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PhpStorm EAP 136.1575 Release Notes

PHP lang


WI-16330 (Bug)

Autocompletion on object created using "static" keyword is broken within class

PHP test


WI-22680 (Feature)

Remote Interpreters: Add support of PHPUnit Coverage

WI-10556 (Usability Problem)

Coverage: PHP: Coverage tool window shows .idea directory

WI-22315 (Performance Problem)

Performance problem in PhpUnitFilter with lots of logging with filename:line pattern match

WI-10557 (Bug)

Coverage: PHP: Coverage tool window shows "Coverage Summary: null" for empty coverage

No subsystem


WEB-11701 (Bug)

JSLint Assignment Option Showing as Error

WEB-11739 (Bug)

JSON highlighting fails to account for RFC 7159

WEB-11268 (Bug)

Live Templates in auto-completion interfere with Emmet/Zen expand

IDEA-123529 (Bug)

No Retina Icon for Changed File

IDEA-123549 (Bug)

Settings/Scopes can show the folders hierarchy instead of flattening packages

IDEA-123377 (Bug)

Quick definition action on interface opens implementations at first

WEB-11736 (Bug)

Bad definition of HTMLDocument.querySelector

IDEA-123444 (Bug)

Item “more…” on Search Everywhere does not work

Build tools


WEB-11707 (Bug)

Grunt: tasks targets should be shown in Search Everywhere

WEB-11795 (Bug)

Grunt: verbose and force options are disabled while indexing



IDEA-12514 (Feature)

Can't generate EOF input in Console panel - ^D doesn't work

WEB-7303 (Feature)

Add support for debugging with node-webkit

WEB-2100 (Bug)

Node.js debug: value is truncated, but IDE does not suggest to see full value

WEB-11392 (Bug)

Node.js debugging: Copy Value doesn't copy the entire string

IDEA-123641 (Bug)

Breakpoints groups: for the java/javascriptExceptions nodes the MoveToGroup action is enabled but doesn't move AnyException subnodes

WEB-6069 (Bug)

CoffeeScript Debugger doesn't show value of the variables

WEB-11399 (Bug)

Live Console: variables defined in the console are not autocompleted (global context)

WEB-11133 (Bug)

JS Debugger: Variables view is not properly updated after setting value

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-102469 (Feature)

Support command + backspace to 'delete to line start/end'

IDE Configuration


IDEA-103016 (Bug)

Tooltip/label for Toggle Fullscreen Button in Main Toolbar is inverted compared to 'real' status



IDEA-123467 (Performance Problem)

100% CPU when working with PHP and/or Node.js dependencies

WEB-11727 (Bug)

JSDoc: generic types are incorrectly reported as not assignable

WEB-11695 (Bug)

Insert handler doesn't work for function with multiple definition

WEB-11683 (Bug)

JSDoc: Generic type attributes are not correctly propagated to base classes

WEB-11755 (Bug)

properties of the object returned by imported module not resolved

WEB-11691 (Bug)

Regex highlighting bug

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-11600 (Bug)

Indention in JSON broken

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-1484 (Bug)

Local variable is redundant - false positive if variable is used in the same var statement

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-11764 (Bug)

JSDoc: Array template type vs push()



WEB-11783 (Bug)

Compass' image-url helper highlighted by inspector

WEB-11632 (Bug)

Incorrect SCSS syntax highlighting for placeholder selector with pseudo-class



IDEA-123058 (Bug)

Amazon Redshift (Postgres) "ignore nulls" highlighted incorrectly

IDEA-123044 (Bug)

MSSQL: good code with xml is red

IDEA-123172 (Bug)

Bad SQL indent

IDEA-114251 (Bug)

DB2 call syntax error

IDEA-108136 (Bug)

SQL Server .value() function marked as error

IDEA-120509 (Bug)

Unrecognized SQL expression (pgTAP test)



IDEA-119544 (Bug)

Terminal title font doesn't revert to usual size after presentation mode

User Interface


IDEA-123360 (Usability Problem)

Sheet dialogs should have minimum size

IDEA-120989 (Cosmetics)

Shared scope icon is confusing

IDEA-123230 (Cosmetics)

html code visible in updated plugin disabled warning

IDEA-122892 (Bug)

Presentation mode: fix TW tree row height

IDEA-56288 (Bug)

New scrollbars on Mac OS X do not respect the system option defining where to jump on click

IDEA-123519 (Bug)

Sheet dialog: default button and focused buttons are incorrectly set

IDEA-101642 (Bug)

Floating windows disappear/change positions on dual monitor

IDEA-123409 (Bug)

Sheet dialogs: Order of buttons and their sizes are incorrect

IDEA-123017 (Bug)

Mac sheet-dialogs do not correctly handle line breaks

IDEA-123402 (Bug)

Sheet dialogs are too transparent, making it hard to read the content

IDEA-123466 (Bug)

Sheet dialogs doesn't transfer focus back then closed

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