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This tutorial describes how to get started with development of PhpStorm plugins.

General information

Follow steps that are described at Getting Started with Plugin Development.

There are two ways to develop plugins for PhpStorm:

  1. Use Intellij IDEA Ultimate with the PHP plugin installed
  2. Use PhpStorm as a targeted IDE in a first place.

The choice affects how you will configure SDK for the plugin. In the first case you need to specify current installation of Intellij IDEA as SDK and in the second case you need to specify current installation of PhpStorm. This step is described in the Getting Started with Plugin Development

How to use OpenAPI library


OpenAPI is available only for PhpStorm 6 and above.

This section explains how to configure Intellij IDEA for using PhpStorm OpenAPI.

Adding library to a module

  1. Open Project Structure File | Project Structure
  2. Select Libraries
  3. Press Add button
  4. Find and select php-openapi.jar and php.jar. They are located in <your_installation_of_PhpStorm/plugins/php/lib.
  5. Agree to add the libraries to your Module
  6. Open Modules | Dependencies and change Scope to Provided. This step is necessary because otherwise ClassCastException will be thrown because two instances of the library will be loaded via different class loaders

Adding dependencies to plugin.xml

  1. Open plugin.xml in the directory META-INF
  2. Add two <depends> items to plugin.xml:
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