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PhpStorm EAP 143.1212 Release Notes

PHP CompletionFeatureWI-2686on completion of "self", double colon should be inserted
FeatureWI-21320array_key_exists should add fields to autocomplete for square brackets
BugWI-29678Type declarations completion
BugWI-11977The IDE does not suggest primitive types in @var declarations
BugWI-29913Provide completion for self, static, parent after new
BugWI-29912Provide completion for static and $this in PHPDoc type
BugWI-28788Methods and fields are suggested in the namespace context
BugWI-29898Provide completion for self and parent in argument and return type
BugWI-14530If there is a class that uses trait completion will suggest this trait after "new" statement
UsabilityWI-17675Array completion for string contains statements
UsabilityWI-13817No autocomplete for scalar types in phpdoc
PHP FormatterBugWI-21796Don't want the space between anonymous functions
PHP InspectionsBugWI-29876Rename PHP 7 readiness inspection to PHP 7 Compatibility Inspection
CosmeticsWI-29889Typo in inspection - "Remove all unused parameter"
PHP RefactoringBugWI-29336Extract interface insert implements in incorrect position for anonymous class
PHP langBugWI-29833Don't escape quotes on pasting array
BugWI-29860Methods defined in trait are ignored during stubs generation
BugWI-14957Semicolon after use statement for trait imports should be marked as error
BugWI-29903static $foo = array(CONST, 'literal'); considered an error when it's not
PHP RunPerformanceWI-27636Cache Vagrant ssh-config
No subsystemBugIDEA-148384Deadlock in getProjectUsages
BugIDEA-148591Inheritance attribute in a color scheme is lost sometimes upon IDE window deactivation
Code Analysis. InspectionBugIDEA-148421"Apply fix" feature is not working
Diff_MergeUsabilityIDEA-148597If in the Commit dialog the Details pane has focus, Show Diff action doesn't allow to navigate between files in changelist
Task ManagementBugIDEA-104547misc.xml gets updated on project opening ( component TaskProjectConfiguration is removed)
User InterfaceBugIDEA-143450HiDPI on Win7: IDEA splash screen is truncated with text size set to larger (150%)
BugIDEA-148433OS X default theme: dropdown lists don't look good
ExceptionIDEA-140574SearchEverywhere invocation causes exceptions
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-100199IDEA doesn't detect changes after external soft reset using Git.
BugIDEA-88893"Unregistered root" should be detected more precisely: e.g. .git folder may be used as Git settings or hooks collections.
BugIDEA-144593git plugin: mismatch between GitRepositoryReader and GitUtil.isGitRoot
No subsystemBugWEB-19210"Find Usages" doesn't search HTML5 <video> tag "poster" attribute
PerformanceWEB-19192Laggy typing in HTML
CSSBugWEB-17288Missing CSS properties
DebuggerFeatureWEB-16337debugging meteor packages stored in /packages directory does not work (both client & server)
BugWEB-18889cannot connect firefox remote server.
BugWEB-16397ES6 with Babel, break point not working in original files
ExceptionWEB-19273TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined when do 'Step into'
HTMLBugWEB-19202'Insert closing tag on tag completion' should work in JSX blocks
JavaScriptBugWEB-16614ES7: function bind
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-18983Formatter: restore default behavior in "Spaces Before Parentheses" for "Function call parentheses" option
BugWEB-19076Whitespaces around 'instanceof' are stripped if 'Relation operators' is not chosen
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-19199JSCS: Import Code Style: duplicate messages in the Log for file with unknown rules/without rules
BugWEB-19179Performing code analysis in commit dialog doesn't report problems from ESLint, JSCS and other code quality tools
BugWEB-19193JSCS: Import Code Styles: new scheme is not created and not added to the schemes list
ExceptionWEB-19198JSCS: Import Code Style: IllegalStateException for empty input file
ExceptionWEB-19196JSCS: Import Code Style: NPE on importing "validateIndentation" rule
Unit TestsBugWEB-19035Error message is not shown in console when debug Karma test
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