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ParsingBugRUBY-18525Parentheses around empty arguments list error if a method's parameter decelerated in a new line
Code Formatting and Code StyleBugIDEA-160103Incorrect indentation after multi-line array literal
BugIDEA-160104Array literal uses regular indent on first line, continuation indent on others
Code NavigationBugIDEA-157786File matching pattern results showed twice for some files
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-160474File Templates: 'Enable Live Templates' checkbox is cleared on restart
BugIDEA-160459Nothing happens after 'Check for Updates...'
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-151793IDEA failed to restart after plugins activation
Plugin Support. APIBugIDEA-160143java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.intellij.util.containers.ContainerUtil.intersection(Ljava/util/Collection;Ljava/util/Collection; )Ljava/util/Collection;
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-158654Debug becomes disabled for Run Configuration with dependency in 'Before run' section
User InterfaceBugIDEA-152939deadlock on 16 EAP 144.2925.2 startup
BugIDEA-159856Colors & Fonts > Import button is present in IDEA-based IDEs and does nothing
Version ControlBugIDEA-160353Deadlock on applying patch using drag-n-drop
PerformanceIDEA-158252IDE completely freezed after indices failure
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-159580GIT project update hangs
UsabilityIDEA-160000Keep second line empty in commit messages on git cherry-pick
JavaScriptBugWEB-22839Debug files in JavaScript library reclassified as release on index
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-22668Erroneous conversion to arrow function
Node.jsBugWEB-23009File .idea/jsLibraryMappings.xml is created automatically when opening a new project with node_modules
TypeScriptBugWEB-22799model not reconciled after doing an import
BugWEB-22676Typescript: Module importing flags import as unused if only type is imported
Code: GenerationBugCPP-6817Changing code generation options causes duplicating sections and values in codeStyleSettings.xml
Project ViewBugCPP-7479Project tool window collapsed by default
Code: ResolvingBugOC-13667Infer type for @autoclosure parameters
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