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PHP Completion


WI-16026 (Bug)

Trait: Autocompletion doesn't recognize protected methods

PHP Composer


WI-24438 (Bug)

Default project interpreter is not propogated to Add dependency dialog

PHP Formatter


WI-21913 (Feature)

Colon is not inserted on complete statement for "case"

WI-21914 (Feature)

Colon is not inserted on complete statement for "default"

WI-24317 (Usability Problem)

Complete statement: autoindent completed statement

PHP Inspections


WI-2542 (Bug)

Undefined variable: Variables in MySQLi_STMT::bind_result Undefined

WI-22831 (Bug)

Parameter type: new static is not resolved as correct parameter type

WI-23577 (Bug)

'static' and '$this' are not correctly resolved

PHP debug


WI-24304 (Feature)

Support Zend Server Z-ray

PHP frameworks


WI-20691 (Bug)


is missing

PHP lang


WI-24566 (Feature)

referenceContributor for DOC_IDENTIFIER

PHP templates


WI-24487 (Bug)

Blade: Ignore CSS rules (ex. warning error with @import)

PHP test


WI-24497 (Exception)

Exception is thrown on attempt to create/edit local PHPUnit configuration

Plugin: Command line


WI-24575 (Bug)

Focus is not on the text input when opening the Command Line Tools Console

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-21262 (Bug)

Can't go further on Project Creation process.

Plugin: ini4idea


WI-22438 (Usability Problem)

INI file syntax highlight inheritance - property key

No subsystem


IDEA-115387 (Bug)

Documentation popup: psi_element:// - links don't work across languages

WEB-12471 (Bug)

WebStorm becomes unresponsive

IDEA-129004 (Bug)

Detached sheet dialogs

Build tools


WEB-13114 (Feature)

Gulp: make valid path links in console clickable

WEB-13118 (Usability Problem)

Gulp: improve Add gulpfile action inside Run Gulp Task popup

WEB-13119 (Usability Problem)

Gulp: define RC name for the same named tasks from different gulpfiles

WEB-13116 (Bug)

Gulp: preserve expand/collapse tasks state on Reload tasks action

WEB-13102 (Bug)

Gulp: reload tasks on gulp package update without project reopening



IDEA-128953 (Bug)

Broken highlighting sometimes in CSS Live Template settings

Code Insight


PY-13778 (Bug)

SIOOBE: Show parameter info

PY-13556 (Bug)

Parameter info doesn't work properly



WEB-5714 (Bug)

Incorrect parsing



IDEA-129066 (Bug)

Console auto scroll does not work properly with foldings



IDEA-129080 (Bug)

Do not show debug window on breakpoint

WEB-10145 (Bug)

Polymer: cannot debug imported script



IDEA-86151 (Bug)

External Merge Tool: files are not marked as resolved when resolving conflicts with external merge tool

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-127785 (Feature)

Add "Replace in Path" searches to "Recent Find Usages"

IDEA-119760 (Bug)

Replace in Path missing "Open in new tab" checkbox

IDEA-128733 (Bug)

FindInPath: "Recursively" option with Directory Scope selected doesn't work

IDEA-128184 (Bug)

file search on a custom scope searches folders outside the project (gems)

IDEA-127886 (Bug)

Unwanted escaping in background tasks dialog



RUBY-14877 (Bug)

haml: error shown with trailing space inside block parameters definitions



WEB-13121 (Bug)

"Locate duplicates" for Javascript are missing

WEB-12119 (Bug)

JSX (and E4X) support in ECMAScript6 mode

WEB-13082 (Exception)

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Attempt to modify PSI for non-committed Document!

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-13043 (Bug)

JavaScript styling - do not add space inside empty array/object literal



WEB-12707 (Bug)

Mocha - console output mangles ANSI escape codes

Password Safe


IDEA-128922 (Exception)

Dialog must be init in EDT only: Throwable at com.intellij.ide.passwordSafe.impl.providers.masterKey.MasterPasswordDialog.

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-128617 (Bug)

When plugin's actions crash at initialisation, the failure is reported but the plugin is not disabled

Project Configuration


IDEA-23537 (Performance Problem)

Semi-exclude folders: not excluded to read and for source control (subversion, git, ...), but excluded for refactors and search



WEB-13075 (Feature)

Sass 3.4 support

WEB-13109 (Bug)

SCSS "Misplaced CSS @import"

Task Management


IDEA-128553 (Bug)

Create branch from new task dialogue not working

Unit Tests


WEB-13127 (Bug)

Environment variables in mocha run configuration change order creating file churn

User Interface


IDEA-126228 (Feature)

Show TODO comments in all open files

IDEA-129105 (Cosmetics)

Path is not visible when moving library that already exists

CPP-560 (Task)

New Welcome Screen for CLion

IDEA-128012 (Bug)

New Project Wizard Groovy Facet - all items not properly dithered out

IDEA-128269 (Bug)

Encodings list opens out of monitor's edge

IDEA-115396 (Bug)

Ubuntu : IntelliJ launch causes a crash

IDEA-100941 (Bug)

Triple Ctrl+Q doesn't work

IDEA-128828 (Bug)

Reload project dialog is about twice longer than my screen width

IDEA-30564 (Bug)

No HTTP proxy host name validation

Version Control


IDEA-101657 (Usability Problem)

Commit changes window doesn't save Comment on Edit Source

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-128463 (Bug)

Perforce sometimes asks for password when using .p4config with P4PASSWD set

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