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PhpStorm EAP 139.14 Release Notes

PHP Formatter


WI-19264 (Bug)

Settings | Braces placement | Other: "Next line shifted" works like "Next line, each shifted"

WI-25065 (Bug)

Reformat Code with Force Brackets and Alternate Syntax

PHP lang


WI-15295 (Bug)

Complete statement creates implementation for function in Interface and for abstract method

WI-19885 (Bug)

Creating new class adds whitespace outside of PHP codeblock

PHP lib stubs


WI-25100 (Bug)

Missing PHP 5.6 constants

No subsystem


WEB-13537 (Usability Problem)

JavaScript Libraries: can't enable custom library in Default Settings

IDEA-130359 (Bug)

Overlapping collapse areas not supported correctly

IDEA-128832 (Exception)

Code completion works incorrectly in injected fragment with multiple carets

..(please choose one)..


DBE-857 (Bug)

Oracle. Add support for database events trigger



WEB-13602 (Usability Problem)

"Create selector" don't offer me CSS files which are in the project and even are opened in editor

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-130601 (Bug)

Other indent options are saved without diff filter applied (non-changed settings are saved too)



DBE-854 (Bug)

MSSQL: AssertionError: Language: TSQL: parent='1, 2' on execute statement for function



DBE-834 (Bug)

Database: function / procedure editor ignores existent schema qualifier



DBE-804 (Cosmetics)

Width/height auto adjust



IDEA-130873 (Bug)

Data Source - ODBC Driver is not included in JDK 8



WEB-10903 (Feature)

JSDoc: support @external tag

WEB-8992 (Usability Problem)

Select Word at Caret disregards chained calls

WEB-13117 (Bug)

String literal/number used as accessor identifier should be parsed correctly

WEB-10478 (Bug)

Typescript constructor declaration in library definition does not work in JS file.

WEB-8684 (Bug)

javascript regexp incorrectly flagged as invalid

WEB-12807 (Bug)

ES6 classes jsdoc @param and @return

WEB-12803 (Bug)

JSDoc @callback

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-12784 (Bug)

Javascript code formating - commas in separate lines

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-13640 (Usability Problem)

JSCS: provide "Node interpreter" field

WEB-13594 (Usability Problem)

JSCS: Settings: improve "Custom configuration file" field



WEB-13681 (Bug)

NPM: cannot load packages if extLibs folder does not exist

WEB-13370 (Bug)

Node Package Manager (NPM) GUI in WebStorm doesn't shut down the background node process when closed on Windows



WEB-13570 (Feature)

"0px" is not flagged as redundant in SASS files

WEB-12290 (Bug)

code suggestion not always selecting first suggestion on tab



IDEA-79341 (Usability Problem)

SQL: SQLServer: code completion does not suggest procedure names in GRANT/REVOKE

IDEA-130442 (Bug)

Oracle. Empty object type can have parentheses



DBE-429 (Feature)

SQL auto-completion: suggest table names based on specified columns



DBE-813 (Bug)

PostgreSQL - GET STACKED DIAGNOSTICS exception handling code marked as incorrect syntax



DBE-802 (Bug)

Database plugin doesn't support bool_and() window function

DBE-796 (Bug)

Oracle: Valid SQL code marked as error

DBE-795 (Bug)

Oracle: valid SQL syntax marked as error. 'pivot' can be used as table synonym

DBE-836 (Bug)


DBE-831 (Bug)

sql code analysis reports problem with the use of COLLATE

TextMate Bundles


RUBY-15782 (Bug)

TextMate, Ruby Bundle Not Working Correctly



WEB-7957 (Feature)

Generate references for Typescript

WEB-13035 (Bug)

"Code Completion" doesn't show options for class imported via "export import"

User Interface


IDEA-45572 (Bug)

Database console: table result view: click on a border between columns performs sorting

Version Control


IDEA-75783 (Bug)

New line is added to every file, that is patched

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