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PhpStorm EAP 141.1408 Release Notes

PHP Inspections


WI-27154 (Bug)

Nested array PHPDoc results in unused use statement warning

WI-26953 (Bug)

PHPCS Remote: impossible to set custom remote coding standard

WI-27295 (Bug)

Wrong Missing parent constructor cal warning if same class present more than once

WI-27487 (Bug)

Mess Detector Remote: impossible to set custom rules

PHP debug


WI-27431 (Feature)

Validation: detect if hhvm is used in "Web Server Debug Validation"

PHP templates


WI-24950 (Feature)

Blade: Support {!! !!} as content tags

WI-27527 (Cosmetics)

Blade: parser error messages about closing tags should depend on project settings

WI-27534 (Bug)

Blade: completion for escaped tag doesn't complete one closing brace

WI-27535 (Bug)

Blade: completion of Laravel 4 content tags doesn't insert one space

WI-27537 (Bug)

Blade: wrong formatting of consequent php tags

WI-27524 (Bug)

Blade: improper quote escape handling

PHP test


WI-27435 (Usability Problem)

New remote interpreter is not propagated into PHPUnit by Remote Interpreter dialog

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-7231 (Feature)

Provide 'Create file' action for 'Remote Host' view

WI-27566 (Usability Problem)

Allow to assign shortcut for action ''New'' in Remote Host tab

WI-27569 (Usability Problem)

Make remote edited files navigatable to Remote Host with Alt+F1 (Select in... action)

Plugin: GAE support


WI-27516 (Usability Problem)

Make oAuth default type of authentication

WI-27514 (Cosmetics)

Proper alignment in run configuration

WI-27515 (Bug)

Set php55 runtime in default app.yaml



WEB-16748 (Bug)

Simultaneous tag editing feature fails at PHP string



IDEA-136562 (Exception)




WEB-15917 (Bug)

Typescript: wrong declare class and declare var constructs formatting

User Interface


IDEA-139761 (Bug)

Incorrect rendering of scrollbar track

Version Control. Git


IDEA-140501 (Performance Problem)

Using all of the CPU and eventually WebStorm is unusable

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