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PhpStorm EAP 139.425 Release Notes

PHP Formatter


WI-25327 (Bug)

Additional indent is inserted inside switch blocks if "Next line shifted" is enabled

WI-25326 (Bug)

Default block in switch is missing indent

WI-25325 (Bug)

Braces in default block inside switch are indented if "Next line" is chosen for Brace Placement

WI-25385 (Bug)

Try/catch/finally indenting in next line shifted is incorrect

PHP Inspections


WI-18108 (Feature)

False positive "wrong string concatenation operator" inspection for magic properties

WI-25306 (Cosmetics)

Correct inspection group name grammar

WI-19830 (Bug)

Update PHPDoc and Add @return tag quick fixes places @return in different places

WI-25543 (Bug)

Update PHPDoc: doesn't work for @throws if there is no @param tag

WI-25315 (Bug)

"Traditional syntax array detected" real world usage

PHP Refactoring


WI-18178 (Bug)

Refactoring properties don't update set function params

PHP lang


WI-25050 (Cosmetics)

Variable variables are partially left uncoloured

WI-25153 (Bug)

Complete Current statement: insert additional pair of curly braces if there is a finally block in try/catch

WI-25524 (Bug)

Complete current statement: alternative syntax: insert additional end statement is inserted if there is block inside

WI-25526 (Bug)

Complete current statement: alternative syntax: insert additional braces if there is a list keyword

WI-25520 (Bug)

Complete current statement: alternative syntax: additional endif is inserted

WI-24766 (Bug)

IDE FROZEN: PhpStorm does not respond anymore while indexing php project

WI-18201 (Bug)

Complete statement: doesn't work for alternative syntax

PHP lib stubs


WI-10091 (Feature)

Add support for ZeroMQ class/constant auto competition

WI-25311 (Bug)

missing some methods from MongoId, such as isValid, getHostname etc.

PHP templates


WI-25403 (Bug)

Emmet is not expanding properly in Smarty file if part of Emmet is similar to Smarty delimeter

WI-13669 (Bug)

Twig indention issue in multiline object

WI-21276 (Bug)

Twig: syntax highlight for if suffix in for tags

WI-25419 (Exception)

Blade: exception is thrown on removing indent

PHP test


WI-25172 (Bug)

Create Behat Step Definition intention does not escape slashes

WI-24060 (Bug)

Behat: steps defined in traits mixed into the context files are not found

WI-25440 (Bug)

Behat: Create Behat Step Definition from step with $ (dollar sign) generates broken method

Plugin: Phing


WI-25545 (Bug)

Some properties are not shown in completion on Mac



IDEA-132187 (Task)

Write javadoc for PsiModificationTracker and related classes

No subsystem


WEB-13951 (Feature)

Allow Emmet TAB completions in JSX

IDEA-131732 (Usability Problem)

Unclear labels in the Settings | Tools | Server Certificates page

IDEA-131549 (Usability Problem)

UML: Cannot find UML actions using 'Find Action' action and 'UML' search key

IDEA-131506 (Performance Problem)

Memory leak in UndoRedoStacksHolder

RUBY-15606 (Performance Problem)

UI hangs for noticeable time if using Vagrant plugin

IDEA-131811 (Cosmetics)

Wrong grammar in a message box text

IDEA-128849 (Bug)

Plugin downloader can't handle HTTP redirect

IDEA-22740 (Bug)

Creating a new livetemplate from selection causes duplicate code

WEB-13466 (Bug)

Binary and Octal Literals

WEB-13295 (Bug)

Incorrect files downloaded for ZURB Foundation projects, on phpStorm 7.1.3

PY-14261 (Bug)

"Surround with custom folding region" breaks indentation in Python

IDEA-127636 (Bug)

Show History command missing in Find Action

IDEA-132478 (Bug)

Check for updates doesn't suggest latest major version

PY-14233 (Bug)

Python's "View Array" action is shown in Java debugger popup menu with empty text

IDEA-131592 (Bug)

Menu disappeared after debugging Node application

WEB-13867 (Bug)

Can't change color of HTML tag names

Code: Parsing


CPP-975 (Bug)

"syntax error" on function-style cast of an expression to a primitive type



PY-14185 (Usability Problem)

View as array: show menu item only for supported variables types

IDEA-132100 (Usability Problem)

Debugger: Evaluate Code Fragment: restoring from history without semicolon is a problem for class definitions

IDEA-131521 (Cosmetics)

Provide unified capitalization

PY-14189 (Cosmetics)

View as Array: action capitalization in menu is inconsistent

PY-14194 (Cosmetics)

View as Array: dialog title is confusing

IDEA-125322 (Bug)

Debugger: F2 adds new row in Watches

IDEA-131653 (Bug)

The "Value Auto Tooltip" option in the Debugger Settings menu does not work properly

IDEA-132566 (Bug)

"View as" hex for byte array is not working

IDEA-132017 (Bug)

Debugger|Code Fragment evaluation mode: restore text from history provides red highlighting (unexpected token)

IDEA-131712 (Bug)

Debugger is showing current position on evaluate

Eclipse Integration


IDEA-132645 (Bug)

Eclipse integration problem: all imported modules have been lost after project reloading (100% reproduce)



PY-11357 (Bug)

Unable to use "Surround With" on anything if it's the first or the last declaration in a class

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-131780 (Performance Problem)

UndoManager stores large char arrays in ImmutableText

File Watchers


WEB-13886 (Bug)

No scrollbar in Choose template menu in File Watchers preferences



WEB-541 (Feature)

(X)HTML and body indentation

WEB-2323 (Bug)

HTML formatter can only format 200 lines.

WEB-392 (Bug)

HTML always auto-indenting if no parent tag

WEB-506 (Bug)

if you define images with relative paths, the size attributes show as errors.

WEB-331 (Bug)

Unresolved Entity Reference for valid HTML entities like € … etc.

WEB-13982 (Bug)

Incorrect indentation on pressing Enter after XML tag with attributes on multiple lines



RUBY-15889 (Bug)

Command Line Launcher opens up in /bin rather than current directory



WEB-14013 (Feature)

Code Cleanup does nothing

WEB-13944 (Bug)

regular expression literals are no longer syntax highlighted inline, or have the ability to 'check regex'

WEB-13885 (Bug)

Emmet for jsx (React) produces incorrect class syntax

WEB-13780 (Bug)

Coloring for @constructor

WEB-12945 (Bug)

Smartly delete pair brace don't work inside function

WEB-11492 (Exception)

Code analysis failed with exception: java.lang.NullPointerException: null

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-12504 (Bug)

ES6 - Indentation after docblock

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-13609 (Feature)

JSCS: Navigation into the config from errors shown in the Error panel

WEB-13791 (Cosmetics)

JSCS: Unix: unreadable text hint for Code style preset

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-13841 (Bug)

window.requestAnimationFrame() wrong stub

WEB-12720 (Bug)

DataTransfer from MouseEvent missing.

Project Configuration


IDEA-132024 (Bug)

Mac OS: on importing settings from previous IDEA version plugins are not imported

Rails. Diagrams


RUBY-10190 (Cosmetics)

Add class to diagram - "Enter class name" dialog box shows in the background

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-129421 (Bug)

"Rerun failed tests" ignores pinned status of the tab



WEB-13923 (Cosmetics)

Add new Icons for SCSS/SASS

WEB-13938 (Bug)

Mismatched parameters (<expression>)

Task Management


IDEA-68249 (Feature)

Add Bugzilla as a supported server for Task and Context Management



WEB-13704 (Cosmetics)

TypeScript: Colors&Fonts: properties from lib.d.ts are not colored

WEB-11508 (Bug)

Class name after 'new' keyword not colorized

Unit Tests


WEB-13324 (Bug)

Cucumber-js: RC from previous version is broken

WEB-13940 (Bug)

Cucumber-js: 'undefined step reference' reported for all steps

User Interface


IDEA-128713 (Usability Problem)

Pycharm causing a mount storm in linux using open dialogue due to "look ahead"

IDEA-126386 (Cosmetics)

Update eclipse logo

IDEA-122423 (Bug)

Plugin list is unreadable in GTK+ L&F

IDEA-128476 (Bug)

UI of Customize IDE wizard is broken after theme change

IDEA-126293 (Bug)

White on white menu entry in git branches popup

IDEA-130363 (Bug)

Recently Edited Files list should survive restart

IDEA-127185 (Exception)

Switcher throws exception and stops working

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-132363 (Bug)

NPE invoking recent searches with Darcula

Version Control


IDEA-132507 (Usability Problem)

"Clear Read-Only Status" dialog too wide

IDEA-130848 (Usability Problem)

Push dialog initial selection & enabling policy

IDEA-77576 (Usability Problem)

"Compare with Local" action not available in keymap or action popup, no way to invoke without using the mouse

IDEA-130622 (Usability Problem)

Confusing root selection policy in Git push dialog

IDEA-131301 (Cosmetics)

Push dialog has wrong indents in the commit tree view

IDEA-131859 (Cosmetics)

Grammar error in the Settings | Version Control page

IDEA-119375 (Bug)

Unable to assign keyboard shortcut to "Move to Changelist ..."

IDEA-130660 (Bug)

Push Dialog: "No remotes" caption, if target branch is empty.

IDEA-132090 (Bug)

Using F6 to move changes between change lists does not work anymore

IDEA-132149 (Bug)

Changes -> Log view does not works for projects with many modules

IDEA-115773 (Bug)

File Cache Conflict after updating from SVN with symlinks in the project paths

Version Control. Git


IDEA-131714 (Usability Problem)

Copy revision number should copy full revision number

IDEA-98693 (Usability Problem)

Git Push dialog does not remember remote branch

IDEA-95947 (Bug)

Git: the same notification for unregistered git roots appear every time on adding new module to the project

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-132170 (Bug)

Perforce integration: do not block EDT processing VFS events

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-131413 (Bug)

Schedule for Addition deadlock - after importing project from Eclipse

IDEA-130912 (Exception)

CCE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.auth.AuthenticationService.requestSshCredentials



IDEA-125016 (Bug)

Commenting out a line in an XML file with commented out comments lower in the file can cause unwanted changes (and invalid xml). REGRESSION



IDEA-132585 (Bug)

NPE when XSLT debug

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