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PhpStorm EAP 143.1480 Release Notes


Distribution packagesFeatureWI-11741Copyright profile for PhpStorm
PHP templatesBugWI-13615Twig: repeatedly commented line gets strange symbols
BugWI-29751Twig: {% %} pair braces are not highlighted
ExceptionWI-28735java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException is thrown on typing inside *.sql.twig file
Plugin: PhingBugWI-29926Phing settings are lost after PhpStorm restart
No subsystemPerformanceWI-30101PhpStorm hangs when opening big CodeIgniter log files
Code Formatting and Code StylePerformanceIDEA-148903xml file long processing
DB.ConsoleBugDBE-2013Pin Tab is missing
Data.ViewerFeatureDBE-2029Filter by "IS NULL"
BugDBE-2006MSSQL: Error while executing good query with subquery
BugDBE-2021Incorrect numbering of result rows after sorting have been applied
BugDBE-2011MSSQL: problems with sequences
No subsystemBugWEB-19389Bower 1.7: List of the available packages is empty
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-18121Chained method indentation does not work if the line does not start with "."
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-18734Way to run a single TDD style mocha unit test
BugWEB-9663Mocha: provide navigation to source for the TDD tests
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