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Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-230363Freeze in StreamApiMigrationInspection when StringBuilder-append-loop is followed by append to another StringBuilder
Core. LicensingUsabilityIDEA-230372Trim spaces in credentials fields
Core. Navigation and SearchBugIDEA-2252112019.3 EAP unable to find file with "Content Root Path"
Lang. XMLBugIDEA-210737XSD Generator crashes IDEA
BugIDEA-229461Help Resolving XML Catalog URIs
Lang. YAMLBugIDEA-229869prometheus.yml -> Required: null, Actual: null
Tools. TerminalBugIDEA-230321When opening link from IDE Terminal extra characters (e.g. s, ms, 5ms) are added intermittently to the link
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBugIDEA-231072intellij idea incorrect processing of regex: “regular expression matches empty string”
User Interface. NavigationBugIDEA-228670Recent Files: restoring scrolling position broken?
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-230806Git installation is not detected on Windows if not in the PATH
BugIDEA-230378Trying to resolve conflicts between unrelated histories fails
Version Control. LogPerformanceIDEA-219710IntelliJ 2019.2 high cpu usage (with git) at idle.
Version Control. SubversionBugIDEA-226333SVN (possibly other VCS too?) version control in an infinite refresh loop
File WatchersBugWEB-43079Extremely wide File Watcher dialog (if Unit File Support plugin is enabled)
HTMLBugWEB-43422"Insert closing tag on tag completion" can't be unchecked & saved
JavaScriptBugWEB-43146No completion for `function` keyword after `new Classname` without semicolon
PerformanceWEB-43493IDE Freeze in 2019.3.2
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-38949'Closing Tag' suggestion box incorrectly suggests tags which have already been properly closed in JSX files
BugWEB-42213No completion of custom directives in component with splited template and script
BugWEB-40644Missing usage of private members in Vue components
BugWEB-39230Angular i18n. Support for i18n-* attributes
BugWEB-42269Vue: Vuetify VLayout justify-center attribute reports "Wrong attribute value"
LintersBugWEB-43396Support Prettier with Yarn PnP >= 2.0.0-rc23
BugWEB-43384Support ESLint with Yarn PnP >= 2.0.0-rc23
Node.jsBugWEB-42738Environment variables configured in run configuration are undefined when using WSL node interpreter
TypeScriptBugWEB-40117TypeScript - cannot auto-complete "readonly" in generic type
BugWEB-43178False warning "Unused assignment" on Optional Chaining
BugWEB-43236Properties in class constructor shouldn't resolve to lib.dom.d.ts
BugWEB-43069Type guard is incorrectly evaluated for a destructuring variable with default value
BugWEB-43352TypeScript: mapping between ".ts" and ".d.ts" files works incorrectly for variables
BugWEB-43090TS non-null assertions should be affected by type guards (currently are not)
DB DiagramBugDBE-9903DB Diagram shows constraint differently in 2019.3 version
DB IntrospectionBugDBE-9897Wrong parameter names for Oracle system procedure
BugDBE-9980Auto sync is not working if create schema and objects from console
SQL CompletionPerformanceDBE-9844Huge freeze during autocomplete database table names in joins
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