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PhpStorm EAP 141.1717 Release Notes

PHP Completion


WI-27746 (Bug)

Postfix completion: foreach $collection as $it

PHP Formatter


WI-27628 (Usability Problem)

Do not always show "Imports optimized" for PHP and Blade files

WI-26286 (Bug)

Indentation of @method directive in PHPDoc is not necessary

PHP Inspections


WI-16339 (Bug)

Annotator: Inspection produces seemingly invalid warning for protected constructor

PHP debug


WI-27188 (Feature)

Automatically detect existing deployment configuration with relevant path mappings

PHP frameworks


WI-4478 (Feature)

Framework support: Add dynamic type hinting functionality

PHP lang


WI-22983 (Bug)

Checking instance of an object against a dynamic class name breaks type inference

WI-27712 (Bug)

Non-static factory completion doesn't work without parent

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-27773 (Usability Problem)

Error message for project-level deployment server in Remote PHP Interpreter dialog is incorrect

WI-16328 (Usability Problem)

Add option to create global or project FTP servers

WI-27786 (Usability Problem)

Panel for project level deployment server is shown for interpreter by SSH

WI-27775 (Bug)

"Create application level copy of this server" copy server without mappings and excluded paths

WI-27677 (Bug)

SSH Console doesn't see "Visible only for the project" deployment servers

WI-27674 (Bug)

Servers disappears if their names collides due to setting change visible for project

WI-27321 (Exception)

Exception on export settings

WI-27673 (Exception)

Exception is thrown on attempt to create a server without an opened project

No subsystem


IDEA-141232 (Bug)

Selecting "All Files" part way through a Replace in Path goes back and replaces any matches already replaced

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-141800 (Bug)

"Except comments" replacement option doesn't work as expected

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-16924 (Bug)

eslint validation context.getFilename incomplete

User Interface


IDEA-141585 (Usability Problem)

Sluggish scrolling when Soft-Wraps are enabled and text is wrapped

IDEA-125812 (Bug)

Now it's impossible to switch between recent files and recent edited files

Version Control


IDEA-141480 (Bug)

Changes are lost after push

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