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What is PhpStorm & WebStorm?

PhpStorm & WebStorm are IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) built on top of JetBrains IntelliJ platform and narrowed for web development.

Which IDE do I need?

PhpStorm is designed to cover all needs of PHP developer including full JavaScript, CSS and HTML support.
WebStorm is for hardcore JavaScript developers. It includes features PHP developer normally doesn’t need like Node.JS or JSUnit. However corresponding plugins can be installed into PhpStorm for free.

How often new vesions are going to be released?

Preliminarily, WebStorm and PhpStorm major updates will be available twice in a year. Minor (bugfix) updates are issued periodically as required.

Will PhpStorm support XXXXX Framework/Technology? (PHP/JavaScript/anything else)

Please NOTE When its stated that IDEA platform supports LANGUAGE (be it JS, PHP, Ruby, Java etc.) it means that IDE features will work with ANY valid code in that particular language and maybe even across them. However, SOME advanced features (i.e more smart completion) MAY require special handling of particular library/framework (i.e approach used to emulate object inheritance in JS). Libraries that are known to require such ADVANCED support of fine-grained features are mentioned in roadmap. All other stuff expected to work as is.

Thus - please TRY to actually develop your project in PhpStorm and then provide us your feedback about your expectations, problems and feature requests.

Use issue tracker to search requests on your framework support, vote for it and track its progress (or submit a new one).

IntelliJ IDEA vs PhpStorm/WebStorm features

IntelliJ IDEA remains JetBrains' flagship product and IntelliJ IDEA 9+, provides full PHP support along with *all* other features of PhpStorm via bundled or downloadable plugins. The only thing missing is the simplified project setup.

Can't find <some declared feature>

It may be NOT DONE YET. Please check status on PhpStorm Development Roadmap (Deprecated) and try searching our Tracker

Will it be possible to use 3rd party editor like, for example, jVi?

We can't imagine why do you DON'T want to use our excellent editor with code analysis and refactoring, especially because IDEA platform has excellent VI plugin. However, IDE can live with external code changes.

Advanced support for specific text-based files i.e. makefile, etc

Search Tracker, vote/add request.

Other major language support (i.e. Python, Ruby)

Out of scope for PhpStorm/WebStorm. Please try other IntelliJ products RubyMine, PyCharm or IntelliJ IDEA + Python/Ruby plugin.

Analyzing/reporting performance problems.

Please follow instructions

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