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No subsystemCosmeticsRUBY-17781Size of frame with railsapps list changing after templates are uploaded and some of them is selected
Code InsightFeatureRUBY-17831Frozen string literal inspection
BugRUBY-18152Stubs generation failed for mysql gem
BugRUBY-18236Find usages do not work with rspec let statements
DebuggerBugRUBY-18038Unable to debug with remote SDK in case of Trinidad server
HAMLBugRUBY-18231HAML following javascript filter blocks is marked as red/unresolved
MarkdownBugRUBY-18237URLs with dashes are not rendered correctly in Markdown JavaFX preview panel
RailsFeatureRUBY-17899Install Rails list for ruby 2.1 should not include Rails 5
BugRUBY-18207Rubymine fails to run rspec if rspec has been run from the command line with spring enabled
TaskRUBY-18221RubyMine can't detect Rails version from .gemspec file
Rails. DiagramsExceptionRUBY-18189Rails model dependency diagram fails to be generated
RakeBugRUBY-18097Last rake task name is displayed in the Tools menu instead of Run Rake task
RefactoringsBugRUBY-18169Rename model incorrect path_name
Remote InterpretersBugRUBY-18109Debug Rails Console command does not work.
Ruby Version ManagersBugRUBY-18030Gems installation into rbenv gemset causes gem is not available in the SDK warning until reopen Settings
BugRUBY-18085Create new rbenv gemset inspection causes exception
UsabilityRUBY-18185No SDK selected value will be changed to random SDK while create RailsApps Sample
TestsFeatureRUBY-16613minitest failure result nodes need "jump to test" functionality
BugRUBY-16730RubyMine 7.1.2 fails to find TeamCity formatter for RSpec
YAMLFeatureRUBY-17496Update breadcrumbs to show the element values
BugRUBY-17933.yaml files no longer collapse
No subsystemBugIDEA-157874ERROR - #com.intellij.ide.plugins.PluginManager - Argument for @NotNull parameter 'action' of com/intellij/openapi/actionSystem/AnActionEvent.createFromAnAction must not be null
BugIDEA-157266Safe delete: Exclude file is enable
BugIDEA-156846Color: "Default text" resets to white by itself, leads to brackets on white background
BugIDEA-157371Error updating com.intellij.openapi.editor.ex.util.LexerEditorHighlighter
UsabilityIDEA-157421Long shutdown due to built-in server
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-157068Inspection result tool window - 'Nothing here' in quickfix pop-up after using Go Next/Prev problem
BugIDEA-157966Inspection result tool window shows only one result instead of several for one line when grouping by severity enabled
BugIDEA-157777Case where View Offline Inspection Results doesn't show results
UsabilityIDEA-155319"Run inspection by name" should not reuse "Find Action" search pattern
UsabilityIDEA-157156'Unused declaration' - suppress &quickfix actions are available after applying
ExceptionIDEA-157558Argument for @NotNull parameter 'src' of com/intellij/util/ArrayUtil.remove must not be null
ExceptionIDEA-157464ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at traversing inspection results
Code NavigationBugIDEA-156984Deadlock in inheritor search
BugIDEA-157772Breadcrumbs are shown incorrectly in the decompiled classes
Compiling ProjectBugIDEA-157216External build may fail with 'Unable to create temporary file'
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-158003Compare Files no longer works with files in archives (jar, zip)
DocumentationBugIDEA-152590Quick doc font size is not remembered between IDE restarts
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-158038Multi-caret typing of a text where some characters are inserted automatically results to different content of the first and other lines
BugIDEA-157592Move text through drag'n'drop on line numbers doesn't work. It copies the text instead
PerformanceIDEA-157087Issue with Xml with Ligature
UsabilityIDEA-156758Disable non project files writing protection, when file is opened explicitly
File SystemBugIDEA-157840Save Document action doesn't work during indexing
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-157351Replace in Path: When next file is opening, code editor is blank (hangs) with "Loading" spinner
BugIDEA-156921Find In Path toolwindow - focus is stolen by "Preview Occurrences" editor
UsabilityIDEA-61493Find Usages: Separate "Use soft wraps" option for the preview panel
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-157865Lots of 'Already disposed' from 'UpdateChecker.checkForUpdate' when IDE is closed
BugIDEA-157128IDE loses Live Template "Applicable in" status on restart
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-157339162.188.8 doesn't find JVM, won't launch
Plugin Support. APIBugIDEA-157691ConversionService fails to show dialog
BugIDEA-157491Using ParameterInfoHandler not parameterized by PsiElement results in ClassCastException
RefactoringBugIDEA-157197Safe delete refactoring does nothing if there are usages that are unsafe to delete
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-117223Custom background image/colour for each project
BugIDEA-157342Gutter margin's width is not reduced after zoom out
BugIDEA-157597Background image: when nothing is selected in the LocalChanges, the PreviewDiff pane doesn't get applied background
BugIDEA-157591Background image: ApplicationServers toolwindow doesn't get the applied background
BugIDEA-157035Editor in separate window does not adopt background image
UsabilityIDEA-157246Background image: improve UX of removing the background
CosmeticsIDEA-157466Background Image: some toolwindows don't get the set background when the tab displays 'nothing selected'
Version ControlBugIDEA-157336IntelliJ Locks on "Shelve Changes" at the "Synchronizing files..." step
BugIDEA-112589Unexpected clipboard content after Ctrl+C on shelf's files list
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-157085Mercurial: change even one line forces to mark all content fo file as new, until force refresh in "Version Control" tab
No subsystemBugWEB-21921Only 1 Startup Task is starting automatically
BugWEB-21943Hide actions from UML plugin
BugWEB-22126Autocompletion for JSDoc
BugWEB-21997Go to URL matches urls incorrectly if url contains $ in it
BugWEB-21980Build 162.844.4 fails to run with a JDK error on windows 10 64b
BugWEB-22163Add braces to arrow function statement — doesn't work as expected
Build toolsBugWEB-22153Gulp executed within PhpStorm throws errors while executed in console runs fine
DebuggerBugWEB-20925Node Debugger incorrectly reports the lexical `this` in arrow functions (ES6)
BugWEB-22121Debugging Karma tests no longer works
BugWEB-21991New Node.js debug protocol incompatibilities
BugWEB-21106Cannot change numeric value of Javascript property when stopped in debugger
File WatchersUsabilityWEB-22091Allow multiselection in File Watchers configurable
HTMLBugWEB-313HTML Code Style - insert new line berfore bug
BugWEB-426"onclick" attribute parse bug
BugWEB-9936Strange tab (auto-complete) behaviour in html files.
BugWEB-12182Please remove u-tag decrepated alert
BugWEB-17992HTML5: "autocomplete" tag should accept more values than only "on" or "off"
CosmeticsWEB-430Tag bounds shower is not updated after a single-row tag is selected
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-20920JavaScript completion should be sorted by frequency
FeatureWEB-7522Support JSDoc's @template mechanism on a class level
BugWEB-18548Wrong processing of JSDoc array-parameter fields
BugWEB-21350"get" keyword has wrong highlighting in JavaScript
BugWEB-20919CommonJS: completion shows properties of all exported modules in project
BugWEB-14576Ignore React JS Lifecycle components/properties in JSX files
BugWEB-7504make JSHint error highlighting more prominent
BugWEB-19668let variables within switch-case-default
BugWEB-21560"Replace with Template String" fails if original contains a backtick
BugWEB-15808'Invalid' value in completion
PerformanceWEB-22042IntelliJ IDEA freezes while editing javascript file
CosmeticsWEB-22215Exclude JSDoc from 'assignment' inspection
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-21661Wrong 'Format Code' in React render code
BugWEB-22093Formatter formats a comment despite (enabled) formatter markers telling it not to
BugWEB-22016JavaScript reformatting may corrupt chained method calls mixed with line comments
BugWEB-22003Function Body is Indented Wrong
BugWEB-21972Indentation problems with JavaScript
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-22031angular-ui-router: remove buttons from the chart's toolbar
BugWEB-21677JSX Children PropTypes incorrectly parsed
BugWEB-22184angular-ui-router: UnsupportedOperationException when press cmd+d
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-12565Exempt @class from function naming convention inspection
BugWEB-22116Intentions "Convert var to let", "Convert var to const" freeze large project
BugWEB-7241Destructured assignment in function parameters causes incorrect inspection warnings
BugWEB-22092Invalid "Returned expression type ...not assignable to type ..." error
BugWEB-22228Incorrect "unresolved variable" warning after a destructing assignment from a require() in Node.js
CosmeticsWEB-22029Constant 'if' statement inpection: spelling
Node.jsBugWEB-22102Can't remove Docker node interpreters
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-22053TypeScript 2.0: parse global module export
FeatureWEB-22030TypeScript 2.0: parse never type
FeatureWEB-22032TypeScript 2.0: parse optional class members
FeatureWEB-8658That TypeScript .d.ts files were folded like .js and below .ts files in the Project view
FeatureWEB-22001Auto-imports are wrong when importing from a library that has pathMapping setup
FeatureWEB-22035TypeScript 2.0: parse 'this' function type
FeatureWEB-20897Add support for "allowSyntheticDefaultImports" for Typescript
BugWEB-22213Typescript Auto Import does not work when TS compiler is enabled
BugWEB-22199TypeScript: correctly recognize "public static readonly" statement
BugWEB-21755Re-exported type is not resolved
BugWEB-20886TypeScript: todo's in /** multiline */ comments
BugWEB-22022Optional properties with "readonly" name breaks code validity
BugWEB-16214TypeScript: Structure View needs improvements
BugWEB-22008Incorrect error notification
No subsystemBugJRE-2[IDEA-157673] After opening Preferences first time, controls are not editable, closing dialog leads to it be shown again. + exception thrown
No subsystemBugPY-19573Python console - no output under OS X
VagrantFeaturePY-19781Add 'Vagrant Share' command to Tools > Vagrant
PS specificUsabilityWI-32048Template project: reuse Line Separator from Default settings
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-26365Downloaded file is truncated on outdated size
ExceptionWI-32239UOE at com.jetbrains.plugins.webDeployment.remoteEdit.fs.RemoteVirtualFile.getInputStream
UIBugMPS-24004[Regression] Import model, language actions are hardly applied
No subsystemBugCPP-4692CLion crashes after installing markdown plugins
Code: GenerationFeatureCPP-5435Generate comparison and relational operators
DebuggerFeatureCPP-5528Enable CustomValueRendererFactory in CLion
PerformanceCPP-6592Lazily collect threads and frames on stepping
TaskCPP-6396Rework variables, values and children calculation
Debugger: GDBBugCPP-6744'command timeout' when error happens on the launch on the target
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