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No subsystemBugRUBY-19319Stuck in Indexing loop
BugRUBY-18989Better align 'create RVM gemset' checkbox
BugRUBY-19198Notification with Rollback action after controller creation is about Test generation
BugRUBY-18027Double click on instance variable while editing view does not select the @
EditingFeatureRUBY-1983Offer "Create method" quickfix for unresolved methods
IDEBugRUBY-19146Browser settings does not apply changes
BugRUBY-19015JRuby versions selector doesn't work well with clear settings
BugRUBY-19322After enabling or disabling an rbenv gemset for a project, cursor scrolls continuously down until ESC is hit
BugRUBY-18958Ruby SDK by default is not sorting by postfix
UsabilityRUBY-19234No hot keys in the create RVM gemset dialog
CosmeticsRUBY-19235Align RVM gemset name field the same way as previous filed
CosmeticsRUBY-19244Left frame in create New Project dialog is not fitted by names
MarkdownBugRUBY-19155[Markdown] No caret when opening file
BugRUBY-18559Markdown plugin, JavaFX preview should open links in default browser
BugRUBY-18936markdown indentation failure when using tabs
Plugin ReportsBugRUBY-19109Cannot add new Ruby Module with JRuby SDK
PuppetBugRUBY-19182Missing word in the title bar
BugRUBY-19231Puppet settings are not aligned on the wizard
BugRUBY-19226Cannot use new RVM Gemset checkbox for Puppet module if gem is already installed into root SDK
Remote InterpretersBugRUBY-19308Cannot run tests with Docker Remote sdk
BugRUBY-19242Can't add more than one Remote SDK from Docker Image
ExceptionRUBY-19241Adding Docker SDK may throw exception
Ruby Version ManagersFeatureRUBY-10373Create RVM gemset from SDK configurable
YAMLBugRUBY-19104Tag is not handled properly in YAMLQuotedTextImpl
BugRUBY-19105Invalid parsing on nested sequences
No subsystemBugIDEA-168919Deadlock on startup
BugIDEA-164734Update screen is too big
BugIDEA-169288Resource Bundle Editor: Cannot edit text
BugIDEA-148242External SSH Tools: Remotely executed command name is missing
UsabilityIDEA-168866Shelf settings: on ChangeShelvesLocation dialog opening the Cancel button should be selected at once
TaskIDEA-168385Widen Balloon API for new error selection feature
ExceptionIDEA-168411PluginManager StartupAbortedException
ExceptionIDEA-169114NPE at first Idea Community start (in ComponentSettings.isTrueSmoothScrollingEligibleFor(
AntBugIDEA-167905Ant task hangs
Code Analysis. DependenciesBugIDEA-169530Type Hierarchy refresh button doesn't work and causes nodes to disappear
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-168531Weird behavior of cursor in Inspection Settings
CosmeticsIDEA-162907Inspections settings: wrong font color for selected top level nodes
Code Formatting and Code StyleBugIDEA-124868@formatter:off/@formatter:on markers are not respected in injected code
BugIDEA-167218When importing Code Style for Java, pressing the OK button on the dialog does not do anything.
Code NavigationBugIDEA-165329Can't copy class reference by hitting Ctrl+C in Navigate/Class list
DebuggerUsabilityIDEA-152214Xcode like way to disable/remove breakpoints
Diff_MergeUsabilityIDEA-168873Line endings when comparing with clipboard
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-164345IDEA strips trailing spaces even in the line under caret
BugIDEA-168666ImmediatePainter works incorrectly with emoji input
CosmeticsIDEA-164888Please keep up with FiraCode updates
CosmeticsIDEA-168931Add live template for 'prsf'
Editor. Error HighlightingBugIDEA-168667Disabling warning stripe mark causes gray warning colors
External ToolsBugIDEA-164380External tool is not invoked after Git commit
File SystemBugIDEA-166879IDE cannot handle 2GB+ jars
PerformanceIDEA-169698VirtualFIle.findChild() is slow on negative lookups
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-168259`Find in path` highlights all file in preview window
BugIDEA-167546Find/Replace nonfunctional when newlines are embedded in the Find textbox
BugIDEA-169060Find in path: Home+End keys not working in text field
UsabilityIDEA-167955Find: `Ctrl+F` on selected word doesn't pre-select text in search field if Find bar is open
UsabilityIDEA-168982New Find/Replace in tab dialog: Add spacing to checkbox list
ExceptionIDEA-168857Find usages preview throws exception: java.lang.Throwable
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-169647Font family is not preserved after upgrade to 2017.1 RC
ExceptionIDEA-169363Internal error on stating RubyMine EAP
JavaScriptBugIDEA-163612Deadlock on startup
Plugin Support. APIBugIDEA-166029Another backward-incompatible plugin SDK change in WebBrowserUrlProvider
Plugin Support. ArchitectureBugIDEA-164497IntelliJ 2016.3 hangs at startup with message "Scanning files to index"
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-168764modules.xml is not updated if module path is changed
Project ViewBugIDEA-168175Infinite loading spinning wheel in "Project files" view in project tool window
BugIDEA-160450"Select Target -> Project View" doesn't work if Project View has multiple selection in it
BugIDEA-169292Infinite loading in "Project" view
RegExpBugIDEA-165426Regexp check is not working in new language injection dialog
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-168864Run Configuration - dirty state is not changed after adding any action to Before launch section
Structural Search and ReplaceBugIDEA-168119Structural Search dialog can change it's width to be unusable (because of long Status: text)
Unit Testing. JUnitBugIDEA-168745Red notification for passed tests
BugIDEA-163309JUnit outputs result of @BeforeClass after test excution
CosmeticsIDEA-168996Improve progress message in test toolwindow
User InterfaceBugIDEA-169587Welcome Screen unusable small
BugIDEA-163532Speed search in popups preselects the last match instead of the first
BugIDEA-166759The cursor while over one ToolWindow sees another border toolwindow, located behind
UsabilityIDEA-168293Disable parameter hints for series of "of" methods
UsabilityIDEA-153193Tooltips for toolbars block clicks to buttons
UsabilityIDEA-65636I can't copy text from tooltip, though I can select it
CosmeticsIDEA-168345Gutter misaligned to document contents when scrolling to the end of the file
User Interface.DarculaBugIDEA-169540Current tab indicator for vertical splits is shown for each split instead of one with current focus
Version ControlBugIDEA-168993Single Git root removing doesn't work from the first attempt if it is mapped to <Project>
BugIDEA-168572No dialog for adding files to git is shown when a directory added to project
BugIDEA-163428Lost Shelf
UsabilityIDEA-50642No way to specify shortcut for 'Commit file'
UsabilityIDEA-132033Shelve Changes To Profile Dir
ExceptionIDEA-168750Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.command.impl.UndoManagerImpl.undoableActionPerformed
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-135368Git: error when trying to resolve conflict in submodule via Accept Theirs/Yours
BugIDEA-168690IDEA doesn't allow to remove a single Git root mapping
BugIDEA-156249GitLogParser fails if there are both \u0001 and \u0003 in the commit message
BugIDEA-123397Git: History for file doesn't show anything before the move if there were too many changes in the commit that moved the file
UsabilityIDEA-75590Don't autodelete directory after delete last file if this directory is a source root.
UsabilityIDEA-90550'Push rejected' yellow notification popup stays even after second succesful push
Version Control. LogUsabilityIDEA-168370File history: columns sizes/positions are not restored
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-164692Only one instance of password is saved
XMLBugIDEA-164679Intellij IDEA 2016.2/3 ignores <xsd:sequence> validation
BugIDEA-162824"Resource registered by this uri is not recognized" spuriously triggers for "" running tests
No subsystemBugWEB-22307Live Template generated wrong code.
BugWEB-22819ESLint and .vue files
BugWEB-25724Missing completion for current property in package.json
BugWEB-24760Project Tool Window: CSS source maps (gulp-generated) not grouped under the same name, but JS does.
UsabilityWEB-25617Module Dependency Diagram: indicate which elements are imported/exported from a module
CSSFeatureWEB-25528Missing default file template for CSS File
BugWEB-23054CSS: incorrect old name of animation in rename dialog
BugWEB-24700Stylelint 7.7.0 support
DebuggerBugWEB-25717Docker debug does not work on Mac
HTMLBugWEB-11711Different coloring in namespaced attribute with error in html vs php
JavaScriptBugWEB-25567'Inject with comment' does not work for object literals, class members,etc.
BugWEB-25568Language injection comment applies too eagerly
BugWEB-25709Module Dependencies Diagram: require statement is not shown as child element
BugWEB-25453Module Dependencies Diagram: provide "Jump to ..." action for the listed imports
BugWEB-25731.babelrc doesn't recognise plugin options given as array
BugWEB-25439Module Dependencies Diagram: no icon for the specific require statement
BugWEB-25462Module Dependencies Diagram: HTML: recognize image included via "img" tag
BugWEB-25456Module Dependencies Diagram: correctly recognize raw imports
BugWEB-25451Module Dependencies Diagram: imports from TS definition are shown differently from ES imports in JS file
BugWEB-25463Module Dependencies Diagram: HTML: recognize CDN link if it's resolved via External library
BugWEB-25464Module Dependencies Diagram move/drag redraws it for the whole project context
BugWEB-25693Module Dependencies Diagram: no icon for element for specific import statement
PerformanceWEB-25647An inspection causes JS project CPU usage at ~300% (looks like its caused by com.intellij.lang.javascript.modules.ES6ModulesSuggester.findFixes)
UsabilityWEB-25438Module Dependencies Diagram: hide "Diagrams" action for excluded folder and it's content
UsabilityWEB-25466Module Dependencies Diagram: make shorter the shown path to minimize width of the tab size
CosmeticsWEB-25560Module dependency diagram with Darcula
CosmeticsWEB-25738Module dependency diagram: do not show closing quote on the imported element
ExceptionWEB-25703Module Dependencies Diagram: NPE is thrown on invoking diagram
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-25637code formatting of class member properties breaks TypeScript rule TS7008 ( when noImplicitAny is true )
UsabilityWEB-25551Show HTML code style when you search for JSX
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-25739Setting some ARIA attribute values dynamically in JSX generate errors in Webstorm 2017 EAP.
BugWEB-25616Missing type introspection inside *ngFor
BugWEB-25757JSON schema completion issues (tsconfig.json)
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-25712Invalid Inspection / Unable To Suppress - Selector matches unknown element
BugWEB-24887False 'missing module dependency' violation
BugWEB-25735False 'Missing import statement' shown for React-native core components
BugWEB-24615Wrong JSHint error highlight for JavaScript
BugWEB-25605Eslint warnings stopped working in 2017.1 EAP
BugWEB-25611eslint does not work on windows
BugWEB-25721"Missing import statement" warning for existing import statement in JavaScript
BugWEB-25221'Convert parameters to object' in coffee file causes ClassCastException
BugWEB-25750Intentions: restore "Check RegExp" action
ExceptionWEB-25520"Can not get result of ESLint annotation"
ExceptionWEB-25686PsiInvalidElementAccessException when call 'Insert import' inspection
Node.jsBugWEB-22230Node.js: correctly check path to the global npm packages installed into the not default location
ExceptionWEB-25679NodeModulesDirectoryManager - Recursion prevented when computing FileIndex extension
TypeScriptBugWEB-25550this typing is ignored when used for object property
PerformanceWEB-25450Losing or very slow TypeScript type information after some time
Unit TestsBugWEB-25599Jest: always detect appropriate package.json with jest options
BugWEB-25582Jest:RC: no validation for empty "Jest package" field
BugWEB-25583Jest: failed test output differs from the result in console
BugWEB-25587Jest: RC: "Configuration file" list is not propagated with the new added value until RC reopening
CosmeticsWEB-25596Align labels to the left in Jest and Mocha run/debug configurations
Interpreters SettingsBugPY-21787Cannot add symlinked Python/virtualenv as interpreter, e.g. created with venv
Remote InterpretersBugPY-22699Debug run with remote interpreter sometimes causes "RemoteSdkException: Error obtaining remote socket"
BugPY-23070Cannot start ssh session after previous session was terminated by server
VagrantExceptionPY-23061Exception on Run Ssh Console action
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..FeatureWI-21111Support copy (with copy-paste and drag'n'drop) in RemoteHost
BugWI-35179Support drag'n'drop between Remote Host and Project Files/Test tabs of Project View
BugWI-26878Cannot connect to pure IPv6 host from Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10
BugWI-35183Log to File Transfer toolwindow remote to remote transfers
BugWI-35190Remote Host panel is not refreshed on D'n'D operations
BugWI-34349Can't rename deployment configurations if they're not default
UsabilityWI-22133dragging files from remote host to project folder removes them on the server
UsabilityWI-35191Remove, creation, renaming and permission change of folders and files are not logged.
TaskWI-35178Remove dialogs from drag'n'drop and copy-paste between Project View and Remote Host
Debugger: GDBBugCPP-8872GDB: Add internal property to control timeout values
No subsystemUsabilityRIDER-4427Select Solution Path window assistive text is too small on High DPI displays
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