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This is Beta version for coming RubyMine 2.0 version.


Read more and download the latest available 2.0 Beta build from RubyMine 2.0 Beta page.

New Features and Improvements

IDE General

  • Performance optimizations and several deadlocks were fixed
  • Overall UI responsiveness during testing was enhanced
  • RailsCasts color scheme was bundled
  • Spell checker improvements:
    • Ability to attach custom dictionaries
    • UI improvements

Ruby Support

  • Extract Method, Introduce Variable refactorings were improved
  • Unused Local Variable inspection was improved

Ruby on Rails Support

  • i18n support for HTML, HAML, ERB
  • Support for render 'form' inside views (same as render :partial=>'form')
  • Support for new HAML and SASS indentation policy


  • Support for "$word" in cucumber step definitions
  • Now Test Runner tree resolves steps to feature file instead of step definitions
  • Keywords completion fixed in case of internationalized feature files
  • "Create Step Definition" quick fix allows
    • to specify folder for new spec file
    • to create the same snippet as cucumber (with parameters substitution)


  • Support for "shoulda" gem from

TeamCity Integration

  • "Open in IDE" action for rspec/test-spec/test::unit/should tests, for cucumber will work with next TC 5.0 EAP

Bug Fixes

  • RubyMine 2.0 hanging after tests run
  • i18n bug fixes
  • Other bug fixes
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