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PhpStorm EAP 138.1505 Release Notes

PHP Completion


WI-24233 (Feature)

Add stubs for inotify extension constants and functions

WI-9282 (Feature)

PHPDoc generation - namespace style

WI-19037 (Feature)

Completion for class name resolution via "class" keyword doesn't work

PHP Composer


WI-18369 (Feature)

Composer - add dependencies only supports 'require' section

WI-20483 (Usability Problem)

Allow to select PHP executable during creation of new project

PHP Formatter


WI-24051 (Feature)

Preserve comment at the end of block

PHP Inspections


WI-24057 (Feature)

Provide quick fix "Undefined const" and "Undefined function"

WI-23512 (Bug)

Method __toString is not implemente: False Positive: doesn't find declaration of __toString in interface

WI-24234 (Bug)

use of date_add function leads to void result use warning

WI-20197 (Bug)

"Method __toString return type" inspection doesn't work for static and $this type

WI-23867 (Bug)

"Unused local variable" when it is used in the `finally` block

WI-22735 (Bug)

False-positive "Unused private method" notice for private method in trait that is used by another trait

PHP Refactoring


WI-24056 (Feature)

Provide "Simplify FQN" and "Import" intentions for constants/functions

WI-22275 (Feature)

Replace If/ternary: change Support short ternary operator

WI-23104 (Usability Problem)

Convert NOWDOC/HEREDOC: allow to apply intention on any string

WI-24302 (Bug)

Move namespace refactoring creates invalid use’s for core types

WI-22283 (Bug)

Simplify if: may remove not php code from if/else statement

WI-23963 (Bug)

Change signature: doesn't support variadics

WI-23585 (Exception)

Move a class to its own file in the same namespace

PHP debug


WI-23924 (Feature)

Validate remote environment: add debugger protocol validation

WI-24183 (Feature)

Validation option for PHPUnit path

WI-22656 (Usability Problem)

Make error notification about not-installed debug extension more clear

PHP lang


WI-15958 (Feature)

Type inference: extend type inference of already inferred variables

WI-18250 (Bug)

Navigate to implementation does not work with namespaces

PHP lib stubs


WI-23595 (Feature)

php-redis stub needs to be updated

WI-24308 (Bug)

Missing exception documentation for Phar constructor.

WI-10748 (Bug)

Memcache Stubs missing all PHPDOC metadata...

WI-24239 (Bug)

Wrong date function params description

PHP templates


WI-24096 (Usability Problem)

Blade: Allow to configure custom directive such that there will be no parenthesis after completion

WI-24082 (Usability Problem)

Blade: place closing quoute inside directives

WI-24089 (Exception)

Blade: attempt to comment code leads to exception

PHP test


WI-18388 (Usability Problem)

PHPUnit Settings: consider renaming "Use custom loader" option to "Use custom autoloader"

WI-24281 (Bug)

PHPStorm does not load phpunit.phar from remote interpreter

WI-20787 (Bug)

Behat step navigation does not always match regular expressions of available steps correctly

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-20127 (Feature)

Performing "Upload" action on the fragment editor should trigger on the parent document

WI-24244 (Usability Problem)

Settings / Deployment: Add Server dialog: Up/Down keys in Name could change value in Kind

WI-22720 (Usability Problem)

Suppress SSH Banner

WI-24330 (Bug)

Icons lost in Settings | Deployment | Servers | Excluded paths

Plugin: Drupal support


WI-19183 (Feature)

Auto complete comments

Plugin: Phing


WI-21477 (Bug)

Relax constrains on tags that accept references

Plugin: WordPress


WI-23815 (Feature)

Change "Search on" context menu action to a new search engine

No subsystem


IDEA-73722 (Feature)

List of plugins is not loaded on slow internet connection

WEB-12221 (Feature)

Enable Yandex browser support out of box

IDEA-127205 (Feature)

Specify Editor Tab Width

IDEA-127557 (Usability Problem)

Maybe it makes sense to use same edit icon (pen), as in the other pages?

IDEA-127010 (Usability Problem)

Source roots detected in zip file are not sorted alphabetically

IDEA-128236 (Usability Problem)

codeStyleSettings.xml is always modified (after 22.07)

WEB-11128 (Usability Problem)

"Open in browser" command is disabled for XML files

WI-24285 (Bug)

Some junk is shown in method signature popup return type

IDEA-102151 (Bug)

Major: The restarter doesn't work with the Windows 8 permission system.

IDEA-84858 (Bug)

Edit breakpoints popup: inspection tooltip for the condition is shown under the popup

IDEA-127645 (Bug)

Open in browser not working

IDEA-127636 (Bug)

Show History command missing in "Enter Action or option name:" action

IDEA-127731 (Bug)

Cannot create a class in a package that has another package as it's only content

IDEA-127942 (Bug)

50 sec hang during find usages

IDEA-127723 (Bug)

Intelligent backspace before continuation indent erases all white space

IDEA-127778 (Bug)

IDEA + Python plugin doesn't start - NCDFE: JSLanguageDialect; Python plugin has cyclic dependencies

IDEA-123206 (Bug)

Module source sub folder not being included as source

IDEA-122811 (Bug)

Add caret below, add caret above creates duplicates when carets are at different positions.

IDEA-128041 (Bug)

Error applying patch and subsequent error opening Intellij

WEB-12810 (Bug)

Inline comments in Javascript break indentation



WEB-262 (Feature)

CSS Code Formatting: Keep blank lines option

WEB-12761 (Bug)

False positive: CSS properties marked as invalid in jQuery selector

WEB-12693 (Bug)

Incremental reparse failing

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-126481 (Bug)

Code Style | Arrangement: if there is only 'section start' rule, extra section text is inserted on rearrangement



IDEA-69159 (Bug)

Map help button of the Find Usages dialog in the Data sources tool window



IDEA-97772 (Feature)

Make Watch Window visible when adding an expression to watches

WEB-9761 (Usability Problem)

When debugging JS/Html and using PushStates, do not open new tabs

WEB-11049 (Task)

Chrome insists to download javascript source map files, despite disabled setting, when started from IntelliJ IDEA

WEB-11172 (Bug)

Page is not loaded when running in debugger (Chrome)

IDEA-110535 (Bug)

Breakpoints dialog: Weird bold and small 'breakpoint xxx enabled' labels in the dialog

IDEA-97289 (Bug)

Breakpoints dialog: when "depends on" property is defined for a breakpoint, the checkbox for this breakpoint in the breakpoint tree must not be cleared

WEB-12371 (Bug)

Node-webkit: Debug doesn't work

IDEA-88643 (Bug)

delete item from list of breakpoints by pressing delete key: selection should not return to position 1.

IDEA-127872 (Bug)

Condition checkbox doesn't remember its state (breakpoint config)

IDEA-128212 (Bug)

Alt+Click shows two popups



IDEA-54491 (Usability Problem)

Apply button in merge silently discards non-conflicted changes

IDEA-127730 (Bug)

Stripe marker from long insertion/modification is not repainted correctly after change revert

IDEA-71036 (Bug)

In Diff/Merge dialogs Copy and Find buttons are always disabled

IDEA-107292 (Bug)

"Compare with Clipboard" in run output lets you modify output in diff window

IDEA-125372 (Exception)

Diff: Show source from command line: NPE at com.intellij.openapi.diff.ex.DiffPanelOptions$ShowSourcePolicy$2.showSource

Distribution packages


WI-17783 (Bug)

PhpStorm.bat uses unexistent file PhpStorm64.vmoptions if JVM has lib\amd64 directory

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-127406 (Feature)

charset name completion: provide completion for a few more APIs

IDEA-127958 (Bug)

Deadlock in completion

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-123396 (Feature)

Multiple carets: offer completion from last caret w/ completion available

IDEA-127902 (Usability Problem)

Alt-J selects wrong word if quick find is showing

IDEA-62908 (Usability Problem)

Cursor up/down movement jumpy for non-monospaced fonts

IDEA-127695 (Bug)

Formatting is breaking on typing

IDEA-127198 (Bug)

New smart backspace feature is not good for deletion of blank line before

IDEA-125021 (Bug)

Multi-cursor paste doesn't work

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-127419 (Usability Problem)

Exclude .idea/workspace.xml from search results for 'Find in Path'

IDEA-119761 (Bug)

Replace in Path has nonsensical "Skip results tab with one usage" checkbox

IDEA-123559 (Bug)

"Find in path" searches in .idea, the folder is not added to the project

IDEA-128195 (Bug)

Find In Path: 'except comments' context is not remembered on dialog re-invocation



WEB-6584 (Feature)

Files opened by URL should also be able to open scripts used in the file

WEB-12873 (Exception)

Emmet Preview: Throwable when "Trim line markers" filter is on

IDE Configuration


IDEA-122229 (Bug)

Unable to change path to browser

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-127317 (Bug)

Files with errors, excluded from compilation, are not marked in project tree.



WEB-12763 (Cosmetics)

LESS: wrong coloring on nested CSS attribute selectors



WEB-12794 (Bug)

"Evaluate Expression" doesn't show array content

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-125984 (Bug)

restarter process changes its name each time it runs

IDEA-120854 (Bug)

Intellij patch update from 13.01 to 13.02 does not work

Project Configuration


IDEA-127740 (Bug)

Grails global library is not created when added via new module wizard

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-127248 (Usability Problem)

Before launch > Run another configuration - allow selecting with double click



WEB-12909 (Usability Problem)

Add color preview box in the left gutter for variable resolved only by name

WEB-12845 (Bug)

SASS: text nested beneath block comment not treated as comment if it's separated by empty line

WEB-12881 (Bug)

s syntax highlighting error when using @keyframes

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-128110 (Bug)

Structural Search: NPE at com.intellij.structuralsearch.impl.matcher.CompiledPattern.isRealTypedVar



WEB-9166 (Bug)

Stylus: Red code: support charset at-rule



IDEA-117488 (Feature)

Add the ability to clear terminal output

IDEA-127442 (Performance Problem)

Significant CPU load due to IDEA's Terminal

IDEA-125398 (Exception)

Terminal: CME at com.jediterm.terminal.model.TerminalLine.toBuf

User Interface


IDEA-127880 (Feature)

Inspections UI: filter to show "cleanup inspections"

IDEA-128178 (Usability Problem)

Tab title limit: truncation could be improved

IDEA-128179 (Usability Problem)

Tab title limit: truncation in case of "directory name\file name" tile could be improved

IDEA-127808 (Usability Problem)

'Rename File' isn't shown in 'Find Action' popup

IDEA-127882 (Usability Problem)

Inspections UI: selected inspection is not visible

IDEA-127877 (Usability Problem)

Inspections UI: add description on multiple inspections selection

IDEA-127883 (Cosmetics)

Inspections UI: "Nothing to show" message -> No enabled inspections available

IDEA-127672 (Task)

Settings: add "Current Project" icon to panel header

IDEA-127985 (Bug)

Inspections UI: when inspections group is checked/unchecked, checkboxes of inspections under that group don't change their state until pressing Apply or hovering

IDEA-127876 (Bug)

Remove "Non-Project Files" scope from inspections configuration settings

IDEA-124630 (Bug)

Breakpoint indicators not visible

IDEA-127001 (Bug)

Empty IDE window (awesome WM)

IDEA-127930 (Bug)

IDE doesn't repaint if close last editor

IDEA-127954 (Bug)

Inspections UI: can edit a disabled inspection after reopening Settings dialog

IDEA-127951 (Bug)

Inspections UI: space key to check an inspection doesn't work

IDEA-87163 (Bug)

Unsplit wont close the 'splitted' windows

IDEA-127806 (Exception)

External class reference answer as NullPointerException



PY-12123 (Performance Problem)

Vagrant: UI is locked for a noticable amout of time when running Vagrant Init

Version Control. Git


IDEA-80300 (Feature)

Add git reset to log View

IDEA-127343 (Bug)

Git Checkout - Test repository "hangs" when master password is required

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-118403 (Bug)

Subversion: new unversioned file inside unversioned folder gets correct status after explicit refresh only

IDEA-127736 (Exception)

IOOBE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.config.SvnConfigureProxiesDialog.onError



IDEA-126930 (Bug)

Schemas & DTDs - External & Ignored Changes Not Saved

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