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PHP CompletionFeatureWI-38938PHPUnit: Autocomplete test method names inside a test class
BugWI-38783Incomplete methods autocompletion for abstract PHPUnit test classes
BugWI-39506Wrong array key completion
PHP ComposerFeatureWI-39379Provide additional commands on Composer editor panel
FeatureWI-36538Create diagnose action
FeatureWI-36539Create dump-autoload action
PHP InspectionsFeatureWI-38051New inspection: 'foreach' can be replaced with 'array_map'
BugWI-39237Exceptions thrown using complex structures are not reported
BugWI-39201False positive: Unhandled exception for nested calls or chains
BugWI-39181Interfaces which don't extend \Exception are filtered during analysis
BugWI-39251There's no warning if a thrown variable can be null
BugWI-36905Class hierarchy checks and class_alias
BugWI-29332Language Level: Anonymous classes are not shown as error in PHP < 7
BugWI-39236Undefined exceptions shouldn't be reported
BugWI-38724Foreach to array_map: breaks code in case variable is used inside the string
BugWI-38727Foreach to array_map: shouldn't convert in case key is used in expression
BugWI-38723Foreach loop can be replaced with array_map: $this can be lexical variable
BugWI-39208Exception that implements particular interface "is never thrown" in try/catch block
BugWI-39625Parameter type: doesn't take into account aliases
BugWI-39622Return type doesn't match in case alias is used
BugWI-39284Magic method __call @throws not working
BugWI-38927Redundant closing tag: false positive for two empty tag pairs
BugWI-39226"Unhandled exception" is shown twice when result of a call is thrown
BugWI-39225"Unhandled exception" is not shown when result of a call is thrown and a function is in an another file
BugWI-38791Return type hint 'void' should be highlighted in PHP 7.0 is there's no such class declaration
CosmeticsWI-39630Code inspection has a misspelling
PHP RefactoringFeatureWI-39248Inplace introducing: support 'extract parameter'
FeatureWI-14691Implement "Smarter and faster introduce variable" as it is for java language
BugWI-39621Push Down refactoring doesn't take into account aliases
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..FeatureWI-7372add upload to server menu in version control-update info panel
UsabilityWI-38816Edit Remote File action doesn't work via key shortcut
Plugin: ini4ideaBugWI-39000Reformat removes indents from ini files
SpellcheckerUsabilityWI-38883Spellchecker: register dictionary filetype
PHP DebugFeatureWI-13369PHP Errors Should be Displayed in PhpStorm Console
BugWI-39713Cannot get property if name contains \0 character
PHP LangBugWI-37980class_alias with expression is misparsed
BugWI-33814Hierarchy don’t work for class_alias defined classes
BugWI-38920Wrong parsing after three "<?php ?>" blocks
BugWI-38965Structure view is always collapsed
BugWI-39642"::class" keyword is highlighted as a static field
BugWI-38673Exception highlighting doesn't work for constructors
BugWI-39641"::class" constant is not supported by "class_alias"
PerformanceWI-29056Editing PHP with HTML results 30% CPU load (15-20 sec) with freezed editor
UsabilityWI-39690Hover popup for aliased class is empty
PHP TestFeatureWI-39523PHPUnit: Completion support for @coversDefaultClass
FeatureWI-38343Allow to choose inherited methods for testing in 'new test' dialog
FeatureWI-37775Show tests covering a class/method based on @covers information
FeatureWI-39354PHPUnit: run all @depends method before actual test method
FeatureWI-39504PHPUnit: add visibility modifiers to completion list for @covers annotation
FeatureWI-38690Create a class from a test
FeatureWI-19075PHPUnit: new inspection @covers reference should use "::" operator
FeatureWI-39518PHPUnit: take into account @coversDefaultClass in method @covers completion
BugWI-39721PHPUnit: navigate to test method doesn't work if there are parenthesis in @covers annotation
BugWI-39298Don't show "Create missing target method" if method already exists
BugWI-38659PHPUnit: Navigation to the failed test opens a wrong file
BugWI-39312PHPUnit: PHPUnit Test Method: Only one ${CAPITALIZED_NAME} is replaced
BugWI-39311PHPUnit: PHPUnit Test Method: Substitute test class instead of tested class for ${TESTED_NAME}
BugWI-37135PHPUnit does not display exception details in some cases
BugWI-39679PHPUnit: @covers MyClass shows inspection warning
UsabilityWI-39077PHPUnit: use PHPUnit Test Method template while generating method via 'PHPUnit Test method' action
UsabilityWI-39401Always insert FQN for @covers annotation
UsabilityWI-38893PHPSpec: don't ask to enable support, suggest to revert instead
UsabilityWI-37542Better priority for PHPUnit dataProvider completion
UsabilityWI-39505PHPUnit: do not show methods in @covers completion list without preceding class
UsabilityWI-38225Automatically select according method when invoking 'new PHP test' action from the method
UsabilityWI-39517PHPUnit: show global functions in @covers completion list before ::
ExceptionWI-39678PHPUnit: exception is thrown for empty @covers
PHPDocUsabilityWI-38528Next line is highlighted for PHPDoc tags without a value
Plugin: Joomla!FeatureWI-37457Joomla support: Resolve classmapped classes
DocumentationUsabilityIDEA-181042QuickDoc does not show generics type placeholders
No subsystemFeatureIDEA-97673Feature request: add "fit image to window width" button in image viewer
FeatureIDEA-178428Support unescaping JSON strings in Analyze stacktrace
FeatureIDEA-147222Compare tab with active tab
FeatureIDEA-180669Consider instanceof conditions when inferring method NotNull
FeatureIDEA-76704Make "Show in Explorer" work from Navigation Bar
BugIDEA-185305Structure Tool Window Steals Focus After Loading Members of File
BugIDEA-132172Documentation popup window osbscures error explanation popup when hovering in editor.
BugIDEA-184196No "Implements via subclass" icon when a method is final
BugIDEA-180505IAE: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'color' in breadcrumbs
BugIDEA-183951No synchronization for IdeDocumentHistoryImpl.myChangedFilesInCurrentCommand
BugIDEA-182857Extract method does not get focus on Linux
BugIDEA-184383Large icons since 2017.3
BugIDEA-180450Indent provider behaves unexpectedly
BugIDEA-90162Unlimited re-sizing in Diagrams when scrolling with Mouse Wheel
BugIDEA-182535Progress for doing super methods search in EDT
BugIDEA-182999find in path dialog is not initialized from text selections in find occurrences previews
BugIDEA-184729Remember Preview state for SvgEditor and reuse it when opening new ones
BugIDEA-183871support filter for user input in console
BugIDEA-136762Fonts in ProjectView under Darcula in Linux looks bad after sequental LaF changes
BugIDEA-177213Non-descriptive plugin suggestion for "Run Configuration[JetRunConfigurationType]" feature
BugIDEA-185359Focus jumps to parent folder after item rename
BugIDEA-148828BegTableUI.StartEditingAction does not pass the event to editCellAt
PerformanceIDEA-183754Rider hangs, vfs in freeze reports
PerformanceIDEA-180442UI hangs on expanding folder containing large text files in project view
ExceptionIDEA-179906SOE at com.intellij.ide.util.treeView.AbstractTreeUi.attemptLock
Code Analysis. InspectionExceptionIDEA-184775AssertionError: SubRange: (17,27); this=(5251,5267) in Inspection Result Toolwindow
Code Formatting and Code StyleBugIDEA-143120Javadoc HTML proper fomatting (merged HTML lines with "wrapped at right margin" option)
BugIDEA-119083"Rearrange entries" confuses diff for local changes
Code NavigationFeatureIDEA-177859"Sort by Type" does not function when viewing Scratches
BugIDEA-183578Next method action navigates on a type parameter of a method instead of its name
BugIDEA-180573"Navigate forward" doesn't work after "Navigate back"
BugIDEA-89400Recent files: mouse over does not work for files
ConsoleBugIDEA-137769ANSI colors are not interpreted on System.err
BugIDEA-184208Console horizontal scroll position lost on output
BugIDEA-183958Horizontal scrolling in the console moves the caret to the end
BugIDEA-180416Laggy hover over links in tests raport on macOS 10.13
DebuggerFeatureIDEA-148408Raise exception during debugging
FeatureIDEA-48873Add easy access to exception stacktrace for exception objects
FeatureIDEA-172018"Print stacktrace" breakpoint option
BugIDEA-181853No separator between name and value in debugger tree
BugIDEA-184127Field reference is highlighted with red in Evaluate window in debugger
BugIDEA-168766Debugged process hangs during hot-swapping with yourkit agent
BugIDEA-183745In-place watches are not updated when I switch to another configuration
UsabilityIDEA-183340'Jump to Source' on a field in 'Variables' window opens source code for class in project's JDK, not in JDK application is launched
UsabilityIDEA-72626Debugger: scrolling different panel cancels editing watch
UsabilityIDEA-42430Debugger: UI: Watches view: clicking outside the watch editor should apply change
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-183823'Compare with clipboard' shortcut is not working in the commit dialog
BugIDEA-182799Incorrect painting of line separators in diff
UsabilityIDEA-177584Merge dialog lacks indication of analysis results for merged version
UsabilityIDEA-182230VCS "visual merge" window: don't ask "Are you sure" if there was no changes
DockerFeatureIDEA-176586Docker: Make it possible to create a run configuration without pulled image but with the possibility to choose from the registry for auto-pulling it later
FeatureIDEA-184195Docker: pull / push should support repository name with slash
FeatureIDEA-183622Docker: support --label / -l run option in docker run config
BugIDEA-182541Docker. DockerView: it is impossible to create containers from some temporary images due to the invalid image Id.
BugIDEA-179600Docker: java.lang.AssertionError and grey DockerView at reopenning the project with the docker run configuration
BugIDEA-184550Docker: Can't use shortened sha hash as an image ID in the Image run config
BugIDEA-184559Docker: Run configuration. Errors should not be displayed in case of registry port and tag presence
BugIDEA-171286Docker: DockerView: Delete Attach(Websocket) item from the context menu
BugIDEA-180844java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError at opening a project and other actions
BugIDEA-183265Docker: Image push is reported as completed immediately, while actual operation is performed in background without any feedback
BugIDEA-158383Docker: unable to delete image with multiple tags
UsabilityIDEA-163754Docker. Container, Exec menu item. Set focus on the command line after Exec-> bash
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-84064Ctrl-Shift-Enter does not work in annotations
FeatureIDEA-166243Add context-aware predefined line comment prefix/suffix macros for live templates
FeatureIDEA-180852Multi-line pasting in line comments like /** */
BugIDEA-181068Jump to Source calculates the column incorrectly when TAB is used for indenting
BugIDEA-180365Undo in editor does not scroll to changed position
BugIDEA-158249Complete Current Statement of for loop: code is not reformatted
BugIDEA-184307Java: Backspace handler fails to remove a paired parenth
BugIDEA-182868Ctrl+del behind end of line doesn't reset cursor position
BugIDEA-183359Duplicate Entire Lines doesn't work properly in the end of the file
BugIDEA-180503Editor scroll position is not preserved on switching between tabs
BugIDEA-182771Editor: Split Vertically resets scroll and caret position
BugIDEA-183603Middle-click on gutter causes paste action on Linux
BugIDEA-182731Incorrect position of right margin on hidpi 200x
BugIDEA-180805Quick documentation on mouse move: should not show up for String constants
BugIDEA-181985Quick documentation: shows type without qualifier
BugIDEA-184219Dragging to select within a current selection area with Drag'n'Drop off doesn't start a new selection
BugIDEA-181128Wrap on typing works wrond with parameter hints
BugIDEA-183876Parameter hint popup looks strange in some cases
BugIDEA-183806Inline parameter hints are unreadable with Monaco font
BugIDEA-184474caret spill does not refresh fast enough when line spacing is less than 1
BugIDEA-93274Scrolling with split editor tabs
BugIDEA-181236Block caret breaks display of repeated emoji characters
BugIDEA-183660Quick doc on a link
PerformanceIDEA-185183Performance degradation in tests on 181 branch
UsabilityIDEA-183016DisableCustomHintsOption intention is too easy to invoke by accident
UsabilityIDEA-147495New Java scratch should have a class declaration and a caret inside main method
UsabilityIDEA-180797End and Shift-End work incorrectly in case of soft wraps
UsabilityIDEA-179908Esc should cancel multiple carets first, then remove usages highlighting
UsabilityIDEA-182614"Insert pair bracket" setting should be renamed to be more clear
CosmeticsIDEA-179605Indent guide tooltip should show matching brace context
CosmeticsIDEA-149608Alignment of text when line spacing > 1.0
Find, Replace, Find UsagesFeatureIDEA-87846Replace in Path: provide replacement preview
BugIDEA-177696unexpected behaviour on "Enter" in "Find In Path" dialog
UsabilityIDEA-184989Navigating from the code preview area (in the find in path window) should keep the cursor position
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-183434syntax error at ide.sigint.ignored.url?
UsabilityIDEA-172113Cannot drag-n-drop multiple Live Templates
ExceptionIDEA-183475ForkJoinPool initialization error on Java 9
IndicesBugIDEA-123287Multiple "Updating indices" bg tasks after external file system changes
KubernetesBugIDEA-183796Kubernetes. Add completion for "kind" and "apiVersion" in json
BugIDEA-183817Kubernetes: java.lang.Throwable at choosing "Run inspection on ..." for a not-modifiable option
TaskIDEA-184797Docker, Kubernetes: Yaml: Kubernetes plugin should not depend from Docker plugin
Packaging and InstallationCosmeticsIDEA-170344Missing start menu icon in search menu on Windows 10
Platform APIBugIDEA-185355VMOptions.writeOption doesn't support digits in values
Plugin DevelopmentFeatureIDEA-181105Devkit: highlight non-standard EP naming scheme
FeatureIDEA-128239Allow to specify full package + class name on the new action dialog
FeatureIDEA-115118DevKit: support EP "order" attribute highlighting/references
FeatureIDEA-180582Show 'skipForDefaultProject' tag as deprecated in project-component tags in plugin.xml files
FeatureIDEA-179119Go to related symbol should allow to navigate from inspection description to inspection class
FeatureIDEA-179635Warn if buildVisitor returns a recursive visitor
BugIDEA-166677XIncludes in plugin descriptions should resolve paths in classpath (or even in entire project's classpath)
BugIDEA-180252Why do I have a bunch of test-data related gutter icons?
CosmeticsIDEA-181935Devkit: show ID/Name of plugin for plugin.xml files in editor tab
TaskIDEA-182931Support adding label on top of a component in ComponentPanelBuilder
ExceptionIDEA-182752NPE on test data navigation
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-176554Module rename isn't reflected in dependent module imls
Project ViewBugIDEA-180143Deleting empty package causes Project View to reset selection to the root
RefactoringUsabilityIDEA-168477Renaming scratch files shouldn't suggest to search for usages
Run | Debug configurationFeatureIDEA-147759Allow to launch debug mode with Compound Run/Debug Configuration
PerformanceIDEA-184142Endless ProjectJDKImpl allocations when alternative JRE is enabled
Structural Search and ReplaceBugIDEA-128106SSR and ActionScript: throwable at com.intellij.structuralsearch.impl.matcher.GlobalMatchingVisitor.handleTypedElement
Task ManagementCosmeticsIDEA-180845Tasks Servers dialog issues
TerminalFeatureIDEA-149976Add "open terminal here" feature
UMLBugIDEA-172583show changes allows infinite scroll
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-158355Add 'About' action to Welcome Screen's "Get Help" menu
FeatureIDEA-127682panel title bar as handler
BugIDEA-158873Evaluate window: cannot TAB from expression into results tree
BugIDEA-181795Quick Definition invoked from Code Completion steals focus from Code Completion popup
BugIDEA-184013Splash screen. License name display error.
BugIDEA-184012Align text by baseline in labels and checkboxes/radiobutton on win10
BugIDEA-182463Editor highlighting background and border do not match (hidpi)
BugIDEA-183638[fps] moving caret up/down leaves artifacts in the editor
BugIDEA-182458Slow scrolling performance in editor with multiple gutter icons
BugIDEA-128058Inconsistent insets in editor hints
BugIDEA-181555Unable to close Find in Path dialog after Regex syntax window is opened and closed
BugIDEA-181780Search Everywhere and Navigate to Class popups disappear on attempt to open Quick Definition for the selected class
BugIDEA-181071context submenu arrow icon is low res on Retina
BugIDEA-183580New background image feature covers up background color of color schemes
BugIDEA-184987Already disposed String
BugIDEA-183253[fps] expandable tree item is shifted
BugIDEA-94095ClassCastException: org.sylfra.idea.plugins.revu.ui.toolwindow.tree.IssueTreeBuilder$GroupNodeDescriptor cannot be cast to com.intellij.ide.util.treeView.AbstractTreeNode
BugIDEA-180409initial support for fractional scale HiDPI
BugIDEA-181339Navigation between toolwindow tabs by Alt-Right, Alt-Left doesn't move focus
UsabilityIDEA-39009File chooser: Ctrl+P shortcut does not work if the focus is on Ok / Cancel buttons
UsabilityIDEA-183950Create directory/file in project view should move selection to created item
UsabilityIDEA-171812last line on Find Refactoring Preview hardly available
UsabilityIDEA-146047Allow to paste branch name into the Git Branches popup
UsabilityIDEA-120846"Reveal in Finder" should be available in each editor and tab context menu
CosmeticsIDEA-180544'Suppress' button in 'Inspection result' window have visual problem
CosmeticsIDEA-180266Tool Window divider inconsistency
CosmeticsIDEA-180630Switching from Darcula to Default L&F leaves dark stripes in panes
CosmeticsIDEA-150434Non-retina ibeam cursor on dark backgrounds
TaskIDEA-181772Focus stays in Project tool window on creating new file/class
TaskIDEA-174108Rework progress bars
Auto-reported ExceptionIDEA-179787Exception in IDEA core
ExceptionIDEA-174845NPE at com.intellij.ide.navigationToolbar.NavBarRootPaneExtension
ExceptionIDEA-180346Typeahead request blocked at com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.FocusManagerImpl.typeAheadUntil
User Interface. AccessibilityBugIDEA-181255apply changes from AndroidStudio [3]
BugIDEA-181332[a11y] DisposalException from breakpoint popup
User Interface.DarculaCosmeticsIDEA-118671Browse button of TextFieldWithHistoryWithBrowseButton control is larger than the rest of the control
Version ControlBugIDEA-182932Annotations sidebar show chinese characters with wrong width
BugIDEA-169090Wrong highlighting of copy-pasted fragment in editor gutter
BugIDEA-183691modification info not visible in commit dialog
BugIDEA-105708"Annotate" command works incorrectly
UsabilityIDEA-185014VCS: Local changes: update info symbol to parenthesised i
TaskIDEA-182736Migrate HG settings away from UI Designer
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-144811"Path to Git Executable" (Settings -> Version Control -> Git) marked as "for current project" but is global.
BugIDEA-184450IDEA does not ask for a passphrase if saved one fails.
UsabilityIDEA-164405Interactive rebase should allow to change multiple commits at once
UsabilityIDEA-180578Do not offer to delete branch tracked by a protected branch
CosmeticsIDEA-181722Notification for missing tracking information is missleading
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-180133Bug: hg4idea "Path to hg executable" setting claims to be "for current project" but is actually application-wide
DB ConnectivityBugDBE-5392SSH proxy command section does not perform filename expansion
SQL CompletionBugDBE-4965Autocomplete too fast and leads to errors when inputting a number
No subsystemBugWEB-30322JSON Schema: restart schema service after update from VCS
CSSFeatureWEB-29464Support of :focus-within CSS pseudo-class
BugWEB-30374Specification link for CSS property "animation" must be updated because it is outdated
BugWEB-28829Missing some CSS classes in code completion
BugWEB-30146not all matching css classes are displayed in code completion
BugWEB-18947Code completion for CSS class names with escaped characters includes the backslash
BugWEB-29234CSS properly "user-select" does not accept value of "auto"
BugWEB-29411No completion for the node_modules folders in CSS imports
BugWEB-56CSS inspector does not recognize svg elements and properties
BugWEB-29298Update links for CSS external documentation (spec: CSS Backgrounds and Borders Module Level 3)
BugWEB-26828reformating CSS with :host >>> subselect ends up with :host > > > subselect
BugWEB-14659Find Usages, Goto, Refactor etc: doesn't work with escaped CSS selector
BugWEB-24628CSS: string literal with backslash as property value is not parsed correctly
PerformanceWEB-30030CSS class completion in HTML files is slow
DartBugWEB-29660Dart: code completion sometimes eats the next block of code
BugWEB-29779Debugging in Dartium doesn't work in 2017.3 EAPs
DebuggerBugWEB-30514Can't debug Node.js in cluster mode with Docker
File WatchersFeatureWEB-11534File Watchers on Windows: allow omitting *.exe, *.bat, *.cmd, *.com extensions in Program field
BugWEB-30364File watchers stop working after project reopened
HTMLBugWEB-30752HTML code style: an option to add space in self-closing tags only
BugWEB-30313Duplicated links in documentation
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-21668'Move element left/right' doesn't work with Javascript function arguments
FeatureWEB-13348Make 'Complete current statement' smarter with object literal function expressions
FeatureWEB-606JS, Create Function/Method quickfix: if a function is assigned to a var or returned, generate the return statement
FeatureWEB-29527IDE doesnt recognize when arrow function method has overridden
FeatureWEB-30510Nicer folding for multi-line comments (/**/-comments and consequent //-comments)
FeatureWEB-29163Surround selection with template string argument on typing '$'
BugWEB-6472Don't suggest to use const keyword
BugWEB-30329Wrong caret position after statement completion in .vue file
BugWEB-30140ES6 static class methods should not be resolved via 'this' from instance methods
BugWEB-13262Complete statement on else considers next statement while if doesn't
TaskWEB-30615Remove bundled Libraries for frameworks from JavaScript Libraries
ExceptionWEB-29703Exception in JSDoc completion
JavaScript. FormatterFeatureWEB-28711[Typescript] Support long line wrapping on function return type declarations
BugWEB-29802Broken formatting for mapped types in TypeScript
BugWEB-29319Rearrange Code: Inputs are being reorded when they are not supposed to be.
BugWEB-29410'Align ternary operator' doesn't align if lines start with conditional symbols (':' and '?')
BugWEB-30288Auto format rule to add a trailing comma when multiline doesn't work with lines followed by a comment
CosmeticsWEB-30160folding js object issue
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-30520Inspection 'Use of possibly unassigned property in a static initializer'
FeatureWEB-30098Convert 'Replace arrow function with shorthand' intention to inspection
CosmeticsWEB-30552Update descriptions for Unneeded last comma in object/array literal
JavaScript. RefactoringFeatureWEB-28355Perform Extract method refactoring in-place
BugWEB-25073JavaScript: Can't rename field to reserved word
BugWEB-30695Extract function: 'Declare static' checkbox can generate invalid code
CosmeticsWEB-30764Invalid preview when extracted function has arguments
CosmeticsWEB-30504Extract method in JS asks whether to create the method in "class null" for anonymous classes
JavaScript. TemplatesFeatureWEB-30467'fori' and ES6 import/export live templates
LESSBugWEB-29996Less: duplicated entries in the completion for the class or id
LintersFeatureWEB-30350Don't enable linters when there's no package anywhere
Node.jsFeatureWEB-23825yarn/npm scripts: please add gutter icons to run/debug
UsabilityWEB-16973renaming file via refactor menu keeps its old name in the run context menu
REST ClientFeatureWEB-29911Support token capturing for an authentication by JWT
BugWEB-30190http-requests-log cuts tailing slash "/"
BugWEB-29888REST Client re-run after change runs old request
UsabilityWEB-30712Support environment variables defined in 'http-client.env.json' file
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-29979Completion for full parameter list substitution
FeatureWEB-30245Arrow function can be converted to shorthand: please do not suggest for multi-line code block
FeatureWEB-29650Type-checking for nullable types
FeatureWEB-30109Filters in 'Generate' dialog
FeatureWEB-28071Automatically add close bracket for TypeScript Generics
FeatureWEB-30133Annotator and quick fixes for --strictNullChecks
FeatureWEB-29342TypeScript documentation preview: Improve handling of function interfaces and types.
FeatureWEB-29939Inspection 'abstract class constructor can be made protected'
BugWEB-30673Invalid highlighting in Typescript service selection UI
BugWEB-29719No expected type for React props in JSX markup, but it should be there
BugWEB-28683Add public modifier for overrides when option is on
BugWEB-29937'Create from usage': 1) doesn't work will call expression and 2) creates invalid TypeScript code in several cases
BugWEB-30345Type text for 'keyof' type should be parenthesized when used in compound types
BugWEB-29813Incorrect handling of combined types (as base or contextual types) in generate
BugWEB-30252Navigate -> Type declaration. Doesn't work with generic types.
BugWEB-29551Full support for implicit index signatures
BugWEB-28451Opening parenthesis immediately within a JSX tag cause a parse error in TypeScript TSX files.
BugWEB-21948typescript prototype inference does not work
BugWEB-30121Live Templates are not automatically shown in code completion within a TypeScript interface body
BugWEB-30515Boolean simplification should be able to simplify ===, ==, !=, !== with true/false in strict null checking mode
BugWEB-29822No overload resolution, parameter info, etc. for an item imported with alias name
BugWEB-30636"Complete current Statement" doesn't work in type aliases
BugWEB-30111Surround with type guard availability should be smarter when shown for type assignability errors
BugWEB-29306TypeScript 'Implement all members' doesn't generate index signatures
BugWEB-29640Properly resolve type members from indexers
BugWEB-28194TypeScript callable interface with generic: IDEA shows false positive error
BugWEB-29570Typescript+React: provide completion for string literal props
BugWEB-30078Include readonly properties when doing "Generate Getters"
BugWEB-30092TypeScript: "Create Method" produces wrong method signature on enum argument
BugWEB-30389'Implement missing members' for array works incorrectly: inserts generics where they shouldn't be
BugWEB-29439Refactor / Extract Field: Wrong name suggested if type is given
TaskWEB-30353Support TS 2.7 definite assignment assertions
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-27286'Go To Test' suggests too many files
FeatureWEB-28747Add node options to Karma configuration
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