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WI-22953 (Exception)

Please change caller according to com.intellij.openapi.project.IndexNotReadyException documentation

PHP Formatter


WI-22971 (Exception)

The specified node is not within PhpDoc

PHP lang


WI-2176 (Usability Problem)

Folding: There is no way to fold only if or only else

PHP lib stubs


WI-22503 (Bug)

dns_check_record has wrong docblock

WI-22171 (Bug)

Included phpdoc for array_filter out of date/incomplete

PHP project configuration


WI-22890 (Bug)

I can not create an empty PHP-project

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-1220 (Cosmetics)

Review mnemonics on new project wizard server config page

Plugin: WordPress


WI-22837 (Bug)

Wordpress Plugin: Maybe cross-project completion

WI-22995 (Bug)

Completion list may contain the next line if string is not closed

No subsystem


RUBY-14437 (Feature)

Add quickfix for unresolved compass import

WEB-11973 (Bug)

Good code red - es6 generator syntax

RUBY-15160 (Bug)

Add possibility to specify compass config.rb

IDEA-122250 (Bug)

New Package: qualified name is checked against ignored directories as a whole

IDEA-123714 (Bug)

almost 1 minute hang

WEB-10931 (Bug)

Bower: synchronize changes on package Update

WEB-11938 (Bug)

Incorrect error message on regex range: "illegal character range (to < from)"

IDEA-124096 (Bug)

Commit dialog: Ctrl+Alt+P doesn't invoke the Commit action popup on Java 7 & 8

IDEA-123959 (Exception)

cannot create a new file

Build tools


WEB-11936 (Feature)

Grunt: add Restart button to Grunt console

WEB-11955 (Bug)

Grunt task grunt-contrib-clean does not show sub-tasks



IDEA-123963 (Bug)

No nice way to see DDL in database view

IDEA-124260 (Bug)

Data Sources and Drivers: can't apply changes to schemas that are shown and used to resolve



WEB-11485 (Bug)

Debug Console missing horizontal scrollbar

WEB-11784 (Bug)

slow nodejs debug: huge array cause 100 cpu debug

IDEA-123931 (Bug)

Nashorn debugger doesn't stop on breakpoints in some js files

IDEA-123930 (Exception)

AIOOBE at com.intellij.javascript.debugger.nashorn.NashornObject.createValue

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-120139 (Bug)

Autopopup doesn't popup sometimes after completion

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-100906 (Bug)

Ruby-Editor: CTRL+BACKSPACE Could Not Delete A String

File Watchers


WEB-10884 (Exception)

PhpStorm crashes on copying folder in project tree

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-122383 (Bug)

PageUp/PageDown don't work in ShowUsages popup (Ctrl-Alt-F7)



IDEA-123876 (Bug)

Throwable at com.intellij.util.indexing.FileBasedIndexImpl.a(

IDEA-123886 (Bug)

Root index creation loops endlessly

IntelliJ Platform


WI-22627 (Usability Problem)

Project setup wizard doesn't accept PHP interpreter path

WI-17474 (Bug)

Custom Folding: defaultstate="collapsed" does not seem to have any effect



IDEA-124021 (Bug)

Cannot resolve method 'print(int)' with JSP custom tags



WEB-11892 (Bug)

es6 Array comprehensions - Good code red

WEB-11941 (Bug)

WebStorm 8 locks the JS file if it see ES6 Types

WEB-11813 (Bug)

Add editor support for Nashorn -scripting

WEB-11980 (Bug)

Good code red - es6 double for

WEB-11979 (Bug)

Predefined members missed in JS completion when mixed TS class exists

WEB-11906 (Exception)

Nashorn: avoid CCE for the valid ES6 code

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-11899 (Bug)

JS: Wrong indentation for last line in an expression

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-11834 (Bug)

IIS ACL Permissions when creating foundation/bootstrap projects from templates

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-3371 (Feature)

Fully implement the Console API

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-11085 (Bug)

refactor/rename dialog does not remember check box settings from one invocation to the other

WEB-11984 (Exception)

Exception after supressing inspection for statement

REST Client


WEB-11945 (Bug)

REST Client: Response highlighting is broken

WEB-10807 (Exception)

REST Client: Cookies: should be filled in after getting response

Remote Interpreters


PY-12695 (Usability Problem)

Remote Interpreters: previously autodetected mappings from web deployment or vagrant are lost when updating

PY-12674 (Cosmetics)

Remote Interpreter: default combo-box for deployment configuration is too narrow

PY-12776 (Bug)

Vagrant instead of plain ssh remote interpreter is added

PY-12675 (Bug)

Remote Interpreters: connection radio button state is not saved when trying to edit remote interpreter



IDEA-112392 (Feature)

SQL Code Completion: no "smart" completion when comma is used as join

IDEA-113296 (Bug)

MySQL function completion doesn't work in injected PHP

IDEA-113295 (Bug)

MySQL completion works inconsistently

IDEA-124266 (Bug)

[database db2 dialect] good code marked as red

IDEA-124143 (Bug)

Sybase: some datatypes are incorrectly marked red

IDEA-124142 (Bug)

Sybase: some datatypes marked unresolved



WEB-11977 (Bug)

good code red: unresolved variable "prototype.setter"

WEB-11978 (Bug)

bad code green: typescript enums —"," must be used instead of ";"

WEB-11935 (Bug)

Referenced files on top of typescript files are not resolved

WEB-11931 (Bug)

Typescript. Bad code green.

WEB-11965 (Exception)

TypeScript: NPE on resolve

User Interface


IDEA-90194 (Feature)

Ability to disable drag & drop in Project View

IDEA-79312 (Usability Problem)

text cursor gets lost



PY-12672 (Usability Problem)

Vagrant: allow to add not currently running vagrant instance as remote interpreter

PY-12667 (Bug)

Vagrant: show proper error when configuring remote interpreter without proper vagrant executable specified

PY-12759 (Bug)

Vagrant: path to vagrant executable is not saved on pycharm update

PY-12758 (Bug)

Vagrant: Replace default executable on windows to vagrant without extension

PY-12680 (Bug)

Vagrant executable setting should be per application

PY-12768 (Exception)

Vagrant: IAE at com.intellij.openapi.ui.ValidationInfo.<init>

Version Control


IDEA-67409 (Usability Problem)

Home/End keys are not working in Git log (Changes view)

IDEA-119996 (Performance Problem)

IDEA 13.0.2 slow performance

IDEA-112050 (Bug)

Open Repository Version action shows file with "[][][][][][][][][][]" at the end of file

Version Control. Git


IDEA-98189 (Bug)

If the password to an HTTP server has changed, authentication fails, and there is no way to change or at least reset the password from the IDE

IDEA-122305 (Bug)

Git: Log: Structure filter shows all available commits regardless provided paths

IDEA-124081 (Exception)

Git: IAE at git4idea.commands.GitHandler.checkNotStarted

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-86665 (Feature)

hg annotate: ignore whitespace change

IDEA-109187 (Usability Problem)

Hg | Branches | Create New Branch dialog should validate input

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