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This is Beta version for coming RubyMine 2.0 version.


Read more and download the latest available 2.0 Beta build from RubyMine 2.0 Beta page.

New Features and Improvements

IDE General

  • Copy/paste files between RubyMine and Explorer/Finder
  • Allow using multiple live templates with the same abbreviation (as long as they're in different groups)
  • Special highlighting for calls for which RM provides arguments values autocompletion (e.g. require, render, has_many, etc.)
  • Spell checker inspection allows to choose inspected parts of languages: comments, string literals, code
  • [RubyMine]/rb/api folder added to loadpath thus RubyMine extensions scripts should use relative paths in requires

Ruby Support

  • Support codeinsight for Struct
    • Calls to within superclass notation is supported
    • Autocompletion and resolve for fields
  • Support for type annotations for local variables using #:type:=>Type notation
  • Method up/down action supports rspec/test unit/should/test-spec test closures
  • Better breakpoints handling while debugging several projects simultaneously
  • Improvements in codestyle and unused local variables inspection
    • Ignore overridden methods names
    • Ignore overriding methods unused local variables
    • Allow multiline brace block calls
  • Increased default IRB/Rails console history with ability to increase it even more if you ran out of size

Ruby on Rails Support

  • Model Dependency Diagram revisited:
    • System default DB fields (id, created_at, updated_at) are now hidden by default and can be shown if needed
    • Models Inheritance support
    • Performance improvements
  • db/schema.rb support. Now RubyMine parses schema.rb and all pending migrations
  • Show all migrations in Rails Project View in descending order
  • Improved Rails Generators support:
    • autocompletion for db fields for Model/Scaffold dialogs (including rspec and nifty generators)
    • additional generators options support for model, scaffold, rspec_model, rspec_scaffold, nifty_scaffold
  • Ability to launch Glassfish server from RubyMine
  • Reworked Rails I18n support
    • Better handling of localization declared in several files


  • Support for cucumber 0.3.104 - 0.4.0


  • Support for require 'spec_helper' which was added in RSpec 1.2.9


  • Update project dialog now allows to automatically perform stash/unstash changes and choose update strategy

Bug Fixes

  • Other bug fixes
  • Fixed do/braces code block switch intention. In some cases result became incorrect.
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