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PHP Formatter


WI-374 (Feature)

PHP: add wrapping for comments on code reformatting

WI-23895 (Performance Problem)

Force braces in If statement is extremely slow

WI-23894 (Bug)

Force short declaration style destroys code if there is array inside array

WI-21255 (Bug)

"Convert true/false constants to lowercase" and "Convert null constant to lowercase" does not work for <?php ?> style statements when nested inside tags or indented

WI-5739 (Bug)

PHP formatter: "Brace placement at the end of line" option doesn't affect case blocks in switch statements

PHP Inspections


WI-24018 (Bug)

Casting array to object should satisfy \stdClass type

PHP lang


WI-23734 (Feature)

"Add PHPDoc comment" intention should allow to use @type, not @var

WI-22263 (Feature)

Support for PHP 5.6 language features

WI-23958 (Bug)

Multiple import of constants and functions are not supported

WI-23896 (Bug)

Only variables can be passed by reference: false positive: when there is variadic and array

WI-23951 (Bug)

Variadic parameter cannot have a default value

WI-23954 (Bug)

Imported functions and constants are not recognized

WI-23900 (Bug)

Expression is not allowed as constant value: false positive: parenthesis cause error although they are valid

WI-23903 (Bug)

Cannot use positional argument after argument unpacking is not detected

WI-23905 (Bug)

False positive: Expressions are not allowed in static variable declaration

WI-23952 (Bug)

Only last parameter can be variadic

WI-17801 (Bug)

Fluent-style chaining type loss with return this/static

WI-23961 (Bug)

Disable intention "Replace ?: with if" for default values in function parameter, fields, static variables and constants declaration

WI-17666 (Bug)

PHPStorm does not recognize 'new static' and loses type

PHP lib stubs


WI-23939 (Bug)

Documentation Missing: DateTimeImmutable::createFromMutable

WI-10748 (Bug)

Memcache Stubs missing all PHPDOC metadata...

PHP test


WI-23315 (Feature)

Behat: Search for all classes in project that extends BehatContext (for 2.) or implements Context (for 3.) to find step definitions

WI-23475 (Bug)

Behat: more then one pattern is not recognized

No subsystem


IDEA-126167 (Feature)

External Project System: test framework

IDEA-81781 (Usability Problem)

Unintuitive 'Project Files Changed' message box

IDEA-87408 (Bug)

Hold <ALT> button and select multiple lines vertically does not work as desired

IDEA-127062 (Bug)

Bug when closing splitted editors

IDEA-126889 (Bug)

Can't jarjar cglib as part of idea.jar

IDEA-126788 (Bug)

conflicting foldings

IDEA-126406 (Bug)

Switcher is missing files after reopening project



WEB-4713 (Feature)

CSS: provide completion for media features in media queries

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-93948 (Usability Problem)

Code Style->XML->Other: no preview text for CDATA

IDEA-126830 (Bug)

Reformat Code: Scope and File Mask filters are ignored if "Rearrange Entries" option is enabled

Code Navigation


IDEA-108057 (Bug)

Caret position is messed up on navigation if editor tabs are off

IDEA-119877 (Bug)

New File search popup does not give priority to names containing the exact term



WEB-11861 (Bug)

Wrong "expected end of line" inspection for CoffeeScript



WEB-12582 (Bug)

[Dart] Serve .dart file with the right MIME type



WEB-12641 (Bug)

Typo in IDEA internal Web Server 404 page

IDEA-126829 (Bug)

Debbuger - quick evaluate expression is always collapsed

IDEA-88643 (Bug)

delete item from list of breakpoints by pressing delete key: selection should not return to position 1.



IDEA-127042 (Bug)

Create tip of the day for quick evaluate

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-127127 (Feature)

charset name completion: provide completion for more APIs

IDEA-126726 (Bug)

"Complete current statement" always adds a newline

IDEA-120465 (Bug)

Code completion: no Autopopup code completion and inserting pair brackets if Column selection mode is on

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-125021 (Bug)

Multi-cursor paste doesn't work

IDEA-127189 (Bug)

Select next/all ocurrence fails with braces

IDEA-124928 (Bug)

If two cursors are on the same line, Cmd+Y will delete extra line

IDEA-123704 (Bug)

Multiple carets fail through injections in some scenarios

IDEA-122513 (Bug)

Can't expand single character property in Spring config

IDEA-126869 (Bug)

Code pasted from IDEA into Mac Mail plain-text message is corrupted



WEB-12614 (Feature)

Emmet Filters

WEB-12677 (Task)

Emmet: do not expand too long abbreviations

WEB-12223 (Bug)

Emmet Preview cannot be invoked before closing tag



IDEA-74104 (Performance Problem) can be very slow

IDEA-125200 (Bug)

IDE freezes at startup for large project (focus loss save waiting on indexing?)



WEB-12618 (Feature)

No file extension in autocompletion when require file

WEB-12538 (Bug)

jsDoc - @returns

JavaScript. Debugger


IDEA-125913 (Bug)

IDE erroneously propose to create JavaScript Debug Configuration from context menu of database function editor

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-9528 (Feature)

Feature : JavaScript styling - can not add space after "[" in arrays or after "{" in objects.

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-12635 (Bug)

IllegalArgumentException on indexing coffeescript with interpolation

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-12585 (Bug)

curly brace insertion for if statements

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-12601 (Feature)

Configurable default for declare functional expression



WEB-12647 (Bug)

LESS: good code is red: simple mixin with braces

WEB-12251 (Bug)

Less: highlighting property names inside detached rulesets

WEB-12689 (Bug)

Failure to find LESS mixin

Live Edit


WEB-12711 (Feature)

livedit: support JSX (at least "reload in browser")

WEB-9954 (Usability Problem)

move and rename confusing "Live Edit menu item

User Interface


IDEA-60285 (Usability Problem)

Editor->Auto Import: duplicated keyboard shortcut for "Show Import Popup"

IDEA-103935 (Usability Problem)

Preferences search field should be in focus

IDEA-122894 (Usability Problem)

License dialog: License key: provide precise diagnostic for rejected key

IDEA-127144 (Usability Problem)

No word wrap or horizontal scrolling for ignore list in Proxy dialog

IDEA-126733 (Usability Problem)

Search Everywhere: element is found, but not focused

IDEA-112613 (Usability Problem)

"GoTo Action" usability

IDEA-107376 (Usability Problem)

Goto next / previous splitter not working when show tabs are set to none

IDEA-126947 (Cosmetics)

Generalize "Goto Related File" to "Goto Related Symbol"

IDEA-126843 (Bug)

Background task window gets smaller

IDEA-79083 (Bug)

Popup lists are sometimes not clickable

IDEA-75885 (Bug)

Fast invoking shortcut with Alt brings focus to main menu [Windows]

Version Control


IDEA-124545 (Usability Problem)

Tab doesn't work in Vcs Log

IDEA-125257 (Usability Problem)

Do not jump to the end of log by pressing 'Up' at the first line

IDEA-103025 (Bug)

Commit dialog - commit window without proper word wrap

Version Control. Git


IDEA-124336 (Feature)

Show 'Common Local Branches' even if current ones is not common

IDEA-119824 (Usability Problem)

Git: show descriptive error message if 'author' field is incorrect

IDEA-91620 (Usability Problem)

Git commit author's abbreviated email stays abbreviated after selection.

IDEA-55256 (Usability Problem)

Git: More user-friendly author field in "Commit Dialog"

IDEA-114493 (Cosmetics)

Git: Branches popup has unnecessary hotkeys indicators

IDEA-91640 (Bug)

You can't type valid '/' symbol as a filter when navigate between Git branches (Ctr+Shift+A, Branches)

IDEA-75228 (Bug)

Git: specifying author sometimes fails

IDEA-121825 (Bug)

Git: author name selected from drop-down is applied incorrectly in some cases

IDEA-119088 (Bug)

'Compare branches' dialog is always on top

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-127069 (Bug)

Add help button to the Update Project dialog (Mercurial)

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