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PhpStorm EAP 141.89 Release Notes

PHP Inspections


WI-5113 (Feature)

Add access validation support for @property-read and @property-write

WI-26649 (Bug)

Parameter inspection false positive introduced with optional parameters in 9.0 EAP

WI-26045 (Bug)

Call Declaration parameter mismatch: doesn't handle variadic correctly

PHP Refactoring


WI-9257 (Feature)

New refactoring: Introduce Parameter...

WI-26648 (Bug)

Introduce parameter: doesn't propagate parameter value into calls

WI-26647 (Bug)

Introduce parameter: doesn't update PHPDoc

PHP debug


WI-26629 (Usability Problem)

Can not detect debug extension - requires remove/add of interpreters (after settings import from version 8)

PHP lang


WI-20788 (Feature)

Add option to create fluent setter instead of usual one

WI-22842 (Usability Problem)

Inline backticks not rendered in markdown docblocks

WI-26578 (Usability Problem)

Constructor generator: Callable type can be provided

WI-26653 (Usability Problem)

Add mnemonic to "Fluent setters" checkbox

WI-26655 (Usability Problem)

Fluent setters checkbox reset field selection

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-25360 (Bug)

PhpStorm 7.1.3 and 8.x.x - Deployment feature (SFTP) - Algorithm negotiation fail

Plugin: GAE support


WI-26613 (Bug)

Allow setting php55 runtime when deploying



DBE-1159 (Usability Problem)

Console: database result sets have same name for different consoles

DBE-1151 (Bug)

Progress indication for activities initiated from console's table result tab



IDEA-137234 (Bug)

MySQL SSL Tunnel always auth failure with OpenSSH 6.7

IDE Configuration


IDEA-137104 (Bug)

Code templates don't save their state

IDE.User Interface


DBE-1148 (Cosmetics)

PostgreSQL, MS SQL: tab name for result of SELECT statement is incorrect

DBE-1146 (Bug)

Console: no available schemas shown for Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase data sources

DBE-1160 (Bug)

Database View: incorrect shortcut for console



WEB-14185 (Usability Problem)

Jade: do not invoke completion while typing dot after script/style tags



WEB-12384 (Feature)

ES6: Ctrl+click on imported module should navigate to module definition

WEB-15157 (Bug)

ES6: missing completion for imported variables

WEB-15459 (Bug)

correct JS code is highlighted as syntactically incorrect

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-11478 (Bug)

Add support for ECMAScript 5/6 objects



IDEA-137187 (Bug)

the PostgreSQL dialect misses support for data-modifying queries in common table expressions



DBE-1161 (Bug)

MySQL: declare continue/exit handler for (number) shows as error - but it's not



WEB-15541 (Bug)

Typescript type inference error within a closure

WEB-15540 (Bug)

With typescript compiler enabled, files with names matching ts files names are not shown in the Project view



WEB-15505 (Feature)

spy-js timeline labels

WEB-15509 (Bug)

spy-js first run focus issue

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