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PhpStorm EAP 138.38 Release Notes

PHP Formatter


WI-22207 (Bug)

Disable "Spaces around variable/expression in brackets" for all Predefined schemes (except WordPress)

PHP Refactoring


WI-23103 (Bug)

Convert HEREDOC/NOWDOC: truncates code with quotes

WI-23105 (Bug)

Convert HEREDOC/NOWDOC: applies additional unnecessary escaping

PHP lang


WI-2819 (Feature)

New intention: replace quotes with NOWDOC/HEREDOC

WI-9535 (Feature)

Offer to create @var declaration for unknown variable in foreach statement

WI-22295 (Bug)

static factory method autocomplete doesn't work with keys which contains dots

PHP lib stubs


WI-12733 (Cosmetics)

Imagick method names are not camelcased

WI-23097 (Bug)

Incorrect documentation for iterator_to_array

No subsystem


IDEA-98912 (Usability Problem)

An Enter license button should be added to the welcome screen

IDEA-124155 (Performance Problem)

Performance problem on live search in long lines

IDEA-51883 (Bug)

IDEA prints out huge number of pages

IDEA-115374 (Bug)

"Print file" truncates the code on Mac

IDEA-124454 (Bug)

Code inspection reports no errors

IDEA-124394 (Bug)

Exception while creating New File w/o extension

IDEA-123943 (Exception)

INRE at com.intellij.util.indexing.FileBasedIndexImpl.a

WEB-12013 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.dialects.JSLanguageLevel.ofId

WEB-12014 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.dialects.JSLanguageLevel.ofId

Build tools


WEB-11713 (Feature)

Grunt feedback

WEB-11956 (Bug)

The grunt plugin is not using the NODE_PATH environment variable



IDEA-66622 (Usability Problem)

Schema Import dialog: a data source created in the dialog is not selected automatically

IDEA-43873 (Usability Problem)

Database tool window: save the data sources expanded tree state on reopening project

IDEA-124598 (Bug)

Database table editor: keyboard shortcut for Add New Row is not applied

IDEA-123904 (Bug)

No Query Found

IDEA-124479 (Bug)

MS SQL. SQL Insert Statements data extractor does not wrap text values with quotes.

IDEA-117205 (Bug)

Database Connections and Drivers: provide driver files for Sybase / Native and ODBC drivers



WEB-9103 (Bug)

nodejs: Debugger not showing value of getter

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-124503 (Bug)

Filter out IntellijIdeaRulezzz completion items

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-124527 (Bug)

Shift-drag after Shift-click starts new selection in editor

Injections in PHP


WI-22725 (Exception)

surround heredoc block with try catch causes parse error



WEB-11957 (Bug)

Valid JavaScript regular expression (RegExp) marked as red

WEB-12007 (Bug)

Spread support

WEB-12056 (Bug)

Find usages for global symbols in files with AMD modules

WEB-11863 (Bug)

More than one @augments breaks code completion for generic types

WEB-12033 (Bug)

'Update JSDoc Comment' intention adds JSDoc parameter ignoring order

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-12063 (Bug)

Angular directive attribute value tokens are broken in Haml

Live Edit


WEB-11393 (Bug)

Live edit doesn't work for linked css

Remote Interpreters


PY-12700 (Bug)

Invalid path mapping to /vagrant regardless of Vagrantfile setting



IDEA-124360 (Bug)

HSQLDB dialect problems

Task Management


IDEA-112189 (Bug)

Change YouTrack integration default query



WEB-12022 (Bug)

IntellijIdeaRulezzz in typescript

WEB-11817 (Bug)

Typescript: declaration merging with var statement doesn't work for ambient external module declarations

WEB-12009 (Bug)

Typescript refactoring issues

WEB-11690 (Bug)

TypeScript breakpoint is not hit

WEB-11720 (Bug)

TypeScript: export = classes are not recognised when imported

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