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PhpStorm EAP 139.1226 Release Notes

Injections in PHP


WI-26227 (Exception)

Exception is thrown on attempt to create any injection inside HEREDOC

PHP Refactoring


WI-26231 (Bug)

Rename HEREDOC/NOWDOC: doesn't support binary literals

PHP lang


WI-3130 (Bug)

PHP: binary literal is reported as error

WI-26229 (Bug)

Convert heredoc/nowdoc doesn't support binary literals

WI-26228 (Bug)

Replace quotes intention doesn't support binary strings

WI-26289 (Bug)

Split string break code if the caret before binary literal

WI-26288 (Bug)

Split string mixes quotes if caret is before last quote

WI-26232 (Bug)

Split string doesn't preserve binary string

WI-26290 (Bug)

Replace quotes doesn't work for single quotes if caret is around binary indication

PHP lib stubs


WI-22798 (Feature)

Stub for PECL pthreads

PS specific


WI-1498 (Usability Problem)

PhpStorm: "Upload to ..." functionality lacks of keyboard shortcut

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-26204 (Bug)

IDE fails on D'n'D of recursive symlinks on FTP or FTPS

Plugin: Phing


WI-26281 (Task)

Update Phing dom structure to 2.9.1

WI-26184 (Bug)

Phing - ApplyTask Not Recognized ("Cannot resolve symbol 'apply'")

Plugin: WordPress


WI-26234 (Exception)

Error in WPModuleDetectionManager.getWPModule

No subsystem


IDEA-133598 (Bug)

PsiInvalidElementAccessException: Element: class com.intellij.psi.impl.source.PsiJavaCodeReferenceElementImpl because: containing file is null

Code Navigation


IDEA-90564 (Bug)

Navigation bar closes prematurely if in floating mode



WEB-14980 (Bug)

Files becomes uneditable, and application unusable, in 9.0.3



RUBY-16084 (Bug)

Formatting code always prepends extra space every re-format call (nested method in array case)

IDE Configuration


IDEA-134979 (Bug)

IDEA hangs on startup



WEB-14758 (Bug)

React.createClass in a TypeScript class causes bug

User Interface


IDEA-135089 (Bug)

Search and replace multiline text allows to input only three lines

Version Control. Git


IDEA-134412 (Bug)

"Share project on GitHub" initial push failed: no current branch



IDEA-134818 (Bug)

Unable to fetch a missing resource

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