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PhpStorm EAP 138.84 Release Notes

PHP Formatter


WI-23125 (Exception)

Exception is thrown on attempt to surround alternative syntax with { }

PHP Refactoring


WI-23141 (Bug)

Convert NOWDOC/HEREDOC: doesn't escape "\" properly

WI-23143 (Bug)

Convert to HEREDOC/NOWDOC: remove code if there is a complex variable access inside

PHP lib stubs


WI-12733 (Cosmetics)

Imagick method names are not camelcased

No subsystem


IDEA-124556 (Performance Problem)

MessageBus event processing should be faster with many child buses and (almost) no listeners

IDEA-124580 (Bug)

Links in mac sheets dialogs do not work



WEB-9834 (Performance Problem)

Node.js debugging: variable value calculation takes a while

WEB-7945 (Task)

clustered view of Buffer class

WEB-9842 (Bug)

Node debugging: Hitting a breakpoint with a local variable in scope that is a large buffer will cause the debugger to hang for a long time

WEB-1892 (Bug)

NodeJS, Debugger: deadlock after stack frames has emptied



WEB-6584 (Feature)

Files opened by URL should also be able to open scripts used in the file



WEB-12054 (Bug)

Good code red - es6 Multiline String Templates

User Interface


IDEA-124653 (Bug)

Keyboard shortcut for New does not work

See also: PhpStorm EAP 138.38 Release Notes

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