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PhpStorm EAP 141.1224 Release Notes

PHP Completion


WI-27250 (Feature)

Postfix completion: provide alternative postfix names / aliases

WI-27226 (Usability Problem)

Postfix completion: disable all templates except par and not for constant/field default value

WI-27245 (Bug)

Description and examples for postfix templates should be updated

PHP Formatter


WI-23754 (Bug)

Add a possibility to ensure blank lines between members (properties, methods, etc.), instead of around

WI-27411 (Bug)

Blank lines are not removed for alternative syntax

WI-27421 (Bug)

End of line brace placement in namespace is overridden by Next line setting for Other

WI-18037 (Bug)

Place braces on next line option doesn't work for namespaces

WI-27370 (Bug)

Blank Lines are not being removed on formatting PHP/HTML mix

WI-25799 (Bug)

Single line comments: line break in middle changes comment style in next line

WI-17989 (Bug)

Reformatting according to style doesn't work for file templates

PHP Inspections


WI-27158 (Feature)

Add inspection for namespace case-insensitive usage

WI-20501 (Bug)

Add method stubs: doesn't handle situation when more then 2 abstract methods with the same name need to be implemented

PHP lang


WI-23701 (Feature)

Add support for PHP 7 return type hints.

WI-27067 (Usability Problem)

Wrapping a statement in () doesn't work for class constructor

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-21962 (Bug)

Upload changed when document save

WI-27231 (Bug)

Remote Edit: Symlinked files are truncated

No subsystem


WEB-16386 (Performance Problem)

WebStorm 10.0.2 hangs and does not respond

WEB-16467 (Bug)

HEAD request not handled correctly in built in server

WEB-16446 (Bug)

JSCS package path is configured globally rather then per project

WEB-16594 (Bug)

Good code marked red. Javascript getter shown as error if version set to ECMAScript 6 or JSX Harmony.

WEB-16620 (Bug)

ES6 Modules: defaultVal, * as all — caused errors

Build tools


WEB-16502 (Bug)

Grunt: support navigable links in the output from the grunt-tslint package



WEB-8240 (Bug)

coffescript inspection 'unused local symbols' occurs when parameter used for extending a class



WEB-16172 (Bug)

Javascript debugging - breakpoints dont match display when using <script> template blocks (and not <template>)

IDEA-139945 (Bug)

When putting a watch on a breakpoint, Java debugger produces a boxed Integer instead of primitive int

IDEA-139980 (Bug)

Custom breakpoints should be able to fully provide the main panel

IDEA-132852 (Bug)

Debugger: values in editor are still shown after disconnect

File Watchers


WEB-16470 (Bug)

File watcher: spaces in paths prevent to run program

WEB-12196 (Bug)

File Watcher: Output Filter: output not parsed when filename contains spaces/brackets. Unusable with Dropbox



WEB-14928 (Bug)

End of JavaScript comments detected

WEB-16247 (Bug)

Some tag names duplicated in html5 completion

IDE Configuration


IDEA-139883 (Bug)

Changes in file associations are not saved

IDEA-139409 (Bug)

Persistent message "File type recognized: File extension *.vm was reassigned to VTL"



WEB-16410 (Usability Problem)

Download libraries: when searching for typescript stub, navigate to library with name that starts with entered substring first

WEB-16260 (Bug)

Failing type inference with an object conforming to a typedef

WEB-14921 (Bug)

Better Structure View for ExtJS Files

WEB-16111 (Bug)

Code completion is not working for nested objects defined outside

WEB-16198 (Bug)

Javascript : unresolved function or method from super class where there is also a "static" method

WEB-15884 (Bug)

ES6 'export * from' declarations

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-16106 (Usability Problem)

JSCS integration, plugin not found

WEB-16544 (Bug)

JSCS: add verbose option and correct "validateQuoteMarks" rule type

WEB-16163 (Bug)

jscs unknown options

WEB-16189 (Bug)

Select path to Node.js and JSCS automatically

WEB-16406 (Bug)

JSCS: use correct list of operators for rules type completion

WEB-16405 (Bug)

JSCS: correctly recognize type for each rule

WEB-16550 (Bug)

jscs should use esnext flag for es6 languages, not just jsx harmony

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-14761 (Bug)

The Object.freeze definition in EcmaScript5.js (EcmaScript 5 library) is wrong

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-15848 (Bug)

Support rename of the imported\exported variable



WEB-16134 (Usability Problem)

Inspections: "Insert require()" quick fix: use single quotes

WEB-16133 (Bug)

Inspections: "Insert require()" quick fix: suggest module name and show it first in the list

WEB-16242 (Bug)

Node js auto import: correctly calculate main module

Task Management


IDEA-139903 (Usability Problem)

TaskManagement: Trello: Change 'number' placeholder in commit message



IDEA-139633 (Bug)

Terminal doesn't show prompt or current folder



WEB-15730 (Bug)

TypeScript: "Create field" intention should be available with enabled Compiler

WEB-14009 (Bug)

Rename TypeScript import statement does not also rename references to imported module

WEB-16431 (Bug)

TypeScript: String arrays from lib.es6.d.ts; "Unresolved function or method map"

WEB-16528 (Bug)

Typescript 1.5 Es6 style import statement and intellisense not working

User Interface


IDEA-138257 (Bug)

High DPI monitor issue: small text in notification popups



PY-15849 (Bug)

Vagrant: abandoned winpty-agent processes on each vagrant command run

Version Control


IDEA-137838 (Usability Problem)

Ctrl + C - should copy a file name into a clipboard in Commit Changes window, not absolute path

IDEA-139870 (Bug)

Issue with context menu for annotation panel for files without an associated type

IDEA-139488 (Bug)

Ctrl-C in Local Changes copies to clipboard one file name only

IDEA-130530 (Bug)

Changes Tool Window - Local Changes - ctrl+c = ctrl+shift+c

Version Control. Git


IDEA-137749 (Exception)

Compare with branch: Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread or inside read-action only: Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.fileEditor.impl.FileDocumentManagerImpl.getDocument

Version Control. Log


IDEA-138326 (Bug)

Selected commit can get out of sight after switching IntelliSort on or off.



IDEA-129370 (Feature)

Support XML Schema (XSD) 1.1

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