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PhpStorm EAP 138.2502 Release Notes

PHP Completion


WI-15503 (Bug)

Auto-import: Doesn't work for constants

PHP Composer


WI-25021 (Bug)

Composer: doesn't work with ''Default project interpreter''

PHP Formatter


WI-24625 (Bug)

Complete statement for switch doesn't move cursor inside switch

WI-23563 (Bug)

PHP Code Arrangement is not saved/applied

WI-24840 (Exception)

Exception is thrown on attempt to insert PHPDoc comment

PHP Refactoring


WI-21910 (Usability Problem)

Remove Unused parameter: Allow to apply quick fix in inspection result tab

WI-20333 (Bug)

Move static member: Attempt to move field/function from trait to child class of class that uses the trait leads to unnecessary warning

WI-20848 (Bug)

Move static: Late static binding is not detected if new static is used as function argument

PHP lang


WI-11128 (Bug)

Array element assignment on a field inside logical expression: Expression is not assignable

WI-17949 (Bug)

failed to determine type of expression with @(error control operator) inside

PHP lib stubs


WI-16637 (Bug)

session_set_save_handler incorrect tip

WI-24634 (Bug)

strrpos stub have wrong description

WI-22288 (Bug)

Stubs of the Mongo extension are wrong/outdated

WI-24944 (Bug)

Missing ReflectionParameter method stub docs

PHP project configuration


WI-15976 (Usability Problem)

PhpStorm won't recognize the php installation in case of php start-up warnings

WI-13110 (Usability Problem)

Allow to specify path for php binary instead of path for directory

PHP templates


WI-24743 (Feature)

Blade Syntax Changes / Custom Delimiters

WI-24977 (Cosmetics)

Blade: warning is empty on setting reopenning

WI-24947 (Bug)

Smarty: add settings validation

PHP test


WI-24457 (Bug)

Behat & PHPUnit doesn't support ANSI colors

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-24288 (Bug)

Remote Interpreters: ide hang on setting project interpreter to remote host which is not available currenlty

Plugin: Drupal support


WI-24928 (Bug)

Drupal coding standards: spacing

Plugin: GAE support


WI-24694 (Feature)

Provide option to use OAuth2 authentication

WI-24698 (Cosmetics)

Improper initialization of enabled property in settings

No subsystem


WEB-12516 (Feature)

Google Web Starter Kit into WebStorm

IDEA-128575 (Performance Problem)

PushedFilePropertiesUpdaterImpl upon getting directory created event starts new dumb mode task viq schedulePushRecursively

WI-24752 (Bug)

Find usages, scope not respected

WEB-12234 (Bug)

inspector doesn't know about MutationObserver

WEB-13492 (Bug)

Dollar sign characters incorrectly show up as errors in JSX Harmony

WEB-13366 (Bug)

Cannot remove absent project direcories

IDEA-128272 (Bug)

Shortcut for "View assertEquals difference"

IDEA-129950 (Bug)

Repository browser expects http urls only

IDEA-128090 (Bug)

Complete statement and variable renaming don't play nicely (JavaScript)

IDEA-129015 (Bug)

Settings Window: Link "Configure 'Spelling' inspection is broken

IDEA-130143 (Bug)

Having the UTF8 char in the path cannot launch command line launcher

IDEA-129127 (Bug)

Scope include recursively not working

IDEA-130013 (Bug)

Appcode 3.0.5 crashes when I create new SingleView Project

IDEA-129735 (Bug)

Do not log ProcessCanceledException upon cancelling project opening

IDEA-129633 (Bug)

Copy/Paste from image viewer

IDEA-129013 (Bug)

Middle click linux clipboard are clear after swith to another file

IDEA-129936 (Bug)

Race condition in ClassPathCache

WEB-11426 (Bug)

Incorrect parsing of JavaScript code in a HTML file

IDEA-129376 (Bug)

Bug in IDE Fatal error submission

IDEA-130138 (Bug)

Add a UI hint that File and Code templates' language is Velocity

IDEA-129573 (Bug)

'Check for Update...' does not work when invoked via 'Find Action'

IDEA-126582 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.EditorFactoryImpl.createViewer

Build tools


WEB-13474 (Bug)

Can't find gulp tasks in webstorm 9

WEB-13300 (Bug)

GULP: shell environment issues

WEB-13509 (Bug)

Console in Grunt Console Window is hidden



WEB-13315 (Usability Problem)

HTML "Create selector" intention don't append it at end of stylesheet if file ends with a comment

WEB-13433 (Bug)

All of the basic properties are marked with "CSS 3.0"

WEB-13455 (Bug)

text-decoration is marked as a Firefox property

WEB-13434 (Bug)

IE-only properties are marked with "CSS 1.0"

WEB-9871 (Bug)

broken css after autorefotmat

WEB-13425 (Bug)

Css code completion provides outdated rules at first place

IDEA-129463 (Bug)

CSS autocomplete not available

WEB-13456 (Bug)

white-space is marked with too many browser icons

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-130330 (Usability Problem)

Inspection settings: severity of disabled scope is reported as for enabled

IDEA-129796 (Usability Problem)

Settings / Inspections: individual inspection tooltip could be improved

IDEA-130323 (Usability Problem)

Severity filter in inspection settings acts strangely

IDEA-129799 (Usability Problem)

Settings / Inspections: two arrow key presses required to collapse / expand

IDEA-130385 (Usability Problem)

Inspection settings treeview: left arrow does not scroll the view when group node is not visible

IDEA-130390 (Cosmetics)

Inspection settings: name of "Reset to Defaults Settings" could be corrected

IDEA-130387 (Bug)

Inspection settings: Reset to Default make additional options panel disappear

IDEA-130388 (Bug)

Inspection settings: Reset to Default does not work if the only changes are inspection-specific options

IDEA-130342 (Bug)

Inspections settings: adding scope to group does not update containing inspections in tree view

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-125070 (Exception)

Arranger: exception is thrown during rearrangement of empty xml

IDEA-95395 (Exception)

TraceableDisposable$DisposalException at TraceableDisposable.throwDisposalError() on project closing

Code Navigation


IDEA-125738 (Usability Problem)

Goto custom region action usability



WEB-12960 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: false alarm syntax error on return with new line indent

WEB-12110 (Bug)

CoffeeScript validation error for valid code

WEB-13338 (Bug)

Expression statement is not assignment or call

WEB-13305 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: `Unexpected token` error with constructor, line break, and call method

WEB-9046 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: a shorthand for assigning class field not recognized



IDEA-129066 (Bug)

Console auto scroll does not work properly with foldings



DBE-776 (Usability Problem)

hint cover "more" button



IDEA-129885 (Usability Problem)

Ctrl+up/down should scroll in Database Console



IDEA-65205 (Feature)

Clicking on exception breakpoint mark should switch this breakpoint off instead of creating new line breakpoint

IDEA-130019 (Usability Problem)

Unexpected setting of Breakpoints on clicking at line starts

WEB-13249 (Bug)

support names mapping (function params and locals)

IDEA-127641 (Bug)

Error tooltips are not shown for certain editors

WEB-13202 (Bug)

Node.js debugger resumes on Step Over

IDEA-129621 (Bug)

Watches cannot be modified when not debugging

WEB-13448 (Bug)

Debugging Node-Webkit applications with a "node-main" script

IDEA-129239 (Bug)

Evaluate window does not update context on steps

IDEA-125376 (Bug)

Highlited current debug line disappear after switch between pages (Ctrl+E)

WEB-11324 (Bug)

Live Console vs. stdin

IDEA-129861 (Bug)

Show a failure popup for Quick Expression Evaluation, instead of nothing

IDEA-129486 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.xdebugger.impl.ui.tree.nodes.XDebuggerTreeNode.fireNodesRemoved

IDEA-129313 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.debugger.engine.SuspendContextImpl.a



IDEA-37313 (Usability Problem)

Diff from changes view scrolls to last line for added files

IDEA-126302 (Bug)

'Go to next difference' doesn't scroll editor in diff

IDEA-128312 (Bug)

Diff SynchronizeScrolling works incorrectly, if one of editors have search popup opened

IDEA-129533 (Bug)

'Change marks' on gutter are still shown after committing

IDEA-89858 (Bug)

Diff tool doesn't apply proper language's code style

Distribution packages


WI-16861 (Feature)

Tutorials button in PhpStorm

WI-24666 (Task)

Use the attached files for ToD

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-15412 (Feature)

Expand or Collapse all existing foldings in selection

IDEA-119234 (Feature)

Option to show whitespaces only in front and behind

IDEA-74010 (Feature)

outliner-like code folding improvements

IDEA-129862 (Feature)

Allow to bind custom shortcuts to live template expansion, not just Tab/Space/Enter

IDEA-66504 (Feature)

Implement brace matcher & highlighter for generics angle brackets

IDEA-120880 (Performance Problem)

Slow soft wraps calculating

IDEA-117756 (Bug)

File structure: editor window is not scrolled to the chosen element if latter is folded

IDEA-129337 (Bug)

Empty editor when switching tabs

IDEA-129597 (Exception)

Exception loop on creating SQL scratch

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-129824 (Feature)

java.util.Scanner methods need language injection for regexp parameters

External Tools


IDEA-108491 (Usability Problem)

Command line launcher ignores the merge command

File System


IDEA-128902 (Bug)

Recursive Symlinks STILL cause idea to spin forever

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-76660 (Feature)

New multi-line search/replace should have Regex option

IDEA-129807 (Usability Problem)

Find in Path allows searching in empty directory

IDEA-122268 (Usability Problem)

Replace in Path: "Cancel" should be "Review"

IDEA-127886 (Bug)

Unwanted escaping in background tasks dialog

IDEA-107627 (Bug)

Find key command select input text even if already focused

IDEA-73862 (Bug)

Focus moves to the editor, when switching to Multiline mode in find/replace

IDEA-129537 (Bug)

Scope "Selected Files" finds nothing when selected file is directory

IDEA-130168 (Bug)

Find in Path - result options are always collapsed initially

IDEA-129326 (Exception)

IOOBE is thrown on attempt to expand Find Usage results



WEB-13155 (Bug)

set a User-Agent header when downloading libraries using intention

WEB-10812 (Bug)

Can't download library from

using intention

WEB-13309 (Bug)

Emmet trips up on rules with parenthesis

WEB-12465 (Bug)

Wrong attribute suggestion on HTML anchor elements

WEB-11558 (Bug)

'Fix all "there is no locally stored library" problems' do nothing

WEB-12667 (Bug)

'symbol' element from SVG namespace is reported as 'unknown HTML tag'

WEB-369 (Bug)

"Duplicate ID reference" error shown when the ID of an element is the same as the name of an anchor tag



RUBY-15651 (Usability Problem)

console: "Scroll to the end" should be disabled when there is nothing to scroll

IDE Configuration


IDEA-129351 (Usability Problem)

Cannot restore deleted live template

IDEA-128620 (Usability Problem)

Can't change notification display type after I changed it to "ballon"

IDEA-130046 (Bug)

Plugins configuration: ability to filter by repository missed



IDEA-129245 (Bug)

Deadlock in 138.1696.2

IntelliJ Platform


WI-24456 (Feature)

Add support for ANSI sequences in the console output for Remote Interpreter

WI-5906 (Usability Problem)

Add "Report Issue" to Help menu



IDEA-128451 (Bug)

IDEA can't resolve namespace in EL



WEB-3660 (Feature)

JSDoc @this support

WEB-12185 (Bug)

Functions not resolved when file is referenced via another file in Node.js

WEB-13270 (Bug)

Simplify if statement intention does nothing for empty if-block

WEB-12521 (Bug)

Bad code after typing expression with "Insert selected variant on typing..."

WEB-10585 (Bug)

Move statement up in JSON/JavaScript literal: Bad comma treatment

WEB-10269 (Bug)

Go to declaration of minified JavaScript file is unnecessary

WEB-13483 (Bug)

Count not resolve string methods for repeat param

WEB-13520 (Bug)

ES6 generators not parsed correctly when language level is set to 'JSX Harmony'

WEB-12278 (Bug)

JS inspections: using the wrong namespace is not reported

WEB-12803 (Bug)

JSDoc @callback

WEB-13539 (Bug)

NPE on parsing javascript with custom template markup, editor stops redrawing

WEB-13229 (Bug)

Live Template variable disappear while editing another variable

WEB-13306 (Bug)

JSDoc @typedef properties overflow to classes

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-5653 (Feature)

JavaScript: add wrapping for comments on code reformatting

WEB-13175 (Bug)

JavaScript formatting for binary expressions, align when multiline off, does not indent at all

WEB-11401 (Bug)

Smart indent: don't auto-indent block contents on Enter if it's aligned with braces

WEB-12086 (Bug)

Comments before function-as-argument produces wrong indentation

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-12074 (Bug)

Quick Documentation don't work with constructor property

WEB-11121 (Bug)

Good code is yellow: JS: Invalid number of arguments

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-2088 (Bug)

JS, Extract Method refactoring: with 'global' scope, created functional expression is not resolved

JavaScript. Templates


WEB-10221 (Bug)

Embedded javascript in script block placed after template script block not rendered correctly



WEB-13316 (Usability Problem)

HTML "Create selector" intention don't jump to LESS file

WEB-13314 (Bug)

LESS unclosed comment not detected as error

WEB-13120 (Bug)

code style -> align values mistake for media query (LESS)

WEB-13334 (Bug)

Less: don't add spaces after ampersand (&) on formatting

Language Injection


IDEA-130121 (Cosmetics)

Language Injections shared across projects

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-129262 (Bug)

Failed update from 138.1751 to latest version

Password Safe


IDEA-130364 (Bug)

Github: checkout from welcome screen with master password leads to deadlock

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-128774 (Feature)

Add ConsoleView as parameter into ConsoleFilterProviderEx

Project Configuration


IDEA-129033 (Performance Problem)

Loading project with thousands of orderEntry records get exponentially slower

Project View


IDEA-130012 (Bug)

Program crashes when attempting to add an existing file to a project

REST Client


WEB-13326 (Bug)

REST Client Response Headers are empty for HTTP code 204 (No Content)

WEB-13418 (Bug)

REST Client cookies tab sets editor and console font line spacing to 1.2



WEB-12533 (Bug)

Do not run 'ruby compass' with read lock

WEB-13092 (Bug)

Sass stdlib framework is detected but configuration fails

WEB-13468 (Bug)

Placeholder definition doesn't shows body.



WI-25013 (Usability Problem)

Add "Laravel" word to the dictionary used by spellchecker

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-127784 (Feature)

"Recent Find Usages" for recent Structural Search and Replace searches



WEB-9218 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code and Reformat Code: complex import statements

WEB-13182 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: placeholder as selector inside @extend

Task Management


IDEA-126470 (Exception)

Redmine connection problem



IDEA-126617 (Cosmetics)

Resizing terminal moves caret

IDEA-128769 (Bug)

Terminal isn't working (OSX)



WEB-12249 (Bug)

Typescript reference wrong from lambda

WEB-12823 (Bug)

TypeScript: function type mismatch

WEB-12912 (Bug)

#TypeScript Arrow function's parameter type code hints not displayed

WEB-12101 (Bug)

Typescript: 'private member not accessible' error shown for usages of private variable declared in reopened module

WEB-12866 (Bug)

TypeScript - no code completion for result of function with generic

WEB-13416 (Bug)

TypeScript — too strict return type checking for lambdas

WEB-13415 (Bug)

TypeScript — PHPStorm assumes this for closures

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-119967 (Bug)

Test runner: FileComparisonFailure diff window misses Prev/Next failure arrows

User Interface


IDEA-56406 (Feature)

Option: Open new editor tabs at the end (bottom end for multiple tabs).

IDEA-129565 (Usability Problem)

Settings|Notifications: table with notification's groups should be disabled if checkbox is disabled

IDEA-129741 (Usability Problem)

Settings, File Colors tab: defult size of "Scopes" dialog window is too small

IDEA-129877 (Cosmetics)

Gutter grows when editor reaches 99 lines instead of 100

IDEA-129319 (Cosmetics)

Settings: gap between header and list of links for a group in Alloy

IDEA-129305 (Cosmetics)

Settings: remove >> symbols in lists for setting groups

IDEA-130272 (Cosmetics)

New Settings dialog: increase tree node height

IDEA-127879 (Cosmetics)

Inspections UI: selection foreground is wrong in advanced options popup

IDEA-116923 (Task)

Fix, kill or rewrite FinderRecursivePanelSelectionUpdateTest

IDEA-129655 (Bug)

Inspections UI: Dragging details pane divider too far right makes it disappear

IDEA-129568 (Bug)

'Tab title limit' setting does not dither out when Tab Placement set to 'None'

IDEA-129614 (Bug)

NullPointerException on "check for updates"

IDEA-129962 (Bug)

Two+ index bars when status bar is hidden

IDEA-129395 (Bug)

'Do not ask me again' option of 'Confirm exit' dialog is saved even when 'Cancel' button is pressed

IDEA-129623 (Bug)

'Quick Documentation' doesn't show content of image file when invoked on a file reference in java code

IDEA-129246 (Bug)

search in new settings doesn't find inspections

IDEA-130294 (Bug)

Draw line highlighters with no gap to the gutter splitter

IDEA-128731 (Bug)

X-Selection gets lost in "Find in Path" Dialog

IDEA-129344 (Bug)

Dialogs invoked from expandable tooltip (debugger hint) appear under it

IDEA-129296 (Bug)

Settings in Code Style are not saved on changing

IDEA-129381 (Bug)

Settings dialog: not the whole area of hyperlinks is clickable

IDEA-129860 (Bug)

Settings: "Updates info" dialog contains non-functional hyperlink

IDEA-130139 (Bug)

Settings dialog: on clearing search query dim-out doesn't disappear

IDEA-128048 (Bug)

Inspections UI: filter icon is not pressed down when filter is applied

Version Control


IDEA-127139 (Feature)

Git Log: Possibility to filter log by regular expression

IDEA-113222 (Usability Problem)

Shelve changes to project dir

IDEA-128664 (Usability Problem)

Add a shortcut for "Revert" action in changes view

IDEA-128955 (Usability Problem)

Push dialog: focus should be in the main area by default

IDEA-128954 (Usability Problem)

Push dialog: enter invoked on the repository node should move it to edit mode

IDEA-129008 (Task)

PushDialog: create PushSpec only for @NotNull PushTarget, and add annotation.

IDEA-126380 (Task)

Synchronize refs & log loading on refresh

IDEA-117057 (Bug)

Merge commit changes are not shown in (new) log

IDEA-117337 (Bug)

Git Log: can't filter by commit ID

IDEA-129253 (Bug)

IDEA hangs up on opening the checked out project

Version Control. Git


IDEA-129682 (Feature)

Allow to create common branch, even if it exists in one of repos

IDEA-85773 (Feature)

Enable git push force from the UI

IDEA-75353 (Usability Problem)

Git, commit in a detached HEAD: Intrusive warning message

IDEA-120605 (Usability Problem)

Github Create Pull Request: get rid of initial modal fetching

IDEA-120608 (Usability Problem)

Select base fork dialog should not appear before create pull request dialog

IDEA-120604 (Usability Problem)

Github create pull request: two modal progresses instead of one

IDEA-77483 (Usability Problem)

GIT "Push tags" missing from push dialog

IDEA-117553 (Performance Problem)

Vcs log: initial loading is significantly slower than in the command line

IDEA-115997 (Bug)

Git Log: create Tag action doesn't update log

IDEA-129048 (Bug)

Github: Create Pull Request: Diff window is not available until dialog closing

IDEA-124356 (Bug)

"Share project on GitHub" incorrectly reports, "Project is already on GitHub."

IDEA-129935 (Bug)

Git push dialog shows 2 entries per each merge commit

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-129808 (Usability Problem)

hg4idea push dialog should only show affected repos on "commit and push", not all repos with affected ones selected

IDEA-129637 (Bug)

mercurial updates to wrong revision if there tag and branch with the same name

IDEA-98785 (Bug)

Cannot commit Mercurial subrepo change from interface

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-113807 (Bug)

Improve diagnostics when p4 executable cannot be found

IDEA-127026 (Bug)

Perforce connection doesn't recognize config file starting with .

IDEA-129917 (Bug)

Perforce ignored files support: tolerate insufficient permissions messages

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-128840 (Bug)

While browsing svn repository "Loading..." node is always shown in case of error (during children load)

IDEA-129377 (Exception)

Exception when updating Subversion project



IDEA-119253 (Feature)

Option to turn off auto-complete for HTML

IDEA-124279 (Performance Problem)

DOM: IndexedElementInvocationHandler triggers PSI building for @Stubbed

IDEA-127191 (Exception)

"can't find tag for interface org.jetbrains.idea.devkit.dom.ExtensionPoint" thrown by 'Analyze Dependencies' action

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