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PhpStorm EAP 163.4396 Release Notes


PHP CompletionBugWI-33164Overridden methods completion: doesn't take into account static methods in @method
PHP ComposerFeatureWI-33179Don't add folders under vendor to External Folders
PHP InspectionsBugWI-33196__clone, __construct and __destruct cannot be static
CosmeticsWI-33194Magic method visibility: Change method visibility label is confusing
PHP langFeatureWI-27157Provide quick fix for case-insensitive inspection
BugWI-9426No warning about incorrect magic methods visibility type
BugWI-33206java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown
ExceptionWI-33209java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid Signature is thrown on Symfony 3 project during offline inspection
openapiFeatureWI-22743Create an Extension Point to extend build-in "PHP stubs"/scope.
User InterfaceUsabilityIDEA-159895Scrolling in options of 'Unused declaration' inspection is unusual slow
DB ConnectivityUsabilityDBE-3064ClassNotFoundException throws if there is no downloaded driver for data source
Data ViewerBugDBE-2654SQL Dump truncates arrays larger than 100 elements
BugDBE-3106Oracle Limit condition is wrong in Table Editor
SQL GenerationBugDBE-3102Error in generation of adding primary key
No subsystemFeatureWEB-23134ES6 refactorings: convertion require() -> import
CSSBugWEB-23095Choosing severity level doesn't work for 'Invalid CSS pseudo-selector' inspection
JavaScriptUsabilityWEB-18070ES6: Find usage of default export
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-20310Missing import inspection: add symbols from the same module in one statement
BugWEB-23044Code analysis after most recent update is very slow
BugWEB-21051Missing module dependency: should add a package.json file to the project
Node.jsBugWEB-22606Node.JS + Docker: can not run project without package json
ProfilingCosmeticsWEB-23239V8 cpu/heap profiling: icons can be used to differentiate diffs/zoomed fragments
Unit TestsBugWEB-23084Karma stacktrace not clickable after updating to karma 1.2.0
BugWEB-20792karma: stack traces in output are not clickable when using most recent karma-phantomjs-launcher
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