, stored procedures) for Intersystems Caché databases
Bug DBE-9758 Database console autocomplete autoquotes everything in jdbc presto connection
Bug DBE-10012 Bad completion for GROUPING SETS
SQL Format and StyleBug DBE-10202 Case sensitivity not respected for procedures/functions in packages
SQL GenerationBug DBE-10396 Unable to resolve class com.intellij.database.model.DasObjectWithSource
Bug DBE-10259 The drop cascade checkbox of the Confirm Drop Schema Dialog does nothing!
SQL HighlightingFeature DBE-8365 Redshift stored procedures support
Bug DBE-10182 Cassandra 'CONSISTENCY' command is not supported
Bug DBE-10273 Good code red: CAST to varchar without length not accepted by DataGrip
Bug DBE-10268 PostgrSQL Identity columns syntax check bug
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