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PhpStorm EAP 139.659 Release Notes

PHP Completion


WI-25763 (Bug)

Completion doesn't suggest elements defined in else condition

WI-23442 (Bug)

Completion doesn't suggest elements defined in if condition

PHP Inspections


WI-20157 (Feature)

Support variadic method parameters PHPDOC

PHP debug


WI-24660 (Exception)

Set value doesn't accept \r\n separators

PHP lang


WI-25596 (Bug)

Complete current statement: alternative syntax: inserted closing statement is outside of php tag

PHP templates


WI-24981 (Usability Problem)

Blade: add warning about equal delimiters

WI-24980 (Bug)

Blade: Custom delimiters can't be just @ (at)

PHP test


WI-24206 (Bug)

PHPUnit 4.*: fix loading by include path

Plugin: Drupal support


WI-25232 (Usability Problem)

Provide Drupal search URL in external documentation (ex. Cannot "View External Documentation" for Drupal (launches instead))

No subsystem


WI-9207 (Bug)

Too many Spaces on Change the method visibility on a class

WEB-13981 (Bug)

Alt+F2 should open page on default web server configured in Settings/Deployment

WEB-14347 (Bug)

JSX emmet support incorrect for <input> tag

Build tools


WEB-12112 (Feature)

make grunt console output navigable.

WEB-14309 (Bug)

unreadable warning color in grunt console



WEB-14205 (Bug)

Create Selector: New CSS file...: no Content Roots are shown in the dialog



WEB-13653 (Bug)

Open in browser opens only Chrome after debugging

IDEA-133432 (Bug)

IDE hangs when deleting a line multiple times because of xdebugger

IDEA-132772 (Bug)

Changed objects are not marked as modified

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-133649 (Bug)

Font not working

File Watchers


WEB-14104 (Feature)

Finish watcher before running tests



IDEA-133345 (Bug)

Idea inserts wrong closing tag



WEB-14345 (Bug)

LESS: Error "Mismatched property values" when use color operation functions

WEB-14303 (Bug)

less animation-delay negative error

WEB-14382 (Bug)

LESS: Highlighting of unclosed comment is missing if cursor is on a new line



PY-9389 (Usability Problem)

Install package: enter in search field should select most relevant package in the list of packages

PY-9736 (Cosmetics)

Packaging: emphasize installing label by another color

PY-9738 (Bug)

Packaging: spinning backgroung process indicator disappears after selection change

Version Control


IDEA-116400 (Usability Problem)

Vcs Log: in a multi-repo project recent commits list can be incorrect

IDEA-112436 (Usability Problem)

"Unregistered VCS root message" improvements: "Add root" button; optional automatical roots registration.

IDEA-133197 (Cosmetics)

VCS log: Log vanishes after invoke "Collapse linear branches" or "Expand all branches" actions

IDEA-107117 (Bug)

Filter part of toolbar panel in Changes->Log disappeared

IDEA-133475 (Bug)

Remember filter text in Log when mouse covers '>>' icon.

IDEA-133320 (Bug)

Unregistered root detected: combined link Add Root and Configure in Event Log

Version Control. Git


IDEA-84497 (Usability Problem)

Version Control settings is polluted with 'unregistered roots' errors

IDEA-132199 (Bug)

Git>Branches... Dialog does not pop up when module is "library home"

IDEA-84715 (Bug)

Non-latin letters and git

IDEA-133652 (Bug)

git confusion when branch name is the same as file/directory name

IDEA-133368 (Bug)

Enable Git Add on a newly added and changed file

IDEA-132502 (Bug)

Git Pull Dialog with many branches: FrequentEventDetector - Too many events posted

IDEA-111168 (Bug)

"Add All" button to add all unregistered roots at once

IDEA-133309 (Exception)

GitPushSettings.getUpdateMethod must not return null



IDEA-121450 (Bug)

xsd:boolean - Idea is highlighting 0 and 1 as invalid values

IDEA-133531 (Bug)

IDEA ignores the xsi:schemaLocation under certain circumstances

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