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PhpStorm EAP 138.826 Release Notes

Injections in PHP


WI-23724 (Feature)

Run query in console: detect any external fragment in multihost injection as query parameter

WI-23782 (Bug)

Copy code from fragment editor gets EXTERNAL_FRAGMENT instead of visible code when there is string concatenation

WI-23723 (Bug)

Copy code from fragment editor gets EXTERNAL_FRAGMENT instead of visible code with multihost injections

WI-23722 (Bug)

"Run Query in console" sends EXTERNAL_FRAGMENT to console in multiihost injections

WI-23707 (Exception)

New multihost injections break and throw exceptions on literal fragment of 1 quote char

PHP Formatter


WI-23752 (Usability Problem)

Useless wrapping of use statement

WI-23688 (Usability Problem)

space around pre increment/decrement operators

WI-17096 (Bug)

<?= spacing ?>

WI-23714 (Bug)

Reformat breaks heredocs

PHP debug


WI-23702 (Bug)

Freeze on startup when remote interpreter is not available

PHP lang


WI-23643 (Bug)

PHPDoc: respect imported namespace for properties

WI-17077 (Bug)

Folding: There is no ability to fold whole class

No subsystem


WEB-11542 (Feature)

File/Open URL: provide a way to post 'User-Agent' header

WEB-12438 (Feature)

The documentation popup should show types as hyperlinks if possible

IDEA-96277 (Usability Problem)

Indexing large directories after making them excluded

WEB-12498 (Usability Problem)

Inspect in WebStorm missing from Chromium context menu

IDEA-126211 (Bug)

The Power Save mode action should explain what it does

WEB-12437 (Bug)

Unexpected code completion in comment blocks w/ Node.js plugin

DBE-232 (Bug)

Reformat of 'identity' is incosistent with 'default'

IDEA-126185 (Bug)

Cannot register multiple reference providers for one name (case insensitive)

IDEA-126353 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA won't open - missing

DBE-50 (Bug)

Error in "Data Sources and Drivers"

DBE-171 (Bug)

Autocompletion creates invalid SQL

IDEA-126494 (Bug)

BaseAnaysisAction doesn't respect excluded directories during traversal

IDEA-125863 (Bug)

Folding: inline parameter names for literal call arguments

IDEA-126559 (Bug)

Symbol search in search everywhere

IDEA-116527 (Bug)

Problems under Linux with the menus (awesome wm 3.5)

DBE-243 (Bug)

Weird indenting while typing query

DBE-67 (Bug)

IllegalArgumentException when selecting GTK+ as UI theme

DBE-141 (Bug)

Code completion: no 'LIKE' option appears

DBE-225 (Bug)

Autocomplete should show suggestions without typing the first letter



WEB-12416 (Feature)

autopopup completion for property value

WEB-12542 (Bug)

CSS code completion inside @media



IDEA-126161 (Usability Problem)

Git Clouds: Customize git commit dialog for deployment use case

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-120098 (Feature)

Provide a possibility to suppress inspection from the injection host



WEB-6497 (Bug)

Extract method results in bad JS code

WEB-12387 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: formatting breaks object declaration

WEB-12375 (Bug)

CoffeeScript preview fails if file contains '//' (v3.4)

WEB-12517 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Refactor: Extract method: invalid result for expression with if



DBE-362 (Bug)

Procedure Editor - Nothing to DROP. DROP IF EXISTS.



IDEA-123235 (Bug)

XML-type gives NPE in Database-view

IDEA-126139 (Bug)

Database Tool Window: add foreign key to column via context menu works incorrectly

IDEA-126245 (Bug)

Master Password: IllegalState exception while creating a new data source if master password was not set



WEB-12482 (Bug)

Debugger: sourcemaps don't work when debugging concatenated files

IDEA-126521 (Bug)

Debugger: "Add To Watches" action is always disabled in the Variables view

IDEA-126132 (Bug)

Detail window in debugger/watches has backgound color that obscures displayed text. Cannot be changed in preferences??



IDEA-95430 (Bug)

Colored bar for changes in the editor is sometimes wrong

IDEA-118700 (Bug)

Selecting text in Commit Changes window does not highlight the text properly

IDEA-103824 (Bug)

Gutter change markers behave strangely in certain conditions

IDEA-113317 (Bug)

Text editor in compare view is inconsistent with the main editor

IDEA-97563 (Bug)

Diff for Range missing last character in "Current" panel

IDEA-89365 (Bug)

The color disappears from the changes in the Details view of the commit dialog

File System


IDEA-126213 (Bug)

Idea build 135.909: file refresh using hot key does not close notification ribbon

File Watchers


WEB-12541 (Bug)

File watchers, SASS: main file not compiled when editing indirectly imported partials

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-126598 (Bug)

Find in open files does not find occurences in files outside of project



PY-13286 (Usability Problem)

Create New Project: missing arrow button in more settings

IDE Configuration


IDEA-126131 (Usability Problem)

Duplicate entries in "Find Action" popup (Ctrl+Shift+A)



IDEA-115651 (Usability Problem)

Unable to stop accidental indexing files



WEB-12279 (Feature)

JSDoc: support for type aliases

WEB-12274 (Usability Problem)

"Quick-Documentation" Action should include type information

Live Edit


WEB-12312 (Bug)

"Live Edit" JavaScript doesn't works

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-126514 (Bug)

AppCode restart fails: bundle not found

Project Configuration


IDEA-100632 (Bug)

Project Structure: when a library is moved from Project Libraries to Global Libraries or vice versa, dependencies on that library get default Scope and Exported values



WEB-11929 (Bug)

SCSS: ''(' expected' error reported for interpolation in @media query



IDEA-126191 (Feature)

SQL formatter: allow keeping SELECT and single field in single line

IDEA-126017 (Feature)

SQL: completion for varchar2

IDEA-126335 (Task)

Oracle: Join (plus) support for xmltable

IDEA-126072 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: user defined types are not resolved

IDEA-126280 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: xmltable should be supported

IDEA-126071 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: member of should support expressions

IDEA-126533 (Bug)

SQL: Code Style: "Word Case / Keyword = Do not change" is ignored by completion

IDEA-120308 (Bug)

SQL code style: wrapping for definitions inside create table statement

IDEA-114092 (Bug)

Good PL/SQL code marked red

IDEA-120537 (Bug)

SQL Auto-Indent (Part II)

IDEA-126445 (Exception)

SQL code style: new format of "New line before / Select items" cause losing of user formatting settings



DBE-379 (Bug)

postgres cursor syntax error checker

DBE-369 (Bug)

SQL: keyword completion inconsistency

DBE-244 (Bug)

Different Mistakes in code analysis for Transact SQL (SQL Server)

User Interface


IDEA-114769 (Feature)

Open/Save dialog - add quick button for selecting the desktop

IDEA-126355 (Cosmetics)

IntelliJ LaF: different sizes of browse buttons

IDEA-126614 (Bug)

Command+Shift+Up/Down changes size of Goto Class/File/Symbol popups



PY-13283 (Bug)

PyCharm vagrant up exception

PY-13172 (Exception)

Vagrant: ISE at com.jetbrains.python.remote.PyRemoteSdkAdditionalData.getRemoteSdkCredentials: on cancel run instance dialog

Version Control


IDEA-126172 (Bug)

Browse changes takes into account "after date" even with deselected checkbox

IDEA-122530 (Bug)

Deadlock in com.intellij.openapi.vcs.impl.projectlevelman.AllVcses.getByName()

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-19006 (Usability Problem)

CVS: Browse Changes doesn't remember prior settings

Version Control. Git


IDEA-123859 (Bug)

Checkout confirmation dialog issues

IDEA-126332 (Exception)

Git: IAE at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-126346 (Bug)

Mercurial: after attempt to perform partial merge commit Changes view is not updated properly

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