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PhpStorm EAP 162.1447 Release Notes

PHP CompletionFeatureWI-30925Provide custom prefixes for HEREDOC injections
FeatureWI-32276Smart completion: provide filtering after specific operators
BugWI-32436Static methods are filtered after $this::
BugWI-32453Do not suggest 'class' keyword after $this
BugWI-32272Smart Completion: doesn't work for yield statement
BugWI-32533Exceptions completion doesn't respect namespace separator
UsabilityWI-30059Space before { is lost after extends/implements.
UsabilityWI-32493Extend a lookup advertisement with the completion shortcut
PHP FormatterBugWI-30196Complete current statement: works wrong for function if there is no line beneath
PHP InspectionsFeatureWI-21501Allow custom filename.xml for PHPCS config
BugWI-30281Null Coalesce Operator triggers access warnings on classes
BugWI-32160Class hierarchy check: Nullability should be taken into account for method overriding
BugWI-32146Class hierarchy check: should check constant visibility
BugWI-31311Unused Local Variable with break (N) continue (N)
BugWI-26721Imported classes from namespaces inside test sources are marked as "never used"
BugWI-31942Incorrect "unused variable" warning when used near @lang PhpDoc
BugWI-31549PHP null coalescing operator: invalid unreachable statement
BugWI-32404Incompatible type inspection: doesn't detect multiple return statement on the single line
BugWI-32488Inconsistent return points: warns about missing return statement when 'yield' is used
BugWI-32551Strict type: Incorrect "error" type warning for int return types
BugWI-32552Incompatible return type: Returning $this in a trait violates self return type hint
BugWI-28320Declarations of method in an interface/parent class and a child class should be compatible in terms of return type
BugWI-31292Should warn for missing return statement if @return tag or return type is present
BugWI-32376Method toString inspection resolves global function to namespaced one
UsabilityWI-32205Show errors that appears due to broken PHPMD/PHPCS installation
UsabilityWI-31984Fail to execute code sniffer with directory dependent ruleset
PHP RefactoringBugWI-30425Unable to read tip of the day: introduce constant
PHP testBugWI-32379PHPUnit: Provide a name of a broken configuration or a link to it in case of missing bootstrap or configuration file
UsabilityWI-32380PHPUnit: make behavior consistent for missing path in PHPUnit configuration
Plugin: htaccessBugWI-32540Adding javascript reference causes the IDE to freeze and all CPUs to run at max
Plugin: Joomla!BugWI-32527Project generator doesn't change some file names in Component to project name
BugWI-32502Joomla project generator shouldn't create root folder 'component' for Component type
DockerBugIDEA-155582Docker. Error is displayed for "!" in the correct Dockerfile in the Editor.
BugIDEA-155508Docker. Error is displayed for the correct Dockerfile in the Editor.
BugIDEA-155150Dockerfile editor misidentifies $(...) as syntax error
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-22281Provide coding assistance for declaration names
BugWEB-22369Convert to arrow function produces truncated result
BugWEB-22285Live Templates: jsClassName() doesn't return AMD module name when expanded in ES6 method definition shorthand
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-22268Align var statement and assignments does not align ES6 destructuring assignments
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-22219angular-ui-router diagram: remove element list from settings
JavaScript. InspectionsFeatureWEB-21946Linters: highlight the whole token
BugWEB-22310Inspections: "Convert to let" leaves preceding comments untouched while moving declarations
BugWEB-22260Incorrect detection JSDoc in tag @typedef
BugWEB-21334Eslint config with strings
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-20067"Find Usages" and refactoring does not work, with es6 object definition
Node.jsBugWEB-22201Package.json repository field validation is wrong.
BugWEB-22161Enabling Node.js Core Library breaks absolute imports
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-22280TypeScript 2.0: support 'include' option in tsconfig.json
BugWEB-22322TypeScript: Convert to shorthand arrow function creates invalid shorthand functions
BugWEB-22416Additional TypeScript annotator in plugin breaks semantic highlighting of TS class names
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