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PHP ComposerBugWI-38277Composer sync is broken with PSR-0 autoloading
UsabilityWI-38324Redesign yellow action bar
PHP InspectionsBugWI-21620Quick Fix - Make call dynamic - not working properly on static method calls
PHP templatesFeatureWI-11277Inject other language than HTML in Twig templates
BugWI-38383Blade Formating Issue with @guest
BugWI-38308Twig: indentation don't work for standard blocks
BugWI-27606Twig indentation don't work for complex custom blocks
UsabilityWI-38309Twig: custom opend/close tags doesnt match if immediate EOF after close tag
TaskWI-38319Twig: parse function calls
PHP testFeatureWI-38224Allow to generate test methods for the target class methods from 'new PHP test' dialog
FeatureWI-38226Add Codeception support in 'new PHP test' action
BugWI-38006PHPUnit: Configuration editor does not take into account some project changes between invocations
UsabilityWI-37898PHPUnit: re-desing PHPUnit Run Configuration by giving Class field higher priority than File
SpellcheckerBugWI-37857Spellchecker doesn't reload dictionaries if whole dictionaries folder is deleted externally
PHP Type InferenceBugWI-37933Type of variable is unknown until reparse (Heisenbug)
BugWI-38194@var annotation not preceding the $this variable is not taken into account
No subsystemBugIDEA-179660Copy+Paste in FitNesse files (context.txt) not working anymore.
DockerFeatureIDEA-171373Docker Compose: provide completion and navigation for "env_file" values.
FeatureIDEA-172716Docker. Add "Build" action into ">>" for Dockerfiles
FeatureIDEA-175829Add working_dir: autocompletion with directories
BugIDEA-179926Docker: resolve, find usages and inplace-rename doesn't work for docker stages synthax in the Dockerfile editor
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-176409Wrong line separators Assertion error in intellij.openapi.progress.Task
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-170103FInd in Path dialog won't close (2017.1 version, Ubuntu 16.04)
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-164639Unable to save settings because of symlinks inside config directory
Language InjectionBugIDEA-180223Plain text editor for injected string recognizes backslash as error but "no errors found in this file"
Plugin DevelopmentFeatureIDEA-178996DevKit: ctrl+click navigation to file for @TestDataFile annotated method arguments
CosmeticsIDEA-179010DevKit: testdata-related UI improvements
Product DocumentationUsabilityIDEA-180238Missing directory "config" on instruction to change location of "config" and "system" directories on file Install-Linux-tar.txt
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-177838Content of iml file for module imported from Gradle is cleared
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-108342'Single instance only' option not copied in Run configuration
Task ManagementFeatureIDEA-70996Tasks and IDE Contexts - Shelving changes
UsabilityIDEA-177702The dialog that comes up in response to "Create New Task" should allow the user to enter/modify the Task's name
UMLBugIDEA-79123Add "Delete element" item to diagram context menu
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-179992Could not change max number of tabs
BugIDEA-179953Broken hebrew characters in replace preview
BugIDEA-179663"Local Changes" - "Wide selection" is broken
User Interface.DarculaBugIDEA-100256Darcula: Settings->Schemas and DTDs hard to read entries
Version ControlBugIDEA-169466Author field and Amend checkbox missing when only Unversioned files present
UsabilityIDEA-136238Local Changes | Preview Diff should show current version of the unversioned file
UsabilityIDEA-162615"Create patch" with Russian letters results in unnamed.patch
UsabilityIDEA-156875Display the content for unversioned fIles in the commit dialog
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-179993Freeze on startup
DB DiffFeatureDBE-4582Allow comparison of cells in data views
Data ViewsBugDBE-4485Values of LONGVARCHAR columns aren't printed in Database Console's result tables
CSSBugWEB-29019CSS property 'dominant-baseline' values support
DartBugWEB-29097exception from the dart implementation of the structure view
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-28686'Flip if-else' shouldn't generate empty if/else blocks
REST ClientFeatureWEB-28563Rest Client: support multipart/form-data
BugWEB-29099Restrict comments in message body
TypeScriptBugWEB-24458Reserved names used as property name are highlighted as warning
Unit TestsBugWEB-29113Jest: failed test is marked as green
BugWEB-29078Jest console output contains malformed characters from ANSI colors
BugWEB-26705Jest tests not found because rootDir setting is incorrectly set to the same directory as the configuration file
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