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This instruction is about how to use WSL SDK on Windows in the RubyMine.

This guide is vaild for windows with Fall Creators Update installed. 

1. Configuring bash

  1. Install Linux distributions from Windows Store: UbuntuopenSUSE Leap 42SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (Ubuntu is recommended, because package management on SUSE is not trivial). Every distribution installs it's own executable: ubuntu.exe, opensuse-42.exe, sles-12.exe. All distributions has same command line interface.
  2. Set default user to root by running:

    Windows command line
  3. Install and configure ruby and libraries (this command is valid for Ubuntu distribution only, use google to search for SUSE configuration and update this guide):

    Windows command line

    This will install libraries that currently necessary to build native extensions later and forces ruby to use default gem paths (necessary for now).  Last command requires user confirmations on replacing binaries like rake, rdoc, etc.

  4. Uninstallation can be performed using Add/Remove program windows tool.

  5. NB: To make spring work properly, you should open bash console and keep it opened. Otherwise, spring will start and stop immediately. 

2. Add SDK into RubyMine

Open Settings via File | Settings | Ruby SDK and Gems.... Click + and select Remote SDK..., then select WSL option 

Make sure that bash is running at the moment: 

Press OK to add new remote SDK and see results in the list of SDK:



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