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PhpStorm EAP 141.176 Release Notes

PHP Inspections


WI-15145 (Feature)

Call Declaration mismatch: add checkbox to ignore functions with "func_get_arg", "func_get_args", "func_num_args"

WI-19986 (Bug)

Parameter Type: Closure is not treated as object

WI-26334 (Bug)

Anonymous function has type callable instead of Closure

WI-16785 (Bug)

Closure $fn->bindTo() not supported by PHP inspector

WI-26650 (Bug)

Create parameter: doesn't handle variadic

WI-26686 (Bug)

Some operations are not properly recognized as read or write operations

PHP Refactoring


WI-26692 (Usability Problem)

Filter expressions for Introduce constant/parameter

WI-26691 (Bug)

Introduce parameter: should not allow to refactor single key=>value in array

PHP debug


WI-26640 (Usability Problem)

Debugger: "Click to set up path mapping" not clickable

WI-26356 (Usability Problem)

Inline debugger: show fields value without expanding $this node in Variables (XDebug)

WI-26553 (Usability Problem)

Inline debugger: value of filed with instance inside a class is shown as array

WI-26552 (Usability Problem)

Inline debugger: class and string are indistinguishable

PHP lang


WI-12575 (Bug)

Method Closure::bind() is marked undefined ("Method 'bind' not found in class callable")

WI-26285 (Bug)

Constructor params from trait are not shown

WI-26712 (Bug)

__debugInfo missing from override window

PHP lib stubs


WI-26704 (Bug)

Third parameter in array_filter function

WI-26778 (Bug)

DateTime::__set_state type is wrongly void

WI-26713 (Bug)

Incorrect warning when using max with more than two paramters.

No subsystem


IDEA-119669 (Usability Problem)

Event Log / Mark all as read: allow to assign a keyboard shortcut

IDEA-136945 (Usability Problem)

Scopes: Impossibility to exclude recursively (via UI) if dir doesn't contain any files

IDEA-124562 (Bug)

Wrong tab gets selected after closing if Sort tabs by filename is enabled

IDEA-90597 (Bug)

Next Tab/Previous Tab work incorrectly when Alphabetical mode is enabled.

IDEA-137554 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.util.xmlb.MapBinding.deserializeKeyOrValue

IDEA-136268 (Exception)

AssertionError in completeTaskWhichFailToAcquireReadAction when running global inspections

Build tools


WEB-15652 (Bug)

Grunt: "Jump to Source" action is not available for some tasks or targets



WEB-15649 (Bug)

CSS3: background-position highlighted incorrectly

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-136400 (Bug)

Add java style support for empty array initializer with no space between braces



IDEA-137629 (Bug)

Console auto scroll to the end - stops scrolling

IDEA-137557 (Bug)

"Scroll to the end" not activated by default in log consoles anymore



DBE-1164 (Bug)

Consoles: folders with consoles have internal names when opened at other project



IDEA-132168 (Usability Problem)

Debugger: Show value on selection change: selection is evaluated twice

IDEA-123075 (Performance Problem)

"Suspend breakpoint" (Alt+Button1) conflicts with keymap-defined Alt+Button1

IDEA-137517 (Bug)

Unable to display '\uFFFF' in debugger string values

WEB-15053 (Bug)

Firefox debugger: Remove 'Firefox' from 'JavaScript Debug' run configuration

IDEA-137320 (Bug)

GTK: debugger/eval inspection nodes do not show the expand triangle until selected

WEB-12268 (Bug)

Names are truncated in debugger tooltips when inspecting Angular attribute values

IDE Configuration


IDEA-134631 (Bug)

Suggestion to restart IDEA is not shown on Welcome Screen after plugin update

IDEA-137340 (Exception)

Lost original startup error message



IDEA-137302 (Bug)

Editor marks import in JSP as unused even when it's used

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-15595 (Bug)

angular equal sign alignment issue

Project Configuration


IDEA-137215 (Bug)

Save Settings error - Can save scheme 'External Tools: The data "null" is not legal for a JDOM attribute: A null is not a legal XML value.

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-137169 (Bug)

some TestNG and JUnit run configurations cannot be run



WEB-11751 (Feature)

TypeScript: provide 'create field' intention

WEB-13979 (Bug)

TypeScript return type inference is broken

WEB-15504 (Bug)

TypeScript: Red code: incorrect parsing of curly brackets

Unit Tests


WEB-15584 (Bug)

JShint 2.6.1-3 are available

User Interface


IDEA-137649 (Bug)

Unable to open IDEA project in a new window

IDEA-135538 (Bug)

Editor tab name with blurring looks ugly on Ubuntu and Windows

IDEA-133828 (Bug)

Regression: middle-clicking on tool window header doesn't close it anymore

IDEA-137098 (Bug)

Changing active file is work incorrectly while Quick definition is opened

Version Control


IDEA-136086 (Usability Problem)

A modal progress "Refresh change lists after update" quickly appears when reverting changes

IDEA-131858 (Bug)

Git push: Don't let enter edit mode from keyboard when there is error

IDEA-131328 (Bug)

Shelf fails completely if one of patches couldn't be parsed

Version Control. Git


IDEA-136353 (Feature)

change branches for push in multiroot project

IDEA-137492 (Bug)

Git remote operations fail on mac under JDK 1.6 if Built-in SSH is used with an ISE "No handler for key"

Version Control. Log


IDEA-116782 (Feature)

Log: highlight "my commits"

IDEA-135308 (Cosmetics)

Log: too big repository marker for newly created repo

IDEA-135472 (Exception)

Log: Access is allowed from event dispatch thread only. Throwable at com.intellij.vcs.log.ui.VcsLogUiImpl.addLogListener



IDEA-108020 (Feature)

Add "Refresh external resource" intention on external resources

IDEA-137333 (Bug)

JavaEE 7 XML schema mapping is broken and seems to pick XSDs at random

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