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PhpStorm EAP 141.332 Release Notes

Injections in PHP


WI-539 (Feature)

Add support for persistent language injection into PHP

PHP Formatter


WI-9978 (Feature)

PHP Code Formatting, Wrapping and Braces / Array Initializer: Please put a comma behind last assignment

WI-15492 (Feature)

Convert True/False/Null constants at completion time according to settings

WI-18755 (Bug)

Wrong indentation in spaghetti code

PHP Inspections


WI-15145 (Feature)

Call Declaration mismatch: add checkbox to ignore functions with "func_get_arg", "func_get_args", "func_num_args"

WI-26810 (Bug)

Parameters mismatch: Impossible to disable "Disable for functions/methods with func_get_arg call inside and other" option

WI-26812 (Exception)

Parameter mismatch: Operation not supported exception is thrown if there is a @method in PHPDoc

PHP Refactoring


WI-22666 (Cosmetics)

"Convert to short sysntax" intention title may be confusing at a glance

WI-26783 (Bug)

Extract method: should be disabled for 'a'=>'b' expression

PHP Run configuration


WI-26862 (Bug)

Warning "Path mappings are not configured for selected interpreter" is mistakenly shown

PHP lang


WI-24464 (Feature)

Allow to use PHP surrounds from HTML in PHP files

WI-26784 (Bug)

PHPDoc block generator not detecting that doc block already exists for function

WI-17967 (Bug)

Bug with private field in traits

WI-26844 (Bug)

Surround with (expr) and !(expr) should be disabled for 1=>2 expressions

WI-15291 (Bug)

Shortcut Command+Shift+Enter add braces to the end of code block

WI-26333 (Bug)

Convert binary nowdoc to string produces double quoted string

WI-26868 (Bug)

PHPDoc before constant value causes "expression is not allowed as constant value"

PHP lib stubs


WI-26706 (Bug)

Missing MognoDB driver exceptions

WI-26016 (Bug)

Missing PHP SSLVERSION CURL constants

WI-26811 (Bug)

Update stub for min function

PHP test


WI-26850 (Bug)

ide-behat.php is not compatible with latest Behat master changes

WI-26441 (Bug)

Changing the remote interpreter name prevent PHPUnit from running

No subsystem


WEB-15766 (Cosmetics)

VCS Commit: change product name in the message shown on attempt to commit with 'code analysis' enabled while indexing

IDEA-137751 (Exception)

IAE on project closing

Build tools


WEB-15547 (Usability Problem)

gulp button won't save its position on bottom left tool button

WEB-15672 (Bug)

Grunt environment in IDEA 14.1 differs from command line and IDEA 14.0

WEB-15722 (Bug)

Need to specify grunt-cli package on every startup



WEB-15739 (Exception)

Debugger: SIOOBE is thrown on each stop on breakpoint

WEB-15737 (Exception)

InterruptedException when debug Meteor project



IDEA-138017 (Exception)

java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException in oneside viewer

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-137341 (Cosmetics)

Code editor Simplified Chinese font display seems to have problems

IDEA-137257 (Bug)

Enter action after block comment

IDEA-137103 (Exception)

AssertionError when edit code in .phtml file

File Watchers


WEB-15650 (Feature)

Change default Traceur file watcher template



WEB-14031 (Feature)

Allow HTML warning supressing comments to be followed by newline

WEB-15749 (Bug)

Custom language injection - cursor jumps around upon hitting enter

IDE Configuration


IDEA-136619 (Feature)

Cannot assign shortcut to "File -> Open Recent"



IDEA-137949 (Exception)

NPE from JSP prevents file from being opened



WEB-15557 (Feature)

ES6: Provide support of the export\import with rename

WEB-15539 (Bug)

Object literal inside a template literal parsed incorrectly

WEB-15742 (Bug)

"Element need to be exported" extra warning when make import

WEB-15625 (Bug)

Missing completion and inspection for imported variables exported as default

WEB-15606 (Bug)

unresolved variable or type await inside methods

WEB-15843 (Bug)

ES6: NPE on completion invocation inside import statement

WEB-14793 (Bug)

Incorrect arrow function parsing in JavaScript

WEB-15469 (Bug)

Sequence expression is not correctly parsed under ES6 language version setting

WEB-12838 (Bug)

ES6: Webstorm does not understand class expressions

WEB-15578 (Bug)

Emmet should be available only on the top-level of JS harmony file

WEB-12340 (Bug)

`as` is forbidden to be a variable

WEB-13911 (Bug)

Bug: JSDocs/NgDocs is declared once, but WebStorm thinks there are two implementations

WEB-13914 (Bug)

JSDocs/NgDocs Can't add property to method

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-15656 (Bug)

ES6: Formatting: do not put class keyword on the next line

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-15486 (Bug)

Tag 'a' is expanded wrong in JSX files

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-15503 (Bug)

Refactor>Rename does not work for ES6-style methods.



WEB-14573 (Bug)

Incorrect linting and messed up indentation in LESS stylesheets

WEB-15651 (Bug)

Support optional imports for .less files

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-137369 (Bug)

findElementAt behavior has changed in IDEA 14

REST Client


WEB-11070 (Bug)

Rest client does not respect the noProxyHosts



WEB-15799 (Bug)

No titles after ampersand (&) in file structure (Ctrl + F12)

Task Management


IDEA-128728 (Feature)

Support configurable issue states in task repositories

IDEA-137716 (Bug)

Task management: Close Task: GUI freeze with CloseTaskAction.actionPerformed() call



WEB-15572 (Feature)

Automatically double ` when inputing ES6/TypeScript template strings

WEB-15638 (Bug)

"Method can be static" is wrongly reported in TypeScript when member is referenced from arrow function

WEB-15741 (Bug)

IDE Freezes on large/complex TypeScript project

WEB-15694 (Exception)

TypeScript Compiler: Throwable on "Compile Current File" invocation via keyboard shortcut

User Interface


IDEA-57649 (Cosmetics)

"locals" window can be minimized to horizontal size 0

IDEA-137520 (Bug)

Debugger close button doesn't function as expected when clicked from within the button overflow area.

Version Control


IDEA-137685 (Bug)

Annotate hotkey not working in FIle History panel

Version Control. Git


IDEA-78347 (Usability Problem)

Option to use --full-history in file history

Version Control. Log


IDEA-137760 (Cosmetics)

Something wrong with IntelliSort icon (in Log) in retina

IDEA-135302 (Cosmetics)

Log: Select Folders dialog appearing from paths filter is too small by default.

IDEA-135940 (Cosmetics)

Wrong preposition

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