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PhpStorm EAP 141.1000 Release Notes

PHP lang


WI-2233 (Feature)

Run configurations: update the file name on Refactor / Rename file in IDE

PHP templates


WI-27241 (Usability Problem)

Enable HTML and other injections in Twig "verbatim" block

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-27252 (Cosmetics)

Remote Edit: upload current remote file action should not be shown in context menu

WI-27246 (Bug)

Remote Edit: it's impossible to open a file without known file type

WI-27264 (Bug)

Remote Edit: assert error on multiple openings of a large file

WI-27233 (Bug)

Remote edit: Hide file extension in editor tabs doesn't work

WI-27232 (Bug)

Remote Edit: tabs names are not updated on deployment server name change

No subsystem


IDEA-132554 (Usability Problem)

automatic window scroll after CTRL-ALT-L

WEB-16175 (Bug)

Element style doesn't have required attribute scoped

WEB-16257 (Bug)

Incorrect documentation for Element#classList methods

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-138967 (Bug)

\unnnn notation doesn't work in quick docs

Code Navigation


IDEA-139293 (Bug)

Strange behavior "Go to file" dialog when I paste file name with leading Tab

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-139523 (Feature)

Option to retain Code Folding after Paste



WEB-16321 (Bug)

Inspection Unknown HTML boolean tag attribute Warns on Valid HTML5



WEB-16277 (Performance Problem)

infinite js parsing

WEB-16336 (Bug)

Webstorm can't autocompletes alias imports

WEB-16198 (Bug)

Javascript : unresolved function or method from super class where there is also a "static" method

WEB-16261 (Bug)

RubyMine 7.1 Hangups

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-16355 (Bug)

JSX: HTML tags completion is not available, NPE at ReactXmlExtension$1.execute()

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-16314 (Bug)

Add support for .eslintignore

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-139036 (Bug)

IDEA Updater - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

Task Management


IDEA-138415 (Bug)

Open task: serverUrl is undefined

Version Control


IDEA-77338 (Performance Problem)

Perform 'Add to VCS' action under progress

Version Control. Git


IDEA-139500 (Exception)

Git: Interactive Rebase: AE at git4idea.rebase.GitRebaseLineListener.onLineAvailable

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