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No subsystemFeatureRUBY-219802018.2 will break run configurations that have "use parent env vars" unchecked
BugRUBY-22143Freeze when using rails console/irb and wsl
Code InsightFeatureRUBY-21057Guard method 'watch' resolve is incorrect
BugRUBY-21961Low memory inspection after code inspect for scope
BugRUBY-21285fails to find all method implementations
BugRUBY-22030in OpenSSL::Digest::SHA256 Digest is interpreted as a method instead of a constant
PerformanceRUBY-21740Performance issue on quick fixes gathering
DebuggerBugRUBY-22120Attach to remote process doesn't filter remote sdks for remote host
BugRUBY-22037Continuously prompted to install debugger libraries
BugRUBY-22025Attach to local process doesn't show output until stop
DockerBugRUBY-22064It's impossible to load list of generators or rake task in Docker SDK
IDEBugRUBY-22047Run anything doesn't work with rbenv
BugRUBY-22085Set default row size for pty, for proper filtering of the long lines
InspectionsBugRUBY-19848Rubocop error when editing scratch files
BugRUBY-22029'Control flow statement with negative condition' inspection is duplicated and doesn't point to the code
MarkdownBugRUBY-21368Markdown support - Cannot resolve anchor
PuppetUsabilityRUBY-22132Top level functions directory is not honored as a functions holder
RefactoringsUsabilityRUBY-21670Repetition in intention original statement made it too long
Ruby Version ManagersBugRUBY-21993rubocop inspection causes exception on the start with sdk without gem rubocop
BugRUBY-21985Asdf is not descovered if installed with brew
BugRUBY-21988RubyMine uses an incorrect working directory when installing bundler via action
BugRUBY-22125RubyScriptExecutionContext should distinct shims scripts from regular ones for proper patching with version managers
BugRUBY-22008rbenv gemset gem list is not shown in the Settings
TestsBugRUBY-22156[Regression] References to files in test console output are not linked
BugRUBY-22017Running a single test in Test::Unit runs all the tests in the file
BugRUBY-22214rm_reporter_plugin.rb in 2018.2 is using a Rails String method and failing on non-rails projects
YAMLBugRUBY-21803New line is unexpectedly indented after empty line
No subsystemFeatureIDEA-194897MacBook touch bar: add "Add configuration" button in Run/Debug configuration dialog
BugIDEA-194901MacBook touch bar: welcome screen bugs
BugIDEA-194890MacBook touch bar: More items button does not work in Run/Debug configurations dialog
CosmeticsIDEA-194902MacBook touch bar: debugger improvments
CosmeticsIDEA-194896MacBook touch bar: use close icon instead of close button
CosmeticsIDEA-194893MacBook touch bar: improve Configurations popover
CosmeticsIDEA-194905MacBook touch bar: use buttons with labels instead of icons in Diff dialog
ExceptionIDEA-192088Exception when starting IntelliJ
Code Analysis. InspectionCosmeticsIDEA-139756Grammar error in inspection "Managed Bean Inconsistency errors"
Cucumber JVMUsabilityIDEA-191020Run tool for cucumber doen't show feature description when using an alternative language and CucumberJvm2SMFormatter
DockerTaskIDEA-195394Docker plugin API: provide support for debugging non-Java applications
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-192438Underline is always bold underline
BugIDEA-195183Inspection's tooltip shouldn't appear when the cursor stays on a hint
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-193329New SE: SearchEverywhere | Action (FindAction): OpenInFindWindow button should be disabled
BugIDEA-195542Inconsistent and partial results in "Occurrences of" Find tool window tab after opening from "Find in Path"
BugIDEA-193584New SE: plugin enabling/disabling via Find Action is confusing and incorrect
Java. InspectionsBugIDEA-195855Incorrect NPE warning in reversed indexed for loop
Java. Intention ActionsFeatureIDEA-185569Suggest a type cast as a QuickFix for "Cannot resolve method"
Packaging and InstallationUsabilityIDEA-185044Show list of used third-party libraries directly in the IDE
Quick DocumentationBugIDEA-195622QuickDoc is not accessible from Search Everywhere popup
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-186505"Ungroup Configurations" doesn't work in the Run Dashboard
UsabilityIDEA-193775No easy way to delete a run configuration
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-158158Love the new img you can set on the IDE however (.. flip and mirror)
BugIDEA-194229New SE: layouting of "actions" results
BugIDEA-193403New SE: incorrect integration with other popups
BugIDEA-195558'Use dark header' setting is saved immediately
BugIDEA-194924TouchBar support: touch bar is not appeared after first IDE launch
BugIDEA-194995slow scrolling in svg viewer
UsabilityIDEA-192403Touchbar support for Select in > Project view
CosmeticsIDEA-193385New SE: cursor keeps improper shape
CosmeticsIDEA-194379Auto-hide scrollbar on OS X similar to how default scrollbars work
ExceptionIDEA-195533NPE in RequestFocusInToolWindowCmd
User Interface. GraphicsBugIDEA-195624wave underscore is partially bold
BugIDEA-195614IAE in EffectPainter2D
User Interface. NavigationBugIDEA-195792No file name completion in File Choosers
User Interface. Project ViewBugIDEA-183801Structure panel doesn't show correct data
BugIDEA-189742Items in Project View remain highlighted as incorrect after deleting the class with uncompilable code
Version ControlCosmeticsIDEA-195273Default Changelist Changelist
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-193239Incorrect branch names shown for "checkout with rebase" and for interactive rebase operations
BugIDEA-195466Status of new files is not parsed if `git add -N` was used
No subsystemFeatureWEB-19564Web Browsers: support Microsoft Edge browser
FeatureWEB-33249Typing quotes/backticks over selected text should wrap that text, not delete
BugWEB-33756WebStorm ignoring hostname for IP address
BugWEB-33150Yarn workspaces: support “nohoist” option
UsabilityWEB-33877Cannot shrink Name column in JavaScript Libraries
UsabilityWEB-33927Cannot locally suppress typescript "unused export" inspection
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-32486Coffeescript: splat operator in object definitions marked as error
BugWEB-33134CofeeScript Splats show unwarranted errors
BugWEB-24288Coffeescript - regex with whitespace considered bad code
DebuggerBugWEB-32763Debugging hangs on Facebook API
File WatchersCosmeticsWEB-33683File watchers: column title doesn't fit on Linux
HTMLBugWEB-33949Complete HTML tag when there's only one variant: closing tag is not updated
JSONBugWEB-33858Json Schema Validation string enum case insensitive
BugWEB-33913JSON Schemas: Warning message shows information about PSI loading
BugWEB-33852JSON Schema: Caret is out of the quotes after adding missing property
BugWEB-33845File type detection on EDT via JsonSchemaVfsListener
UsabilityWEB-33908JSON Schema completion: show types in completion item descriptions when no description is avaiable
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-32660Support nullish coalescing syntax
FeatureWEB-33884Prefer package imports when auto-importing modules in Yarn workspaces
FeatureWEB-10122Add SQL auto injection for Javascript
BugWEB-32911JSDoc: Type info lost on optional parameters for methods defined with @name
BugWEB-32484Should not resolve top-level elements to local functions in modules
BugWEB-32940[Flow] Call generic function with specified type parameters
BugWEB-33420Javascript code completion doesn't work in webpack configuration file
BugWEB-33984Unable to disable "cannot resolve symbol" error in JSX
BugWEB-33627Wrong 'Invalid number of arguments' error for chai.test function
UsabilityWEB-33727Missing breadcrumbs for switch statement
ExceptionWEB-33628PsiInvalidElementAccessException when expand and collapse tag
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-33755Generate debug configuration for new vue.js projects
FeatureWEB-33147Set a path to webpack.conf.js for projects generated with Vue CLI 3
BugWEB-33754Set a path to webpack.conf.js for projects generated with Vue CLI 2
BugWEB-33799React: required props inside the PropTypes.shape should not be shown as optional in the completion
BugWEB-34053React props resolved from wrong file when using named props types
BugWEB-33848Vue.js.Warning when style section has module attribute
BugWEB-33452Changing vue component tag doesnt change closing tag
BugWEB-32730Error "Namespace ... is not bound" in Vue template when event name contains colon
BugWEB-28405closure library - code completion for 'goog.provide' symbols inside 'goog.module' is not working
BugWEB-33826Return type is missing after converting React component
BugWEB-33929Support 'functional' attribute of the vue.js <template> tag
BugWEB-33802'React functional to class component' should add .propTypes and .defaultValues in JSX expression context
BugWEB-33423No autocomplete properties if start typing with : in vue components
BugWEB-33836Vue.js plugin - navigate from template to component via CTRL + LMB not working
BugWEB-32515WebStorm Warning for Input iView Component
BugWEB-33870Component required attribute inspection fails to acknowledge v-bind object syntax
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-33930Webstorm stopped show required props on components
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-33891"Introduce local variable" is not working if caret is positioned after the expression
BugWEB-33890"Introduce local variable" shouldn't be available inside injected fragments for the outer language
BugWEB-33377Rename of variable produces incorrect result with destructuring and object literal shorthands
JavaScript. TemplatesFeatureWEB-15657EJS indent options for control block content
BugWEB-10780Code Formatter breaks .ejs files
BugWEB-11024EJS: extra closing tag is added on adding nested tag
BugWEB-21041EJS: don't add spaces between EJS tags on formatting
TaskWEB-33748Choose one of the pre-defined run configurations by default
Node.jsBugWEB-33838WSL: Prettier cannot be started
BugWEB-33149WebStorm Node Express Project does not generate correct debug environment variable
Product DocumentationBugWEB-33935Help for Extract Method in TypeScript
ProfilingExceptionWEB-33825Profiling: Heap: Throwable on the opening the Occurrence tab
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-33769TypeScript 3.0 project references in monorepo
FeatureWEB-30212Auto-imports should prefer symlinked file from node_modules to actual file in monorepo projects
BugWEB-30699Type inference problem in Typescript
BugWEB-32336[TypeScript] RxJS lettable operator - type inference support
BugWEB-29621Support mixin signatures
BugWEB-34098Monorepo import isn't respected during copy-paste
BugWEB-33037TypeScript mixins do not work
BugWEB-34074Correctly import modules from @ionic/core
ExceptionWEB-33911Throwable: Infinite type substitution T|never|never|never...
Unit TestsBugWEB-33855Jest: custom setupTestFrameworkScriptFile is not executed sometimes
BugWEB-33843Karma with Angular CLI 6.x always uses default project
BugWEB-30856Jest 'Run with coverage' not showing coverage panel when coverage options exist in package.json
BugWEB-33810'Click to update snapshot' link is missing
BugWEB-33816Jest: initialization error is shown as passed test
BugWEB-33934Show karma conf files in drop-down list shortened in the same way as selected karma conf file
UsabilityWEB-30439Jest: show console.log output in test results console when clicking on test
spy-jsBugWEB-33835WSL: Spy-js for Node.js fails to trace the application
DB ConnectivityUsabilityDBE-6655Custom JDBC driver configuration workflow
SQL ResolveBugDBE-6676Quoted Identifiers are case insensitive SQL Server
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