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RubyMine 2016.1.2 RC (build 145.1812) Release Notes

No subsystemFeatureRUBY-18127Support code insight in the .ruby-gemset file
Code InsightBugRUBY-17798Yard defined attribute readers don't resolve to attribute name
BugRUBY-17603New method creation quick fix adds a parameter in any cases
HAMLBugRUBY-16293interpolation causes string end to be missed by inspections in haml javascript filter
Plugin ReportsBugRUBY-18163Generate Rails mountable Engine checkbox don't work
RailsFeatureRUBY-17713ActionCable: channel related files
UsabilityRUBY-17921No warning message for user if downloading rails apps from github is failed
Rails. Code InsightFeatureRUBY-17714ActionCable: error highlighting and intention action for a channel
BugRUBY-18017Block and splat parameters are not recognized when using #@!method
RefactoringsBugRUBY-18158Client channel file is not renamed on channel rename
BugRUBY-16917Reformat code adds space before %> in .erb in case of encoding
BugRUBY-16527RenameTable migration doesn't work
Ruby Version ManagersBugRUBY-18122Remove selected for a project gemset from Settings causes exception if use .ruby-gemset
BugRUBY-18021Incorrect .ruby-version configured in RailsApp Sample (plus associated issues)
BugRUBY-14605Need to watch files .ruby-version and .ruby-gemset
SlimBugRUBY-17719Unexpected and duplicated unreachable code inspection
Version Control. LogBugIDEA-155788Colon in IDEA project name causes git log tab to hang

RubyMine 2016.1.2 EAP (build 145.1616) Release Notes

No subsystemBugRUBY-17229attr_writer and attr_accessor not visible in structure view
Code InsightFeatureRUBY-16041Completion in the code for defined yard attributes
DebuggerBugRUBY-17990Non-existent breakpoints getting “hit”
PuppetBugRUBY-18129Puppet: lexer fails on long strings
RailsBugRUBY-17898We need to only show ruby 2.2+ when creating a new Rails API app
TaskRUBY-17795Add Rails API type project into Ruby Plugin
TestsBugRUBY-13615RubyMine does not know about context when running RSpec feature specs
No subsystemBugIDEA-152472Editor looses focus on entering Distraction Free or Presentatipn Modes
BugIDEA-143263Find In Path is not autopopulating a selection from Find Preview window
Java. Intention ActionsBugIDEA-147577Expression type action slightly broken
User InterfaceBugIDEA-156246About font on Windows is hardcoded to Tahoma, doesn't support some glyphs (Chinese)
BugIDEA-153827Log tool window loses focus by TAB.
BugIDEA-152525IDE loses focus after closing toolwindow with a `Alt+[0-9]` shortcut
UsabilityIDEA-156077Empty space instead of CLion app icon when minimize Welcome screen
SASSBugWEB-21764Incorrect "Generated source files should not be edited..." warning
TypeScriptBugWEB-21331Ws generates wrong code for constructor
Code: FormattingBugOC-13555AppCode -encodeWith generation breaks class header formatting

RubyMine 2016.1.2 EAP (build 145.1503) Release Notes

No subsystemBugRUBY-18084"controller#action" string is detected as a single reference to action
TaskRUBY-18010Rbenv options completion
DebuggerBugRUBY-18066Can't install debug gems into JRuby-
JRubyBugRUBY-18064JRuby is treated as language version 2.2 instead of 2.3
RailsBugRUBY-17975Search is not working in the list of RailsApp templates
Rails. Code InsightBugRUBY-17979ActiveRecord::find being marked in inspections as deprecated
RefactoringsBugRUBY-11508Incomplete renaming in rspec tests after controller/model rename
BugRUBY-11511Rename refactoring: doesn't rename in short-hand controller/action declarations "controller#action" in RSpec tests
Ruby Version ManagersFeatureRUBY-17904Highlighting for non-existing gemsets in the .rbenv-gemsets file
BugRUBY-18051Can't run specs with RSpec Run/Debug Configuration if gem rake is installed only in the gemset
BugRUBY-17878Can't close 'Gemset has been changed' action using Apply link
ExceptionRUBY-17947Completion in rbenv-gemsets may throw exception if file from project is inserted
ExceptionRUBY-18012Removing selected for the project rbenv gemset causes exception
No subsystemExceptionIDEA-148715ClassCastException on creating new project
AntBugIDEA-154504Deadlock in AntResourcesClassLoader
CloudsCosmeticsIDEA-151377No space for some elements on clouds configuration screen
Cucumber JVMBugIDEA-152821Allow Cucumber tests run configuration under JDK 7
Find, Replace, Find UsagesFeatureIDEA-150915Find in Path Dialog: Preview tab does allow F4 to jump to source when focus in code preview pane (lower half)
BugIDEA-154525"Find in path"-Action // Previous searches popdown conflicts with live preview
BugIDEA-153014Slow delete performance for results of Find in Path
BugIDEA-151531Amount of matches reported in search bar doesn't correspond to reality
BugIDEA-154342Find Usages: Editor preview should not animate scrolling to the selected line for newly opened file
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-155871Page 'http://localhost:63342/m?jar/resources/inherit.gif' requested without authorization popups
BugIDEA-152606IDEA fails on startup if one of plugins required for ruby or python plugin cannot be loaded
Java. Error HighlightingBugIDEA-151387Good code is red: captured bounds
BugIDEA-155627incorrect "inference variable has incompatible bounds"
Java. RefactoringBugIDEA-153174In-place refactoring of parameter types does none-required searches
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-156078"Open recent project" from Windows taskbar does nothing
Task ManagementBugIDEA-147006Task Manager - Youtrack Server - Wrong values for "update issue state"
Unit Testing. TestNGBugIDEA-153832How to turn off separation test log to each test
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-101222Non-Ascii name of Git branch is displayed incorrectly
BugIDEA-153870Git throws exception on commit if a submodule is not registered in the Settings (even if trying to commit a file from the main repository)
Version Control. SubversionBugIDEA-153710Window drive root problem: names truncated in Version Control view
No subsystemBugWEB-21235Should be possible to attach .jsx files to JavaScript library
Build toolsFeatureWEB-18917Grunt: make file paths clickable in Grunt console when using 'grunt-concurrent' task
BugWEB-18416npm scripts/Gulp/Grunt: cannot add new file via popup with mouse
BugWEB-20220babel syntax error source references do not get resolved as links to source
BugWEB-20560run gulp/grunt/npm task popup does not dissapear if applciation loses focus
BugWEB-20472Gulp Settings menu closes when trying to open the Node interpreter dropdown menu
BugWEB-21246"Cyclic scrolling in list" option doesn't save value if Settings dialog was opened over the opened Grunt/Gulp/npm popup
DebuggerBugWEB-19583Node.js debugging: properties with numeric names are not displayed in the debugger variables
JavaScriptBugWEB-21191"Insert import statement" inserts import statement locally in jsx components
BugWEB-21037Javascript code highlighting of Local and Global Variables overrides more specific highlighting
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-20744ESLint: recognize configuration file in all supported file formats
BugWEB-21387ESLint configuration: auto detect config files with JS/YAML/YML extensions
BugWEB-20613'Run Inspection by name' doesn't found ESLint
BugWEB-21151JSCS Fix doesn't work for .jsx file
Node.jsFeatureWEB-20706NPM script runner - optimize for 'test' keyword
BugWEB-21448A core node.js module is unknown to WS?
BugWEB-21558Node not found, "npm install" fails
BugWEB-21363Please specify npm package
TypeScriptBugWEB-20872Stop appending .ts extension to paths altered during move refactoring in Typescript projects
BugWEB-21013Typecript error "Element is not exported"
BugWEB-21528Good Code Red - angular-cli importing index.ts pattern
BugWEB-21612Chrome not loading ts files after security update
DockerBugPY-19115Always create Docker image and container with PyCharm helpers
PackagingBugPY-18404Not able to install package from devpi repo with old version
Remote InterpretersBugPY-19192Remote debugging path mapping broken, C:/PathC:/Path=/path
BugPY-18520Execution of run configuration fails when default synced folder "." redefined in Vagrantfile
BuildBugOC-13252Multiple issues when using shared DerivedData folder in AppCode and Xcode simultaneously
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-31012Apply button is always available to click in Deployment settings
UsabilityWI-1428On Mac/Linux dialog for SFTP private key file should start at ~/.ssh
EditorUsabilityEDU-591Find in Path - Preview: Keeps refreshing - unuseable

RubyMine 2016.1.1b (build 145.972) Release Notes

IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-155871Page 'http://localhost:63342/m?jar/resources/inherit.gif' requested without authorization popups
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-101222Non-Ascii name of Git branch is displayed incorrectly
TypeScriptBugWEB-21612Chrome not loading ts files after security update
Remote InterpretersBugPY-19192Remote debugging path mapping broken, C:/PathC:/Path=/path
BugPY-18520Execution of run configuration fails when default synced folder "." redefined in Vagrantfile

RubyMine 2016.1.1 (build 145.971) Release Notes

No subsystemBugIDEA-155360Open In Browser : files from library jars cannot be opened
DebuggerBugWEB-19583Node.js debugging: properties with numeric names are not displayed in the debugger variables
BugWEB-21447Attached files (.css, .js) are not served by built-in webserver
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-31012Apply button is always available to click in Deployment settings
UsabilityWI-1428On Mac/Linux dialog for SFTP private key file should start at ~/.ssh

RubyMine 2016.1.1 EAP (build 145.970) Release Notes

No subsystemBugRUBY-17752Take this new project type name 'RailsApps sample'
BugRUBY-17384The Clear All Button(Trash Icon) not work in Debug
CosmeticsRUBY-17557find results in opened singleton classes (class <<) are not labeled properly
DebuggerBugRUBY-17873presence of the debugger console prompt breaks console "Soft Wraps" and "Scroll to the end" options
IDEBugRUBY-17721Warning that ruby-version wasn't found reacts twice in case of RVM
ParsingBugRUBY-17883defined? parsing failure
BugRUBY-17918failure parsing: `def bar(a = 1 || defined? foo)`
BugRUBY-17523ruby syntax error not detected: positional param following named param in method declaration
Rails. Code InsightBugRUBY-17979ActiveRecord::find being marked in inspections as deprecated
Ruby Version ManagersBugRUBY-17949Completion stop working after dash or underscore in the gemsets name
UsabilityRUBY-17927Can't remove gemset in the Ruby SDk and Gems settings
CSSExceptionIDEA-154246Throwable at com.intellij.psi.css.impl.stubs.index.CssIndexUtil.processKeysInScope
Cucumber JVMBugIDEA-152821Allow Cucumber tests run configuration under JDK 7
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-154189cannot create new live template
Editor. Intention ActionsBugIDEA-153614Flip ',' (comma) generates invalid code
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-154525"Find in path"-Action // Previous searches popdown conflicts with live preview
BugIDEA-154342Find Usages: Editor preview should not animate scrolling to the selected line for newly opened file
BugIDEA-151531Amount of matches reported in search bar doesn't correspond to reality
BugIDEA-120337after upgraded to 7.1.2, searching in previous Favorites doesn't work
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-152606IDEA fails on startup if one of plugins required for ruby or python plugin cannot be loaded
User InterfaceBugIDEA-153630gdb console is blinking and adding and deleting scroll bar.
BugIDEA-153753Find by mouse shortcut does not work with mouse button 4/5
No subsystemBugWEB-20597comment generation does not work with es6 default parameter value as regex
BugWEB-21145EditorConfig doesn't respect code formating when path is added
Build toolsBugWEB-20879pressing enter on a gulp file in the gulp run popup should run the default task for that file.
BugWEB-21105gulp/grunt task runner does not wrap around with arrow keys
JavaScriptBugWEB-20633JSDoc: auto generation of comment is broken if "*/" is present as string
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-21068Angular2: don't show 'XML tag has empty body' warning for Angular directives in inline templates
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-21164ESLint: custom severity chosen for ESLint inspection is ignored
TypeScriptBugWEB-21090Incorrect autoformat tsx code
BugWEB-21107erroneous "private member is not accessible" warning in ng2 app
BugWEB-21087[TypeScript] False error when initializing an array of objects with string literal types
BugWEB-21079'Add import statement' quick fix for Typescript ignores 'use single quotes' setting
BugWEB-21172Initializer type any[]<Foo> is not assignable to variable type Foo[]
DockerBugPY-19115Always create Docker image and container with PyCharm helpers
PackagingBugPY-18404Not able to install package from devpi repo with old version
BuildBugOC-13252Multiple issues when using shared DerivedData folder in AppCode and Xcode simultaneously
PHP langUsabilityWI-31374Forbid to invoke rename refactoring on links
EditorUsabilityEDU-591Find in Path - Preview: Keeps refreshing - unuseable
BuildBugCPP-6325No linker error output in the message tool window

RubyMine 2016.1.1 EAP (build 145.844) Release Notes

HAMLBugRUBY-17773haml [] parsing problem
ParsingBugRUBY-16234splatted arguments (* and **) without parens are not parsed as arguments which also screws up block indentation
No subsystemBugIDEA-153364Warning 'Cannot modify read-only scheme' when no one setting is changed
ExceptionIDEA-153534AE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.view.EditorSizeManager.reset(
Code Analysis. DependenciesBugIDEA-141154Backward dependency analysis broken for external libraries
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-153571"Run inspection by name" ignores file name filter
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-153586Backspace setting gets overwritten with every release
BugIDEA-152736IntelliJ IDEA refuses to print with no space between cast (unchecked cast)
UsabilityIDEA-126952Scratches should have an extension
Find, Replace, Find UsagesFeatureIDEA-152756Add Quick Search ("Search for:") in "Find in path" > "Preview"
Unit Testing. JUnitBugIDEA-152905with ErrorCollector: misleading count of failed tests
Version ControlBugIDEA-153272Files are lost during the movement of unversioned files to overwrite existing files with same names
BugIDEA-153453Copying file inside project doesn't refresh the status of the new file
UsabilityIDEA-114505Changes tool window forgets preview toggle and has no file selected by default
UsabilityIDEA-153759Commit dialog doesn't remember "Disable editing" toggle state
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-153464Weird character ([) in commit warning box
Version Control. LogBugIDEA-148029"go to branch" goes to wrong branch with the same prefix
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-1535232016.1 does not detect external changes in the VCS repository
BugIDEA-153603Show Diff (Compare) doesn't work for renamed uncommitted files
No subsystemBugWEB-20528Incorrect "Generated source files should not be edited..." warning randomly appears for source files with are NOT generated
BugWEB-20597comment generation does not work with es6 default parameter value as regex
Build toolsBugWEB-20914Console does not detect windows-style paths in TypeScript errors
BugWEB-20914Console does not detect windows-style paths in TypeScript errors
BugWEB-20110gulp tasks should be listed in the order they are defined by default
CSSBugWEB-20885CSS/SCSS: "Unit of measure 's' is redundant" on time property for transition-duration
BugWEB-21116Unknown CSS pseudo selector ::-moz-range-progress
BugWEB-21024CSS: show *.svg images in file completion inside 'url' property
CosmeticsWEB-21078CSS: correct typo ('rigth') in info tooltip
DebuggerBugWEB-21050No additional tabs are opened when debugging child processes when using Node 0.10
BugWEB-20997No-breakpoints hit in typescript sources when running jest via node debug configuration
BugWEB-20340JavaScript debugger doesn't show "this" reference with ES6 fat arrows
File WatchersBugWEB-9946WebStorm hangs when a less file-watcher tries to compile malformed less code
BugWEB-13459File Watchers, SCSS: no separate .css files produced for partials if 'track only root files' is off
BugWEB-20021SCSS file watcher not working
BugWEB-20970check for related changes from File Watchers took too much time and was cancelled
JavaScriptBugWEB-20633JSDoc: auto generation of comment is broken if "*/" is present as string
BugWEB-20727Destructurization within catch
BugWEB-19187JSDoc mixin and mixes don't allow variables/functions to be followable
BugWEB-20933Do not add .jsx file extension when completing the paths in the import statements
BugWEB-20686strange property name autocomplete behaviour
BugWEB-20680ES6 unicode code points escape sequences are not supported in strings
BugWEB-20362refactor move file & import from 'package/file'
BugWEB-20797Wrong message "overrides method in Object" (again)
CosmeticsWEB-20602Extra items in quick-fix list: suppress suppression
JavaScript. FormatterFeatureWEB-19601Opt-out new indentation rules in JavaScript
BugWEB-20874Reformat code with async and single parameter arrow function without parenthesis
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-21068Angular2: don't show 'XML tag has empty body' warning for Angular directives in inline templates
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-20664Adding a JSDoc inline type triggers a completely unrelated and wrong inspection warning (possible misinterpretation of ES 2015 spread operator)
BugWEB-20745Regression: ES 2015 "const" and destructuring assignment cause an inspection error in the latest EAP for 2016.1
JavaScript. PredefsBugWEB-20708JSON.stringify has wrong parameter type def for replacer
BugWEB-20208Ecmascript 2016: Array.prototype.includes is unknown
LESSBugWEB-20842Code coloring for .less files phpStorm 2016.1
Node.jsBugWEB-20748WebStorm doesn't like the "sql" npm module
BugWEB-20311Remote interpreter: keyboard Escape/Enter keys should work for dialog with Error message.
CosmeticsWEB-21002Typo in npm command list
SASSFeatureWEB-21073Copyright comment format starting with /*!
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-20984include typescript 1.8.9
BugWEB-20895TypeScript: Incorrect merging for types with generics
BugWEB-20887Typescript incorrect resolve amd imports with project modules
BugWEB-20934Properties with "readonly" name breaks code validity
BugWEB-21107erroneous "private member is not accessible" warning in ng2 app
BugWEB-20961TypeScript: Path mappings: rootDirs should resolve relative path
BugWEB-20962TypeScript: Path mappings: recognize any baseUrl
BugWEB-20942No completion for paths for angular2 modules
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-31168Unable to save settings after upgrade to 2016.1

RubyMine 2016.1 (build 145.597) Release Notes

CucumberBugRUBY-17250NoMethodError: undefined method `step_name' Cucumber >= 2.1.0
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-18276Inject 'JSX Harmony' in script tag with type="text/babel"

RubyMine 2016.1 RC (build 145.596) Release Notes

No subsystemBugRUBY-17833Map help buttons of the debugger settings
Code InsightFeatureRUBY-17830Quickfix for converting heredocs: <<- to <<~ and back
DebuggerBugRUBY-17902BasicObject inspections disrupt the debugger (failure to break, failure to collect data for inspections)
BugRUBY-17581debugger step out is broken
CosmeticsRUBY-17801'Do not step into library scripts' for JavaScript in RubyMine
IDEBugRUBY-17943Icon of the button 'Pin tab' is not shown in the run tool window if run any actions of Bundler
BugRUBY-17813Horizontal scrollbar blinks in debug tool window, Rails/IRB console
BugRUBY-17247Completion for gemsets doesn't work if first letter is already typed
UsabilityRUBY-17884Rails app sample description is not shown until select
ExceptionRUBY-17882Selection of rails samples in the wizard Create new Project causes NPE
ParsingExceptionRUBY-17919Cannot open an .rb.erb template file in the editor. Parser crashes.
RailsBugRUBY-17783Refactoring Rename doesn't rename channel's method in coffee template
BugRUBY-16978Cannot create controller with namespace
UsabilityRUBY-17748Don't allow to create a new application if Rails version is not selected
RakeFeatureRUBY-17900Rails commands instead of Rake commands
RefactoringsBugRUBY-17574Extract Constant causes exception
BugRUBY-17421Extract variable can cause unrelated local variables renamed
RubyGemsBugRUBY-17852rubygems not detected for some SDKs
SlimBugRUBY-17861[Slim] Cursor jumps to line start if hitting enter inline
BugRUBY-17859Slim parses * as splat operator when it is none
No subsystemBugIDEA-152295StringUtil.pluralize() is incorrect
BugIDEA-152596Save settings failed. kotlin.TypeCastException: null cannot be cast to non-null type kotlin.ByteArray
BugIDEA-146638Customize IDEA dialog for Community Edition suggests Java Frameworks like J2EE, Spring, JBoss Seam & jBPM, Struts
BugIDEA-142781Scroll preview
BugIDEA-152460Open on Github breaks when repo is on drive root
DockerBugIDEA-152569Docker: High memory usage
Java. RefactoringBugIDEA-151634Invert Boolean incorrectly modifies boolean variable of enhanced FOR cycle
BugIDEA-152126Safe delete of method parameter should warn about usages in method references
Java.InspectionsBugIDEA-151971Declaration redundancy inspection flags serialVersionUID and Serializable-related methods
Plugin Support. DevKitBugIDEA-147611Live Preview: Editing stops working after editing BNF
TerminalBugIDEA-152291ALT , CTRL characters in terminal window can not type on MAC
UsabilityIDEA-135527Start SSH Session Dialog with weird sorting
User InterfaceBugIDEA-70943Tooltip animations and buggy visibility are exceedingly frustrating
BugIDEA-152939deadlock on 16 EAP 144.2925.2 startup
BugIDEA-153084IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1 requires acceptance of privacy policy each time I run IDEA
CosmeticsIDEA-148970Unprintable symbols in Customize Idea wizard
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-153021Git : Update Project doesn't refresh the cached repository information if there were no incoming commits to the current branch
BugIDEA-151547Git commit error dialog locks the IDE if the text is too big
BugIDEA-152678Regression: Committing externally does not Update File State Correctly
BugIDEA-152902Git4Idea doesn't work on windows if home directory contains whitespaces
BugIDEA-152101Error while "Accepting Theirs" in merge dialog when theirs version was deleted.
BugIDEA-152430Removing remote branch no longer offers to remove its tracking local branch
BugIDEA-151317Square brackets in file name cause problems with git
No subsystemBugWEB-20882Preserve setting `toggle auto-test` between IDEA restarts
BugWEB-19970WebStorm unexpectedly inserts lots of whitespace into string literals
DartBugWEB-20759WebStorm unresponsive when html_dartium.dart is opened
DebuggerBugWEB-20807With WebStorm latest, I am sometimes getting an error of Connection failed 404
HTMLBugWEB-17406HTML-style comment syntax within a javascript comment breaks comment end detection
JavaScriptBugWEB-20751Javascript 'Optimize imports' changes order
BugWEB-20426export default function gives "Unused function" and "Unresolved variables"
BugWEB-20494JSDoc @see symbol autocompletion not working inside constructor function
BugWEB-20651Infinite indexing loop
BugWEB-20788Tagged template literals is not support in PHP Storm.
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-20491Spaces around 'in' operator are trimmed if Spaces/Around operators/Relation operators is disabled
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-20534Duplicate declaration when using computed property names with function values
BugWEB-20138ES6: reassign const variable
BugWEB-20117Redundant local variable inspection for JavaScript incorrectly identifies variable that is required.
Node.jsExceptionWEB-20643Remote interpreter: NullPointerException on applying empty Vagrant configuration
SASSBugWEB-20545Compass: headings() selector helper is highlighted as unknown function
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-20439Support upcoming TS 1.9 pathMapping semantics
FeatureWEB-16676Show "File -> New -> Typescript File" not only in Static Web Projects
BugWEB-18352Typescript: module resolution logic wrong. Analyzer ignores `typings` entry in sud-modules `package.json` when targeting commonjs
BugWEB-18835TypeScript: Autoformatting does not put spaces after colon before type in interfaces
BugWEB-20625Convert to template string intention should work in TypeScript
BugWEB-20743TypeScript type "import" is not added although it not present
BugWEB-20838String literal type doesn't work with array
BugWEB-20908File header comment block breaks indentation when using modules in TypeScript and WS2016.1
BugWEB-20894Good Code Red: TypeScript definition files
BugWEB-20684redudant semicolon in extract method refactoring
BugWEB-16951TypeScript: "Unused parameter"
BugWEB-20849TypeScript: constructor parameters with decorators are always wrapped on formatting
BugWEB-13906forEach with <any> array marks inner object methods as unresolved
BugWEB-20865Good Code Red RxJS in TypeScript
PerformanceWEB-19847WebStorm crashes caused by large TypeScript project when unresolved types introduced
ExceptionWEB-17532TypeScript: subsequent visibility changes with "Make public/private/protected" intentions breaks themselves
User InterfaceBugDBE-1242Having focus in "Database Console" and pressing "close tab" with CMD-w always closes SQL console instead
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-15606SFTP: some servers do not support id command
UsabilityWI-4825FTP deployment: Warn when uploading over newer file: provide ability to apply Overwrite/Merge/Skip command to all conflicting files

RubyMine 2016.1 Beta (build 145.256) Release Notes

Code InsightFeatureRUBY-17830Quickfix for converting heredocs: <<- to <<~ and back
IDEExceptionRUBY-17807Already disposed exception with JRuby application
ExceptionRUBY-17882Selection of rails samples in the wizard Create new Project causes NPE
InspectionsBugRUBY-17806Extra inspection 'Hash type is expected' in Gemfile
RailsBugRUBY-16978Cannot create controller with namespace
BugRUBY-17783Refactoring Rename doesn't rename channel's method in coffee template
SlimBugRUBY-17861[Slim] Cursor jumps to line start if hitting enter inline
BugRUBY-17859Slim parses * as splat operator when it is none
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-152061Ability to set default project location
TaskIDEA-149458Support for parallel update campaigns in a single channel
Task ManagementBugIDEA-136499"Open Task" command and GitLab issues: uses internal (DB global) issue id instead of issue number (project local)
Version Control. LogUsabilityIDEA-152442"Go To Hash/Branch/Tag" button is missing
Version Control. MercurialPerformanceIDEA-152392Freezes when hg has many roots (JDK project)
Version Control. SubversionBugIDEA-146178Subversion fails during check of file by invalid path
Build toolsBugWEB-18581npm scripts: Debug should be available only for script with node process
HTMLBugWEB-20527Error: Cannot resolve file
BugWEB-10645Wrong case in HTML autocomplete
JavaScriptBugWEB-20494JSDoc @see symbol autocompletion not working inside constructor function
BugWEB-20426export default function gives "Unused function" and "Unresolved variables"
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-20443JSHint: support new options inside .jshintrc file and JSHint UI
BugWEB-20117Redundant local variable inspection for JavaScript incorrectly identifies variable that is required.
BugWEB-20138ES6: reassign const variable
BugWEB-20559es6: destructuring assignment in for of loop result in restructured variables incorrectly being marked as 'might not be initialized'
BugWEB-20534Duplicate declaration when using computed property names with function values
Node.jsExceptionWEB-20643Remote interpreter: NullPointerException on applying empty Vagrant configuration
TypeScriptBugWEB-20625Convert to template string intention should work in TypeScript
BugWEB-18835TypeScript: Autoformatting does not put spaces after colon before type in interfaces
BugWEB-18352Typescript: module resolution logic wrong. Analyzer ignores `typings` entry in sud-modules `package.json` when targeting commonjs
PerformanceWEB-19847WebStorm crashes caused by large TypeScript project when unresolved types introduced
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-30881Key passphrase is used as a password in case key file is invalid or passphrase doesn't match it
ExceptionWI-30645Remote Host Access: null pointer exception with copy and paste
No subsystemBugKT-8592"Choose Sources" fails with Kotlin files

RubyMine 8.5 8th EAP (build 145.184) Release Notes

EditingBugRUBY-14099Heredocs in .html.erb files continually formatted incorrectly
HAMLBugRUBY-17827haml: doesn't recognize ">"
MarkdownBugRUBY-17536Pressing Enter in MD file moves cursor to beginning
RailsUsabilityRUBY-17716ActionCable: channel rails generator dialog
RefactoringsFeatureRUBY-17639Safe navigation adoption quickfix
Ruby. FormatterBugRUBY-5640Indentation inside heredoc content
No subsystemBugIDEA-152154Cucumber.js plugin - Navigation from feature file to steps file fails
BugIDEA-152168Avoid word IDEA only, write IntelliJ IDEA instead
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-151709duplicate code inspection false positive: switch
Cucumber JVMBugIDEA-152026cucumber runner: broken toolwindow
DecompilerFeatureIDEA-151265Show the difference between .class and a source automatically
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-152048RTL support: Strings including "\\" are getting mixed and not aligned properly
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-148519Find in Path Directory dropdown makes it impossible to distinguish between long paths
UsabilityIDEA-150397"Find in path" dialog "Text to find" dropdown glitch when tab is hit
Plugin Support. ArchitectureBugIDEA-150127IDEA fails to launch after installing a plugin
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-151598Diffs not shown for files in a Git worktree of a bare repository
BugIDEA-151690Git Worktrees: review all usages of GitRepositoryImpl & substitute by GitRepositoryFiles
Version Control. SubversionBugIDEA-149737SVN Merge from trunk not working
CSSFeatureWEB-14124Support for CSS Custom Properties
DebuggerBugWEB-20446eval()debug: TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined at t.describeProperties
File WatchersBugWEB-20533FileWatcher not respecting scope
JavaScriptBugWEB-19174Unexpected "expression expected" syntax error for jsx code
ExceptionWEB-20487JSON Schema: system and local schemas are clashing and hanging IDE
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-20258New line indentation for chained methods inconsistent with chained method indentation setting
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-20496Weird code highlighting for Angular2 inline templates
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-20431Missing module inspection doesn't work if there's any import statement already
Node.jsFeatureWEB-20401Node.js interpreters: provide "Set as Project Interpreter" context action for local interpreters
SASSBugWEB-19838Format frontmatter in scss yields incorrect result
TypeScriptBugWEB-20209Typescript: invalid handling reserved keywords in interface declaration
BugWEB-19101TypeScript "Add to tsconfig.json" intent is not available for imports
BugWEB-20474jsx syntax in tsx files formatted incorrectly
BugWEB-19421Typescript: import from folder requires pass "index"
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-30448Allow to control encoding for FTPS servers

RubyMine 8.5 7th EAP (build 145.61) Release Notes

No subsystemBugRUBY-17804Remove 'Rails' prefix of rails related projects templates on welcome screen
Code NavigationBugIDEA-151736Cannot open link in javadoc
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-151495Wrong result when use regexp in "find in path"
JavaScript. DebuggerExceptionIDEA-151752CCE at com.jetbrains.javascript.debugger.PsiVisitorKt.getLambdaPosition
User InterfaceBugIDEA-151765HiDPI display: small code analysis icons in the editor
DebuggerFeatureWEB-20266Debugging Service workers
BugWEB-20179conditional breakpoint disappeared
BugWEB-19469Debugger crashing on eval() if exception breakpoints are enabled
BugWEB-20242Web Worker: Main thread does not have name in 'Frames'
JavaScriptBugWEB-20083CommonJS: properties of the object returned by exported module not resolved/suggested by completion
BugWEB-20367JSON Schema: provide validation warning for the file under several schemas
BugWEB-19991Support 'export module from' syntax
BugWEB-20410Code completion for typed function arguments gets confused
BugWEB-19378Inspection oddities when using modules
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-20427Formatter produces strange result with ES 2015 destructuring function parameters on multiple lines
ExceptionWEB-20285IOOBE on creating Line Comment in the end of JS/TS file
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-19323Update JSCS support
BugWEB-17652Incorrect arguments types check with inheritance
BugWEB-20122TSLint: update some rules and options
Node.jsBugWEB-20411Remote interpreter: Deployment server with project visibility prevents interpreter creation
CosmeticsWEB-19885Cut a long path in the Node.js interpreter field in the middle
TypeScriptBugWEB-20406Type guards for 'any' are not supported
BugWEB-20440Broken export deconstructor from import validation @v144.2925.4
BugWEB-20417WebStorm 12 editor shows incorrect TypeScript compilation errors

RubyMine 8.5 6th EAP (build 144.4199) Release Notes

Code InsightBugRUBY-1827Tuple of variables used as a block parameter is unresolved
CucumberBugRUBY-17541Cucumber tests run correctly, but reporting of results is wrong
Plugin ReportsBugRUBY-17675Library bigdecimal already exist error doesn't allow select any SDK for module
RailsBugRUBY-17785Can't destroy Channel
Rails. Code InsightBugRUBY-17815go to declaration for has_many associations does not work
No subsystemBugIDEA-151469ImplementingFunctional2x.png is not used because it is named with capital letter
BugIDEA-151656ProgressableTextEditorHighlightingPass breaks (at least) Inifinitest plugin
CosmeticsIDEA-115916Tab bug : graphical and not only
ExceptionIDEA-151601Too many events posted
Code NavigationBugIDEA-128907Goto declaration in code fragment opens new editor
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-22363Diff Window in Ignore Whitespace Mode: Says "No Difference" Even If Threr're Ignored Differences
BugIDEA-144276Diff view shows "no differences" message when "Do not highlight" option is set
BugIDEA-151526No annotate action is enabled in "Compare with..." dialog for repository version
BugIDEA-151524Strange error and exception in log if try to annotate diff for newly added file(from local changes)
BugIDEA-151521Assertion error on try to annotate diff for local changes(in case one line)
DockerBugIDEA-151572Docker: rename Settings / Clouds item to 'Docker' if it's the only cloud available
Editor. Editing TextUsabilityIDEA-151393Changed order of intentions
File SystemTaskIDEA-103559File sync issues on paths containing non-ASCII characters
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-151560Map help button to the specified id
Java. RefactoringBugIDEA-151556Exception when preview Invert Boolean refactoring and name is a duplicate
BugIDEA-151581'Cannot modify compiled element' exception when rename standard method in 'Invert Boolean' refactoring
BugIDEA-151448Invert Boolean refactor base method warning: cancellation causes odd warning message
UsabilityIDEA-151501Invert Boolean refactoring: cannot correct incorrect identifier
Java.InspectionsBugIDEA-151423Replace all anonymous with lambda does not replace all on first invocation
Plugin Support. ArchitectureBugIDEA-151593Cannot run platform tests in plugin project
TerminalFeatureIDEA-117485Support Find in Terminal panel
UsabilityIDEA-151339Terminal swallows keyboard shortcuts
User InterfaceBugIDEA-151515Goto Action sorts incorrectly
BugIDEA-142106Quick documentation popup always minimized
Version ControlBugIDEA-151632"Move to another changelist" shortcut key is not working!
Version Control. LogBugIDEA-147977Bug in drawing selected edges
BugIDEA-149285VCS Log: details panel has no horizontal scrollbar
BugIDEA-139989VCS Log: Structure filter: can't select folder not under any module
ExceptionIDEA-149987Completion in Go To Ref/Tag/Branch popup frequently throws an Already Disposed exception
No subsystemFeatureWEB-20263Enable Fill Paragraph for JS
BugWEB-17148Structural replace broken
BugWEB-20244Foundation 6 not updated yet in new version. How do you do this manually?
BugWEB-20245Strings in require() statements are spell-checked
BugWEB-20041In Angular2, inside a Template, doing cont-/ to comment produces // comment instead of <!-- HTML type comment
BugWEB-18650Structural search and replace doesn't work in JavaScript
BugWEB-20002Template sring `${new Date().getTime()}${Math.random()}` breaks syntax higlighting
CSSFeatureWEB-150CSS completion of ID/CLASS name of html files in the project
FeatureWEB-16792Support WebPack specific import statements
FeatureWEB-14124Support for CSS Custom Properties
BugWEB-20333HiDPI display: small gutter icon for CSS color preview
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-20252Support trailing commas in function parameter lists and calls
BugWEB-20251Corrective auto-complete produces unexpected results
BugWEB-20237Export foo as default gives issues
BugWEB-20127Merge duplicates in parameter info
BugWEB-20188No argument hinting for IIFE (Javascript)
BugWEB-20186CommonJS: no parameter info shown for constructor reference used as exported module property
BugWEB-20191Convert to ES6 template works incorrectly
BugWEB-17446Wrong message "overrides method in object" in node.js project
BugWEB-20261Wrong 'Replace with template string' intention inside angular message
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-20190ES6 imports: suggest to install [with npm] modules metioned in from clause
BugWEB-20281Inspections: disable "Missing module dependency" for TypeScript ES6-style imports
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-20054Create Function Definition feature does not use selected scope - always creates it in global scope
LESSBugWEB-13651LESS not using web resource root directory
Node.jsBugWEB-20033don't warn about "missing import statement" / "require() call is missing" for mocha describe/it methods
BugWEB-20304Hide Remote interpreters from the Node.js and NPM Settings/Preferences
BugWEB-20306Node Interpreters: auto fill in path to the npm package on the Windows
BugWEB-20060Scratches don't recognise project installed NPM modules - Defective behaviour
ExceptionWEB-20303Remote interpreter: IAE is thrown on Canceling the Added Remote configuration
SASSFeatureWEB-13028SASS/SCSS + Compass regular CSS import syntax
BugWEB-19743"cannot resolve sass into sass/scss file" warning is not relevant with sass globbing pattern resolver importer in project
BugWEB-19458SCSS: use "java-resource" root when resolving SCSS import paths
BugWEB-19176Sass @import of css file without extension doesn't resolve
BugWEB-9251Compass support: correctly update imports on Refactor-Move
TypeScriptBugWEB-20323Typescript: 'export default class' expects a name
BugWEB-20229TypeScript `this` parameter type is not resolved as actual type
BugWEB-20291Refactor: Extract Field: Type should be calculated and applied in method/constructor scopes
BugWEB-20079TypeScript field creation intent generates field with wrong name
BugWEB-20315Ugly tsx autoformat code
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-30337Deployment server with invalid port is saved, but not correctly displayed

RubyMine 8.5 5th EAP (build 144.3891) Release Notes

No subsystemFeatureRUBY-17793Select first RailsApp is the list
BugRUBY-17751Support groups for project templates e.g. 'Rails', 'Web'
BugRUBY-17780Description of samples is editable
CosmeticsRUBY-17757Strange dialog title
HAMLBugRUBY-12007haml: cant go to class declaration if node have 2+ classes
BugRUBY-15540Ruby HAML plugin is identifying valid attributes as invalid
ParsingBugRUBY-15106Ruby 1.9 deprecation warning in Rails project
RailsExceptionRUBY-17788Editing channel's coffee template might throw assertions, then Rails view is unavailable
No subsystemFeatureIDEA-135255new Predefined Function "dashesToCamelCase()" to Use in Live Template Variables
BugIDEA-143282JBoss Arquillian + IPR project format: IAE at StateStorageManagerImpl.expandMacros()
BugIDEA-148512Regression: Import/Export Settings no longer supports 'Remote Tools' after upgrade to IntelliJ 15
BugIDEA-151256Unable to switch boot JDK in minor IDEs
ExceptionIDEA-149660IAE at com.intellij.configurationStore.StateStorageManagerImpl.expandMacro
ExceptionIDEA-150925IAE at com.intellij.openapi.fileEditor.impl.EditorComposite.<init>
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-151242Run Inspection by Name scope dialog has no default button anymore
Code NavigationFeatureIDEA-151405More flexible go to file and line action
FeatureIDEA-111332Navigate file doesn't understand line number
CosmeticsIDEA-137806got to file and line using file(number) syntax along with file:number
DebuggerBugIDEA-149017Process list implementation does not provide correct executable names for applications with spaces in their paths
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-150929Command line " diff" does not work if idea is not running
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-145479Live Templates: reverse of underscoresTo*() functions
BugIDEA-151182AWT freeze after git pull
File SystemBugIDEA-151155Standalone inspections fails on Windows
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-140074Find in Path not working in jar file paths - Directory scope not working as before
HTMLBugIDEA-151185Thymeleaf namespace declaration not recognised in script tag
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-151084'Gradle' and 'Maven' items are always shown in results of searching in Keymap by shortcut
BugIDEA-134815File templates: can't create templates from file without extension
CosmeticsIDEA-148604White box in Keyboard Shortcut dialog in Preferences | Keymap
Java. RefactoringCosmeticsIDEA-151127Change Class Signature, add type parameter, preview with missing default value warns about missing type
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-151029Project Structure: "Invalid item in the dependencies list" tooltip has &lt &gt html entities instead of < >
Project ViewBugIDEA-151067Project view forces slow single threaded file scanning
TerminalBugIDEA-143004Full-width character is not displayed correctly in SSH terminal.
BugIDEA-113214Alt+Backspace, Ctrl+Right and Ctrl+Left don't work in Terminal
BugIDEA-128332Embedded terminal window character encoding problems
User InterfaceBugIDEA-151325LayeredIcon is scaled wrong in editor gutter
BugIDEA-151303Unneeded inner tab border
BugIDEA-151337NPE at com.intellij.openapi.application.ModalityState.current( when setting Theme on sartup
Version ControlUsabilityIDEA-117462History For Selection: no issue links in message/details panel
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-151317Square brackets in file name cause problems with git
BugIDEA-98992Problem with GIT, Translated Messages
UsabilityIDEA-111929Make temp dir customizable if the default one is mounted as nonexec
Version Control. LogUsabilityIDEA-142375Mousewheel scrolling in Git commit details pane is slow
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-130621HG problems with different locales, Translated Messages.
Version Control. PerforceCosmeticsIDEA-148401Perforce: EditJobs dialog looks bad in case of multiple connections
XMLFeatureIDEA-150753Make 'Collapse empty tag' quick fix available for tags with whitespace contents
CSSFeatureWEB-20101Support file structure for inline styles
CoffeeScriptExceptionWEB-20180Defining getter in CoffeeScript class throws error
DebuggerFeatureWEB-7986Debug web workers
BugWEB-20141Freezing, StackOverflow and many other errors when run JS debugger
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-16359Intention for converting string concatenation into ES6 template string
CosmeticsWEB-201812 actions with same icon
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-20147False positive "Add missing import"
BugWEB-20225Enable "Missing import statement" inspection for JSX/Flow language versions
BugWEB-20153WebStorm code inspector: 'Interface can not be instantiated' for new Error('ErrorMessage') and for new Buffer(). NodeJs scope ls enabled.
BugWEB-20156Missing import inspection: suggest importing CommonJS modules
BugWEB-20157Missing import inspection: can't import several symbols from one file
Node.jsBugWEB-20161"Require() call is missing" inspection: correctly insert require inside inline JavaScript in HTML
BugWEB-20061Remote interpreter: handle external changes in path mappings
BugWEB-20194Remote interpreter: disable "remove" action for inherited path mappings
SASSBugWEB-20198Color scheme settings are ignored for Scss line comments (double slash)
Remote InterpretersBugPY-18437Project interpreters based on deployment configurations listed with invalid names
No subsystemBugOC-13141QuickLook plugin breaks AppCode debugger in AppCode 3.4 EAP

RubyMine 8.5 4th EAP (build 144.3600) Release Notes

No subsystemTaskRUBY-17755Templates list should be sorted by popularity, e.g. by stars
TaskRUBY-17754Show short description of selected template
Code InsightBugRUBY-17707YARD-defined symbols are not resolved to
IDEBugRUBY-17636Can't uncheck rbenv gemset
Rails. Code InsightBugRUBY-17715ActionCable: navigation to channel action from JS
Rails. Project ViewFeatureRUBY-17712ActionCable: add channels to Rails Project View
No subsystemFeatureIDEA-147176Create "lowercaseAndDash" function for live templates
FeatureIDEA-135255new Predefined Function "dashesToCamelCase()" to Use in Live Template Variables
BugIDEA-148696Contextual menu won't close
BugIDEA-95941Commit message Ctrl+Space completion of class name - stops working for the second line of the message
BugIDEA-151033Usability issue with multiple block carets
CosmeticsIDEA-150957Gutter grows abnormally when increasing line spacing in editor font settings
DebuggerBugIDEA-150317Debugger: Evaluate dialog: Expression Mode button shows wrong mnemonic
Diff_MergeFeatureIDEA-16394Option to turn off inspections in diff window
Editor. Code CompletionBugIDEA-113393Live Template variable skipped when its default value contains a dash
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-150819Keymap - multiple identical shortcuts for the same action
BugIDEA-150505Underlines characters invisibles
BugIDEA-150132When selecting and dragging text to "watches" most of the time the editor will start scrolling down and marking the whole text automatically.
BugIDEA-151013"Move statements right and left" works unreliably in XSLT
PerformanceIDEA-150848Editor leak in AccessibleEditorComponentImpl
UsabilityIDEA-150389Remove the term "Platform" from the UI
Editor. Intention ActionsFeatureIDEA-150587Ability to click on links from inspections above the Editor using keyboard
File SystemBugIDEA-150199cannot create file with non-ascii characters in name
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-149094Show usages popup speed search issues
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-130605Import Settings: "Select Components to Import" dialog has some unreadable items
BugIDEA-150830Edit Custom VM Options propose to create idea64.vmoptions file instead of idea.vmoptions on OSX
ExceptionIDEA-148289NPE at com.intellij.ide.passwordSafe.config.PasswordSafeConfigurable.isModified
Java. Code CompletionBugIDEA-123294Make live templates for statement work properly inside shorten variant of lambda expression
Java. Intention ActionsBugIDEA-148839Unbounded generic code generated
JavaEE. Deployment and RunBugIDEA-144313Redeploy "null" message
Packaging and InstallationTaskIDEA-141023Bundle JRE with minor IDEs
Project ViewBugIDEA-143457Project View presentation of a module looses bold font face when there is an error inside
RefactoringBugIDEA-150775Deleting any file, IDEA wants to check out every file in project
User InterfaceUsabilityIDEA-148456Regression: Remote SSH External Tools no longer appearing in Action dialog after upgrade to IntelliJ 15
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-119269Git: Show history by selection - no way to copy the commit hash
FeatureIDEA-89348"Show history for selection" dialog: lack of "Show All Affected Paths" action
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-143404Support git worktree feature
Version Control. LogBugIDEA-146846Vcs log root filter: Ctrl+Click should be Cmd+Click on Mac
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-150091Can not disable the plugin hg4idea
Version Control. PerforceBugIDEA-150303Default p4 path doesn't work when running IDEA from JetBrains Toolbox on MacOS
XMLFeatureIDEA-150753Make 'Collapse empty tag' quick fix available for tags with whitespace contents
No subsystemBugWEB-20052Emmet: abbreviations with multiplication are not expanded in JSX context
BugWEB-18541Reformat code during commit unminifies minified CSS files
BugWEB-14867Extra space added to jQuery statements
ExceptionWEB-20107Code inspection not working in latest EAP
CoffeeScriptUsabilityWEB-19987CoffeeScript preview fails with "Exception raised during CoffeeScript compilation"
DebuggerBugWEB-20141Freezing, StackOverflow and many other errors when run JS debugger
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-20078Complete string literals where they expected
FeatureWEB-20003Auto Completion for ES6 String Interpolation Doesn't Work
BugWEB-20038E4X path navigation expressions that use namespace qualification are incorrectly flagged as not supported
BugWEB-19500JSDoc: Erroneous message "Returned expression type ... is not assignable to type ...."
BugWEB-19280JSDoc inline types: Problem with ES 2015 arrow functions with one parameter and no parenthesis syntax
BugWEB-20094JSX: incorrect 'unused import warning' if component binding is unresolved
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-19589React: Refactor - Rename of component doesn't work properly with default exports
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-20147False positive "Add missing import"
BugWEB-19487missing AMD warning for 'console' and 'document'
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-20035Inline doesn't work on class methods
SASSBugWEB-20100Inline sass: problem with @import
BugWEB-20070Inline SCSS: quick-fix 'Expand css shorthand property' enter extra spaces
BugWEB-20068Inline scss: problem with @charset
BugWEB-20069Inline scss: missing highlighting for some keywords
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-20095Update typescript compiler to 1.8.0beta
BugWEB-19222no content awar move down/up in TypeScript
BugWEB-14301Don't work auto resolve types in classes
IDE.User InterfaceUsabilityDBE-2195Make SQL dialect selection dialog keyboard-friendly
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-30530Ambiguous rename file process triggered on file upload (SFTP)
ExceptionWI-30531Exception on remote interpreters configuration without a project

RubyMine 8.5 3rd EAP (build 144.3357) Release Notes

No subsystemBugRUBY-17678Get rid of rbenv gemsets feature flag
ExceptionRUBY-17663Project is not yet initialized error with exception if gemset pointed in the ruby-gemset is not exist
Code InsightBugRUBY-17267No autocompletion for ’type’ reserved word in annotations & YARD directives
RailsExceptionRUBY-17724Registered post-startup activity that will never be run assertion after opening a new project
SlimBugRUBY-17473*a_method_return_hash syntax is not supported in Slim
Code Formatting and Code StyleBugIDEA-146984Lot of Java color options doesn't inherit from Language Default
BugIDEA-150768Java fields are shown as plain identifiers if custom color scheme is used
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-23487Parameter Shifting like Method Shifting
FeatureIDEA-147003Provide syntax aware 'move left'/'move right' actions
BugIDEA-149817IntelliJ: Cannot navigate from usage to declaration of method because documentation overlay hides usage
BugIDEA-150208Text selection is shifted / wrong text selection
IndicesPerformanceIDEA-148981Index rebuild doesn't complete after idea start
JSPBugIDEA-149951Reformatting JSP does not recognize HTML; flattens everything
User InterfaceBugIDEA-150726Gutter icons scaled wrong on Retina
UsabilityIDEA-149961Zero latency typing mode ghosts old caret position briefly when editor.caret.width > 1
CosmeticsIDEA-150453UI issues with speed-search in popup lists
Version ControlBugIDEA-144633On applying patch for file of unknown type adding the confusing error message is shown
BugIDEA-150624IDEA 15 "Apply Patch" is broken
BugIDEA-148799Unshelve changes with unassociated file. Don't cancel unshelving.
UsabilityIDEA-35927Provide better user experience when applying patch or unshelving fails for some files in the patch/shelf.
UsabilityIDEA-60470Applying Patch: should do best attempt to apply to all files. Currently abandones process at first failure
ExceptionIDEA-148175Exception when reverting a commit from VCS history
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-136565Add "Checkout with Rebase" action equivalent to "git checkout feature & git rebase master"
BugIDEA-142648Continue rebase reports success but does nothing when rebase --skip had to be called
BugIDEA-135299'Git' -> 'Continue rebasing' reports "Successfully rebased 0 commits!" in case of error
BugIDEA-81093Invoke the Conflict Resolver automatically if a conflict happens during rebase
BugIDEA-72282"Continue rebasing" should be disabled if no rebase operation is in progress
UsabilityIDEA-60413IntelliJ should understand git rebase and show only relevant menu items
UsabilityIDEA-150358Rebase reports error if user presses "cancel" in the interactive rebase dialog
UsabilityIDEA-55479Git: auto-stash/unstash on 'rebase' command
Version Control. PerforceBugIDEA-148592Dead lock in IntelliJ 15.0.1!
XMLFeatureIDEA-147004Provide action to change order of attributes in xml tag
No subsystemBugWEB-19944.eslintrc: missing property 'webextensions'
BugWEB-19336Live template `func` doesn't work for me
CSSBugWEB-19417`speak` property support.
DebuggerFeatureWEB-19984Debugging Node.js app built with Webpack
BugWEB-19983Compiled TypeScript not stopping at breakpoints
BugWEB-19982Cannot debug ES6 - Babel - Webpack apps
HTMLBugWEB-19972Subresource integrity attributes are marked as invalid in HTML files
JavaScriptBugWEB-19407Autocomplete doesn't work if object property was created with constructor
BugWEB-19696Find usages doesn't work in VanillaJS code
BugWEB-19604JavaScript documentation popup indents parameters too far when @return includes <...>
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-19957Incorrect resolve in angular message
BugWEB-19921Red code in Angular 1.4
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-19694global objects are not resolved/behaved as expected
JavaScript. PredefsBugWEB-19648Incorrect signature for document.importNode
JavaScript. RefactoringFeatureWEB-19996Improve name suggestion for Refactoring | Rename
BugWEB-19994NullPointerException when try to extract field from decorators
BugWEB-19995AssertionError when change method's signature
LESSFeatureWEB-14762support inline LESS/SCSS stylesheets
Node.jsBugWEB-19920Node remote interpreter: reconnect to Vagrant in the background on RC opening
BugWEB-19922Node remote interpreter: Multi-Machine Vagrant: wrong error for empty Machine name
UsabilityWEB-19902Node.js RC: select currently active Node Interpreter on opening "Configure Node.js interpreters" table
UsabilityWEB-19901Node remote interpreter: Configure Remote Mappings dialog should have OK and Cancel button
UsabilityWEB-19904Node remote interpreter: Vagrant: show absolute path instead of relative to the project root
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-19986TypeScript: provide new intention "Remove modifier" for invalid code
BugWEB-19868Invalid import organisation in TypeScript
BugWEB-19127IntelliSense doesn't work in TypeScript JSX templates
No subsystemTaskCPP-5611Featured plugins page on welcome wizard should propose JetBrains Markdown plugin instead of third party one
Remote InterpretersBugPY-11455Pycharm creates new sftp-server process every time I run script on remote server

RubyMine 8.5 2nd EAP (build 144.3143) Release Notes

No subsystemBugRUBY-17667Language Level not set correctly to 2.3
IDEFeatureRUBY-17640Exclude .yarb files generated by bytecode cache from the project view
TextMate BundlesFeatureRUBY-15510Add ability to add custom textmate *themes* for the textmate bundle support
Compiling ProjectExceptionIDEA-121047MRE at com.intellij.openapi.util.registry.RegistryValue.getBundleValue
DebuggerBugIDEA-150411Debug tool window: on reusing it different type of configuration picks up watches from previous type
BugIDEA-150534DebugConfigureAction DebugLogConfigureDialog is missing getDimensionServiceKey()
BugIDEA-149017Process list implementation does not provide correct executable names for applications with spaces in their paths
DecompilerBugIDEA-82515Failed assertions within psi.impl.compiled on opening class files compiled by Kotlin
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-149995Folded code foreground not inherited from default text
BugIDEA-110029documentation window disappears immediately
BugIDEA-150296java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: line must be non negative: -1
UsabilityIDEA-87318Backspace should delete whitespace to chosen indent level, or be configurable
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-68160Find & Replace: preserve case bug
UsabilityIDEA-80778Folding - provide an option to NOT automatically unfold when user performs Find.
GWTFeatureIDEA-138721Show module for bundled CSS files
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-150345Invalidate Cache / Restart doesn't delete unused libraries' cache from .IntelliJIdea16\system\jars
User InterfaceBugIDEA-150547some labels are not accessible by mouse
UsabilityIDEA-149852White spaces shown in Editor are hardly noticible on HiDPI monitor
CosmeticsIDEA-149918Find Action shows strange "New Group (1)" action group
Version ControlUsabilityIDEA-150357Add mnemonic to "remove successfully applied files from the shelf" checkbox in unshelve dialog
Version Control. LogPerformanceIDEA-118190VCS Log: Select All in a large repository freezes the UI forever
XMLBugIDEA-150458Xml: invalid regular expression error
Build toolsUsabilityWEB-19862Ability to collapse all gulp file nodes in the gulp tool window
CSSBugWEB-19831suppress syntax error when generating CSS in HTML template
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-19775Code folding for ES6 imports
FeatureWEB-17170Support folding in ES6 import statements
BugWEB-19023ES6/Typescript auto-imported names should be inserted after "use strict" statement if presented
BugWEB-13313JSDoc: Regular expression breaks stub
BugWEB-19767ES6: Dummy suggestions for `yield`
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-19713Formatting preferences cause AssertionError "Attempt to create a composite block with no children" when accessing certain files
BugWEB-18387Indentation after <ENTER> is wrong
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-19890tsconfig, eslintrc: do not show used properties in code completion
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-19830Add code completion for eslintrc file
BugWEB-19836JSHint 1.8.0 not loaded
ExceptionWEB-19198JSCS: Import Code Style: IllegalStateException for empty input file
Node.jsFeatureWEB-19853Node.js RC: replace "Run with CoffeeScript plugin" option with relevant Node parameters
BugWEB-19806Connect to remote host dialog pops up when remote interpreter configuration is canceled
BugWEB-19697Module is not statement
BugWEB-19641Node remote interpreter should be shown only for valid Run Configurations
BugWEB-19812Better warning when a deployment configuration corresponding to a remote interpreter is removed
BugWEB-19727rsa key as env variable not working
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-19850TypeScript 1.8: Support comments in tsconfig.json
FeatureWEB-19616Add new intentions for abstract classes
FeatureWEB-17603Highlight unused TypeScript imports
BugWEB-2344TypeScript: provide completion for 'public' and 'private' keywords inside constructor parameters signature
BugWEB-19783TypeScript optimize imports: remove duplicates
BugWEB-19794extract method doesnt work with tsx code
BugWEB-19723Marking correct decorator as error, and break it on code reformatting
Unit TestsBugWEB-19754Stack trace does not link to local test code
PHP debugBugWI-29947Rest Client: debugging doesn't work for request with cookies

RubyMine 8.5 1st EAP (build 144.2925) Release Notes

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