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PHP CompletionBugWI-27960Typehinting in PhpDoc for methods not suggesting classes
BugWI-1583No autocompletion of phpDoc tags in some cases
BugWI-36252Import insertion depend on the order of existing imports
BugWI-35927Don't make true, false and null fully-qualifyed in namespaces
PHP ComposerBugWI-37862Disable composer.phar path chooser when suggest to download it
UsabilityWI-36574Improve usability of synchronization between composer.json and IDE settings
PHP InspectionsFeatureWI-37916Implement "Add @throws tag" quick fix
BugWI-37544Inspection reports incorrect PHPDoc when using @throws static
BugWI-28081"PHPDoc comment matches function/method signature" inspection doesn't work with class references
BugWI-37589"Missing @return" inspection is too strict for inferred class types
BugWI-37438@throws is not checked if there are no @param/@return
BugWI-22774Missing @throws tag: doesn't analyze PHPDoc for defined exception
BugWI-22115Mismatch in PHPDoc and method signature: False and bool are not interchangeable
BugWI-37183Construttor without parameters missing phpdoc comment
BugWI-37592Inspection reports incorrect PHPDoc when return type is 'self'
BugWI-18043Wrong parameters phpdoc
BugWI-37582Provide label for the link Codestyle/PHP/PHPDoc
BugWI-37285Return type declaration compatibility doesn't take into account PHPDoc declared method in case parent method declared via @method
BugWI-37236Invalid @return inspection result in old style constructors
UsabilityWI-28080Missing @return tag is not reported for PHPDoc without @param tag
UsabilityWI-37581Avoid negation in option names: "Don't"
UsabilityWI-34282Hierarchy checks are too strict for methods declared with @method
UsabilityWI-37559'Update PHPDoc Comment' fix should replace a parameter type
UsabilityWI-32501Throws tags inspection does not work for empty/blank phpDoc
PHP RefactoringFeatureWI-34474Allow to define visibility for initialize fields intention
BugWI-34145Inspection "Assignment replaceable with increment or decrement" produces IDE exception
BugWI-37881Create class: pre-fill incorrect namespace in case non-existing class is in global namespace
UsabilityWI-34426Create class: update directory based on class namespace
PHP langFeatureWI-17507File Template - PHP Function Doc Comment - extend with ${DATE} variable
BugWI-34238'Create class' intention on a FQCN creates incorrect file name
PHP templatesBugWI-37877Twig Incorrect parsing after print block with literal
PHP testFeatureWI-20245Add intention for dataProvider annotation in unit tests that creates method
FeatureWI-28790Rerun a specific PHPUnit test data set
FeatureWI-34860PhpSpec: Quick create spec test
FeatureWI-34434PHPSpec: provide navigation between spec class and tested class
BugWI-37806Codeception test navigation does not work in Codeception v2.3.*
BugWI-37808Codeception test navigation does not work if path/filename to file contains ":"
BugWI-37900PHPUnit: completion for classes doesn't insert FQN
BugWI-37902Undefined data provider: doesn't work with namespaced classes
BugWI-34966PHPUnit: Completion for method and class doesn't work
UsabilityWI-37911Update icons and naming for New|PHP Test
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..FeatureWI-9088Sync: allow to compare by timestamp AND size
UsabilityWI-37591Download from remote host confirmation bug
Plugin: Drupal supportUsabilityWI-37724Drupal module recognition should not require .module file
Plugin: htaccessBugWI-33449Apache config (.htaccess) support: Support \ escaping newlines within a string
PHP InterpretersFeatureWI-34471Detect PHP version from composer.json
BugWI-37774Running PHPUnit tests with a docker-compose interpreter starts every single service
PHPDocFeatureWI-2514try{...}catch to suggest exceptions from PHPDoc & 'throw' statements
BugWI-37584Return type doesn't match when inferred type is mixed and return type something else
BugWI-37529Don't use @internal while updating @param
UsabilityWI-17516PHPDoc misleading throw value and inspection warning
No subsystemBugIDEA-175058IDEA Out Of Memory on click Settings -> Editor -> Color Scheme -> Color Scheme Font -> Use color scheme font instead of *default*
BugIDEA-177352com.intellij.util.containers.ConcurrentHashMap needs to be updated
BugIDEA-176658Changelog converted automatically to US-ASCII
BugIDEA-178388warn about running IDEA with not-bundled JDK
BugIDEA-63850allow to save in UTF-8 with/without BOM
BugIDEA-96324Inconsistent Popup Documentation Behavior in Diagrams
BugIDEA-174475JBA Cloud: Assertion Eror on uninstall plugins sync
BugIDEA-175179JBA Cloud: UnknownHostException on connection error
BugIDEA-177329Help appears twice in main menu (Help | "? Help" and Help | "IntelliJ IDEA Help"
BugIDEA-175445UI Inspector uses user object instead of node for trees
UsabilityIDEA-172128Light bulb hovers over "play" button
UsabilityIDEA-174464JBA Cloud: tooltip is shown under widget if user click on ikon quickly
Code Analysis. InspectionFeatureIDEA-96785"Result of object allocation ignored": Allow suppression for certain classes
FeatureIDEA-173746Infer non-overridable methods' parameters nullability
Code NavigationBugIDEA-177788Deadlock on scratch file opening
BugIDEA-174145Cannot navigate via keyboard arrows through folded region
DebuggerFeatureIDEA-175168On-demand renderers
FeatureIDEA-175489On-demand children expressions in user-renderers
BugIDEA-175027Evaluate expression keeps showing "Evaluating.." for incorrect expression
BugIDEA-174221Confusing representation of array with many nulls in debugger
BugIDEA-177131Debugger console should have horizontal scrollbar and the ability to scroll content with the mouse
BugIDEA-177191Compiling evaluator fails inside a one-line lambda
BugIDEA-174510Incorrect line number logged to console for "Java Exception Breakpoint"
BugIDEA-78730Dragging breakpoint with "Ctrl" key draw cursor with "+" sign, but breakpoint is not copied actually
BugIDEA-176922font in various debugger edit fields (that take code) and code completion popups, when editing is larger than the configured font size
BugIDEA-177288Compiling evaluator fails inside single expression ifs or loops
BugIDEA-174237New debugger feature: "Filter" menu item for collection is sometimes missing
UsabilityIDEA-158467There should not be auto-execution of selected part of the code.
UsabilityIDEA-159444Improve value tooltip presentation in debugger.
CosmeticsIDEA-177087No space between label and text field in breakpoint properties dialog
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-101502Dir diff: Files with different line separators(the only difference) are shown as different in the list, but are actually the same ("no differences")
BugIDEA-148560Can not change color of file fragments tear line (separator) in diff view.
BugIDEA-174455File (scroll) position differs when comparing file with no differences using " browse remote host"
BugIDEA-171414"Compare Files" function is cropping large files without notice and only comparing first some lines
CosmeticsIDEA-174338Scroll issue when the one part transforms to/form single row which is in the ~middle of the file
DockerFeatureIDEA-171359Docker run-config: allow to create without configured connection
FeatureIDEA-175667Docker Compose: make it possible to run docker-compose files from context menu
FeatureIDEA-154517Docker: support alternate names for compose yml
BugIDEA-177653Invalid syntax error on empty ENTRYPOINT arguments in Dockerfile editor
BugIDEA-177963Docker: "Server" field should not be empty in the DockerDeployment run configuration dialog after deleting docker connections.
BugIDEA-178209Docker: Validating of the auto-detected connection never ends when native Docker on mac is off
BugIDEA-163279Support logging of transport level interaction with docker daemon
BugIDEA-175788Docker: LABEL, ENV, ARG: Display an inspection error in case of wrong spaces presence before/after values
BugIDEA-178079Dockerfile: Red code for correct `FROM` name chain with dots and minuses
BugIDEA-175760Docker: Remove the gutter from the Dockerfile editor in case of docker connection absence
BugIDEA-174134Docker plugin fails on every deploy after upgrading Docker for Mac to 17.06.0-rc
UsabilityIDEA-175666Docker: make it possible to run a Dockerfile with one click in case of absence of docker connections
UsabilityIDEA-155835Docker. Provide possibility for deleting images/containers using keyboard.
UsabilityIDEA-174209Support custom dockerfile names
CosmeticsIDEA-177992Docker: Auto-detection. Change the "Auto.." item name to smth starting with "Docker" and the saved server name to "Docker"
CosmeticsIDEA-177961Docker: Connection "Docker" dialog, called from DockerRunConfiguration: add grey border at the left side
TaskIDEA-175871Docker plugin: bundle all the libraries to avoid runtime downloads
ExceptionIDEA-178014Docker: IncorrectOperationException at deleting Docker server and run configurations
Editor. Code CompletionBugIDEA-174819Following annotation is removed on autocomplete
UsabilityIDEA-144321LookupElementProximityWeigher should work for all lookup items that have PSI
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-174728Editor position widget in status bar changes on window activation/deactivation
BugIDEA-175800"Undo" restores caret position in wrong editor
BugIDEA-176633Paste indents first line unexpectedly when virtual space is enabled
BugIDEA-175878Multicursor first cursor incorrect indent on tab press in injected fragment
BugIDEA-174558Pasting while a sticky selection is active does not delete selected text
BugIDEA-175514Last edit position contains files that I did not edit
BugIDEA-177226Join line (Ctrl+Shift+J) between two block comments works bad
BugIDEA-177458Cannot fold nested markdown list
BugIDEA-174371"Expand selection" in a comment expands to the "inversed brace pair" ")("
BugIDEA-176213Indents are moved to the right side of text in RTL languages
PerformanceIDEA-174137UI freezes when restoring large number of fold regions
UsabilityIDEA-165864Custom code folding not working
UsabilityIDEA-173454When a method with vararg parameters is completed with enabled parameters hints in completion comma is always added
UsabilityIDEA-177449Error popup hint obstructs the view
UsabilityIDEA-177323Undoing in selection: the cursor is not navigated to the instance being reverted
Editor. Error HighlightingCosmeticsIDEA-160240Parameter name hints: red underline looks bad with hints
File SystemBugIDEA-177424Corrupting file encoding upon change
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-176371Find in Path file mask does not have a listbox
BugIDEA-155492Find Input field should trim whitespace when pasting from clipboard.
BugIDEA-177766Find In Path: regex search finds irrelevant matches if "In commets" selected in filter
BugIDEA-169849Can't undo in Find in Path
UsabilityIDEA-176395"Find in Path" search limit no longer context dependant
UsabilityIDEA-174828UI of new find dialog is very uncomfortable
CosmeticsIDEA-171972"Show usages" popup should remember state of "Group by file structure" toggle
ExceptionIDEA-169930IAE at com.intellij.codeInsight.folding.impl.GenericElementSignatureProvider.getSignature
IDE ConfigurationUsabilityIDEA-177833Missing consistency in live template for sout and serr
ExceptionIDEA-176040IDE throws exception: Error while loading external changes:null. Project will be reloaded
JavaBugIDEA-174434Typing in doc comment is java structure modification
Language InjectionExceptionIDEA-175598Haml language support doesn't declare/check dependencies
Platform APITaskIDEA-176756Assert stub-AST consistency in all intention tests
TaskIDEA-175229PSI changes should be reflected in the corresponding document even if PSI is non-physical
TaskIDEA-103558Move icons.gant to CE source code
Plugin DevelopmentFeatureIDEA-176396Devkit: go to extension declaration in plugin.xml from extension class
BugIDEA-160947DevKit should warn about inner classes referenced with a dot instead of a dollar
BugIDEA-170298Incorrect "action is not registered in plugin.xml"
BugIDEA-168449'Register extension' quick-fix shows same extension twice
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-175320On enabling "Store generated project files" option in an existing project, all unnecessary files could be removed from .idea directory
Project ViewBugIDEA-174460Only single jar file deleted instead of all selected
RegExpBugIDEA-175945Regex: "Duplicate branch in alternation" false positive
BugIDEA-175631RegEx replace on character alternation does not work properly
Run | Debug configurationBugIDEA-120829External tool is run even if it is unmarked
BugIDEA-140099Can't remove a single external tool
BugIDEA-121819$MODULE_DIR$ points to directory of the *.iml file
Settings RepositoryBugIDEA-174479'Tools | Web Browsers' settings are not saved
UMLFeatureIDEA-22881Class diagram: show inferred generic dependencies
BugIDEA-175729ER diagram: default name suggested for the saved diagram file is incorrect
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-127307"Goto Action": option to suppress disabled entries
BugIDEA-176759WideSelectionListUI paint background over same row element in WRAP orientation
BugIDEA-177276On the notification balloon expanding it disappears
BugIDEA-105769Cannot scroll in quick documentation while using completion in debug/watches panel (when adding/editing a new entry)
BugIDEA-175181Configuration combobox is higher than buttons around
BugIDEA-151679Can't get to leftmost characters in editor's find window
BugIDEA-174739Combobox text is doubled in Android UI designer
BugIDEA-177568Weird mouse selection
BugIDEA-173836After upgrade to Ubuntu 17.04 integrated menus do not work
BugIDEA-163037Find Action - text does not fit popup sometimes
UsabilityIDEA-173655Poor text wrapping in the inspections Options
UsabilityIDEA-174366Cannot close notification when a resize bar is behind the close button
CosmeticsIDEA-175487No spacing between buttons in inspection result view
CosmeticsIDEA-165253"Login to GitHub" window has wrong font style
TaskIDEA-178181Replace "List Variables" button with combo box
User Interface. AccessibilityBugIDEA-177442IconUtil uses fixed scale factor to get HiDPI icon sizes
Version ControlBugIDEA-178584IDEA hangs when displaying File History in Perforce
BugIDEA-175498Annotations sidebar show chinese characters wrong
BugIDEA-175112Push commits window: duplicated newly created git tracked (green) files if select all commit and origin\branch
BugIDEA-176427No dialog and NPE at PushController.<init>() on calling Git Push
BugIDEA-177081Unexpected results when coping root/branch name from Push dialog
BugIDEA-168653Diff in the Create patch dialog looses focus after jumping to the next file with F7
BugIDEA-60574Version Control: Annotations: sometimes annotations appear visually corrupted
UsabilityIDEA-137956Revert menu items that open revert dialog should have elipses
UsabilityIDEA-172765"Revert" button on the toolbar and changed lines "Rollback" action use different icons
UsabilityIDEA-173150Git Show History For Selection Dialog Initially Selects Oldest Commit
UsabilityIDEA-153574Compare With Local compares the local state of a file with the state AFTER selected commit which gives empty result for the last commit in branch
CosmeticsIDEA-172389Error message when creating a new changelist
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-134848IDEA does not ask for a new password after Git authentication fails, again
BugIDEA-166478Password manager saves only one password of multiple Git project or remotes
UsabilityIDEA-85484File History and Annotate should show author date, not committer date
UsabilityIDEA-87508IntelliJ IDEA does not recognize git.exe when GIT_TRACE is set
UsabilityIDEA-168149Wrong warning dialog "Unfinished rebase process" when using interactive rebase/edit
UsabilityIDEA-168392Optimize the warning that "merge commit is about to be rebased"
UsabilityIDEA-173357cannot re-apply a commit using cherrypick
CosmeticsIDEA-174549Missing question mark in "Delete remote branch"
CosmeticsIDEA-78377Git: UnfinishedRebasepricess dialog: correct the used fonts, show the full repository path
CosmeticsIDEA-174999A link to an external resource in the Line Separators Warning Dialog
CosmeticsIDEA-164300The notification "Sync branch control enabled" is too wordy
CosmeticsIDEA-90088Git: Line separators warning: Cancel button should not be in the middle
Version Control. LogBugIDEA-157613Version Control Log window: Using 'Select...' and typing part of a branch or mercurial bookmark, autocomplete messes it up
Version Control. SubversionCosmeticsIDEA-64770Grammatical error in SVN Update error message
CosmeticsIDEA-156702Wrong spelling in a dialog heading
XMLBugIDEA-176694redundant attribute inspection ignores the fixed attribute in xml schema
BugIDEA-175749Incorrect resolve in xsd when user defined type in xsd clashes with default one
BugIDEA-145350Optimize import in XML removes wrongly detected unused imports
PerformanceIDEA-157959XML Breadcrumbs hold strong references to AST
DB ConsoleFeatureDBE-4773show all existing consoles from console dropdown
BugDBE-4906Results row count zeroed for scripts run from console outside default
Data Import & ExportBugDBE-5097when importing CSV file DG messes up the data making the table completely unreliable
Data ViewsFeatureDBE-2701Database Console - Data View: Visual output improvement for data values alignment.
IDE GeneralFeatureDBE-4059Support XQuery/XPath as injectable language
SQL EditingBugDBE-563Oracle output parameters not showing in parameter help
SQL HighlightingBugDBE-4909Use of SQL parameters does not work in IF-statements with SQL Server (Mirosoft)
CSSBugWEB-27912Error when clip-path url is id
BugWEB-28146Red code in PostCSS files (@value reference as function arg)
BugWEB-15551Webstorm CSS parser consider negative value for order property incorrect
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-28223[CoffeeScript] String Dragnrop error
BugWEB-14460Problem with quotes behavior and 'insert pair quotes' setting
DartFeatureWEB-27541Dart postfix completion
FeatureWEB-28307Dart: insert imports on paste
BugWEB-25478when showing documentation during code completion, IntelliJ requests docs for an incorrect location
JavaScriptBugWEB-27188JSDoc auto-generated comment doesn't realise an ES6 arrow function with a concise body have an implicit return
BugWEB-12847'Inline local variable' JS refactoring highlights too much
BugWEB-28154Autoimports don't use webpack alias if the alias is resolved to a file
BugWEB-28234Broken JS module import paths
JavaScript. FormatterFeatureWEB-24015Align from in ES6 import statements
BugWEB-28430Javascript punctuation like standardjs remove too many semicolons in single line and with PHP mixed, result in broken code
BugWEB-28145code reformat on JavaScript combines statement code into preceding comment
BugWEB-27678Live templates with multiple variables doesn't work with specific code style
BugWEB-27460JSX formatting issue - Spaces are removed in some cases
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-26711Vue.js: 'v-once' directive is reported as wrong attribute value
BugWEB-26051Add closing curly braces in Vue templates
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-28101Intentions: TypeScript: make "Remove Unnecessary Parentheses" works for types
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-16913ES6 JS Refactoring: change signature
BugWEB-27416Inline rename in JavaScript is too eager about replacing text
BugWEB-27642Javascript 'Extract variable' refactoring on a part of template string swallows text and produces syntax error
BugWEB-24222Extract method allows extracting invalid code fragments
BugWEB-3648JS, Introduce Variable: false 'Selection contains reference to arrow function parameter' warning when selecting expression in arrow function body
BugWEB-26215NullPointerException when extract field or variable from default export
BugWEB-1423JS, Extract Method refactoring: pass local variable declared using 'let' as a parameter
Node.jsFeatureWEB-25407NodeJS: Navigator opens symlink instead of symlink target
BugWEB-20808should not follow symlinked packages that are not in the project library root node_modules folder
BugWEB-27453Node package field is badly rendered on Windows
BugWEB-28159Node api: methods are not resolved
BugWEB-28122Node.js version seems to be cached and does not update when using Nodist
REST ClientBugWEB-28593Diff panel show the wrong files
UsabilityWEB-28596Make "Show Http Requests History" action discoverable
SASSBugWEB-28306SASS: support absolute paths in `@import` statements
StylusBugWEB-28263Stylus: recognize partial selector reference that immediately follows the &-selector
BugWEB-28280Stylus: "Unexpected elementCSS_COLON" error when using variables
BugWEB-28433Stylus. Redcode when no line after using function and single-line comment
BugWEB-27551Stylus: Good code is red: Wrong warning "Unexpected elementCSS_COMMA"
BugWEB-24382Stylus: comments are unindented on formatting, breaking the code
BugWEB-13543Stylus: Red code: Dot is not recognized as unexpected term
BugWEB-20622Stylus invalid error with selector interpolation
BugWEB-13553Stylus: Red code: recognize media at-rule complex queries
BugWEB-13557Stylus: Red code: anonymous functions
BugWEB-28447Stylus: wrong indent format with function.
BugWEB-18110Stylus reformat breaks concatenated root-reference selectors
BugWEB-20228Stylus 0.53: support Relative selector reference
BugWEB-20641Stylus: parser errors on using kwargs in mixins/functions
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-27795New intention/ refactoring: create type alias for complex type
BugWEB-27672Find Usages: option "show import statements" doesn't work
BugWEB-27957Function change signature removed access modifiers (in typescript)
BugWEB-24693Change signature - re-order removes optionality from unaffected parameters
BugWEB-20388TypeScript: Refactor - Extract Field: prohibit action for the callback parameter type
BugWEB-28257Change signature. Wrong type definition when working with paramter
BugWEB-24730Extracting field/parameter from `await` expression creates invalid code
BugWEB-28248Change signature. Reduntant comma generated after adding new parameter
BugWEB-28244Change signature - multiple Strings in suggestion
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-27863Create react app extension support
BugWEB-26940Test runner support for mocha-typescript
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