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PHP Completion


WI-25277 (Feature)

Add stubs for xhprof extension constants and functions

PHP Formatter


WI-25265 (Bug)

Incorrect indenting for switch statements if "Next line shifted" is enabled

WI-25239 (Bug)

Two additional indent is inserted inside case block

PHP Inspections


WI-25315 (Bug)

"Traditional syntax array detected" real world usage

PHP Refactoring


WI-25204 (Usability Problem)

Convert to heredoc inserts an extra blank line

PHP lang


WI-24747 (Performance Problem)

Random Slow-Downs / High CPU usage in bigger files with lots of language injections

WI-18436 (Bug)

Generate getter/setter doesn't take into account type of @property

WI-25256 (Bug)

Functions with 16 or more return statements get marked as returning void

PHP lib stubs


WI-25316 (Bug)

SessionHandlerInterface.php stub has broken links to php docs due to typo.

PHP test


WI-25271 (Bug)

php.xml config always changes with remote interpreter

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-24916 (Bug)

Deployment root /users/... changed to /Users/... every time PyCharm is restarted

No subsystem


IDEA-131239 (Bug)

"Alt F3" search in editor should have "pink" background if there are no matches

IDEA-117429 (Bug)

'Base on This Class' action doesn't work properly in Hierarchy window

IDEA-120252 (Bug)

Plugin Manager: "Restart IntelliJ IDEA" button does nothing

IDEA-128848 (Bug)

Idea asks for class destination directory in Project tree

IDEA-131067 (Bug)

Extract constant refactoring creates uncompilable code

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-131685 (Bug)

Cleanup code quick fix / Settings: focus does not go into Inspection dialog

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-95117 (Feature)

Arrangement: Allow to specify 'condition sequences'

IDEA-95126 (Feature)

Arrangement: Provide ability to negate conditions

IDEA-131147 (Bug)

Code Style: "Detect and use existing file indents for editing": old indent state is used on the first update



WEB-13578 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: recognize Javascript language version inside injections



IDEA-131250 (Bug)

Database console result grid fonts looks very small.



IDEA-125136 (Bug)

variables/watches are not updated when changes come from different view

IDEA-131105 (Bug)

Inspect arrays and collections does not work

IDEA-131298 (Bug)

Eliminate Ctrl+enter vs Enter confusion in evaluation dialog

IDEA-131230 (Bug)

Read action should not be required for XDebugSessionImpl.breakpointReached

IDEA-131100 (Bug)

RubyMine EAP does not detect evaluate expression code fragment mode any more



IDEA-94552 (Cosmetics)

Diff connector line is too short by one pixel

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-131251 (Usability Problem)

Please disable insert selected variant on typing dot... on comment nodes

IDEA-131207 (Bug)

Live Template: escaping back-slash in Variable

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-131657 (Usability Problem)

Don't expand foldings on 'Move Caret to Next/Previous Word' actions

IDEA-131568 (Bug)

Wrong fold region is unfolded on mouse click

File System


IDEA-131281 (Bug)

VfsImplUtil$2 processing of (after) vfs events is slow (11.5s)

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-130894 (Bug)

Find usages does not support operators



RUBY-15817 (Bug)

Reformat code breaks indent for multiline block

RUBY-15730 (Bug)

Wrong indentation inspection appear for commented lines

RUBY-12007 (Bug)

haml: cant go to class declaration if node have 2+ classes

RUBY-15312 (Bug)

HAML i18n inspection bug



WEB-12364 (Bug)

HTML5 microdata: correctly complete properties from

IDE Configuration


IDEA-131432 (Usability Problem)

Description text in Settings | Updates should tell that this option also affects plugins



WEB-13777 (Feature)

JSON: Settings: provide Colors And Fonts

WEB-10498 (Bug)

Don't parse the single-line html-comments in script tags as javascript

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-13223 (Bug)

JavaScript styling - Object properties alignment is broken for exporessions

Project Configuration


IDEA-114862 (Bug)

Formatter Control: with disabled formatter and enabled 'Use tab character' option spaces in not formatted lines are replaces with tabs in some cases

Project View


IDEA-131416 (Bug)

Delete key on a Module in Project View Toolwindow does nothing

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-96819 (Bug)

CTRL + F2 shortcut not killing process [Ubuntu 12.04]

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-130949 (Bug)

Structural Search does not support nested classes syntax



IDEA-131584 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.diagram.util.DiagramUtils.navigateTo

Version Control


IDEA-122007 (Feature)

Improve "Copy Hash" action in Git log

IDEA-130850 (Usability Problem)

Log: Keep description scrolling position on refresh

IDEA-130650 (Usability Problem)

git push to non-origin remotes not working

IDEA-124768 (Bug)

Git: log for external repository is not shown if vcs-integration for current project is not enabled

IDEA-130779 (Exception)

Exception when pushing Mercurial repository in a mixed project

Version Control. Git


IDEA-112732 (Usability Problem)

git changes log: copy & paste does not work as expected

IDEA-116489 (Task)

Handle VFS refresh after pull same way as for checkout

IDEA-131705 (Bug)

EAP: Unable to push into refs repos after git push dialog redesign

IDEA-131036 (Bug)

NPE when using git push or pull/fetch with proxy

IDEA-130245 (Bug)

Git Push: pushing from detached HEAD state produces exception

IDEA-131438 (Bug)

Git Push ignores choosed repository

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-130628 (Performance Problem)

Subversion-related CPU hugging

IDEA-130923 (Bug)

Deadlock when trigger SVN-Commit

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